tagLoving WivesYour First New Man

Your First New Man


You are married. You are beautiful. You are monogamous. You love sexual excitement.

Yes, that describes you. You look in the mirror before your shower and you agree. You are all those things. You are a lusty woman. You love to fuck, you confess it privately.

Sex in your marriage is perfect.

Your gorgeous husband adores you. He gives you everything you need in sex, and some things you could never have guessed you needed.

He is also, somehow, adventurous.

Now, he has invited you to go to a club close-by where, he says, couples meet, mingle, perhaps even merge intimately for an evening. You are intrigued, but you cannot imagine going along with such a dangerous and unwarranted scheme. Why would he want to do that? Why would you? You are shy. You are satisfied at home. Why test the limits of a perfect marriage?

Besides, what if anyone you met there knew you? Oh my God, that would be embarrassing!

But your husband is persistent.

Listening, watching, you get a strong feeling that his dream is more about your experience of pleasure and him seeing that, than in the possibility of his own non-monogamous pleasure. You like that. It does not feel threatening. He has told you it would be a harmless reward for your beauty, your fidelity, your deep soul, and for him, an exciting new sexual experience, shared with the woman he loves.

You reluctantly allow him to set a date, two weeks from Friday. You have agreed to go and drink and talk and laugh, just like any party. Hands completely off. No promise of any hanky-panky. You are nervous, he is nervous. You are both nervously excited. You admit that to yourself. You wonder why you have agreed to this, yet now you have. You discover that rash act alone warms your libido. Interesting, you think.

The days go by. You think more about what you've agreed to. You often catch yourself considering the possibilities of such an evening, the one to come that is now in your calendar. What will happen? What will you do? What will he do? Do the people who go to these parties... are they good looking? Are they smart? Are they safe? Are they like me?

As you fuck your husband, you and he talk sporadically, quietly, about your date, what each of you might do, might want to do, might not want to do, might... well, who knows? Fantasy talk during sex. Scary, but sexy and exciting at the same time. You say all this to your man because you know he wants you to. He seems pleased that you did.

You talk and move your way through to orgasm. You are good at this. You love the feel of his cock, the feel of your own fingers moving on your clitoris, his sucking mouth on your nipples. Your excitement is high. Your cunt is spilling down your butt cheeks into the sheets below. Moving faster, you come together. You moan aloud. You manage to squint into your man's eyes as your body's orgasm spasm takes over. You almost cry. You laugh instead.

You love this man. You love to fuck him. You don't need extra adventure, do you?

Now, you are dressing for your date. Your husband wants you to wear a short dress, a front button shirt, no bra. He is cheeky! However, it is summer, so that is what you wear. He looks sexy and attractive in his tight blue jeans and white shirt.

Touching up your hair in the mirror, you are thinking about the evening ahead. You feel a stirring in your cunt.



You both march bravely, if a little too quickly, to the car, not saying much of anything, nervous.

You think, What are we doing? Are we really going to do this? You answer, yes we are.

The drive is short. It is dark, and late.

Parking, your mouth feels dry, you insert gum.

You are sparkling and tanned, your heart is racing. You try to find calm. Your husband appears  calm. You walk in, him first.

A stunningly dressed, youthful looking, well built man greets you, makes chit chat and walks both of you into the bar, makes sure you are settled with drinks in hand, and leaves.

It is noisy, busy, dark, swords of cool and warm light here and there, large booth style tables to one side and the rear, people dancing slowly over there somewhere. It smells human. Aromatic, like a good party with glowing company.

You are looking around. Your man is doing the same. You stick by his side. He wants you to. This is different and heady.

Now you see who attends these parties. All types. Friendly looking. You have arrived late. You relax. Some eyes are on you, both sexes, and you like it. Are they talking about me? You have a couple quick drinks and the talk starts to flow easily. You are good at that. You love to talk.

There are other people at the bar. Of course there are! What were you thinking, that you'd be alone in your quest for purely luxurious lust?

Some couples move in closer. The man who greeted you at the door is briefly there. You are having fun. You are comfortable. You know how attractive you are.

A tall, thin man is at your side. His wife, short, perfect body, intelligent sounding, is there with him. You like him, and you are talking. He is funny, and good looking, smart, a little younger. As you talk, you begin to wonder if this is where your evening is heading. His wife is relaxed and beautiful. You think, she would not be with him here if it wasn't safe, if she didn't feel safe. She's a lot like me. She moves away, onto other conversations, other people.

Your eyes wander to the dance floor. For the first time, you focus hard. Yes, there are signs of lusty kissing and groping. Your heart leaps. So, it is true after all.

You turn back to the tall, thin, funny, smart man.

As you talk, you and he exchange a few soft arm touches. You weaken at that. Almost a caress! Inside, you feel a thrill that you were not expecting.

And there is that familiar thrum in your cunt again.

Appraising, you silently wonder what this man would look like beneath his clothes, especially his cock. How big would it be? How wide? How tall when erect? The beautiful smell of a cock. Is he hairy? Is he circumcised? These are the thoughts you are having, and you are having them quickly, between talk lines. His eyes never leave you. Your eyes are giving you away.

You look at your husband. He is happily engrossed in talk with this man's - your quickie man's? - wife. Yet, you know that your husband knows what you are thinking. You are radiant. You are hot. Increasingly, you are wet. He smiles with a lovely reassurance at you, as the strange man invites you to dance. Yes, you say, I would love to dance.

