Young Love


"You've got a deal. But first, I need to cum in you again."

As Herman's cock gained stature, he started stroking Lola. She wriggled around him and soon they were screwing each other to death. Faster, faster, deeper, deeper, his cock plunged into her sweet pussy repeatedly until she started to whimper.

"Oh, yes honey! Do me hard! Cum deep in me! Give me my juice!"

Herman felt her pussy shake around him. His cock swelled up a little. The head felt like it was going to burst. With a final mighty plunge, he froze deep within her and quivered as he shot her full again. He kissed her again and she rammed her tongue into his mouth.

When they broke the kiss, she giggled, "We were fully connected at both ends! I just love this so much!"

"We cannot delay getting married," declared Herman, "I want to do this all the time."

"How can we get married so quickly?" she puzzled.

"Las Vegas is just five hours up the road. We'll do it this week. Tell your folks. They might want to be there."

"I can't wait. Let's go see them now!" Lola excitedly chattered.

As soon as they walked through the door, Lola's mother knew her daughter was now a woman.

"Well, how was it?" she asked Lola with a knowing smile.

"How did you know mama?"

"You have that freshly screwed after glow. I guess you have some news for us."

"Herman wants to marry me right away. We're going to Las Vegas and we want you and daddy to come along!"

"Somehow, I'm not surprised. When are we leaving?"

"Herman wants to go tomorrow. He's already made hotel reservations."

"That's kind of sudden isn't it?"

"We can't wait mama."

"Was it that good? "

"I never suspected that anything could be that wonderful. We don't want to stop. I love him mama and he loves me. Why wait?"

"Fred," she yelled, "Come here!"

Fred stepped into the living room. He looked at Herman and then at his daughter.

"When's the wedding?" he asked.

"Tomorrow!" they chorused. "We're going to Las Vegas and we want you and mama to come along."

"You just can't wait, can you?"

"No sir. You have already guessed that your daughter and I have tasted the sweet fruit of love. We can't wait!"

"I didn't think you two would last all summer. We'll be happy to go with you but we can't stay very long. I've got work to do."

"Thank you sir. Now I've got to go tell my parents."

Herman and Lola strolled out the door toward Herman's house. He knew there would be no problem. Young love is like that.

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