tagInterracial LoveYoung Wife's Interracial Past

Young Wife's Interracial Past


Young Wife's Interracial Past and Current Needs

Some of this story is actually real. I have a passion for this subject and really enjoy reading others stories so I thought I would try my hand at my first story. Please let me know your thoughts :D I have lots more to add to this story in upcoming parts.


Chapter 1: Learning the first experience

My wife (ashley) and I (josh) got married at a very young age. We were both only 23 years old when we got married. We met when I had just recently graduated from university. She was already working as a hairstylist.

She is extremely beautiful but has one of those bodies that is built to "fuck". She has curves in all the right places and is considered thick. Her hair often changes style and color. Her style is classy and somewhat conservative but she loves big flashy jewelry. Her ass is very large, perfectly round and bubbly and her tits are very large, DDD. Ashley is short, she is 5'3".

I'm a very straight-laced guy that has always done well in school, worked hard and focused. Never had an issue getting a girlfriend as most would find me attractive. However, I am short, stand at 5'7" but weigh 190lbs fit.

Ashley comes from a very conservative and somewhat overbearing family. She has an older sister but she is the one that would always take risks or would be the first to try things. She was the first to lose her virginity, she smoked, she was the first to move out, most would think she was the older sister.

Ashley really liked the idea of rebelling because of how overbearing her mother would be. She was never allowed to have friends over and was always controlled. So naturally she started smoking in highschool and would sneak out to go to the clubs with her sisters ID wearing the skankiest outfits.

When Ashley and I met, she had got all of her "clubbing" days out and all her rebellion side out. She was focused on building a family, buying a home, and all the other grown up stuff you should focus on. We met online and had very calm dates. We didn't even have sex until about the 10th date. The first time we did sleep together it felt like I could not please her at all no matter how hard I tried. I knew she was putting on a show for me. It got better over the next two months with practice and learning how she does like to be fucked but it always felt like I could not fuck her hard enough. I usually would get her off after. My cock is considered decent by most girls, sitting around 6" long but fairly thick.

She brought me to meet her family eventually, about 2 months into dating. I was always good with parents so I was not worried. Sure enough her parents loved me and thought I was perfect for her. I was a traditional, polite gentleman who focused on her. I had a good career ahead of me and they knew I would be able to provide very well for her.

After about 3 months Ashley started opening up more and more about her past. I eventually found out that she was with lots of black guys before me. She said she tended to go for black guys and she also found black guys loved going for her and were usually the only ones confident enough to hit on her in clubs. She also explained that black guys loved her thick ass and curves. As she said, her best friends mentioned to her, the bigger her ass got the more black guys would hit on her.

I was super open and I secretly loved that she had been with black guys before. She felt more and more comfortable telling me about her past. Ashley even said to me "I found black guys were amazing for hooking up with but were never anything more than that. All they ever wanted to do was fuck me really hard and share me with their friends". Naturally the moment I heard shared I was curious what that meant so I asked her, "what do you mean by shared"?

Ashley said "You know... where they have a friend or two that joins in"

"Joins in on what?"

"On fucking me obviously!"

I was a bit shocked by this, I would never picture her doing anything like that but I found myself getting very turned on thinking about her getting taken by a few black guys. Especially considering when we do have sex it's not very adventurous. We tend to do missionary only. Sometimes I get to do doggy with her.

Later that afternoon after she told me how she was "shared", I asked "Would you ever want to try being shared... like let someone join us?"

Ashley quickly said calmly and lovingly to me "No silly... that's in my past. Besides you are more than enough for me."

I responded by saying "totally makes sense, I get it! I'm glad I take care of you to not want anything else!"

A few days later we were talking again about our pasts. All I could think about is how she was mainly with black guys prior to me and with multiple at once. So naturally I had to ask her "Is it true what they say about black guys?"

Ashley responded "what do you mean?"

I fumbled a bit with my words "ugh... you... you know..."

"You know what? Sorry sweetie"

"Do they usually have bigger dicks?"

She took a minute and looked at me carefully. She then said "are you sure you want to know?"

