tagLesbian SexYour Ex-Lover is Dead Ch. 03

Your Ex-Lover is Dead Ch. 03


I had never in my life had a foursome.

But shit happens.

Ashleigh, Andorra, and Cherry were standing before me, looking like a trio of godly angels. All wearing white, all looking fucking sexy.

Ashleigh's hair was long, curly, and red, the way she said she would dye it once. Before she passed. It was kind of like Rihanna's, but it worked for her. Her snake bite lip-ring-piercings looked delectable, and her gorgeous skin was glowing. She wore a long white slip that gave her itty-bitties a bit of cleavage boost.

"Hello, Christopher. Did you miss us?" Andorra cooed, dark, caramel skin contrasting perfectly with her white slip. She had long, black hair and beautiful eyes. Andorra was the most beautiful Latina woman I'd ever seen in my entire life. And her plump lips felt great on my damn near non-existent ones. She was the first "normal" girl I'd ever liked, as all the other ones looked all scene-y or emo-ish.

I rubbed my eyes like a two-year-old, the way I used to whenever I woke up. I was still wearing the clothes I'd had on earlier. I looked at all three girls, all fucking sexy as hell, standing there like they were about to ravage me.

"Uh," I chuckled to myself. "What is this?"

Cherry stepped toward me, pin-up makeup and platinum blonde hair in full effect. She'd even acquired a few more tattoos on her skinny arms. "This is where you want to be," She stretched her arms out and encompassed the area, which looked like purgatory. It was whiter than white, but it felt more like utopia than a colorless prison. Everything felt peaceful here. It was like an acid trip that didn't make you paranoid.

I scratched my head. "This is where I want to be?" I echoed.

Cherry nodded. "Exactly. By the way, thanks for falling in love with us. We could have never made it here if you hadn't!" She merrily skipped back over to Andorra, and then they started holding hands.

I'm all for lesbian action, but this was getting just a bit too "Jerry Springer" for me.

"Are you guys together?" My apparent shock made Ashleigh laugh. "No, silly." She pointed to the girls. "You gave us the gift of the afterlife. That means we can do whatever we want. Here, we are not gay. We are not straight. We just are. The only link that binds us is you. And now that you're here, we are complete." She interlocked her hand with Andorra's.

What the fuck was this? I knew I had to be dreaming. This shit was just too freaky for my tastes. And I am a man of freaky tastes.


"Chris," Andorra came toward me. "There is no need to overthink this." She cradled my head in her hands. "You don't have to feel guilty. We are where we're supposed to be now."

I stared at her, into her deep brown eyes, the ones that made me fall for her to begin with.

"Am I dead?"

She laughed. "No. Of course not. You are more alive here than you've ever been."

As much as I wanted to savor in Andorra's touch, I realized that reality was coming back soon. I trailed off, "So where's Roshanda..."

"Roshanda's not here. Not yet," Ashleigh put in, coming toward us. "She's not due for a while. You guys aren't in love enough."

My eyebrows met. "Wait, what? If I'm not in love with her enough to be dead, then how did Cherry get here?" I pointed to the tattooed Suicide Girl. "We were barely dating for like, two weeks."

Cherry scoffed. "Did it ever occur to you that maybe I fell for YOU?"

No. Because she cheated on me with jerkass Roy.

"No. Because you cheated on me with that jerkass Roy."

"Well," Cherry Kanye-shrugged. "Shit happens. And besides, just because you cheat doesn't mean you don't love the one you're with."

I gave her a blank stare. "You never tried to fix anything. I never even heard of you again after me and Roshanda got together."

Again, she shrugged it off. "Godammit, Chris, you felt something for me and I you. The point is, I'm dead because of you. You fall in love too easily. You really need to put a handle on that shit."

Andorra laughed to herself, arms folded. "Yeah, like, 3 weeks after he met me, he had a huge crush."

Ashleigh laughed even harder and touched Andorra's arm. "Oh my God, it was just 3 for you? It was 2 for me! He even suggested we wait to have sex because he didn't want me to think he was just after sex!" Both girls started laughing uproariously.

What the fuck.

"Umm, I can hear you!" I shut them all up, but Ash and Andorra were still smiling.

"So I'm being punished for not being a dick?"

