tagInterracial LoveYou'll Huff and Puff, and I'll Blow

You'll Huff and Puff, and I'll Blow


I had thought, at first, that dressing up like Red Riding Hood was stupid, but my boyfriend insisted, seeing as he wanted to dress up as The Big Bad Wolf. Of course, he chose the skimpiest version of the Red Riding Hood costume he could find, when he went to pick up the costumes, while his costume was a full body suit, with a mask that covered his whole head.

I got dressed and waited for him to show up, but instead got a text telling me that his car had broken down, and was waiting for me. I knew that he had probably just been low on gas, and didn't want to waste any on picking me up and then heading back to the Halloween party.

I called my friend Linda, and asked her to pick me up on her way to the party; which she did.

When we got there, Linda went off to get something to drink, while I looked around for my boyfriend. I was pretty pissed at him already, and was on my last nerve; so when I saw him, with his mask off, making out with another woman, I lost it.

I was about to go over there and give him a piece of my mind, when I saw something, and an idea popped into my head. In the other room, was another guy, dressed in the same wolf costume as my, now, ex-boyfriend.

Now, I went to a college completely across town, but this party was hosted by my ex-boyfriends frat, and most people would only recognize me as being his girlfriend; so I decided that I was willing to embarrass myself in order to embarrass him.

I walked right up to this other guy, and said, "I want you to fuck me; right here, and right now. And leave the costume on."

I guess this guy had no problem fucking in public, because he reached down and unzipped the fly in his costume. "Go ahead, and pull it out." He said.

I reached my hand into his costume, and was shocked at what I felt. I pulled out his erect penis, and my eyes bulged. He had the largest and longest penis I had ever seen in person; and it turns out, he was Black too.

I had never been with a Black man, but the appeal had always been there to see if the rumors were true. I smiled, knowing that this would just make the whole thing even better, as my ex-boyfriend, was a closet racist.

I immediately dropped to my knees, and started blowing him. I wasn't able to fit it all in my mouth, but I was still able to fit enough to get the job done. I was actually started to get turned on, even though I had started all this out of revenge.

One hand was busy stroking what I wasn't able to fit in my mouth, but the other hand had made its way to my breasts, and lifted my top up, exposing them to the whole room; who had noticed what was going on, and had started watching. I rubbed my breasts, which are actually quite large, and felt my nipples getting erect.

My hand eventually made its way between my legs, and lifted up my skirt, to start rubbing my pussy through my panties; which were already starting to get wet.

I stopped blowing him, and looked up. "Fuck me, now."

He helped me up, and then I leaned back, onto the pool table that was in the center of the room. He helped me remove my panties, which got tossed into the crowd of people watching us. He looked like he was about to remove his mask and eat me, so I said, "No. Leave the mask on, and stick your giant cock in my tight little pussy."

I scooted back towards the center of the pool table, as he climbed up between my legs, and placed the tip of his penis against my pussy. I almost screamed as he penetrated me; he was so big, I felt like he was ripping me in two.

He was nice and gentle though, and took his time, slowly penetrating then retreating, letting my pussy time to stretch; but it wasn't stretching fast enough, as I kept feeling my pussy lips being pulled inside me when he pushed in.

When I felt him touch my cervix, I placed a hand on his arm, and said, "That's far enough. Anymore, and I'll be choking on it."

I'm pretty sure that if I could see his face, he would have been smiling.

Knowing my limit, he started to fuck me slowly, allowing me more time to stretch out, and lubricate. It wasn't long before I was enjoying it, and he started pumping faster.

"Do me doggy style." I said, after a while, and he pulled out long enough for me to turn over, and stick my ass up in the air. He stuck his penis back inside me and continued to fuck me.

I leaned my head down on the pool table, and reached behind me, grabbing my ass and spreading it open, letting him see my tight little asshole. I licked one of my fingers, and started playing with it, slowly slipping it in, and finger fucking it. I worked my asshole for a while, eventually getting a second finger in, and then two more from the other hand; then I started stretching it.

He knew what I was doing, and had slowed down his pace, obviously wanting to hold out long enough for it.

When I was satisfied that I had stretched it out as much as I could, I looked back over my shoulder and said, "Lay down, I want to fuck you with my ass."

He didn't need any encouragement, as he quickly pulled out, and lay down next to me. I climbed on top of him, in reverse cowgirl, and lowered myself onto his penis. It resisted at first, but once I got the head in, he slid right in.

I made sure my top was pulled up enough so that my breasts were completely exposed, and then leaned back, placing one hand on his chest. Then I spread my legs wide, making sure the whole room could see as he fucked me in the ass; something I had never let my ex-boyfriend do. I reached down and started fingering myself, completing the show.

I was actually enjoying it, and lost myself in the moment, as he pounded my ass, while my fingers made quick work of my pussy. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum!" I shouted, just as I came, and actually squirted, for the first time in my life, all over the pool table.

"Ima cum." He said, and I could feel him tensing up.

"Cum in my mouth." I said, as I rolled off him, and lay down on the table.

He got to his knees and placed his penis to my lips, which I eagerly opened so that I could suck on his head.

I was taken aback by the power and quantity, and some of his jizz squirted out of the side of my mouth, but I recovered quickly and managed to swallow most of it; again, something I never did for my ex-boyfriend.

I sucked him until he was limp, and there was no more jizz left, then I sat up, and pulled my top down. "Thanks." Was all I said, as I stood up, adjusted my skirt, and walked out of the party.

I had recognized several of my ex-boyfriends friends, and their girlfriends in the audience, and knew that he would be given the news of my little show soon enough, and I had no intention of being there when he found out; that's why I didn't bother to look for my panties. I figured they were either some perverts trophy, or were going to be used as proof of my infidelity.

I didn't care either way, because I had actually learned something tonight; while it may not apply to everyone, now that I had gone Black, I definitely wasn't going back.


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