tagGroup SexYour Birthday Party

Your Birthday Party


I come over to see you, arriving a week before your birthday. We get out a bit and I meet your friends before the big day arrives. That night you are very quiet and I finally get you to admit that you are dirty that your 'friends' did not at least have a few drinks with you. I tell you that you still have me and I have something special in mind for you. You perk up considerably and you are totally intrigued when I select your wardrobe for the night. After you have showered, you look at your shortest mini skirt and the thin, loose top I have chosen. You go to get underwear but I tell you that you wont be wearing any and you smirk at me as you dress.

You look in your mirror and laugh as you tell me that you wont be bending over in this skirt and you love the way your firm breasts jiggle and the darkness of your nipples shows through clearly. I can see that your nipples are already hard and I hear the excitement in your voice as you happily tell me that you look a bit like a whore with your stiletto heels emphasizing your long legs. I kiss you passionately as we leave to go out. You ask me where we are going and I tell you we have a call to make before we can have our fun. You get alarmed and say you cant visit people dressed like you are but I tell you that you are dressed perfectly.

I knock on the door as you look around the street and you are surprised to find one of your friends there. She wishes you a happy birthday and you kiss as the rest of your friends rush out to greet you. It suddenly dawns on you that I set it all up as three of your girl friends and five guys you know descend on you, wishing you all the best. We go inside and quickly receive a drink each before you sit on my lap as chairs are scarce. As we talk you are struggling to hold your skirt over your pussy. We drink on and my hands start to brush your breasts and caress your bare thighs and your pert arse, it seems to trouble you less and less particularly as one couple starts kissing and groping.

As we watch, I start fondling your breasts, at first thru your top but then I pull it down to your waist baring your firm breasts with the hard nipples. You half-heartedly try to stop me but the others are looking at your body and your exhilaration shows in your flashing eyes. I notice you let your skirt ride up too. You turn to me to kiss me and I slide your skirt up and cup your pussy and you open your legs wider. I run my hand over your flat stomach revealing your cunt to the avid watchers. I start rubbing your clit as you slip your top over your head and the wetness of you excites me. The scent of your sex arouses me and you feel my erect cock under your arse. I lift you into the air, and , as I drop my shorts, you take off your skirt, and position yourself above my cock, standing as stiff and straight as a flag-pole. As your warm, wet snatch impales itself on me I sigh happily as I grasp your hips and start easing you up and down on me. As we fuck, you see the others are in various states of undress too and you ride me hard, your breasts bouncing wildly. I call Aby over to lick you as you fuck me and I feel her tongue on our joined genitals. That is the last straw for me and I explode inside you just as you orgasm too. As we settle down Aby is still lapping at the thick cum that is pouring out of you and I tell everyone that we should give you a birthday to remember and I call Bob over to continue fucking you.

You look questioningly at me but I position you over Aby who is eating you as Bob starts fingering your tight arse. Col feeds you his cummy cock after he fucked Del and Eric starts playing with your breasts. Not to be left out, Frank also fondles your breast. When he has loosened you up to his satisfaction Bob eases his long, hard penis into your arse and we cheer as he fills you with the full length of his cock. With your body being aroused from so many different angles, it is obvious that you wont last long before you cum again. The rest of us sit down with a drink to enjoy the show and soon you are being filled with cum at both ends as you spasm yourself.

You slump onto the pile of blankets and pillows we have on the floor, totally fucked, but I am not finished with you yet. Col and I take you to the street window, side on to it so you can see. We lift you so I can slip into your sopping snatch as Col rams his cock up your arse. You moan loudly and we start pumping into you as you look out of the window. Soon you notice a couple watching us. Your whole body is throbbing as we fuck you and you get even more excited as the couple stand there watching. Then you scream, "Fuck Meeeeeeee" as you cum and we follow closely behind you and I feel the excess cum running out of you and down my legs.

Now I lean you over the low window sill and I call Eric to fuck you from behind as Del licks your pussy and rubs your clit. As they use you, you are looking directly at the couple and their obvious excitement seems to be contagious and you feel your body responding, yet again. Frank was so excited watching you getting fucked that he soon cums in you. As he pulls out and staggers away, Del lies you on your back and gets in a 69 with you. The other girls join her and start playing with your breasts and vibing your arse as you are eaten. Your clit and cunt are red-raw but you cum again and Del's cum spurts over your face as you bring her on too.

Now you slump to the floor, exhausted, and I lie down with my baby to hold your cum covered body while you sleep. Aby cums over and starts sucking my cock and you smile happily as you watch until I fill her mouth with cum and we both sleep.

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