tagBDSMYou Have to Meet this Guy

You Have to Meet this Guy


"You have to meet this guy," Jenna tells me. I work with him, and all I can think when I talk to him is that he'd be perfect for you."

"How so?" I ask with a mouthful of chicken salad.

Jenna gives me that sweet half-smile she does when she's only half telling the truth. "Well, he's shy at first. But he's so smart and so funny once you get to know him," she adds quickly when I raise one eyebrow. (I don't do well with shy guys.) "I sense he has a bit of a dangerous side, too."

"Oh great," I say, pushing away my bowl and running my hand back through my hair, upon which the wind has already wreaked havoc. "All I need is a closet woman-beater."

Jenna rolls her eyes. "I don't mean like that. I mean like he probably has a motorcycle in his garage, or a hidden tattoo. Maybe he likes to go rock climbing."

"I don't know, Jen. You know I don't do well on blind dates." She gives me a pleading look, which is unfair, because she knows I can deny her nothing. "Okay, fine,, I'll go." Jenna smiles, satisfied, and picks up her purse. We both stand up to leave, dropping a few dollars for tip on the table of the outdoor café. "What's his name, anyway?" I ask.

"Ralph," she tells me, and for some reason that makes us both burst into laughter.

About ten minutes later, we walk into our apartment. I toss my purse onto the coffee table, Jenna hangs hers on the hook by the door.

"Oh yeah," she says. "I forgot to tell you, I'm supposed to go have dinner with my folks tonight."

"Oh. Well, do we still have time for some 'girl time?'" I ask hopefully. Jenna laughs.

"You read my mind," she says, and turns me around to push me into the bedroom. I kick off my heels and strip off my shirt. When I turn around, Jenna is already in her bra and panties. I can't help thinking how well the dark green lace bra and matching thong set off her fiery red hair, right before she pushes me onto the bed.

Jenna begins removing my thigh-highs, kissing down the inside of my leg. "Mmmm, I love it when you do that," I moan. When you're two young single women living and working full time in the city, sexual orientation stops being such an issue. Sometimes (well, a lot of times in our case) you're just horny.

She pulls off my skirt and pulls my pink satiny thong aside, exposing my glistening wet pussy. I throw my head back and grip the sheets as she takes my clit in her mouth and nibbles it gently. "Oh, you tease!" I moan. She laughs softly and massages my clit with her fingers.

"What do you want me to do to you," she says, more of a statement than a question.

"Oh, lick it, please!" I beg.

She removes my thong and throws it across the room, then brings her tongue in one long stroke from my rose pink asshole all the way up to my clit. She circles her tongue around my entire pussy over and over. I groan loudly, and she reaches up to put two of her fingers in my mouth. I suck on them, and imagine a hard cock fucking my throat.

Slipping a thumb inside my wet pussy, Jenna starts concentrating on my clit. I moan in pleasure, and wrap my legs around her neck, urging her on. She takes her hand away from my mouth, and starts finger-fucking me, her tongue still lashing furiously at my clit. My god she is good at that. I start screaming, and I grip her gorgeous red hair as the orgasm rocks me. My legs quiver and relax. I take a second to catch my breath, enjoying Jenna's kisses up my body.

I sit up and kiss her deeply. Standing, still kissing her delicious little mouth, I undo her bra, exposing her perfect B-cup breasts. The freckles across her chest are so cute, I think as I bend to take one nipple in my mouth. She arches her back, and moans softly, a little louder as I slip my hand into her panties and begin rubbing her pussy. I get on my knees, and pull her panties down, burying my mouth into her soft, moist folds. She tangles her fingers in my dark hair, pushing herself more into my mouth. I can tell she wants it bad. I tease her a little, flicking her clit lightly back and forth with my tongue, and putting two fingers into her. She squeals.

"Oh, give it to me now!" she moans.

I giggle. "Slut," I say to her. I stand and push her onto the bed. I walk around to the bedside table, and she begins rubbing herself. "Don't do that," I say. "Or I won't have any fun." She stops, and I open the drawer to take out a long purple vibrator. That in hand, I climb onto the bed and situate myself between Jenna's legs. She moans just at the buzzing sound of me turning the dildo on. I put it against her clit, and she nearly screams. I circle it around her pussy, doing my best to be a tease.

"Oh god, please get me off!" she begs. "You're such a goddam tease, and I need it so bad."