I shook my head yes slowly.

She said "yes, it is true, they are not always bigger but I would say 9 out of 10 times they are much bigger than white guys. You okay with this?"

I felt like I knew that answer was coming but not with such certainty. I found myself getting turned on again! Could not help it. Thinking about big black cocks taking my wife. I finally responded though "yeah totally... I did ask didn't I? I'm not worried."

Ashley could tell I was getting hard and looked down at my dick a few times. She put her hand on my leg and gently rubbed up my leg. "that's great babe. I really love how open you are and how secure you are. Most guys would be worried about my past. That's just another reason why I love you"

"Absolutely! I love you, it's your past after all. So... how... how was... was it anyways?"

"Was what? The size of the black COCKS?", while she rubbed my dick above my jeans slowly clearly feeling I was rock hard.

"ugh... ye.. yeah"

"It was really good..." as she kept rubbing me slowly, like she was testing me to make sure she knew this was turning me on. Then she kept going "The cocks were so good, why do you think I dated so many black guys!? They were not only bigger but they could fuck me so hard and treat me a certain way..." She then stopped for a minute and asked "you okay still? I'm not trying to be mean but I love being open and honest with you"

I responded eagerly and kind of sheepish because I was admitting to her that I liked it "I... I... I am totally okay with it!"

"Your amazing babe!" Ashley said to me.

"You are too!"

"So... did you want to hear more about it?" Ashley said to me knowing I was getting really turned on.

"Y...Yeah! Please!"

"Okay, in high school is when I got my first taste of black cock so to say. I saw my first one with a guy one night after one of my clubbing episodes. I was wearing a black fishnet top with my sister's bra on who was a few cup sizes smaller so my tits were really popping out and I had a short black skirt on. While in the club had a few black guys all grinding on me which I loved. Later in the evening a really jacked tall black guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to join him after. I of course said yes, considering how worked up I was from grinding all night getting felt up and enjoying the night and how sexy this guy was. We went to his car, made out and I eventually pulled his cock out. At first I was shocked and just stared at it."

He even had to ask, "is this your first time with a black guy? You look shocked!"

I shook my head yes with a huge grin on my face! He just guided my hand back to his massive cock. "I could not even fit my hand around it!" "I didn't get to measure but it was at least the size of my forearm in length and girth. I eventually started trying to suck that massive black cock"

Ashley than paused, looked at me again, she was rubbing my dick this whole time almost as a way to make sure I was okay the whole time. She then said "you still okay babe?"

I immediately said "Absolutely! You are so sexy!"

She than tugged on my dick a bit from above my pants still and said "you definitely are okay." She than lit a smoke really quick taking a deep breath as if she was getting really worked up. Then put her hand with the cigarette back onto my jeans where my dick was. She continued "where were we... right, I was sucking my first black cock... it was soo huge, I couldn't believe it. I took both hands to jerk his shaft, play with his huge balls while I sucked his cock. Working it like crazy, I almost was someone else at that moment. He fingered me too as I was just dripping wet. I eventually finished him"

Ashley than took another drag and looked at me. She said "The amount of cum that came out of that huge black cock was crazy. I tried my hardest to catch it all with my mouth but it just kept cumming and cumming while I kept sucking and jerking that massive cock."

She than asked me "did you like the first taste of black cock I got? I think I can tell by feeling this dick right now though"

I responded immediately "Yes... You are amazing"

She responded "I am really wet right now thinking about that first time, I want you to get down and lick my pussy while I finish this smoke"

I did not even hesitate. I got down in front of the couch we were sitting on immediately and removed her jeans. She was not kidding. She was extremely wet! I pulled her black thong to the side and starting eagerly licking her. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head harder into her pussy. With every time, I ran my tongue over her clit she would thrust a little into my face. She kept smoking this whole time while I was working on her pussy. She grabbed my head really hard and asked "Do you like the idea of black cocks ramming my pussy?"

I said with a muffled answer "yes"

She said, "Louder, I couldn't hear you!"

