tagGroup SexYoung Woman with Older Man Ch. 08

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 08


Chapter 8

Lynn and Jamie make love, while Freddie is sleeping.

"Can I stay here with you guys for the night? I'm afraid to go home," said Jamie making big, sad eyes at Lynn, before staring down at my Viagra drugged cock.

What? Can you stay here with us? Fuck yeah! My brain was reeling with thoughts and possibilities of Jamie staying here with us naked, but I tried not to show my enthusiastic excitement for fear that Lynn would say no and/or order me to put on some clothes. Only, my cock couldn't control its dirty desire for Jamie. With the possibility of Jamie being our naked bedroom guest, my true feelings of wanting to fuck her were divulged by my cock growing hard again.

"Yes," said Lynn looking to me for permission. Trying to act casually cool about Jamie staying over at my place, I nodded my head yes. "Of course, you can stay here with us," said Lynn smiling and winking at me, before turning back to comfort her friend.

"I'll go makeup the guest bedroom," I said turning to leave the room.

"Wait," Jamie said patting the bed and looking up at me with big eyes, before focusing her attention to Lynn, "I don't want to be alone tonight. Can I sleep here with you guys?"

What? Jamie wants to sleep here? Are you kidding me? Am I that drunk that I thought that I just heard Jamie ask Lynn if she can sleep with us in our king-size bed? This just continues to get better. Am I dreaming? Is this a joke? Where's the hidden video camera?

I imagined all three of us squeezed in together with me positioned in the middle of the bed, while my cock served as the bed's barometer for the possibility of sex. I imagined rolling over in the middle of the night boning Jamie up the ass, as I felt her big, round, phony tits in my big horny hand.

"Oh, sorry, Jamie," I imagined saying. "I didn't mean to fuck you up the ass during the night. Please pardon my intrusion. I thought that I was having a dream. Go back to sleep, please. I'll be done in just a minute. Oh, life is good, life is so good, when there's not one, but two naked 25-year-old woman in bed with me.

"Sure, baby, no problem," said Lynn wrapping an arm around her and kissing her on the lips. Wow, that was hot, Lynn kissing Jamie on the lips. I'd love to see more of that, but I never met two more heterosexual woman. Just a never to happen sexual fantasy of mine, they'd never make love to one another, that's for sure. "You can stay with us for however long as you like. Isn't that right Freddie?"

Lynn looked up at me, while looking at my face, while Jamie looked down at me, while staring at my cock.

"You're welcome to stay for as long as you want, Jamie," I said with a devious smile. "I have plenty of room."

What the Hell, maybe the three of us can live together, I thought. I have a big bed and plenty of Viagra. Both of you can share...me.

It was late and we were all tired. If I was still feeling the effects of the champagne, I'm sure that Lynn was, too. Still, even though we were all tired, the three of us hung out in bed naked together, while talking and laughing. Only, every time Jamie laughed, she hurt. I gave Jamie a few glasses of Champagne to relax her and soon she was feeling the effects of the alcohol, too.

I figured that any moment, I'd be banished to the guest bedroom, while Lynn and Jamie shared my bed, but I wasn't. Wishing that I could sleep with the light on, so that I could ogle Jamie's hot naked body all night, Lynn turned off the light. Damn. Then, just when I thought that it couldn't get any better, it got better.

"Please, can we leave the light on? I don't want to be in the dark," said Jamie. "I'm so very afraid."

"Sure Baby," said Lynn turning back on the overhead light and hugging her friend. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but there's something so very erotic about two naked women pressing their naked tits together, while hugging.

Now, with the light on, I had an entire night of ogling Jamie's hot body, as I pretended to sleep, albeit with my eyes wide open. Being that there's no way that I can sleep in a room with the light on, I had no intention of sleeping anyway. Come to think of it, there's no way that I can sleep with two, hot, naked women in bed with me with the light on or off. Seriously, I tried closing my eyes, and covering them with my forearm, but I felt as if I was being interrogated by the police at headquarters. Finally, I felt the exhaustion and the alcohol overtake my will to stare at Jamie's massive breasts and I dozed.

Alone and drifting, feeling a bit like Hemingway's Santiago, when looking to hook the big fish, I felt as if I was floating on a raft far out to sea with the hot sun beating down on me. The water was gently swaying me back and forth and up and down. Only, I was dreaming. Then, remembering that Jamie was naked and in bed with me, I opened my eyes to see, if she was still here and to see if it all wasn't just a dream and a sexual fantasy. As soon as I opened my eyes, I realized that I wasn't on a raft floating and the sun wasn't overhead, and that none of this was a dream.

