tagAnalYour Ass Is Mine

Your Ass Is Mine


I had been dating Lara for six months now and she was fantastic, I loved spending time with her. We had met in the queue at a sandwich shop were I always get my lunch. She was stood in front of me wearing a tiny little black skirt, tight white shirt and killer heals. I couldn't resist saying hi and we chatted for about ten minutes before she told me she had to get back to work. She had the cutest little smile and giggle and I could have gotten lost in her almost clear blue eyes. I took a chance and gave her my business card with my email and mobile number on it, which she took as she turned and walked away from me saying only goodbye. I watched her tight little ass wiggle as she walked away from me and her long blonde hair fell all the way down to it. She was irresistible.

For two days I could think of nothing more and I was deeply disappointed that I hadn't heard from her, then as I was sat staring at my computer screen trying to make sense of the numbers on it when my email icon flashed up notifying me I had a new email. At first I dismissed it as more work and decided to ignore it for a while, but then a last little bit of fleeting hope made me open it, a massive smile spread across my face as I read.

"Morning Jacob

I'll be going for my lunch around 12 same place as before, see you there?

Lara x"

I emailed back immediately telling her that I would be there, I never received a reply but I knew that she would show. Sure enough at 12pm on the dot she walked through the door looking as irresistible as ever. I bought her sandwich and we sat on a near by bench and chatted for our full lunch break and arranged to go out the next night. We dated regularly and for the next six months things couldn't have been better the sex was amazing as well except for one thing, she wouldn't let me near that tight little ass of hers. Every time I asked her she gave me a polite and firm "no".

I had to have it so I hatched a plan, Lara came over after work and I had set the mood perfectly, I ran her a bath with oils and filled the bathroom and bedroom with candles, her favourite champagne chilling in the fridge. She grinned at me when I handed her the champagne and told her to get in the bath.

"And what's all this in aid of" she asked as she slipped into the tub, her long blonde hair pilled on top of her head.

"Nothing I just wanted to give you a special night that you will remember" I took a cloth and started to wash her back slowly and deliberately, causing little moans to escape her. After ten minutes I moved the cloth to her breast and her nipples instantly hardened as did my cock. I dropped the cloth to her stomach and slowly worked all the way down until I reached her pussy and I gently washed it, she spread her legs and gasped as I dropped the cloth and began to trace my fingers through her folds. I teased her until she was begging me to let her come, then I moved my fingers to her clit and gently traced tiny circles until she was on the verge of and orgasm. I stopped and pulled her out of the tub her disappointment was clearly showing.

"Patients I have more planned for you" I said as I lead her into the candle lit bedroom I sat her on the edge of the bed and dried her with a towel as I kissed her. Her delicate little hands reached for my fly and slid the zip down dropping my jeans to the floor and then my boxers. My very erect cock sprang out to meet her and she flicked her hot tongue across the head.

"Two can play the teasing game" she whispered as she worked her tongue all over my cock and balls never quite giving me what I needed. My hand rested gently on her head as she tortured me with that tongue. finally I could take no more and forced myself in her mouth, I watched as the corners of her mouth turned into a satisfied smile around my 9 inches. I pounded into her mouth I was desperate to come but I knew that wasn't my plan.

Before I reached the point of no return I pulled out of her mouth and pushed her back wards onto the bed, drawing her knees up allowing me perfect access to her pussy. She gasped as I dragged my tongue up the full length of her pussy and circled her clit. She was still very wet from my earlier teasing and I decided to give her what she wanted, I flicked harder then gently alternating the way I know drives her mad till I could feel her start to tremble, then I asked her

"Tell me what you want?"

"Make me cum, please make me cum!" she begged

I thrust two finger into her very moist hole and flicked at her g –spot until I felt her orgasm start then I slid my fingers down to her tiny little ass hole and gentle pushed a finger in. She all but screamed whilst her orgasm took her and her ass clenched around my finger while I continued to lick her clit. I held my finger in her ass until she began to come down and then I gently slid it out.

