tagFetishYou Got DIRTY E-Mail!

You Got DIRTY E-Mail!


This is a real email conversation. It started as normal banter. By the end of it, neither of us could type too well...


The Prince wrote:
I don't like Tuesdays. It stands for nothing. Monday is the beginning of the week. Wed is the middle of the week. Thu is day before Friday and Fri is "WHOOO-HOOO its FRIDAY". Tuesday is a bit of a nothing day. I hate it. I have a personality clash with Tuesday. So I am sitting at my desk and sulking and frowning.

However, the day outside today is beautiful. God has really made a special one today. The best he has done all year. Am thinking of going cycling during lunch to enjoy it a bit more.

What are you upto sweets? I am really missing chatting with you at the Lit room. Stupid IT guys have fire walled it in office. And I can't log in anymore. By the time I am back home, everyone has disappeared from the room other than someone called "naughtyslut". Who I am sure is a guy. And she/he keeps PM-ing "want to chat with a naughty slut" and I keep saying "Noooooooooo!"

Which is a good place to party in London? You have to give me the low down on the hip and happening places and also the wicked and wild places where one get down and dirty...

Write in when you can.
Love and hugs

Lee wrote:
Good morning Darling! Have I told you that I love reading your writing! *personality clash with Tuesday* giggles...for me every day is woo-hooo day! I have a choice every day whether I would earn my bread through my own sweat or shall I take the day off and bum around like a floozy with no responsibility *grins* Unfortunately as I grew older that ability to go "fuck Off world its my day off" has diminished!

Trendy Clubs in London: Funky Buddha (Prince Harry hangs out there) lol and its in West End
Met bar and Zeta bar (both in Mayfair)

LOL what shalll we say how did we meet? I think we should pretend to have known each other for years!! ROFL
Hugss and kissessss
Miss chatting to you but happy to stay in email contact

Lee wrote:
*slaps him around the head* for fuck sakes talk to me grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The Prince wrote:
Just read your mail... LOL!
Ow! That hurt... my head..

Runs over and slaps you on the butt. Grins... take that!

Lee wrote:
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr runs over and bites him in the ass!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU TAKE THAT!!!!!!!!

The Prince wrote:
A bite eh???!! A bite is the call for a fight...

Runs up... grabs you by the hips and swings you around.... wiggling and shaking..

Lee wrote:
wiggles and shakessss and then stops...glaring at Oh Fortuna...I cant shake on THAT!!!! Puts on some Scooter¨! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Starts to wiggle....jumps....air humpsssss...........wooooooooohoooooooooooo!

The Prince wrote:
Whooo-hoooo mid day party on!!
Puts on his party cap and blows whistle...
Sprays foam in the air...

Does the chest bump and grind move while swinging his hips...

Lee wrote:
The Royal pendulum ROFL! Dons party panties...grins...I'm READY!!!!!!! Swings hips, Jumps, bobbing head

The Prince wrote:
whoo hoo... party panties : )
Love that stuff...
Places hand on hips and does the slow, deliberate air hump... nose wrinkled in that horny expression...

We need a hot water tub..
Wet party! Wet party!! Pumps his arms in the air...

Lee wrote:
Jumps up and down wet party wet party!!!!!!Sending skirt flying like a hooligan LOL

The Prince wrote:
Opens his shirt buttons and ties up the shirt
in a knot at his hips... and wears his eye patch..

Arrrr! The pirates are in town! lol!
Runs across to jumping Lee and picks her up.. skirt hitched up and scoots to the tub!
Time to walk the plank.. actually not walk... get carried across the plank to the big splasheroo!! whoo hoo!! Dances and skips
all the way to the tub..

Should the tub have water or champagne... or should it have cream and cheese fondue?

Lee wrote:
Shouts like a banshee lets go ROMAN!!!!!!
Skirts flying ready to pillage the high seas!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Prince wrote:
Looks at the ceiling and lets out a whooping Indian war cry!!!

ROMAN IT IS!! Runs to the large tub filled with warm cheese fondue.... Champagne bottle on the side... Sets you down and spikes the music volume... Time to PARTY and get down and DIRTY!!
Yanks his shirt and pants off. Pulls your skirt and top off...

Drags you into the tub and splashes in...
Cheese flying all over the place.....

Lee wrote:
Sounds like a SWISS fondue party with Gruyere Cheese ROFL splashing around with his royal anus !!!!!!! Lets out African cries!!!!!

Wooping like a banshee Pony tails full of cheese...grins

The Prince wrote:
Gruyere is good.. robust yet not sticky...

Music pounding on the background.. beats his chest to the African cries and whoops around...... slaps his ass as he dances...
holds his hands on his Royal buns and
gives it a tight squeeze as he wiggles
it in front of you... Grunting animal cries!