I said a bit clearer this time and louder "Yes!"

She then said "Yes what?"

"YES, I love the idea of black cocks fucking you!"

She then came right than pulling my face down into her pussy really hard. After that we didn't say anything about that, we just carried on our day like nothing happened. I must have jerked off 10 times later that day. We would have sex a few times that week and each time I was thinking about her sucking that massive black cock.

The next week we were hanging out talking on the couch again. Chatting about all sorts of stuff. Then I asked her... "So... did you ever go back to that club?"

She looked at me with a smile "Yes, I did. I went there fairly often after that"

I asked her "Did you have any more visits?"

"yes, I did. Did you want to hear more or something?"

I sheepishly looked at her than down "umm... totally up to you... ju... just was curious"

She then said "sure... no problem babe. As long as you are okay with my past and won't judge me on it"

"I would never, I think you saw how much I appreciated you telling me" while I was already hard as a rock.

She moved her hand right back to my dick right away and saw how hard I was "wow, you are not kidding eh... you are rock hard! Well maybe we should put this little guy to work!" With that she got up and went to the bedroom where she was standing beside the bed. I followed eagerly. When I walked in she just pointed to her pussy. I came over to her and gentle pushed me down to my knees and pointed to her pussy again. I took off her jeans and thong. Then she grabbed my head and drove her pussy into my mouth. "so... you want to hear more? Well how about when I took my first big black cock in this pussy your licking?"

I was eagerly licking her pussy. Not realizing I was supposed to reply.

She than thrusted with her pussy a little into my face and said "well... do you want to hear more about how this pussy became a black cock pussy?"

I stopped for a second "Yes, I would love that!"

She then sat down on the bed and pointed at her pussy again "well... I didn't really ask you to stop, keep going if you want to hear more." So I got on my knees beside the bed and licked her pussy more. "okay so the first time I took a black cock I was at the same club. Getting grinded again only by black guys. A different guy than the first time. He came up and really grinded against me hard, he was rough but he was so sexy. He would grab my tits and smack my ass while we grinded. After a bit he asked me if I wanted to head out of here by him and his friend. I of course said yes because this was after I had sucked that massive black cock. I was already sleeping with guys at school but none of their white dicks were like that black cock so I was eager but worried when he said friend... Worried enough that one of those cocks would rip me in half, let alone two of those massive black cocks! So I assumed it would be just the two of us.

We left the club with me in-between him and his friend. A lot of people were looking at us leaving, I think they knew I was going to get fucked really hard as I was this little white girl between two huge black guys. We got into his friend's car so me and Jamal, the guy that I was grinding with, got in the back. We were making out while his friend took us to his place. The whole time I was thinking if this cock would be just as big as the other guy's cock. After making out a bit I started feeling over his jeans to see and sure enough it felt huge!"

Ashley stopped... Looked at me... "okay, please stop now, my pussy is really wet now! I want you to get naked and lay on the bed." I took off my clothes right away and got beside her and we both laid side by side on our backs. She looked over and asked "You okay right now?"

I responded saying "yeah, I am excited to hear what happens."

"good, I see your dick is excited too. Promise you won't cum until I ask you to"

I look down at my dick "ugh... yeah sure no problem!" knowing this might be a hard task!

She than continued "We got to Jamal's friend's house, Eric. There Jamal lead me in the home and right to a room right away. It felt like I did not have a choice as he was so strong. His friend followed the whole way. When we got in a bedroom Jamal started kissing me. Then I felt hands come behind me and start feeling my tits. I turned around and Eric kissed me. I was so horny and had enough drinks in me that I was not going to stop this. Then they took my clothes off while kissing me and licking me all over. Then I undid Jamal's pants to pull out a massive black cock! Just bit smaller than the first one I sucked which I was thankful for. I bent over and started sucking him. While I was doing this, Eric fingered me. After a bit, I turned around and did the same to Eric. Pulled his cock out. When I did I saw, it was bigger than Jamal's cock. I was thinking to myself... damn... these black guys are all hung like horses. While I sucked Eric's cock, Jamal's started sliding his in me from behind. At first it hurt a ton but after a bit I was enjoying it."