"Well, since you asked nicely," I say. I ram the dildo into her pussy, hard. She screams. She always was the louder one. Still fucking her with the vibrator, I start licking her delicious clit. She's so sexy. I slide my free hand down, and start massaging my own clit. She's screaming louder, getting close to orgasm. Just before I can tell she's about to cum, I take the vibrator out of her, and suck hard on her clit, putting the dildo in my own tight wet twat. We cum at the same time, moaning in unison.

I sink down on the pillow next to her. "Sometimes," I say, "You really make me consider lesbianism."

Two days later, I'm at a bar uptown waiting for the infamous Ralph. Jenna told me that he'd been genuinely interested in meeting me. From all Jen's raving about him, I'm expecting a lot. Which I think is why I'm disappointed when a guy straight out of Revenge of the Nerds approaches me that night.

"Are you Gloria?" he asks.

"Yes, I am," I say. "That means you must be Ralph, correct?"

"Yeah, I'm Ralph," he says, and looks shyly at the ground. Jenna wasn't kidding. "Are...um...are you ready to eat?" he asks. "That is...uh...if you're hungry. I mean, w-we don't have to eat if you, uh, want to do something else."

"Actually, Ralph, I'm starving." I know I shouldn't try to be intimidating, but I'm feeling a little mischievous tonight. "Here, I already have our table picked out." I lead him across the restaurant.

"Oh...uh, okay." He follows me, and we sit across from each other at a booth. He makes a couple attempts at conversation, which are wet-blanketed by yours truly. He even tries talking about the weather. I vaguely feel bad. I know I should give him more of a chance, if only for Jenna's sake. But I really just want this date to be over.

We order, and he gets a chef salad. Just to be spiteful, I get a stake (rare) and mashed potatoes. At this point, it seems like he's given up. He's staring dejectedly out the window. I take him in with my eyes. He's really not that bad looking. His dusty brown hair could use a combing, maybe some highlights. And if he replaced those thick glasses with some contacts, he might even be cute. His eyes are deep green. Yeah, I could give this guy a chance.

Just then, my phone rings. I answer it, and it's my mother. She wants to talk about plans for Christmas. So much for giving Ralph a chance. I stay on the phone with my mom until our food arrives. We eat in silence.

After dinner, I kinda feel bad. I ask where he's going. It turns out he doesn't live far from me, so we agree to split a cab home. We get to his place first. He turns to me before getting out.

"I'm sorry," he says. "I'm sure you were expecting more. If you'd like to come upstairs, I can fix us a couple drinks and I can try to be a better date." I consider for a moment. I'd kill for a good martini. I agree.

He lives on the fourth floor. I wait as he unlocks the door to his apartment. We step inside, and he flicks on a light. It's actually a nice place. White leather furniture, deep red carpet. There's a picture on the wall of him and a woman in rock climbing gear, smiling broadly. I try not to laugh. Jenna had been right after all.

"Have a seat," he says. He seems to have loosened up some since the restaurant. Hell, it probably took him a lot of courage to invite me up here. He goes into the kitchen, and I make for the couch. "How do you feel about apple martinis?" he shouts.

"Sounds great," I say. Across from the couch is a picture of a surfer. I wonder if it's him. In a few minutes, he comes out of the kitchen, martinis in hand. He's even used apple skin curls for a garnish. What a pro. He hands it to me, and I take a sip. Perfect. Maybe this date won't be so bad after all.

We start talking. He's actually a pretty interesting guy. Yes, the surfer in the picture is him. It's in Costa Rica. The woman with him in the rock climbing photo is his wife. She died two years into their marriage. Car accident.

An hour and two martinis later, I'm feeling whoozy. This is weird, because I usually hold my alcohol very well. The walls are spinning, and I feel kinda tingly. The last thing I remember is looking at the ceiling, trying to discern patterns in the swirled stucco.

The next morning, I wake up. I try to roll over to go back to sleep, but my hand is caught on something. I open my eyes, and realize immediately that this isn't my room. And this isn't my bed that I'm chained to. Underneath the blanket, I can feel that I'm in nothing but my panties. Fuck. My legs are bound to the bed, too. I think of Jenna. Will she be alarmed that I'm not home? Probably not. She'll probably assume that the date went very well.

I move around. Nothing on my body feels sore or bruised. I don't feel like I've been raped. Oh god. He's going to wait until I'm awake to rape me. Jenna is all too right about this guy's dangerous side.

"You fucking bastard!" I yell. "Get in here and untie me right now." I hear a laugh from the living room. He comes in, shirtless and in jeans. The clothes he had been wearing last night must have hidden his physique. He was very buff.

