You Must


Kelly was pacing the floor, wondering what on earth she should do. She'd explained to Paul and he'd hit the roof. Sure, he'd fix things up for her, she had no need to worry about that. It was the other thing.

He had flatly stated that he was going to come around tonight and have sex with her, and she didn't want him to. It wasn't as though she was his girlfriend, after all. He had no right to ask her for sex.

The trouble is, a little voice whispered to her, he isn't asking. He flatly stated that he was going to come around and screw her arse off, and he didn't give a damn if she agreed or not.

Would he really come and take her even if she said no? Kelly had a lowering feeling that he would. He wasn't even going to ask if she wanted to, he was just going to take her.

Morbidly, Kelly tried to imagine how it would be. Would he just push her to the floor, rip off her clothes and take her right there in the hall? Would he bother to undress her or just pull down her panties and take her bent over the nearest piece of furniture?

What would it be like, just being taken and having no say in the matter? Should she struggle or just yield gracefully?

Maybe she should co-operate? Maybe that would calm him down. He'd sounded awfully mad when she spoke to him.

Kelly paced and dithered.

Did she want him to make love to her? She couldn't even answer that. She'd never thought of him as a lover. And it hadn't sounded very lover like when he said what he did.

If she co-operated, would he take her to bed and make love to her slowly or would he just take that as permission to take her?

She was back to that again, she realised. She looked at the couch in the lounge room. It was big and comfortable, with wide arms. She suddenly had a mental picture of herself, bent over the arm of that couch, bottom shining in the light and her panties around her ankles while Paul ruthlessly took her from behind. She shuddered, but if asked if it was from dread or anticipation, she couldn't have said.

Maybe he would want to watch her face while he took her. Then she'd have to be on her back while he leaned over her. Maybe she would be lying on the couch with her panties cast aside.

Kelly groaned. All this thinking was driving her wild. She'd have to think about something else.

What should she wear? Jeans, so it would be hard for him to take them off? A skirt, so all he would have to do is lift it to get at her? Maybe wear a negligee and show him she was willing and ready.

But she didn't know if she was willing or ready. That was the worst part, not knowing if she wanted him to when she knew damn well he was going to.

Did she want him to master her? What would it be like to be mastered and forced to obey his whims? She couldn't imagine but this nagging little feeling was warning her that she might be about to find out.

Would it be quick or would he take his time? Would he want to touch her first or was it going to be punishment and meant to hurt?

Kelly considered that last. No, she decided. Even if he was making her, he would try to make sure she enjoyed it. Did she want to enjoy it, she wondered?

Would this be a once off or would he want to take her again? If she let him have his way without protest, would he see that as a sign that he could come back and take her again whenever he wanted to?

Kelly paced. Maybe she just wouldn't let him in? Sounded good, but she couldn't hide from him forever. And if he got mad enough he was likely to walk into her work, drag her aside and take her there. How embarrassing would that be?

Kelly's mind flitted around the idea of Paul coming into her work and dragging her into the back room to ravish her, while the other girls looked on. She giggled. Would they be shocked or envious?

Maybe if she just co-operated it would be over fast. A wham, bam, thank-you ma'am. Somehow, she suspected not. She didn't think a quick dip of the wick fitted in with Paul's comment of coming around and screwing her arse off. That sounded more like someone who intended to take his time.

Once again her mind fastened on the image of herself bent over the arm of the couch, this time with her naked, bottom in the air while Paul took her from behind, arms around her playing with her breasts.

Kelly could feel her nipples puckering at the thought.

She sighed. If Paul didn't come soon she'd have an orgasm just anticipating what might happen.

He was coming right on dinner time. Would he expect her to give him dinner, and if so should she give it to him before or after? Silly question, she decided. If he really screws my arse off I won't feel like doing any cooking, and if he wants dinner first I wouldn't be able to eat. He can go hungry.

What if he decides to eat you, said a little voice, and Kelly shuddered again.

Where was the damned man? Why was he making her wait? Maybe he won't come after all, she thought happily. Yes, he will, that stupid little voice told her.

Kelly paced and fretted.

The ring of the doorbell was a relief. She'd be calm but polite and explain that sex was out of the question. That would do it. He'd be reasonable. He always was.

Kelly opened the door, and her heart sank. One look at Paul and she just knew he was not going to be reasonable. She stepped back nervously, letting him in and then headed into the lounge room.

Turning to face him, Kelly tried to explain.

"Paul, I know you're a little upset, but if you just stop and consider..."

She stopped.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm undoing your blouse, sweetheart," came the answer, which was blindingly obvious. She could see he was undoing her blouse.

"Well stop it," snapped Kelly. "I'm trying to explain things to you."

"No. And I don't want explanations," Paul told her, turning her around and pulling her blouse off.

While her back was to him Kelly could feel his hand trying to unclip her bra and spun back to face him.

"Will you stop that?" she snapped, glaring at Paul, even as she felt her bra falling away.

"I am not going to let you make love to me," she told him firmly. "It's just not on."

