tagRomanceYou Never Even Wrote Ch. 03

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 03


I woke up to afternoon sun warm on my bare back and a finger drawing little patterns on me. I tried to figure out what he was drawing and could tell it was letters but I couldn't tell what they spelled.

"Whatcha writing?" I asked him sleepily turning my head to see him smiling at me.

"Just a response to what you said last night right before you passed out" he grinned at me

It took me a minute to recall what he was talking about then I remembered and started to try and explain myself. He just put a finger to my lips to shush me and asked me "don't you even want to know what I was writing back?"

I nodded slightly afraid to hear his answer

He kissed me deeply then whispered in my ear "I love you too"

My heart soared. He loves me too! I leapt up and hugged him tightly He chuckled and hugged me back.

Then I felt his erection pressed against my thigh. "Hmm looks like somebody's awake" I smiled and reached down to stroke him. He groaned then lay down and pulled me on top of him. I was already soaking wet so I slid him into me easily.

I rode him at my own pace and he watched me enjoying myself for a while then as I climaxed I felt him take my hips and start thrusting up taking control of the pace. He was slamming into me fast and hard and I hardly had time to come down from one orgasm as I was off on the next. He finally came and we hopped in the shower together for another quickie before we were both spent.

Then he said we had to get ready to leave; we were going to my mom's house.

"Oh geez, why?" I looked at him worriedly "I swear the woman can tell when I've had sex, she always gives me that disappointed look"

"She already knows" he said like it was nothing


"Chill, she called me and asked if I knew where you were and I told her you were with me and when she asked if she could talk to you, I told her you were sleeping, so it was kind of obvious. She asked if we would come over when you woke up"

"How did she know to call you? As far as all of them know I still hate you like I have weekly when we're all bowling"

"Oh that's easy, I told them that I wanted to date you from the very beginning." He was laughing at me now "you're the only one that was fooled by your little act of distain for me"

I blushed furiously at that and did the only thing I could think to do. I stuck my tongue out at him. He just laughed at me and threw me a shirt of his and some sweats and told me we could stop by my place first so I could get dressed.

When we arrived at my mom's house she smiled knowingly but didn't say anything about our sleeping arrangement last night instead asking how I felt since id gotten out of the hospital.

"Fine" I told her "a little shocked about it all but at least I'm not hurt ya' know"

She looked a little worried and said "I still can't figure out why anyone would want to hurt you, it makes me scared that something else might happen"

"Don't worry about it mom" I said hugging her "I'm sure it was random, I'm friends with everybody!"

It was true, I hardly ever had anyone that I met and didn't become instant friends with, I had a magnetic personality id been told. It had scared me a bit that it had happened to me but I was almost sure that it was random, unless... no of course he wouldn't still be bitter over that, I mean it had been over two years! I let the thought slip away as we moved on to other subjects.

After a few hours we were leaving and mom invited us to dinner on Sunday and told us to be safe. She leaned in to hug me goodbye and whispered that she really liked this one so I better make it last.

I blushed and said goodbye. When James asked what she said I told him and he laughed "well if your mom likes me then I guess we really have to make this thing official don't we?"

I just smiled at him and relaxed as he started the car, it started making a weird sound though and I stopped him immediately and told him to get out. He did and when we were both on the side walk he asked me what was wrong "that's the sound my car made before it filled up with smoke."

He looked wide eyed at me then went to lift up the hood but I stopped him and said it might be rigged. "we should call the cops and have them come check it out, just in case" we went back into my mom's house and told he what was going on, she called the cops and we waited for them to get there, looking at the car the whole time.

When they finally got there they had a bomb squad technician with them. He inspected the car and said I was right; it was rigged with a trip wire that would set it off when the hood was opened. It took him a few hours to get it all disabled and he said the bomb wasn't huge but if we would have kept trying to start the car it almost definitely would have killed us both.

I started crying then, I was scared and James just held me. The cops asked the same questions as before and this time they went around to all the neighbors and asked if they had seen anything suspicious. One old lady a few houses down said she had seen someone under the hood of the car but figured they were just broke down And fixing it. Unfortunately all she could recall was that it had been a male.

We got a lucky break when our paranoid neighbor across the street said that his surveillance cameras may have caught it. The image wasn't clear enough to see facial details but you could sort of make out who it was if you knew him. He was only under the hood for a minute or so and then he was gone. The cops called me over to see if I recognized him and I shrieked.