Ashley stopped again. She said, "I want you to slide your white dick in me and slowly try to fuck me"

I did just that, while remembering not to cum! It was hard but felt soo good! I don't know if I felt her so wet before.

"Where was I? Oh yeah, Jamal's big black cock was already in me and feeling good! I started to cum right away and Jamal's smacked my ass really hard! Without a beat, I just kept sucking Eric's big cock. I liked the way they were treating me for some reason... I've always had slow and soft sex before this but it felt good to feel like I was there toy and they could do what they wanted to me."

I stopped fucker Ashley for a few moments... She looked at me "why are you stopping? You going to cum already?"

I responded quietly "Ugh... mmm... MMMaybe"

She just laughed a bit than said "while you better not cum, stop if that's what you have to do." I started going again slowly as I calmed down a bit.

"Sorry... as I was saying they would use me how they wanted. After that Jamal's friend said he wanted a turn at that white slut. Jamal's slowly came out of me and turned me around. He grabbed my head and made me suck his massive black cock right away without letting me wipe my pussy juices or cum off of his cock. I had never sucked a cock after it had been in me before and here I was doing it no problem. He told me to clean his cock up like a good little white slut"

When she said that I had to stop again. She just laughed again. After a bit, I got going again.

"Then Eric worked his cock in. I could not believe I was able to take all of this cock. I must have cum in about 15 seconds! And then another minute after I came again! All while Jamal was fucking my mouth at this point. They were getting more and more aggressive and vocal. They would call me white slut, whore, bitch, every name you could think of. They were even saying I bet you don't get fucked like this by a white dude and his dicklet"

I had to stop fucking her... I made a big "oooh" sound like I was about to cum... Ashley said "you better not cum yet... after all the story just made fun of white dicklets so try not to prove that point!" Thankfully I was able to stop myself before I came.

"They then put me on the bed and took turns face fucking me, slapping me, and fucking the hell out of my pussy. Finally, Jamal put a huge load in my mouth and face covering me. Right after that Eric who was fucking me at the time stood up with a leg on either side of me standing over me and started cumming all over me like I was a piece of meat. I could not believe how much they both cummed on me and LOVING it!"

Than Ashley looked at me. With an impressed look because I was able to not cum yet. "Okay... I want you to cum on my tits. Think you can do that?"

I eagerly started humping her and it must have been only 10 seconds, I pulled out and came on her tits. She just started laughing really loud. I had to ask but felt like I knew what the answer would be "Why are you laughing?"

She looked at the little spot of cum I put on her tit. She than pointed right at it and said "This load you shot, or should I say sprinkle, is tiny. When Jamal and Eric came all over me they must have each shot about 15 times the amount you just did." She then stopped laughing. She said "so are you going to clean this up?" I started to get up "wait, where are you going" Ashley said.

I responded "to get a towel to clean you up."

"No... I want you to lick it up" looking at me quietly "would you do it for me?" With that being said I did slowly. "You missed a spot" as I got up so I came back down to get the last little dribble. Ashley than said with a bit of a laugh "that wasn't too much right?" I just shook my head in agreement.

The next day again we acted like nothing had happened. We even had totally normal sex. Even got her off.

Chapter 2: Black Ownership

Ashley and my relationship was growing closer and stronger all the time. We were a really great team! She helped me grow in my job, encouraging me every step of the way as I quickly worked my way up in a large bank. Our sex life was good, not very crazy or adventurous, more to the point and good. I was careful on bringing up her past too much to not seem overly interested in it. We kept dating but we pretty much lived together now at my apartment closer to downtown. She had an apartment with her sister but was there maybe one night every two weeks.

My curiosity was always growing about her past and I would secretly jerk off often thinking about her. She really had the perfect body having the perfect curves. One afternoon we were talking about a nipple piercing I had (I am definitely the type of guy you would think who would have that). After we chatted about it for a bit I asked "Have you ever had anything other than your ear or nose pierced?"

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