"What the hell did you do to me?" She cried

"shhhh" I whispered as I rolled her onto her stomach placing a pillow below it. I grabbed some lube which I had hidden at the side of the bed and quickly rubbed it onto my cock without her realising. Then I started at her neck and planted little kisses all the way down her neck until I reached her ass, then whilst I continued to kiss I slipped my well lubed finger in between her cheeks, she tensed immediately so I slid my hand back up to her back urging her to relax. I then grabbed the silk scarf's we some times used and tied them to her wrist and then to the bed post, she looked afraid.

"Its ok I won't hurt you" I said in hushed soothing tones and then I attached her ankles in the same way. All the time she murmured at my kisses and caresses and then I worked my way back to her ass again I gentle parted her cheeks and kissed her ass hole.

"What are you doing? Don't do that it's dirty" but no sooner were the words out of her mouth did I stick my tongue into her ass hole and she let out a cry of pleasure.

"Just let me lick you, I will not hurt you, you trust me don't you?" I asked

"I...I guess, but wont it hurt?" a slight tremor in her voice.

"Only if you fight me. Relax" I said. Then I replaced my tongue with my finger slowly she clamped her ass tight shut and I ordered her to relax, she did and whimpered at the intrusion then with my finger in her ass I began to rub her clit, she instantly relaxed as she gave into the pleasure in her clit. I began to work my finger in and out of her ass and then introduced another finger the whole time working her clit. I could feel her orgasm building and I removed my hands from her clit and ass.

She turned her head to face me and I could see the fear in her eyes.

"Its ok, just relax" I said as I eased my cock to her tiny virgin ass.

"No Stop, I can't do this, stop" she cried out.

"You can and you will" I said as I pushed her head back to the pillow, I had wanted this for to long and I wasn't gonna give up now, she had enjoyed my finger in her ass and I knew she would enjoy my cock.

I noticed a tear sliding down her cheek, but I chose to ignore it I gently pushed at her ass hole with my cock, she was tense and so I slapped her ass hard the shock causing her to open up to me. The head slid in and she cried out, I held there and leaned to kiss her cheek.

"Relax; you will like it, I promise." She all but snarled her response at me and I moved my hand back to her clit and began to tease it, after a few minutes she began to relax and I started to push slowly into her. She moaned loudly until I bottomed out the whole time still rubbing her clit. Once in I waited again, I would feel how wet her pussy was and after a moment I gently began to ease out of her ass, she groaned again as I pushed back into her, I continued with very slow deliberate strokes for a while then I asked.

"How does it feel baby? Is it feeling better?"

"Y.....yes a bit" she nervously stammered, probably not wanting to admit it to her self, let alone me. Her ass felt to amazing, it was so hot I couldn't hold back anymore, I removed my had from her clit and began to pound into her ass harder and harder, she was grunting with every thrust and I could feel her climax approaching I reached for the scarf on her right wrist and released it while I pounded her ass.

"Rub your clit, come with me" I demanded. Her hand moved to her clit instantly and I moved faster and harder into her ass. Then I felt her orgasm wash over her she trembled violently and cried out, the feeling of her hot ass clenching almost painfully around my cock caused my own climax and I shot hot stream after hot stream into her ass as we came together.

I collapsed on top of her our bodies sweaty and spent my cock still in her abused ass hole. As I began to soften I slowly let it slip from her ass and released the remaining scarfs. I turned her to me, hoping she wouldn't be to mad, she smiled at me.

"I suppose I should learn to trust you, next time you want to try something new I won't reject you with out considering it properly. But don't think you can ever force me again!"

"I wont I promise, I just knew you would enjoy it, you did enjoy it didn't you?"

"Yes I did, but we wont be doing it again for a while my ass is sore as hell" she giggled.

Then we both cuddled and drifted of to sleep, that was the moment I knew I loved her.

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