Then scoops up cheese and flings it on you!
Love the pony tails...

Grabs the Champagne bottle and shakes it up!

Lee wrote:
Watches him awestruck!!!! Blimey he CAN shake it!!! Grinnnssssss grabs the champagne and sprays him....Open your mouth your highness!!!!

The Prince wrote:
Open mouth wide... SPRAY IT ON!!! Wiggles his body....

Lee wrote:
Sprays the mouth and that sexy body...eyeing the wiggles

The Prince wrote:
Grabs the champagne bottle back and sprays it all over you... turn around and show me that
nasty party ass!! Whoooping loudly as he sprays it with champagne... Takes a large swig.
WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! Party on.... Gurgles the Champagne and sprays it up like a whale! Lol!! THAR HE BLOWS!!

Eyeing the party panty very closely and the wiggling bouncing tits...

Lee wrote:
Grabs that wiggling ass and dunks him underneath the water.....Shouts ...in the name of the father...son....shit you are not Christian??? Dunks self in.. the ...name...of...the ...father...son....and holy....COW I'm not Christian EITHER ROFLMAO

The Prince wrote:
ROFLMAO!!! Blubs up from the water.... Covered in gump... laughing...
watches you dunk yourself... hair and body covered ..... Laughs harder...
Pulls you close... Grabs you and kisses you deeply.. My tongue swirling around... our cheese and champagne covered bodies rubbing against each other.. wet, squashy sounds as I grind
and hump my hips against you to the music...
Hands running down your back.... Feeling you
arch in against me....Nibbling your neck and
ear lobes.. Licking the cheese off... Feeling
your tight nipples against my chest as we
dance the wild dance...

Lee wrote:
Gasping as I feel your hands on my cheesy body goosies as you nibble my ear.. my mouth seeking yours hungrily...pulling you closer for that dance

The Prince wrote:
Kneeling down on the water.... hands going down to your ass... squeezing it and pulling you closer... mouth kissing

Lee wrote:
hmmm arching closer to you...eyes flickering...lustfull

The Prince wrote:
Kissing your neck as I feel your hands run through my hair and back... scratching it... hearing you moan and gasp.... Bodies writhing and bucking against each other... Mouth moves down... kissing your chest... slipping your bra off... mouth closing on one nipple... feeling it tighten in my mouth as I suck it and lick it... biting it lightly...feeling you pump it in my mouth as you look down to the top of my head.. light guttural sounds as you pump it... pushing it in and out of my sucking mouth...

Lee wrote:
Gods im on the phone and SO HORNY!!! hope im not panting like a whore in the other persons
ear LOL!!

The Prince wrote:
LOL!! I have a big boner too.... Sticking
out of my boxers.. Have pulled my
chair in close to the desk to hide it

Love the horny whore panting... Love the horny whore talk too.. Nothing turns me on more than dirty talk. Nasty, filthy, abusive, dirty talk! Love it. No aphrodisiac matches up to a trash talking woman.

Adding some more heat to the panting:
My hands trailing down your thighs... feeling the curves... feeling the gooey cheese.. feels so sensuous... hearing you groan as my hand cups your pussy.... Rubbing it over your party panties... smearing the cheese in... feeling the wetness in my palm and the searing heat from it as you push down and rub it against my palm... my cock straining against my briefs.... Throbbing... My mouth getting pumped by your nipple.. feeling you force it in.. fucking my mouth and tongue with it... "Fuck it. Fuck that nipple you bastard" I hear you scream...

Lee wrote:
feeding my tit flesh into ur mouth ...
FUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!

The Prince wrote:
Getting smothered by the tit flesh..
Feeling you force and hump my face
hard with it. Pulling my hair and pushing
your tit in deeper as I try and cover
it with my mouth. My tongue running
wild circles around your tight nipples
as I suck and lick it like a horny dog.

Can feel you grind and rub your cunt on my palm as you force fuck my face with your tits.. I slip the party panty aside and slide in two fingers into your wet hot tight pussy. Hear you gasp and let out a long groan as my fingers slide in, stretching your pussy lips apart... I sink it deep till my knuckles and frig your cunt fast and hard. Finger fucking it in a frenzy with my two fingers as I rub and tease your clit with my thumb.. FUCK THOSE FINGERS BABY.. Fuck it like a whore...

Lee wrote:
Fucking those fingers like a whore...moaning...yesss fuck my slutty snatch......humping your hand...feeding you my tit flesh...invading your mouth...
TAKE IT!!!!!!!!

