Young Widow Finds Hot Sex


During the next hour, Vinny moved Alex about the living room, first fucking her in the missionary position, then bending her over the back of the sofa, taking her doggy style. Her pouting ass jiggled as he plowed her fertile field, pinning her to the back of the sofa with his ever-expanding cock. Alex dug her small hands into the softness of the sofa, bit down on a throw pillow, barely muffling her wailing screams, as she exploded into another mind numbing orgasm. She was breathless, but not satiated.

Her lust grew, providing the confidence to take control, bringing an end to the passionate session with her on top, pinning the muscular mobster to the sofa. They both collapsed into several long moments of silence before speaking. Alex tried to say something, but Vinny placed his thick index finger to her lips and shook his head. He lit a joint, and they smoked in silence, washing down their latest high with a glass of cabernet. Alex had smoothed out her black skirt, and modestly put back on her blouse. Vinny was still nude, grinning at his semi flaccid cock. Over the years it had served him well with women. Alex stared in disbelief as the enormous phallus once again came to life, twitching and expanding before her disbelieving eyes. She was held captive by its libidinous power.

He finished the joint, reached for Alex and gently cradled her to his muscular chest. His comforting strokes intensified as they found each other's lips. Gentle kisses soon morphed into passionate French kisses. Moans and cries of passion once again filled the living room. Alex whispered something in Vinny's ears. He moaned as Alex kissed his chest and slowly made her way to his raging cock. She tried to encircle the head of his cock in her mouth, but it was too large. She bathed his mammoth phallus with wet kisses, occasionally sucking the tip of his cock with her swirling tongue. Her oral attention attracted more blood to his ever-expanding member, further engorging the bulging veins. Her mouth gushed with saliva and vaginal juice flooded her pussy, leaking down her flawless thighs. Her heart was in her throat.

Vinny picked up Alex, found his way to the bedroom where he fucked her into unconsciousness. Before she lost her grip on reality, Alex thought she saw fluids spouting from her ravaged cunt. She was slightly embarrassed over the thought of losing control of her bodily fluids. She had heard about female ejaculation, but had only read about it; once she saw a woman spew fluid onto a stud in a porn flick. Was she now a member of the club, or was this vision only imaginary, brought on by the intense sex? Maybe it was just a dream, a hallucination, merely sex induced. A series of escalating orgasms followed, proving too much for Alex. The next thing she sensed was the morning sun filtering through the slightly parted bedroom drapes. Vinny was gone, but on her pillow was a note. It read, "I'll be back."

To be continued ...

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