Instead of being on a raft in the ocean with the sun beating down on me, I was in a bed that was shaking with the light still on overhead. I looked at my watch and I had only been asleep for twenty minutes. When I turned my head, I saw Lynn positioned between Jamie's legs going at her pussy licking, fingering her, and sucking her, while Jamie was having an orgasm.

Fuck me. Are you kidding me? Lynn looked like she was getting excited, too, while eating Jamie's pussy. Lynn was playing with her pussy and masturbating herself, while eating her friend.

Oh, my God, better than any XXX rated porn video, this is so wild. Not wanting them to suddenly stop, I pretended to still be asleep. Yet, closing my eyes enough so that they'd think that I was still sleeping and opening just enough that I could see, I didn't want to miss this lesbian show for the world. Where's the camera? I so wanted to capture this moment and save it to my hard drive to view later, after Lynn dumped me for a younger man, someone more her age.

Lynn was licking Jamie and ramming her finger up her pussy, while Jamie was arching her back, wiggling all over the bed screaming, squeezing her big tits, and pinching her erect nipples. Neither one was trying to be quiet. It was almost as if they were trying their best to awaken me, so that I wouldn't miss the show. Maybe, I thought, they were trying to wake me so that I would join in. Nah! They were doing fine without my help. Nonetheless, watching Jamie having an orgasm with her mouth wide open, I so wanted to reach over and stick my cock in her gaping mouth. I hoped that they didn't notice my erection, a dead giveaway that I was awake, but guys always get erections, when they're sleeping.

Lynn moved up from Jamie's pussy and the two began kissing, French kissing. They were going at one another, as if they were lesbians serving a life sentence in prison for taking advantage of a mature 50-year-old man. Just as it was so outrageous to see two women sexually going after one another, it was so hot to see the woman, who I love, lick, finger, and French kiss her best friend. I wish I had the balls to roll over to Jamie and stick my big, hard cock between her legs and do her doggy style, as she made out with my girlfriend. After hearing Jamie scream, I wanted to make her scream, too. Just as Lynn had just done, I wanted to make her cum, too.

Watching them make love, I was jealous and I took note of their kissing. They kissed differently than how guys kiss women. They were more loving with their kissing and touching without all the desperate groping. It was hot to watch them kiss, while feeling one another's tits, finger one another's nipples, and watching them lovingly touch their hair and their face. Guys would just grabbed their asses and tits, while humping their crotches. It made me realize the animals that men are and the lovers that women are. After watching this loving display of affection, I realized that I needed to be more like a woman than a man in my sexual movements. I needed to be more loving.

Then, if it wasn't enough watching Lynn lick, finger, and make out with Jamie, it was Jamie's turn to go down on Lynn. I saw Lynn look over at me and, when she saw that I was still asleep or, in my case, pretending to be asleep, she closed her eyes and put her hand on the back of Jamie's head, while lightly running her fingers through her hair. Never in a million years would I ever think that Lynn and Jamie were lesbian or bi-sexual lovers. As if she was giving Jamie a hair massage, she lovingly played with Jamie's lush, dirty blonde hair, as Jamie started licking and fingering Lynn's pussy.

Obviously, this was not the first time that these two had done this. They looked too experienced. They looked too comfortable. They looked like lovers. Lynn was really getting into having her pussy licked and finger fucked by Jamie. She was turning her head from side to side, while moving her tongue around her lips. I couldn't wait to fill her mouth with my big prick.

It was so hot to see my girlfriend and her best friend having sex. It was so hot to watch my girlfriend have her pussy sucked, licked, and fingered by another woman. Never have I experienced watching two women doing one another. Never have I been as turned on watching a female couple having sex. The fact that I was intimate with one of the woman and knew the other woman, made it all that more sexually excitingly. This was way better than any porn movie that I've ever watched. This was my personal porn movie, right here, right now, in my bedroom, and on my bed.

Then, just when I thought that the evening was finally over, just when I thought that Lynn and Jamie would finally fall asleep, what happened next was too good to be true. Even though this was the sexual event of my life, even though this was what men fantasize about, a little too drunk and much too tired, I couldn't stay awake. I knew, as soon as I closed my eyes, I'd be asleep within seconds and this wonderful day would finally end. It had been a long day, it was so late, and I was so tired.

