tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYoung Woman Is Taken In Her Tent

Young Woman Is Taken In Her Tent


She walked across the campsite with her eyes fixed straight ahead. She was hot. My eyes followed her ass in her tight jeans. Her hair shone in the sun. I rubbed my dick through my jeans with the palm of my hand before unzipping them and taking my erect cock out.

I want her mouth around my cock, her hands clasping my backside, pulling me towards her. Pulling my cock further into her mouth. Oh God. I shudder.

I start to pump myself slowly with thoughts of her running through my head. My cock begins to leak pre-cum and I smile. I pump myself faster with thoughts of ramming my cock deep into her cunt. I grunt and cum into my hand.

"Steady on fella. We'll have her soon." My mate Joe tells me with a smirk.

I sit in my van with my cock still in my hand, waiting until it gets close to midnight. Joe is next to me, his hand wrapped tightly around his own cock, pumping himself off because of the plan we have come up with.

"Joe! Joe she's back." I shake him and put my cock back into my jeans. It's hard again.

"Shit!" He exclaims as he cums. He misses his hand and it lands on his jeans.

We sit together for another half an hour, waiting quietly until the light in her tent goes out. It's a further fifteen minutes until we make a move.

"Joe. Wait. The fella she's with isn't back yet. What are we going to do if he turns up?" I ask, rubbing my hard dick. It's started to throb at the thought of what we have planned.

"Don't worry about him Dan. We'll come to that if we need to."

I smirk as we head over to her tent. Glancing around us, we kneel before the entrance and as quietly as we can, we unzip the closed front.

We scramble through and I kneel at her feet while Joe fastens the tent up again. She's fast asleep. Sprawled out on the double air bed, the cover pushed down near her mid-riff. I smile softly. The top of her breasts poke out of her nightie. I pull the cover off her, giving us access to her.

Joe takes a deep breath and pulls at her nightgown with his fingertips. He slides it slowly up her stomach, revealing her uncovered pussy.

"Fuck Joe. Look at that cunt." I whisper.

My cock is throbbing in my jeans and I'm pretty sure Joe's will be too. I nod at him, luring him on. He unzips his jeans and takes them off. I follow his lead.

"Did you bring it?" Joe asks me?

"The gag? Yeah. Here." I hand it to him.

He places himself over her and I watch him pull her nightgown further down her chest to reveal her delicious tits. I groan quietly as he licks each of her nipples with his tongue. I run my own tongue over my lips, wanting him to hurry up.

"Hurry up Joe! I'm gagging for it." I snap at him.

He smiles at me, and reaches for her head. With one swift movement, the gag is over her mouth and in place. Her eyes open wide and she breathes deeply, she turns her head, trying to register what's happening. When she sees me, she begins to struggle but Joe plants his weight on top of her and begins to tie her arms with the rope he brought.

"Get her legs Dan." He grunts at me while fighting her.

I move to her legs and hold her ankles together with one hand. Her ankles are delicate, her feet are small . I rub a hand up one of her legs until I get to a knee, then I tie both of her ankles together, tightly.

"Listen you little bitch. You're not going to make a sound. Do you understand? One sound and we'll hurt you and you don't want that do you?" Joe growls at her. His face pushed up to hers.

She shakes her head and whimpers quietly.

"Shut up." I slap her legs.

Joe removes himself from her and sets himself to the side of her, giving me a full view of her body. I groan slightly and climb over her legs. Joe's mouth is around one of her nipples, one hand on the other, kneading it roughly. His other hand is placed around his cock, slowly pumping up and down.

I lean towards her, putting my head between her thighs. She tries to shift slightly, to block me, but I pull her thighs apart easily and hold them. I breathe her in, and smile. I knew she'd smell good.

I flick my tongue onto her clit and laugh as she bucks. I push her legs further apart and run my tongue up and down her lips, flicking her clit every now and again. I slide a finger inside her and am amazed to find out that she's wet.

"Joe. She's fucking loving it. She's wet." I laugh.

He grunts at me and sucks her nipple harder, his hand pumping faster up and down his cock.

"Make her suck you Joe."

He lets go of her breasts and stokes his hard shaft while moving towards her face.

"Listen. I'm going to remove this gag, and you're going to suck my cock. Do you understand? Suck it for me baby. And no fucking funny business. You got it?"

She nods.

He removes the gag and pushes his swollen head to her face. She opens her mouth slowly and Joe slides his cock into her before pulling at her head by yanking her hair.

She grunts with each thrust that he makes into her mouth, trying to pull away until he pushes himself further into her with a single thrust.

"I said suck it!" He growls.

I slip my tongue into her wet cunt and lap at her juices, she tastes so fucking good. She bucks against me slightly, trying to escape so I push my head further into her, trying to go as deep as I can.