The Prince wrote:
Ripping the panties off and throwing them aside.. hearing you grunt as they tear off
your body..... feeling you spread your legs
wider... giving my fingers more access.... I sink the fingers in deeper and harder.. wiggling and feeling your hot snatch.... I push you on to you back.. my fingers still wedged into your pussy... you lean back on the tub... spreading your legs wider... grinning.. wiggling your hips... moaning.. taunting me to take you... I lower my face...close to your pussy... watching it suck my fingers in.. milking them... I bite you on the upper thigh.. making you yelp... Then I feel you grab my head and push it into your cunt... I feel you hold my head in firm as you thrust your pussy into my face.. rubbing it and grinding it hard against my tongue and fingers... Can hear you screaming and cursing .... Thrusting into me hard and rapidly...

Lee wrote:
feeling that tongue flattened against my juicy slit grabbing your head shoving you closer... fucking your face...my hips rocking into your mouth...fuck me bastard...eat my slutty snatch.....take it.....suck the moisture of my sex like a fucking hungry man whore...DO IT!!!!!

The Prince wrote:
Grabbing your hips and pulling your cunt deeper into my face. My tongue deep inside your pussy... fucking it and licking it like a hungry motherfucker. I feel you pull my face in and press it hard against your slutty wet dripping pussy. Rubbing and smearing your juices all over it. Fuck it baby.. use my tongue like your fuck toy. Fuck this bastard hard. Grind your slutty cunt all over your male sluts face.. Wet me.. Drench me.. smother me.... FUCK ME! Grabbing your ass in my hands as I fell you pound my face and mouth with the intensity of a horny bull. Slapping into my tongue and spewing your juices all over my face messily...

Lee wrote:
Grabbing ur head.. fucking my male sluts face...smothering you......hissing - take it mother fucker......feed on my sex ....
groooowwwwwllllllllllsssssss....arching back.........hips slamming into your mouth......head tilts back....
clenching spamssssssssss........spewing my female load in your unworthy bastard face....clawing at your neck and shoulders

The Prince wrote:
Feeling your cum spurt and splash into my face... your slutty cunt spasming and spewing in front of me. Wetting me.. drowning me... Cum on me bitch. Give me your hot juices... Drench my face as I tongue fuck your whore cunt.. Uuuuurrgghhh yeah! Feeling you hiss and spit at me. Growling.. Guttural animal sounds as your cunt thrust into my face... My face drenched and dripping... This dirty motherfucker is going to lick that cunt dry... Going to lick your pussy till you cum hard and spasm and piss all over your male fuckpigs mouth and face... Spreading your pussy and licking it harder... Teasing your clit and pussy with rapid hard licks and darts... Feeling you moan and scream and scratch my back as you try and ride my face more...

Lee wrote:
letting rip and pisssssssing all over my male sluts face like a whore with a guttaral cry.........
TAKE IT MOTHERFUCKER.. DRINK ME..soaking your handsome face in my piss.. marking you like an amimal grrrrrrrrrrrrowwwwwwwwwlllssssss

The Prince wrote:
Feeling your hot piss splash into my face and mouth.... Grunting with lust... gulping and spraying... Piss on me bitch... HARDER... Piss in my mouth and face and drench me...Feeling your pissing cunt thrash into my tongue and mouth as you scream... clawing and scratching my back... Fuck this dirty motherfucker with your whore cunt.... Smearing my face into your piss drenched cunt and ass... Spitting into your ass.. REAMING IT good.. Sliding my tongue deep into your asshole and tongue fucking me as you piss like a whore on acid over me... you are going to get fucked so hard now.. My cock is throbbing and hard like a donkey dick... Slapping your ass cheeks as I tongue your nasty asshole.. your piss drenching me and spurting into my face...

Lee wrote:
moaning like a whore on acid....fuck meeeeeee I want that cock meat nowwwwww

The Prince wrote:
I stand up and lift you out of the tub. I hold you close in my arms as I kiss you deep and passionately. Feeling you heave and breathe heavy in my arms. My cock sticking out like a canon. We kiss like horny animals. Sticking our tongues out and watching them mingle.. Uninhibited, horny and wild. Licking and tonguing each other.. I can feel you tasting your cum on my face... clawing at it, holding it close and licking and kissing it..

I take you to the bed and throw you down.. you yelp as you bounce on the king-size bed... you recover and get on your knees as I stand on the edge of the bed... My cock in my hands.. my eyes filled with animal lust.. My body drenched and wet from your cum and piss....

Lee wrote:
on all fours...arching my back....looking over my shoulder.....hazel eyes veiled with wanton lust....purrring waiting for your invasion..