Paul laughed.

"I'm not exactly waiting for permission, you may have noticed. I am going to make love to you and I'm going to do it right now and I'm quite sure you know that. You've probably already had fantasies about where and how."

Kelly flicked a guilty glance at the couch and blushed when she heard Paul laugh again.

"I see. In here on the couch, instead of in a nice comfortable bed. How daring of you."

"I don't know what you're talking about," protested Kelly, "and stop trying to undo my skirt."

"I'm not trying. It is undone," murmured Paul, adroitly stopping Kelly from grabbing the skirt as it started to slip off.

"Now the question is, what did your fantasy with the couch involve? Were you lying on it?"

"It's all in your imagination, Paul. There was no fantasy and there's going to be no sex," Kelly persisted.

"Says the girl standing there in her panties," murmured Paul. "So, not lying down. Were you bending over the arm?"

Seeing the guilty look on Kelly's face, Paul nodded.

"Then by all means, bend over and show me how you thought it might go."

For a moment Kelly stood resolute. She didn't have to do this. He couldn't really make her. She saw the determination on Paul's face and capitulated.

Reluctantly moving over to the couch she bent over, hand resting on the seat but her bottom nicely hoisted into the air.

"Very nice," she heard Paul murmur, as he moved up behind her. "However, I bet in your imagination you weren't wearing these."

Kelly felt him slowly pulling her panties down, tapping her ankle to get her to step out of them.

"It seems to me," said Paul, hand moving smoothly over Kelly's bottom, "that this is also an invitation to a good spanking. You might like to remember that in future."

Kelly felt her bottom quailing at the thought. Paul was a very large man with very large hands. If he spanked her it would hurt. Another thought crossed her mind. If he has large hands and feet, does that also mean he has a large... She refused to consider it, and remained where she was, nervously waiting.

He wouldn't, Kelly thought. Not really. He's just trying to scare me. Then she felt a hand stroking her lips, teasing them apart, and something was pressing against them.

Kelly gulped. Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god. He's really going to do it. I won't say anything. I won't react. I'll make him think it doesn't matter.

Paul eased Kelly's lips further apart, pressing gently between them. Satisfied that she was actually ready for him he swiftly pressed home.

Kelly felt Paul intrude on her and shrieked. She couldn't help it. She'd been thinking of this happening for hours it seemed to her, and now that it was happening her body was ready and waiting. As Paul pushed forward Kelly found her bottom lifting and she was pushing towards him, helping him sink fully into her with that first initial thrust.

Paul paused, slightly startled with the eagerness with which Kelly had accepted him. He remained there, just moving slightly, giving Kelly time to adjust to him and accept his presence. He could feel her moving against him, first trying to adjust to him but now restlessly, wanting more.

Kelly was annoyed with herself. Decide not to react and then I scream like a banshee and practically jump on him. Great start. OK, girl, just take it easy when he starts to do you and pretend that you don't care.

She tensed as she felt Paul start to withdraw, and was horrified to hear herself groaning as he pulled back so slowly. She swallowed, trying to keep quiet and cursed as she found herself shrieking again when Paul drove forward once more.

Kelly sighed and gave up indifference as a lost cause. Pretty hard to pretend you don't care when you're moaning and screaming and trying to swallow him all at the same time. She relaxed and went with the flow, her bottom lifting to meet Paul's thrusts before slowly sinking as he withdrew.

Paul was feeling somewhat startled. For someone who had been protesting that she didn't want this, Kelly was making him work to keep up with her. He was sure she was going to climax at any moment and he was only just getting a decent rhythm going.

Paul's suspicions proven correct, with Kelly suddenly twisting and squirming under him, gasping in relief. Paul slowed a little, letting her readjust to him before increasing the tempo again.

Now that Kelly had lost her initial edge she seemed to have settled down and was quite content to match him, letting him set the pace. Paul saw no reason to hurry and took his time, maximising his enjoyment of this lovely woman and taking her with him, giving her slowly building pleasure.

The next time Kelly rose to a climax, Paul was right there with her, letting his own climax flow and letting Kelly know that it was there.

Standing behind her afterwards, still holding her against him, Paul leaned over and said those three magic words.

"What's for dinner?"

The message filtered through the haze that Kelly felt, eventually making sense. She tried to straighten, only to find that Paul was still holding her bent over the couch.

"I'm not cooking for you," she snapped. "If you're hungry, go home and eat."

Paul pulled back a little, letting Kelly stand.

"How about I order a pizza," he said. "You like margherita, don't you?"

"I'm not hungry," retorted Kelly, to be promptly betrayed by a rumbling from her stomach.

"I'll order a couple," Paul said. "You're going to need you're strength."

"What do you mean?" asked Kelly, suspicious.

"Well, we've got off to a good start but it's going to be a long night for you. Better eat now before I take you to your bedroom for a continuation."

Kelly blinked. He couldn't. He wouldn't.

She sighed. He probably both could and would. Well, they'd just see who called it quits first.

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