Cherry scoffed, and out of the blue, she was carrying a bottle of Svedka over to a suddenly magically-appearing glass table. "Oh my God, I told you guys he'd take it the wrong way. No, sweetie. But your dipshit psychologist won't admit the truth, and that's what we're really getting at." Cherry opened the bottle and poured some into a waiting ice-cube filled glass.

"You destroy people with your selfishness when it comes to love."

I followed her with my eyes as she offered each girl a glass. She gave me one, but I didn't want to drink it. Besides, vodka was gross without pineapple juice.

"Part of that whole childhood trauma because your mommy didn't love you, displaced longing for affection, transference to a new maternal figure because your original one was long gone, constant fulfilling of the hole she left, blah, blah blah, do I sound like a shrink to you?" Cherry ended her tirade by downing the contents of her drink in one gulp.

"But," I stupidly began, knowing she basically had a point. "You died of a drug overdose." I pointed to Andorra. "You died in a car accident. And Ashleigh died—"

"Because you killed me." She finished.

My heart sank. "Ash, I did not—"

"No, no, not literally, Chris. But you did kill me. The night we were together," She grazed her hand over mine, and I swear, my tears were about to spill. "The night we were together was magical. We were each other's firsts, and I knew you loved me more than anyone ever could or would. You fell asleep, but because you're such a heavy ass sleeper, and because you were knocked out from fucking all night, you didn't know. I was crying all night, extra hard, because I was sooo goddamned happy. You made me so happy that I overwhelmed myself, crying so hard and whatnot. Add that to my enlarged heart, and bam! Christopher Davis has ended my life."

She let go of me. "And I'm sorry about Raquel. She turned into a mega bitch after you went for me instead of her. She even had a notebook with your name doodled a thousand times."

I knew it!

Somewhat relieved, but still confused, I looked at all three beautiful girls and felt my heart sink again when I thought of Roshanda being added to the mix.

"So, what about Roshanda?"

"Roshanda will be here soon. And then we can add some chocolate to this all-vanilla cake." Ashleigh giggled behind her hand and looked at Andorra. "You won't be the only minority anymore, girl!"

Andorra snorted. She folded her arms. "Chris likes everything. But I knew he would eventually go for a sista. She's quite, gorgeous, I might add."

I half-smiled. "Thanks."

"Don't be so depressed, baby. You've got us right now. And when you see what we have to offer, you won't be mad when Roshanda joins."

Andorra came over to me, touching my neck and my face. I wanted to stop her, but I couldn't. "What do you guys have to offer?"

Stupid question. All three girls snapped their fingers, and the they were naked.

And then I got a boner.

"Umm, wait. I—"

Andorra smashed her hand over my mouth. She shook her hair from her face and over her shoulder. "Just go along with it, Chris. Call it a final tryst." She removed her hand and kissed me. There was red lip gloss all over my mouth. It tasted like peaches.

She turned around. "Ladies?"

Andorra pushed me onto a bed, and then they all inched toward me.

I'd be lying if I said I did not enjoy this.

Cherry's huge tits were dangling in my face as she lifted my shirt up and over my head. Andorra was taking off my shoes, and Ash was unbuckling the belt of my jeans. Cherry bent down so her tits were hovering above my mouth. I started sucking her pink gumdrop nipples and fondling her shaved pussy lips.

I could feel Andorra's mouth on my cock, going up and down with ease. There was another tongue on my balls. Obviously Ash's. This was the best feeling in the world. I sat up to get at Cherry's tits a little better, all the while still fingering her clit.

"Mmm, you like my big tits, don't you baby? You used to always go right for them whenever we fucked," She was rubbing my head like a dog, while I was looking up at her, tongue flickering her large areolas. I sucked my fingers and continued playing with her pussy, pulling my head back every now and then to enjoy my balls and dick being sucked.

Cherry was close to coming, using the precise combination of nipple and vaginal stimulation until I motioned for her to sit on my face. I could see little flecks of glitter lotion on her stomach and her vaginal area as she mounted me, and I continued eating her delicious pussy, hands caressing her flotation devices.

"Chris, you're so good at eating pussy!" She yelled, wiggling around on my tongue. "Roshanda's a lucky girl!"