Sexually sated after having hot sex with Lynn, I was still a feeling a little drunk. Had I not taken the Viagra, I couldn't have gotten it up, especially after consuming that much champagne. I closed my eyes thinking about Lynn licking Jamie's pussy and about Jamie licking Lynn's pussy. That was the hottest sex show I've ever witnessed. I closed my eyes with the vision of the two women making out. I closed my eyes, happy that I was here with the both of them naked beside me and in bed with me.

What a day. What a fabulous night. I'm so happy. This is the best time of my life. Yawning, I stretched, curled up, and closed my eyes for the night. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I started dreaming. I dreamt that Lynn was kissing me, French kissing me, while Jamie was sucking my cock. What a dream? What a fabulous dream? If what I had just witnessed was not hot enough, now, I was having an even hotter dream.

My cock hardened with the thought of it in Jamie's mouth. Boy this is some dream. I felt my cock pulsate at the thoughts of Lynn watching her best friend blow me. I felt my cock grow harder with the warm, wet feel of Jamie's tongue swirling around the head of my big prick, as she stroked me with her soft, little hand. Believe it or not, but my dream was way hotter than watching the two women having sex with one another. My dream felt so real. I was having an incredible dream. I was having the best dream of my life.

Only, when I forced myself to open my eyes, there was my sweet baby doll Lynn kissing me. Man, she's such a good kisser. I love it when she kisses me. I love kissing her. I love that she woke me up by kissing me. Only, while kissing Lynn, I couldn't help but feel that incredible sensation that I feel when getting a dynamite blowjob. Not fully awake, I was still half asleep. Was I still dreaming? How could Lynn kiss me, while blowing me at the same time?

The alcohol left me in a relaxing daze and I wiped away the sleep from my eyes. When I looked down, there was Jamie attached to my cock sucking away with her head bobbing back and forth. She was sucking my cock, really sucking my cock, while making all of those cock sucking sounds, noises that get guys off, whenever we hear them. As if my cock was her last meal, Jamie was devouring my prick and taking it deep in her mouth, only removing it to lick my balls. Lynn's hot girlfriend was licking my balls. Boy did that feel wonderful when she licked my balls. She was really into sucking my cock. Between the sweet French kisses of Lynn and the cock sucking skills of Jamie, I was in Heaven.

I watched Jamie sucking my cock for a while, before pulling her up to me. Lynn scooted her body down and where Jamie had left off, she took Jamie's place and started sucking my cock. Now, it was Lynn's turn to suck my cock, while Jamie and I made out and, as I got better acquainted with her perfect tits. She attached herself to my lips in the way she had attached herself to my cock, while I fondled her huge melons and fingered her big nipples. She was a wonderful kisser with full lips like Lynn's and she knew how to use her tongue. I couldn't wait to fuck her. I couldn't wait to eat Lynn's pussy, while I fucked Jamie. This, my first threesome, I wanted to experience it all. Suddenly, I was no longer sleepy. I was alive with the lust of hot sex with two young hot woman. I felt as if I was such a player.

Lynn stopped blowing me to see what I was going to do. I scooted down to the bottom of the bed pulling Jamie down with me. With my cock positioned between Jamie's opened legs, I directed Lynn and had her move her body above Jamie's head with her legs spread wide open and her pussy within the reach of my mouth and tongue. I ate Lynn's pussy, while I fucked Jamie.

I love eating Lynn. I love her sweet pussy. I love feeling her wetness all over my face and up my nose, as I licked her and fingered her, while watching her orgasm. There's nothing like the feeling of eating the pussy of a beautiful woman that you love, while fucking another beautiful woman. I haven't had this much sex, since I was 25-years-old. Suddenly, at 50-years-old, I felt like a super stud. Who's the man? I'm the man.

Oh, my God, the feeling of doing two women at once is amazing. No matter what I did, if one was blowing me, while the other was kissing me, or if I was fucking one, while eating the other, the feeling was completely depraved and so sexually satisfying. It encompassed all of my senses at once and completely filled my brain with sex. Never have I experienced anything like this before. Matter of fact, after having two women at once, I don't know how I can go back to just doing one woman. If only I could, somehow, convince Jamie to stay with us a little longer, if only I could, somehow, convince Lynn to accept this type of sexual arrangement more permanently, I'd die a happy man.

Only, I figured that having sex with two women would eventually kill me. I mean, how much Viagra can I safely take before my penis just falls off or explodes? Surely, there must be a warning label for that. Danger, taking too much Viagra will make your penis fall off or explode.

