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Your Ad Fantasy


You come to the door, not knowing what to expect. We've never met, after all. Our eyes meet for several seconds through the glass of your storm door before you open it silently and turn to retreat into the house. I catch you before you're into the living room, my right arm sliding around your waist as my left hand lifts your chin to allow my mouth access to the side of your neck. I pull you back to me and you feel me firm against your ass. You can't help but rub it against me. I slide my hand down and find your breast under your blouse and caress it, both bold and gentle simultaneously, and you lightly bite your lip in anticipation. I make sure the other breast doesn't feel left out before sliding both hands roughly down the front of your thighs, then up the backs, giving your ass a firm squeeze, before slipping my hands around you to unfasten the button on your jeans and pull the zipper down.

My hands are back at your breasts again, kneading them as you feel my mouth leave your neck and you raise your arms to let me lift your blouse over your head. My fingers are on the clasp of your bra now. You want to turn around to face me but I don't let you. You're feeling exposed but not uncomfortable. Your breath is shortening. I'm going too slowly on the bra, each clasp seemingly an eternity, but the release of pressure tells you to stretch out your arms. You do and the bra slowly slides off them. You catch your breath as my fingers unerringly find your nipples, pinching them maybe a bit too hard, but you let me because you know your body won't let you stop now. I'm taking my time with your breasts. It's been awhile since anyone lingered there, hasn't it? Your hand slips between us. You can feel my cock, fully hard under my pants and your imagination instantly puts it in your mouth, then your pussy. Uh oh. You weren't lying, were you? You're starting to get wet.

My cock is suddenly gone from your grasp. You feel me kneeling behind you, my lips grazing along your back, my fingers lightly trailing behind on your stomach until they latch onto the tops of your jeans. It takes a full 15 seconds for me to pull both jeans and panties to the floor. After I've helped you step out of them, you feel my hand on your leg, just inside your knee, gently pushing, instructing you to spread your legs a bit wider as you stand in front of me, still facing away. You're totally exposed now. Naked. In front of a fully clothed stranger. Damn, I'm turned on! You can feel my hot breath on your ass, can't you? What are you going to do? You're arching your back, almost imperceptibly, offering your ass up to this stranger. What do you want? Say it. Then there it is, the sensation of my lips on your ass. I hear you exhale quickly and you're pushing back again. You want more, don't you? You really are a little slut, aren't you? I like that. I decide to give you what you want. My hands reach up and grab the cheeks of your ass, gently pulling them apart. My tongue starts very low, right at the bottom of your pussy, then slowly drags itself up and across your tight back door, all the way to the top of your crack, before sliding back down again.

That's when your knees buckle and you drop to the floor. My mouth follows you down and I bury my tongue in your butt as your hand flies to your clit. You cum very fast, very hard. You try to stifle your cry, but I smile, hoping the windows are closed. I love it when a woman cums that hard. After your orgasm, you fall flat on the floor for a moment, savoring it, before turning and looking at me for the first time since the door. I offer my hand and you reach up to take it. I pull you to your feet and you're again standing in front of a fully clothed stranger, totally naked, but not a hint of embarrassment or awkwardness shadows your nakedness. You come to me easily, wrapping one arm around my neck and pulling my mouth to yours, offering your tongue to me in that most intimate of shared human experiences.

After a long kiss, you pull away and -- with a look mingling determination and anticipation -- begin to undress me. You start with my tie and I watch the concentration on your face as your undo the knot, your eyes flashing up to my face every so often, as if to memorize it. Are you surprised at how comfortable we are already? The buttons on the shirt... you resist the temptation to rip them open, knowing that with waiting comes greater satisfaction. You help me out of the shirt, then kiss my chest a few times before dropping to your knees in front of me. You untie my shoes and slip them off before you even think about the pants -- nice touch. Your face moves back up to waist level. You're in control now and you like it. You take the belt and slowly, deliberately unhook it. The dress pants have an outer button, a clasp and an inner button. You handle all three like a pro and my slacks drop to the ground, leaving my fully hard cock straining against my blue satin boxers, a small wet stain of precum additional evidence of my painfully aroused condition. You smile, grasp my stiffness through the underwear and suck the stain. Jesus, that's erotic! Thank you, Craigslist.

