tagErotic CouplingsYour An Empty Promise Ch. 01

Your An Empty Promise Ch. 01


"If you want think you may have regrets, you need to stop me know. I'm not going to be able to pull away once I have you in my arms."

His piercing blue eyes gaze at me as I straddle his lap. I love him so much and he doesn't even know it yet. We've been in each other's presence for about 24 hours, but I've known him all of my life. Craving him from afar has been so hard up till now. I have him in my power and I'm never letting go.

I stand up from his lap, shirtless in jeans and a black bra I was glad I decided to wear today. When my shirt came over my head and I saw his eyes cloud at the sight of my chest, my breasts spilling over the delicate dark cups, contrasting to the smooth milk of skin. I could almost hear his mouth watering.

Before my love, I smile and take his hand, walking him from the living room to my bedroom. Close the blinds. Sit down. Removing the shirt from his back, he tosses it on the floor and rests his hands on my hips as I approach him. His lips cruise over my bare stomach and I sigh, running my fingers over the cool flesh of his shaved head. I wanted him with such a fever, such a passion that I felt like I would soon explode from my blood boiling. His lips invited me for a kiss as I leaned his head back, peering once again into the eyes that I could drown in for hours of spacing off. His fingers on my hips tensed and he pulled me closer, bringing me to the bed and rolling on top of me. The weight of him pressed me into the mattress and I felt deliciously warm, wonderfully protected. With each passing second the kiss grew that much more fierce and hungry. I could almost hear the growl in his moans.

He pressed his body harder against me, harder and smoother. The buckle on my jeans was quickly undone and soon they were taken off and a memory as I lay in my bra and underwear, anticipating this man's next action. The lips that were sweet and soft against mine cruised away and found the curve of my neck, kissing and biting me the way that I love, hitting each spot to make me tremble and cry out for him. His hands join in the frenzy as they remove any last layers of clothes keeping me from him.

His hands were incredible. The same hands that have produced works of art, musical masterpieces, literary brilliance and political warfare were running delicately over my breasts and skin. In a breathless gasp from my lips, I tell him not to stop; I tell him I want him and only him. And he stops. And he smiles.

"What do you want, love. Tell me what you want. I want to hear it come from your mouth."

Before I could think, before I could come up with a clever answer to his provocative question I respond, "Your hands."

He lifts his right hand to my face, rubbing his thumb over my lips and my tongue slips out to taste the finger teasing me. His hard hands held me close and I took his thumb in my mouth, keeping my eyes on his and making him watch this mutual teasing. The animal hunger I saw in his eyes drenched my body and I loved that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I could feel how much he wanted me as it pressed against my thigh. I gave each finger the same treatment and kissed each fingertip reverently. That hand, wet from my kisses, trailed over my neck, sternum, belly and cupped my body below. He smiled again.

He could cure famine and stop wars with that smile. He chooses to use it on me. As he parts my lips and strokes the tender, throbbing flesh, he groans at how wet I am, how ready I am for his body.

"I want to taste you, bring you all the pleasure you deserve one painful moment at a time." His lips kiss the same trail his fingers ran. "You're to be devoured, treasured and savored. Delighted."

His breath is teasing the wetness of my body and I shiver before he even kisses me. I shiver with the anticipation. Then he dives in for the kill.

His warm tongue dips into the tender crevices, finding wonderful new places to taste. I pull at my hair and bite my lip, thinking of him, only of him. His hands are on my hips, holding my body as he licks me like a delicate desert. I feel each stroke of his tongue, rough and smooth at once, tasting all the right places a girl needs to be tasted. He stops and kisses his way back to my stomach, resting his cheek there for a moment as his hands venture all over, anywhere he wishes, for I held no restrictions on him.

By the time his mouth met mine again, I was writhing and impatient. I wrapped my legs around him and removed his pants, leaving him as naked as I am. He was hard as stone under my hand and I stroked him. His eyes closed and he buried his head in my neck, kissing me and covering my body with his. After a few moments of enjoying his weight on me, I guided him to my ready opening and felt each individual muscle in his body tense from his legs to his back to his lips. Those tense lips, pulled tight from the warmth my body gave him smiled and he kissed me before moving his body to the rhythm of mine and meeting me with his flesh.

It was beautiful and real and everything I've ever wanted in a sexual experience. Thoughts of his kisses and his touches ran through my mind as his pleasure ran through my body. I panted his name over and over in a chant that gave me some of the control that I lose in his arms. The pressure of my orgasm was building like a covered volcano, just waiting for the last possible second to explode. His thrusts were getting harder and deeper and his hands reached to mine by my head, lacing our fingers together. When I opened my eyes and gazed into his bright stare, I was thrown over by my orgasm and cried out, driving my love with me and holding his body to mine.

For a few minutes we stayed close and didn't move, didn't blink. I didn't want him to move, I wanted to spend eternity with him in my arms and inside my body. I felt warm and safe, like a newborn kitten being held by a child with nothing but love and affection for their new pet.

My new child lifted his head and smiled down at his pet and kissed me once on the lips, before kissing my neck and snuggling closer, sighing the contented sigh of a happy little boy.

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