Boner kill, much?

I fought through the name-drop and continued. My hardened dick was on the brink of ejaculation and I was ever-so-slightly losing my mind.

"Yeeeeesssss! OhmyGodChriswhydidIevercheatonyouRoykeptpushingmyheaddownthatnightandhemadememadbecausehesaidhewouldntgodown...GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD!"

She had her orgasm, and I basically pushed her off me to go for Andorra, whose face was all but covered in pre-cum.

"Your turn," I seductively purred, picking her up and throwing her where Candy used to be. I missed her body. She was almost as voluptuous as Rashonda, but in a lighter shade.

I started eating her pussy, and then Ashleigh sat on her face, and Andorra began eating her pussy! Cherry was off to the side, masturbating, fully enjoying all of this. Then she began making out with Ashleigh, stroking her red hair and Ashleigh started groping and caressing Cherry's tits.

"You have such beautiful breasts, Cherry," Ashleigh breathed, mid-moan from Andorra's tongue work.

"You want them in your mouth?" Cherry asked. She hoisted her tits up and Ashleigh lowered her head.

"Mmm everybody loves my tits," Cherry said, holding them so Ashleigh could start tonguing them. She was smacking and sucking away, and Cherry started masturbating, her moans starting to become a bit annoying after a while.

"Mmm, you suck them so well..." Cherry threw her head back and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

I must have been doing some crazy shit to Andorra, because she kept lifting her hips up, her muffled moaning under Ashleigh's pussy turning me on. I upped it a notch by sucking my fingers and sliding them into her vagina, fingering her g-spot, and watching her body move up and down like a wave. She was grabbing the covers and Ashleigh's body just to remain stable.

Ash was fingering Cherry now, and I guess she'd given up getting a proper orgasm from Andorra, because she hopped off of her face and starting making out with Cherry while she fingered her pussy and sucked her tits.

"You're so fucking hot, Ashleigh," Cherry was pulling her hair out of her face so she could get to her tits easier.

Once I made Andorra cum—I never heard a woman scream so damn loud—she and I started making out.

"Yeah baby, taste yourself," She began sucking my tongue to get her own juices off of me and laughed as we kissed. "That mouth is something to be proud of, Chris. Where the fuck did you learn that?"

I sucked her neck nice and slow and whispered, "To be honest, I have no idea."

She smiled and wrapped her arms around me while I continued kissing her neck. I looked over at Ash and Cherry having their own little lesbian moment and started jerking it automatically, but Andorra would have none of it.

"We're here to please you, Chris." She grabbed my dick and started kissing my neck. "But they're a nice distraction."

Cherry and Ash were fingering each other and playing flicky-tongue. A few seconds later, they started scissor-legging, Cherry tits bobbing up and down every two seconds. Damn, I forgot how hot she was. No wonder the SuicideGirls wanted her so bad. She was like Shirley Manson, only younger and more attractive. But still, every bit as edgy and kinda scary. In a good way.

Andorra was jerking me good, and some minutes later, I jizzed everywhere, staining her hand and growing completely out of breath in the process.

Cherry and Ash traded girly squeals and moans. Ash was yelling, "Cherry, your clit feels so good!" To which Cherry would respond, "No, yours feels better!"

Then came the orgasms. My jaw had dropped all the way. I couldn't believe this was happening.

I wanted more of Cherry. I needed to fuck her. I wanted my dick inside her.

I picked her up after her orgasm, and she, still breathing heavily, squealed, "Oh my God, you guys won't give me a break!"

After I slowly plunged my cock into her awaiting pussy, her eyes widening with each inch inserted, she closed them and then lay down. Andorra and Ash started right for her tits, and I began pumping her slow at first, then with reckless abandon.

Andorra and Ash were practically eating her boobs at this point, so I knew her orgasm would be unreal, when combined with my fucking her. I knew I was hitting her G-spot, so I would alternate between soft and slow and fast and hard, just to tease her until she hit orgasm.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Cherry turned red and grabbed onto both girls while she rode out her epic orgasm. And then Ashleigh got off of Cherry's left tit and came rushing toward me. We began making out the way we used to, and I almost wanted to cry because I missed her.