You make sure to carefully lift the elastic waistband over the head of my cock before pulling them down and off me. Your full attention is on my groin now. Do you like that I keep my balls totally shaved clean? I hope you'll like how they feel on your tongue. Ooooh. I definitely like how your tongue feels on them. Your hand is gripping my prick and it's literally throbbing. You make sure my balls have been well licked and lightly but thoroughly sucked before turning your attention to my cock. You flatten your tongue and lick from the base to just below the rim of my circumsized head, over and over, until the entire shaft is glistening in your spit. Grabbing it by the root, you aim the head at the sweet 'O' in the photograph and slide most of the entire length inside your mouth. Impressive. I love good sucking and you're very enthusiastic. After a couple of moments somewhere in Heaven, you stop, take me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom. "Lie down," you tell me. Who am I to disobey? You take your time, your mouth and hands all over me, licking, touching, exploring. I wrap your hair around my hand on the back of your head and push it just a little harder over my cock. I like how you take it. Can you deep throat? I want to find out.

I climb off the bed and tell you to lay on your back with your head over the edge. You do so willingly. Maybe we'll role play master and slave another day. I'd like that -- both ways. Right now, I'm only interested in fucking your hot mouth. I support the back of your head with my hand, your soft lips part and my cock glides in. I slide it slowly, letting you get used to it. I reach down with my free hand and begin caressing your breasts again. I tell you to spread your legs and show me how you play with your pussy. From my vantage point, I can see it's sopping wet. I let my cock slide deeper into your mouth. It's at your throat now, but you don't panic. You're trusting this stranger again. It's all I can do to keep from pushing the whole length down your throat. I do pick up the pace, though. I'm fucking your face and I want to cum badly, but I'm holding back. We move in rhythm for minutes. I see you start to squirm and I command you not to cum, either. You moan in frustration and the humming sends a shock down my shaft in your mouth. I can't keep this up without losing it. I pull out and struggle to hold the jets.

I reposition you on the bed and climb over you. I kiss you again and start kissing the length of your body. I take inventory of your erogenous zones as I go: the space at the base of your neck, the stomach just above the naval. I spend a lot of time kissing, sucking and squeezing your breasts. You're juicing pretty hard again, aren't you?

I have to taste you.

After kissing around your pussy and enjoying how you squirm when I suck the inside of your upper thighs, I can't wait. I pause just for a moment to raise up and look you in the eye. "I want you to cum in my mouth as hard as you can," I tell you. "Don't hold back and just let it all go, okay?" You're biting your lip again and you nod quickly, wanting me to get back to business. The next ten minutes are spent with me loving your pussy and you loving my tongue. You do cum. More than once. You're delicious. I love eating you and it shows.

Finally, you gasp for me to stop and put my cock inside you. I don't need to be asked twice. I slide in easily and let myself go all the way inside. I kiss you. There's nothing like a kiss when the cock is buried deep in the pussy and both of you want nothing more than to be right there, in that moment... know what I mean? We don't rush it. Eventually, we start to move. I love how your pussy pulls on my cock, like it's begging it to cum.

I fuck you slowly at first, but I have a need to slam that pussy, too. We vary positions and we've both worked up a good sweat. I fuck you hard when your legs were over my shoulders, banging my balls on your ass. I'm sorry if that hurts a bit but I have to admit, it feels really, really good. I reach around you. Your juices have pooled around your pucker and made it all slick and slippery. I rub it with my finger while I continue to slide into your box. The rubbing is having the desired effect. You're moaning now, on the brink of an earth shaking orgasm. I turn my hand and slip a finger up to the knuckle in your butt. That does it. You jerk and cum, your pussy flying on my cock as my finger slips full length into your ass. Your orgasm pushes me past the point of no return. "I have to cum in you," I whisper in your ear. "Now. But you choose. Where do you want it? Your pussy? Your mouth? Your ass?"

"Oh, god, cum, yes!" you say, still in the throes of your own orgasm. "I want you to cum in my..."

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