"What happened to Freddie?" I imagined my friend John asking my friend, Mike.

"Oh, he died," said Mike.

"Died? You're kidding! He was so young, only fifty," said John. "How did he die?"

"He was living with two, hot, beautiful and sexually depraved, 25-year-old women and having sex, a threesome, morning, noon, and night," said Mike.

"Wow, what a guy?" John looked at Mike with a sad smile. "So, he had of a heart attack?"

"Nah, having taken too much Viagra, his penis exploded, before falling off. He had a major hemorrhage, but he died with a permanent smile on his face. You should have seen him at the wake, he looked so happy," said Mike. "With a big assed smile on his face, his eyes were wide open, and his arms were outstretched with his hands up, as if he was feeling tits. There was no way the mortician could get his arms down without breaking them, so he cut two holes in the coffin."

"Wow! That's how I want to die," said John. "That's exactly how I want to die."

"Yeah, me too," said Mike.

"Way to go, Freddie," said John.

"Way to go, Freddie," said Mike.

Although Jamie didn't have the desire for conversation and dirty talk, like did Lynn, she took an active participating roll, when having sex. Quite the dirty girl, she had sex, as if she was a guy on testosterone steroids. She was a real screamer and she didn't just move her body with my humps, she slammed her body into my cock. She was proactive. She fucked like a guy, a guy who had been away at sea for an extended period of time. She wanted to fuck and to get fucked. Never have I been with a woman who fucked like that.

"Fuck me, Freddie! Fuck me!" She yelled over and again, as I fucked her. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

There was no making love to Jamie. Love wasn't part of her sexual equation. Having sex with Jamie was more of a fuck fest than it was a love affair. If I was married to Jamie, I'd need hip replacement surgery. Fucking Jamie was like playing a contact sport, a heated tennis game, or a wrestling match. In the way she used the entire bed, when fucking, was like rolling around on the canvas mat of a wrestling ring. It was difficult to do or think of anything else other than fucking, when fucking Jamie. I was glad, when Lynn took a break to go pee. Now, instead of being distracted by eating Lynn's pussy, while fucking Jamie, I could really concentrate on slamming my cock into Jamie to get her off, so that I could get some much needed sleep.

She had an orgasm, finally, thank God, I never thought she would. Who's the man? Who's the man? She exploded hard and screamed at the top of her lungs. To lessen the pressure, I had to open my mouth, so that my eardrums wouldn't explode. Lynn returned from the bathroom, laughing.

"Jesus, Jamie, it's a good thing we live at the end of the cul-de-sac and not near a cemetery because you'd wake the dead."

"Oh, Lynn, Freddie fucked me like I've never been fucked before."

...And never will, again, I wanted to say. I was lucky that I was so excited this time, the first time, but there was no way that I could continue this level of fucking or even repeat this marathon humping session. I was a literal fuck machine. I outdid myself. It had to be the champagne. I think the Champagne bubbles carried the Viagra straight to my cock in the way that rocket fuel goes to the space shuttle.

Lynn looked at me lying next to Jamie. She had a glisten to her eye, as she viewed my naked body.

"And you, you're my Superman, my superhuman man. You're such a horny guy. I can't believe you still have an erection."

What? I do? I still have an erection? Cut it off, I wanted to say. Please, no more. Kill me, now. Suddenly, I remembered the warning on the Viagra bottle, 'Seek medical attention if your erection last more than four hours.' What time is it? What time did I start fucking? What time did I take the Viagra? I don't remember anything except pussy and tits, fucking, and blowjobs.

Lynn dived from where she was standing and impaled her mouth on my cock. Good God, she's blowing me, again.

"I love your cock, Freddie," she said in-between her kisses, sucking, and licks. She held on to my shoulders as she raised herself up along my body. She started kissing me with deep, wet, French kisses that instantly made me desire her. Then, reaching down, she inserted my cock in her moist pussy. "Fuck me, Freddie, in the way you did, Jamie. I want to feel your lust for my cunt. I want to cum, too, again. Fuck me, my superhuman Superman."

Oh, God, there's all that dirty pillow talk again. If you want to get me going, just talk dirty to me and Lynn, as if she was in charge of launch control, knew all the right buttons to push in the right sequence. I rolled her over and started banging her, really pounding her pussy, in the way that I just had with Jamie. I was a machine, a sex machine, a fucking, fuck machine that blew a circuit and couldn't be turned off to stop humping.

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