The Prince wrote:
Seeing your spread out legs in front of me. And your ass sticking out.. swaying.. teasing.... I move forward and run the tip of my cock along your wet snatch... I can feel you shiver and thrust back.. wanting to feel it inside you...
I pull away.. I hear you grunt.. curse... and thrust your hips back again.. I again run the cock along your swollen wet cum and piss drenched pussy lips... I can see my pre cum leave a glistening trail on your cunt... I growl and rasp.. "you want this cock you horny bitch? Do you want it to RAM into your slutty cunt and fuck you like a whore? Do you want this motherfucker to pound and drill your pussy till you cum again? Say it.. Hold my face close to yours and SCREAM it out looking me straight in the eye...

Lee wrote:
screams I want that cock drilling my slutty snatch until i cum again like a whore...gasps...i want this motherfucker to fuck me like the whore I am!!!!!

The Prince wrote:
I ram the hard cock into your slutty cunt in one hard thrust. TAKE THAT bitch! Take that cock in your cunt.. your horny cunt is getting fucked by my hard throbbing cock. My body slams into you.. my balls slapping against your body... I grab your hair and pull it back as I ride you like a wild animal... Pounding and ramming my cock in deep and hard.. The strokes making us grunt and moan loudly.. making our bodies buck and jump... I lean forward and cup your tits.. Feel you heaving as I thrust my cock in mercilessly.. I can feel your cunt milking me.. Your pussy devouring my cock.. Thats it baby.. milk that motherfucking cock.. fuck me back... FUCK ME BACK HARD... I pinch your nipples as I kiss the back of your neck.. my cock thrusting away rapidly and hard deep inside your wet and horny pussy...

Lee wrote:
feeling you riding me like an animal....my hips bucking meeting you thrust for thrust.....low guttural sounds.....my slutty cunt milking u clenching around you cock.....my back arching more as u pulled my hair.....feeling your cock being RAMMMMMMED inside me....oh..fuuuucccccckkkkkkk whore moans.. Fucking me you BASTARRRRDD...stops pumping backwards and starts grinding ...gyrating on that pumping cock..doing 360's ommmmmmgaaaaaaaaaawwwwdddddd....starts humping again.....fasterrrrrrrrrrr tits bouncing....fucking you like a porn whore......feeling your sack smacking my ass.........FUCK ME BASTARD....GIVE ME ALL U HAVE......FUCK YOUR BASTARD SEED DEEP UP MY SLUTTY CUNT!!

The Prince wrote:
Felling the slutty wet cunt grind into my hard cock... I thrust it in harder... Aaarrggggghh htake that.. feel that cock stretching and fucking your whore cunt hard. Plunging it in deep. Slapping your ass as I drill my cock fast and rapid into your pussy... can feel the juice and my pre cum mix and splash.. Gripping your shoulder and pushing it in deeper and harder.. OHHH YEAH!! Fuck that... fuck that cock like a cum hungry slut fuck. Fuck this cock like it was you toy. Gripping you tightly and closely and pounding you... feeling you thrust back.. Screaming and cursing.. hissing and pitting at me.. Take this cock baby.. TAKE IT ALL! I am going to fuck our brains out.. This cock is going to pound your pussy till you spurt
cum and piss again and then milk my thick
creamy cum out of this motherfucking cock... Feeling you turn around and slap my face.. cursing like a street slut as you fuck me back... I pull my cock out all the way and plunge it back it. Again! And AGAIN!
that slut.. Take this bastards cock into
your cunt and FUCK IT! I pull it out, its dripping with our cum.. I give a deep
long wet kiss on your freshly fucked
whore pussy and then RAM the cock back in again...

Lee wrote:
kissing you deeply ..feeeling you ramming that cock back into my my slutty cunt Fuck..hissing and spitting like a cobra on heat....fucking meeeeee I want that seed.......bucking hips.......prince pleaseeee babeeee I'm
goingggg too faintttttt...
urghhhhhhffuckkkk Im cummingggggggggg
riding you like a whore.....yessssssssss babyyyyy fuck my piss drenched slutty cuntttttt!!!! hips buckinggggggggg FUCK ME BASTARDDDDDDD omgawwwdddddddddd

Cummminggggggggggggg Spewing my piss, cum, your cock juice all over your sexx...shuddering...moaning.....Priiiince

The Prince wrote:
Leaning back and driving my cock in hard as your cunt spurts cum and piss all over my body.. fuck youuuuuu....... ohhhhhhhhh arrrrrrggggghhhhh.. FUCKING DRENCH ME you nasty whore.. FUCK! ohhhhhhh godddd... I am cummminnnnngggg baby.. AARRGGGHHHHH!!! Fuck you.. oh fuck! YESSSSSSS.... My thick cum splashing into your cunt.. Deep... Take that cum baby... Filling it to the brim as I cum in hard thick spurts... Fuck yesssss.... My hips bucking and spurting... watching you push the cum and cream and
piss all over.... Heaving and screaming in an
orgasm as I hold you close...

Lee wrote:
God that was intense... am shivering.... Cunt's a wet mess LOL

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