I rub a finger against her clit until I feel her shiver and then I know I've got her. The dirty bitch fucking likes this. I grin into her pussy and rub at her clit some more. She struggles slightly, until I press harder against her now swollen clit, then she becomes limp.

I pull myself up and settle myself between her thighs. I lay on her and wriggle up, my cock brushing her pussy, her stomach. I raise myself onto my hands when I'm near her tits and rest my cock between them. I rub up and down between her breasts while watching her give Joe a blowjob.

"Fuck her Dan. Fucking do her." Joe grunts at me with a grin.

I smile back at him and place myself back between her thighs. I lay on top of her, my weight pressed against her and I nudge my cock against her pussy until I feel the tip slide through her lips. She groans as my cock slides over her clit and Joe smiles at me.

"She's fucking gagging it for now." He laughs quietly.

She looks at me, and I grin at her before rolling myself back and slipping into her sopping cunt. I moan while pushing myself into her. She's tight.

She moans around Joe's cock and tries to arch her back. I slide my hands under her ass and pull her ass, giving me deeper access. She moans again as I thrust into her and I look up, to see Joe squirting his cum over her face.

The sight of his cum on her face nearly sends me over the edge and I start to thrust myself harder against her. Joe settles his backside over her face, his own face near his breasts.

"Lick my asshole you dirty whore."

She grunts.

I watch Joe place his mouth back over on nipples and see him shudder slightly. I pull her ass further towards me thrusting once more before slipping out of her and directing my cum onto her flat stomach.

"You've got to fuck her Joe. She's tight."

"Oh I will. Don't you worry."

I rub my cock over her stomach to clean it off and reach back down to her pussy, flicking my tongue over her clit. I do this for a couple of minutes, getting my breath back.

"My turn now Dan. Turn her over. I want her on all fours."

He lifts her onto all fours.

"Untie her legs Dan. But don't you dare do anything stupid bitch."

I untie the rope and he settles underneath her. Her legs and hands either side of his body. He wastes no time and guides his cock straight into her pussy. She gasps quietly.

I watch her move up and down on Joe's dick, my own cock getting hard again. I move towards her, pushing her down onto Joe's chest and I lick at her puckered little anal hole.

She lurches forward with a gasp of pleasure.

I smile and Joe laughs.

I grab my now fully erect cock and place it against the tip of her ass. As she thrusts back and forth on Joe's dick, her ass lands on my cock. Pre-cum leaks out of the tip and I rub it around her hole. I slowly slip a finger into ass and watch her writhe at the contact. If it hurts, she doesn't say anything.

I spread her cheeks with my hands, and settle my purple head against her hole again. I press myself against her, holding her still until the pressure makes her ass give way and I feel my head slide in.

She screams with pain and tries to lurch forward but Joe is quick and he drags her head down and takes her mouth with his. I feel her anal virginity tear as I force my way through and I groan with pleasure. I push my dick further into her and watch it slide in. I squeeze her ass and watch as I slowly slide myself in and out of her tight little ass. I pull my length out of her, stopping before I slip out completely then I slam back into her and listen to her scream into Joe's mouth once more.

Joe begins to pump his cock into her cunt faster from underneath her and between us, we find a rhythm. He grunts minutes later and cums deep into her hungry cunt. Her ass tightens around me and she screams with pleasure as an orgasm overtakes her body. She shudders against Joe and I. I slam myself into her ass harder and harder, digging my fingers into her skin, and I keep her as steady as I can, wanting to pleasure myself. I pull my cock nearly all of the way out once more and ram it back in with one last thrust. She grunts and I collapse on top of her, pushing her against Joe. I grunt loudly as my dick throbs and erupts a second load of cum, straight into her ass.

The three of us lay there for a few seconds, then the zip on the tent door is pulled and a man gets inside. He turns around and we see the shock on his face.

"What the fuck is going on? Jess?"

I grab him by the hair and pull him towards us.

"Shut the fuck up or we'll hurt the pair of you. Close the fucking tent door and strip."

"What? No! Get off her!" He tries to push me away.

"I said, shut the fuck up." I yank him by his hair and Joe grabs the girl by her neck.

She chokes from the sudden movement and the man must have seen panic in her eyes because he gives in.

"Ok. Ok. Just please, don't hurt her." He closes the tent door and begins to remove his clothes.

"What is she? You're girlfriend?" Joe snarls.

"No. She's my sister." The man whispers, his eyes glancing at her, us, and her body.

I laugh.

"Well brother. I hope you're ready."

"Because you're about to fuck her yourself." Joe finishes my sentence, laughing.

I pull myself out of her ass, and lift her off Joe, shoving her towards her brother and smirking at the thought of incest.

"Get on with it." Joe snarls. His cock in his hand.

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