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I walked into the bar amidst screams of my name. Seems I had several friends spread about. I stopped to talk to each group as I made my way to the back to the one I had come down to meet. Amber had left me a note saying she was here and I should catch up to her. She was towards the back of the bar and from her hoops I could tell she was pretty toasted. It was late when I got there, after eleven.

When I came up to her, Amber threw her arms around my neck again letting me know she was pretty drunk. Having just come from a football game I was sober so I decided it would be best to stay that way and make sure my friends got home safe. Amber was filling me in on all that happened since her arrival. She had met some very nice young men. She introduced me to them as they came by. She pointed to one at the bar and said "Go ask him if his friend showed up yet. He's really cute and has such a nice deep voice."

Being the outgoing person that I am I walked over, ran my hand down his back to his ass and asked, "My friend wants to know if your friend has shown up yet."

He turned around and asked," And who is your friend?" As he turned I recognized him but didn't say anything. I pointed to Amber. "No he hasn't," he grumbled. "I am going to kick the shit out of him when I see him."

"Well why don't you join us?" I offered, as I knew that was Amber's intent all along. "Are you even old enough to be in here?" I asked, knowing he was pretty young.

"Yes I am old enough to be in here," he said picking up his drink. It was obvious he had been drinking pretty hard too as he made his way to the table. When we got there and the light was better he turned to me and said, "Don't you know my mom?"

"No dear. I don't know your mom," I assured him, trying to give him the illusion that even though I did indeed know him that this was a confidential arena.

"NO. No. You do," he insisted.

"Yes dear I know your mom. That's why I asked if you were old enough to be in here. You are way young. I know your little brother but I can't think of your name."

"Well I AM old enough," he said groping for his wallet. He pulled out his driver's license. He was 22.

"Ok. So you're old enough," I stated. "Amber, this is Kenny. Kenny this is Amber," I said in way of introduction.

He looked at Amber and said, "She grabbed my ass."

Now anyone who knows me at all knows that I have a habit of grabbing nice asses as they go by. Most men don't mind but I thought here I might have overstepped. "I'm sorry. I won't do it again," I apologized.

"NO!! Do it all you want," he explained and then turned his ass so it was within reach. Being the polite person that I am, I reached out and grabbed another handful just to make him feel better.

He stayed with us for a bit making small talk and then wandered on about the bar. He would stumble by every now and again. As he did I made sure to touch his ass so he wouldn't feel neglected. On one such trip by he stopped and turned saying, "You know. You can grab my balls if you like." How rude would it have been to refuse an offer such as that!!?? My hand immediately dropped down to cup the prized offering. He let out a little moan. I decided to take further advantage if he would let me.

"How did you get down here tonight?" I asked. Being the concerned citizen, I didn't want him to drive home in his condition.

"I walked. Why?" he asked, oblivious to my innuendo.

"Well I drove and I am sober. I could give you a ride home if you like."

He looked me square in the eye and said, "I am not interested in a ride home. Just a ride." Having said that he wandered off. He came by again several times alternating between hitting on me and hitting on Amber.

When closing time came I took his arm and led him to my car. All the way out he protested saying he could walk home. When we reached my car Amber climbed into the front seat and he got in the back. I pulled out of the space and headed towards Amber's house. My plan was to take her home and find some nice quiet place to see just how good our little man was.

"You girls don't know what you are missing," he said with confidence way beyond his years. "I'll do anything you want. All 3 of us could have some fun." Now I know from conversations with Amber that she is not into anything like that. I was also pretty sure that he was drunk enough that if he could get it up it wouldn't be for long. I drove on to Amber's house.

As we pulled into the drive he said, "So what's it going to be?"

Amber, unaware of what I was thinking said, "She is just going to take you home. I am not feeling well."

"Come on. We could have some fun," he protested.

I pulled into the drive and shut off the car. I got out as Amber did. She looked at me but it was Kenny he spoke, "see! She is all for it."

Amber looked to me and said, "I don't understand what is going on."

"I know you don't Amber. Trust me," I said as we walked to the front door.

"Ok," she said, hesitantly. She opened the door and the 3 of us went inside.

Once inside Kenny looked around. "Now what?" he asked excitedly.

I pulled him towards the darkened living room. "We are going to play in the dark," I explained.

"But I don't know what to do in the dark," he protested.

"I'll show you," I said leading him to the couch. Amber was gone towards the back of the house. I sat Kenny down on the couch taking a place next to him. I didn't give him a chance for any more conversation. I took his head in my hands and turned him towards me. I devoured his lips in a passionate embrace that he eagerly returned. We entwined our tongues for several minutes before my fingers found their way to his fly. I could tell he was hard and wanting out.

"Stand up," I commanded. "Take down you pants and sit back down."

"Are you giving orders now?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied. "Just do what your told and you'll enjoy it. I swear," I explained to him as I dropped to the floor. Once he had his pants to his ankles and sat back down I took a position between his knees. His hard cock rose up from his groin. It was long but not overly thick. I put it to my mouth and swallowed it in one gulp. His long moan let me know I was right. I sucked my way back to the tip and let it slide from my mouth. "Aren't you glad you followed orders?" I teased.

"OH YES!" he moaned. His head was thrown back against the couch. His arms were stretched out to his sides for balance. I expected him to shoot off quickly so I took him back into my mouth and began routine sucking. After a bit he seemed to settle down and when I looked up he was watching me.