"What are you going to do if I don't?" he asks. "Beat me up?" He pulls a pair of scissors out of his pocket, and removes the covers from my body. I pull and the chains, even though I know it's useless. He cuts my underwear and pulls it off me.

"No!" I yell.

He laughs softly. "I'm not going to rape you," he says, putting a hand on my pussy and rubbing softly. "I'm going to wait until you beg for it."

"I'll never want you," I spat. Surprisingly, though, his touch sends shivers up my body, and I can feel myself getting wet.

He shrugs. "Suit yourself," he says. "I'll be here when you change your mind." He walks out of the room.

A couple hours later, he walks back in. This time he's completely naked. His cock is rock hard, and sticking straight out. It's got to be at least seven inches. I look away, even though goosebumps run over my body. He sits in a chair in the corner, facing me, and starts stroking himself.

"I bet you wish you could touch yourself right now," he says, handling his big cock.

"Shut up!" I yell. I can't let him know that he's right. I've never been into bondage before, and usually find people who like it repulsive. But being tied up and teased like this is getting me turned on like I've never been before. Ever.

He continues jerking himself off. He removes his glasses, and throws them across the room. God, he is hot. I look away, determined not to give in. He starts moaning softly. I hear it when he comes. I look back, and he's standing up, his hand and his cock glistening with cum. I suddenly wonder what he tastes like.

"You'll break," he says. And leaves the room again.

I fall asleep, and dream of Jenna giving me head. It feels so great, but no matter what, I can't cum. She slaps me and chokes me, yelling at me to cum. It brings me closer to the orgasm that I can't have.

I'm awakened by someone touching me. I open my eyes, and I can't see anything. Ralph is putting a blindfold on me. I don't say anything, I wait to see—or hear, or feel—what happens. He walks away, and I hear a click as he presses a button. Feminine moans fill the room. I can hear a slapping sound. It's a recording. "Oh god, get your cock in me deeper!" the voice moans. I moan with it.

"You like that, huh?" Ralph asks over the sounds of sex.

"You bastard," I whisper.

I feel his hand on my pussy, rubbing gently. "Oh god," I say.

"I know you want it," he says. "Stop trying to be so stoic."

"Give it to me, you fucking cocksucker!" I scream.

I feel him climb on to the bed, and his tongue starts lashing at my pussy. It only takes about thirty seconds for me to cum, and I do so screaming and shaking.

"I knew you'd give in," he says.

"Don't stop," I breathe. "Please, don't stop."

I feel him reach over me. He undoes the chains from the bed, holding onto them, keeping control over me. I can't see what he's doing, and it adds more excitement, makes me even wetter. He pulls me up so that I'm sitting, holding my hands up over my head. I feel something poke at my lips. I open my mouth, and his cock thrusts towards the back of my throat. He moans loudly. It's so hard, and tastes so good. He fucks my throat, just like I've always imagined Jenna doing with her fingers. Except this is a million times better. I feel violated. I feel great.

I swirl my tongue around the head of his dick between thrusts. He goes harder. I gag, and he pulls out. I beg for him not to stop.

"Oh, I'll tell you what you want," he says. He pushes me on my back, and buries his cock deep in my pussy. I scream in ecstasy. He fucks me hard. I can feel his pelvis bruising me. It's delicious. He leans down and nibbles on my nipple. "You fucking slut," he whispers in my ear. I can still hear the sounds of another couple having sex in the background. "Yeah, you'll take it like the slut you are." His words make me cum all over his cock. My pussy tightening takes him by surprise, and he groans loudly. I can feel him cum inside me. It's warm, and drips down to my ass.

He gets off the bed, and I lay there panting. When he comes back, I hear something buzz. Oh god, yes. He rams the vibrator into my pussy, fucking me slowly with it. What he does next takes me completely by surprise. He puts his cock in me, right next to the vibrator. It hurts at first, but then feels so great, I beg for him not to stop. He fucks me like that for a long time, both the real and fake cocks in my pussy. The vibrator must feel good to him, too, because he cums again before I do.

He pulls out and starts gently licking my sore pussy. He takes a minute to unchain me, and caresses my body. He kisses me on my mouth and my breasts, and then begins ravaging my clit with his tongue. He takes the vibrator again, and puts it in my pussy, leaving it there. I feel his mouth moving expertly, licking me just the right way. His tongue moves quickly over my aching clit. I cum hard. He undoes the blindfold.

He lays next to my, caressing my tired body. "I hope I wasn't too forward," he says.

I laugh and kiss him. "Well, maybe just a little," I say.

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