I think they knew when I was about to get all emo because the girls would do something to completely take my mind off of anything mushy. We all engaged in a four-person kiss. It was the best and most pretty-smelling group hug ever. I couldn't tell whose tongue was whose.

Eventually they all parted and it was just me and Ash. I sat her on my lap and she straddled me the way I straddled Roshanda the day before. We were fucking a little before I decided to be fair and give her what I gave the other girls...who were all over each other's tits.

I knew girls loved boobs as much as guys did.

"Do a headstand." I smiled and she pushed hair out of my face. I was so happy to see her, and I knew she could tell.

"A handstand?" Ash blew a bright red strand of hair from her face and grinned that beautiful grin I'd loved forever. "You were always freaky. Even when I lost my V-card to you. You were freaky without being weird. And you kept asking me if I was okay."

I laughed. Then, I said, "Well, if you won't do one,"

"Aah!" I caught her by surprise, throwing in my high school wrestling moves and flipped her so fast that she started cracking up. I parted her legs and started tickling her pussy with the tip of my tongue. Coupled with my magic guitar fingers, I could feel Ash start to tense up and orgasm before I even got to do much of anything.

I was kissing and making out with her pussy while I looked over to the girls, who were rubbing each other's tits together while they made out.

I barely even touched Ash's clit and then she came, but it wasn't as crazy as everyone else's orgasm. I picked her back up and held her again and she went, "Sorry. I just got a little excited."

Girls never have to apologize for coming early. Ever. It was such a double standard.

"Baby, it's fine. But lay down so I can do this right." I threw her down gently and started eating her pussy. She grabbed the sheets and the back of my head and started pulling and tugging at my scalp. Ouch.

"Suck my pussy, Cherry," Andorra sat down and Cherry dove into her muff.

Meanwhile, I was sending Ash into a frenzy. The frenzy of her life. The girl was screaming each time I almost sent her into orgasm. Geez, I really had no idea that my pussy-eating abilities were this superior. What the fuck kind of losers were they dealing with before me?

5 minutes later, and Ash is breathing like she just ran a marathon. Her titties were heaving up and down, and she was looking at me, totally satisfied.

I saved the best for last. I fucking missed her.

I looked over at them, and she turned my head back to her. "Don't worry about them. They've secretly been crushing on each other for the longest." She inched off the bed and grabbed a robe. "Come here."

I followed her down the invisible white path, the bed with the two girls becoming farther and farther as we walked.

"Chris, you've seen lesbian porn before." She noticed me continuously looking back.

"Yeah," I slipped back into my shirt. "But never in real life."

After running a hand through my hair for the umpteenth time, Ash caught on. "Okay, Justin Bieber. Slow your role."

I playfully pushed her. "Shut up."

Silence. Then, she asked, "How's Shitty Pilots coming along?"

I nodded. "Pretty good. We're on the verge of signing to a label soon."

"I always knew you guys would get big."

More silence. For someone who was happy to see her, I was definitely an awkward fuck.

"So if Roshanda dies too, then she'll end up here?"

Ashleigh smiled. "Exactly. So enjoy the real-life time you have with her now."

This was too depressing. Even if I turned around to watch Andorra and Cherry fuck each other, it still wouldn't make everything better.

"Do you know if she's gonna die for sure?"

Ashleigh sighed. She touched my shoulder. "Yes. She is going to die. And you are the catalyst. You love so hard that it cripples and it kills. But it's okay. When you come back here, you'll get all your love interests back, and you can be with all of us any time you want."

I didn't want some supernatural, interracial porn version of "Big Love." I just wanted to be with the girl I loved.

"I don't want that. I just want Roshanda."

"You can't have it all, Christopher. Nobody can. That's why all of us girls are here. We all wanted you. But you have so much love to give that you have to spread it evenly."

"Ashleigh, I don't wanna spread it all evenly. I just want to give it to one person. If you were still alive, it would be you."

She held my face and kissed me. "Go enjoy the rest of your time with Ro. Come back when she's gone."

Ash turned around and started walking, before she faded off into the distance.

"Wait! I'm not finished!" I kept running but she was gone. "Ash! Ash, come back!" I was distracted by a rather large bulge in my jeans that was still there.

"My dick is still hard! What the fuck did you guys do to me?"

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