"Do you like to watch me suck your cock?" I asked as I let it slide from my mouth and looked up over the tip of it at him.

"Oh God yes!!" he exclaimed. "And you are so good. But I have a challenge for you. I have never cum from a blowjob. Think you can do it?" In answer to his challenge I swallowed him to the very back of my throat and let the muscles there massage his sensitive head. His hands came up to rest on the back of my head.

The clock struck 2:30 and I realized I had been sucking this young man's cock for half an hour. I came up for air and decided it was my turn. I looked at him over his swollen cock and he said, as if reading my mind, "Wanna sit on it?"

Without saying a word, I climbed from the floor up to his lap. I raised myself over his hard cock and then lowered myself slowly, savoring every inch as it slide easily into my dripping wet pussy. My mind reeled as I wrapped my arms around his neck and began rocking back and forth on his engorged member. He didn't say a word but matched my strokes one for one. His hands found their way to my hips to aid in our efforts. It wasn't long before my juice ran down across his balls and he looked at me with a sweetness that only comes from youth, "Did you cum for me?" he asked.

"Did I ever?!" I answered him.

"Would you like to lick your pussy juice off my cock?" he asked again so sweetly.

"I LOVE the taste of my pussy on a nice hard cock," I answered as I disengaged myself and dropped back to the floor. I started at the base of his hard cock, licking my way to the very tip, making sure to get every drop of pussy juice from his young shaft. "You like that?" I asked.

"MMMMM, Yes," he moaned for me. "I like it when you talk nasty to me too," he informed me.

"You like to watch me suck my juice from your hard cock, don't you?" I encouraged him, my head sliding up and down his shaft, my tongue swirling every inch of the way.

When I was sure his cock was clean of all my juice I let it slide from my mouth once again. "Wanna fuck me some more?" I asked.

"You read my mind," he said. At some point in the bar he had told me his favorite position was doggie style so I got on my hands and knees and leaned over the edge of the couch.

"Come over here behind me," I suggested.

"I was just going to say that," he said as he was crawling into place behind me. His hard cock sought out my throbbing pussy like a heat seeking missile. He buried himself in deep one the first stroke. He took it slow at first, savoring in his work but soon his pace quickened. I was slamming backwards for each stroke he came forward. Our bodies were a blur of motion. I buried my head to keep from screaming out each time he made me cum.

After some time he pulled out, followed by pouts from me. He lay prone on the floor. "Come here and lick it clean again," he commanded.

"So you're giving orders now?" I asked.

"Yeah," was his only reply. I crawled over to his side and lowered my tongue to his aching cock. I again licked every drop of pussy juice from his hard cock. I bobbed my head up and down. Now and again he would thrust towards my mouth, trying to encourage me but I kept to my own pace.

When my arms could take no more of holding myself over his hard cock, I let it go and lay down beside him. Without instruction he came over me and again slid deep inside on the first stroke. I came several times before he pulled out to lie back again. I wasn't done so I climbed on top to sit on his hard cock once again.

"OH God!! That feels so good," he exclaimed as I took him in deep. "Do you fuck your husband like this?" he asked.

"I haven't fucked my husband like this in years," I replied.

"You don't know how good that makes me feel," he responded.

I rocked back and forth for only a minute when he suggested I turn around. I reluctantly let his cock slide form my aching cunt as I turned my back to this young stud. I raised myself slightly to accommodate his cock sliding in from this new angle. Once inside it felt like a dream. His hands found my hips again and helped me to rock back and forth at an astounding rate. My juice was free flowing down over his balls.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. I told him we had company. "Does she want to join us?" he asked.

I spun around on his hard cock and placing a hand on either side of his face got real close and asked, "Why isn't my pussy enough for you?"

"OH shit. You're pussy feels great. I just thought the three of us could have some fun," he stammered.

"I doubt it but I will go ask."

I went to Amber's room to find her tucked into bed. It must have been her dog that I saw sneaking about. She opened her eyes in surprise. "You're still here?" she babbled.

"Yeah. We're still here. How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Not good at all. I drank WAY too much," she moaned.

"It's ok," I told her. "Well be out of here in a little bit." I looked at the clock on the nightstand. It said 3:21. My husband was going to have a fit. Even though I am 36 years old, he expects me home soon after the bars close.

I walked back to the living room and my young stud had his jockeys on. "I'm looking for a bathroom," he announced. I pointed him in the direction. I decided this was as good a time as any to get dressed and head out. I got my clothes on while he was taking care of business. Coming back he observed, "You're all dressed."

"Yeah. Amber isn't feeling well and I need to get home. You have worn me out!" I proclaimed, hoping to feed his ego.

"No problem," he said as he reached for his jeans. "How many times did you cum for me?" he asked as he got into his clothes.

"12," I replied.

"No shit?" he asked unbelieving.

"No shit," I said.

"I feel like such a stud."

"You ARE a stud. I just feel bad I didn't get you off."

"Don't. I wish I wasn't so difficult. It happens all the time."

We walked out and I headed to the car, "Can I give you a ride home?" I offered.

"No thanks. I want to walk home with a smirk on my face."

I looked at him and did indeed see his smirk. I walked over and gave him a hug. "Thank you for letting me 'use and abuse' you."

"No problem," he said as we broke the hug. "Anytime," he continued with a wink.

I climbed into my car and watched as he headed down the street. He seemed to have a cocky step about him. I can't imagine why.

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