"Oh god, it's Alex!"

"Who the hell is Alex?" James ask me

""he's my ex from a few years ago, he went a little crazy after we broke up, even tried to kill himself but he eventually got a new girlfriend, I thought he was over me, I haven't talked to him in like three years"

my mind was racing, could he seriously still be holding a grudge against me for breaking his heart when we were only 16? I mean what kind of phsyco gets even for something that happened over three years ago?

"All right mam do you know how we can get a hold of this guy?" one of the police officer asked

"Sure I know where his mom and dad live and his girlfriend, though I'm not sure if they're still together." I thought of my old friend Chelsea. We had been pretty close and I always knew she had a crush on Alex but after we broke up she suddenly took his side and acted like she hated me. Eventually they got together and I figured that was the end of his fit over me.

The police officers asked me a ton of questions about him and asked if I was sure that it was him, they kept me at the station overnight questioning me so they could try to find him.

While I was there I saw his mom, dad, sister, and apparently now ex-girlfriend Chelsea. All being taken into questioning. None of them said anything to me when they saw me except his mom who had always liked me.

She came over and threw her arms around me crying and told me how sorry she was and she couldn't believe he had done this.

"It's not your fault Wendy, you were a wonderful mother" I assured her.

"I should have said something earlier though, I was so stupid. I knew he was obsessed with you but I thought he would get over it." I asked her what she meant and she told me that after we broke up he kept every letter I had ever written along with every picture of the two of us and every gift id ever given him, he displayed them all over his room and refused to take them down, that was supposedly why he and Chelsea had eventually broken up.

"Wow, I had no idea it was that bad, he hasn't gotten even a little over me?" I asked I was feeling sick now, I knew I had written him a ton of love letters and given him cute little cards and things like that in the almost year that we were together but I had thought he would burn them all or throw them away like I had...

"Not so far as I know but he moved out a few months ago, refused to even let me help him out, last I heard he was sleeping on couches" she said sadly

I hugged her and said "really Wendy, you did an amazing job as a parent, this is not your fault ok?" she nodded ok and we said our good byes.

James came up to me and said that they still couldn't find him but they were fairly sure he had left the state, there were some emails they were able to get ahold of between him and some girl in Idaho who he was said to be dating lately. The emails hinted that he would be heading there once he 'tied up some loose ends here'

"so since we don't think he's around here anymore it's probably safe for you two to go on home now we'll keep an un marked car keeping an eye on both of you for a few days just in case alright?" a police officer told us

We agreed and headed back to my place.

Unfortunately James had to go back to his place because he had work in a few hours, he was working the night shift as a security guard.

"Are you sure you don't want me to call in sick again? I can stay with you tonight" he looked like he really didn't want to go.

"no its fine, I won't be going out anymore tonight and they've got a car looking out for my apartment so I should be fine, plus you heard them he's probably not even in the state anymore" I gave him a reassuring smile and

we kissed goodbye.

I unlocked my apartment and stepped in and locked the door. I turned on the light and let out a sigh "what a shitty day" I grumbled top myself. I heated up some leftovers from a few nights ago and ate while I watched the news, there was nothing interesting going on so I clicked off the TV and went to rinse off my plate.

I got an uneasy feeling and turned around quickly but there was nothing there. I silently scolded myself for my overactive imagination then went to get in the shower.

I undressed and got that feeling again, I looked over my shoulder just to be sure and again saw nothing "get ahold of yourself girl, you're losing it" I said to myself as I stepped under the water.

I let the hot water cascade over my back and started to feel all the tension of the past few days slowly wash away. I was feeling a little more relaxed and I let my thoughts drift to James and the wonderful night we had shared.

It was better than I ever could have imagined. I let my hand go to ease the ache that was starting to build up inside of me. I stroked myself slowly whispering James name as I came, it was a small orgasm but it would get me through he night.

As I was coming down I heard a sharp intake of breath and I turned around to see Alex standing just outside the shower stroking a bulge in his pants looking at me like a piece of meat, I was just about to scream when he came at me and I saw the rag he was holding in his other hand.

He grabbed me and put the rag over my mouth. I tried to fight him but the more I struggled the more I slipped towards unconsciousness. He was touching me all over as I faded away and I felt like throwing up, I couldn't do a thing as he groped me and cupped his hand over my mound.

I started to black out and the last sight I saw was Alex pulling rope out of his pocket.

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