He leads you by the hand, into the semi-dark, into the close warm evening inside, into an exciting new world.

Your lips are parted slightly and wet as he pulls you tight and kisses you.

He is a little shy, but suddenly, you are not.

You are overwhelmed with lust, but not overwhelmed with hurry. As you dance, your kisses become hot breathy and passionate. You let his tongue explore your mouth, his lips mush onto your's. You push back. You let him suck your tongue. Your head is spinning. How long can you possibly remain standing?

Now, his hands are on your buttocks, your ass. You are trembling with excitement. Your pussy lips are stiffening, flaring open, you know they are, you can feel them, and you know what they look like when you are ready. You've seen it in a mirror. You know that feeling well.

You twist your ass around to the music with his hands rubbing hardly, softly. You kiss. His fingers are pushing into the top of your dress. You feel your shirt being pulled, untucked. You allow it. You pull at his shirt and let your hands roll delicately across his back and his backside.

Different from your husband. Exciting.

Where is he, now, my man?

Oh, he has moved into a booth with his new woman friend, your new friend's wife. She is laughing freely at his humor, staring deeply at him, into him. But he is watching you too. He is wearing a wide open grin of excited encouragement. That pleases you.

As your husband watches, your dance friend has untucked your shirt, and his shaking hands are exploring hotly underneath. He finds your bare tits and moans quietly. You moan too. You feel your hardened nipples pushing with erotic desire into the palms of his hands.

You shove your pelvis and pussy towards him, grinding slightly on his thigh.

You push back from him, a foot or so away, and you stare into each other's faces. Your eyes move quickly down his body: truth is, you are not all that interested in his face.

You grab him by his belt buckle. You can see the sideways arc of his cock through his pants. In the dark, through his clothing, it looks like it could be large. At that possibility, you melt again, inside, your knees wobble with lust. You cannot believe what you are about to do. You cannot wait.

Discreetly, slowly, slowly, slow on purpose to enjoy every heart pumping moment of this, you undo his belt buckle and his pants top button. You pull his zipper down an inch or two, for room.

As you pull cloth outwards toward yourself, you look down and there it is. His cock. His outrageously beautiful large cock. You swoon at the sight. Your teeth chatter.

In the semi sexy dark you can see it sticking out of the top of his pants. You are now breathing very heavily, your heart is out of control. He is in the same condition. You touch his cock with your fingertips, brushing lightly at first. Then, you push one hand entirely down inside his pants and grab the soft cock skin wrapped in your palm. You pump slightly. You want to go down. You are salivating, your heat is palpable.

He suggests that the two of you join his wife and your husband in the booth, and you do.

He sits with an arm around you, ready to talk, but you don't wait, can't talk. You can't wait.

With a giddy wink from your husband, your head drops down, your lips are wet and open, your tongue is licking the top of his cock. You push your mouth slowly around the head of his cock. The taste and smell and feel take over. Your hand is pumping. He nearly comes. You pull your mouth back just as some sperm spurts onto your lips and hand. You lick. You smile.

Your husband and the man's cute wife watch with fascination, eyes glued to the passionate scene, each clearly wildly excited.

You've pulled your head up. Still sitting, you've spread your legs. Where are your panties? That's right. You never put them on again after visiting the washroom earlier. They are in your purse.

Your mesmerized friends have an unobstructed view. Your cunt lips are soaking, flowing, open, flared, waiting. His fingers are in, they are rubbing the ribbed roof of your vagina. You kiss. You grab cock. You nearly come.

His wife suggests you stop, and let him fuck you. She reassures you.

She urges you to lean over the table backwards. You agree, and quickly you are there. You are on your back on the table. Your face is close to your husband's face, and her face. Everyone is breathing hard. You know that her hand is on your husband's cock. You don't care. You like it.

You spread your legs. It is dark, the little bit of light is blue and orange. The man leans over you, hands around you on the table. He unbuttons your shirt, opening it wide, exposing your breasts. You allow that, in fact you want that, and you pull him in close. He licks you. Your nipples ache with erotic lust. More more more, don't stop sucking.

His cock is sticking out of his unzipped pants. You are now on your elbows, briefly, watching it. It is all you can think about... please please please put it in me right now. You gasp for deep slow breath as he teases the slick sucky entrance to your cunt with cock head. You know how large the head of his cock is, and it is now reaching out for you with stretched excitement. You can see that. You are the cause of it.

You know he won't last long, but that is not your care. Just please put it in me, you scream inside, and beg outside.

He slowly pushes, you slowly part. He pushes it in, then oh so slowly pulls it out. The pleasure is nearly unbearable. You breath out loud and moan with each movement. You lick your lips. You grab his backside with one free hand.

Your husband and the man's wife are moaning quietly with you. She is masturbating under her dress! And she is jerking off my husband at the same time!

You swoon and think "Oh my God. I am masturbating, I am being fucked in public, I don't care, I am out of my mind and I am not stopping!"

His cock huge, now bottoming out, is totally in you on each pass, he is slowing down, speeding up, slowing down, he is gone out of his mind with lust for you.

You are now working hard towards orgasm. You masturbate. You don't care who is watching, you want people to watch, especially your amazing husband, you know that everyone is here for the same thing, and that right now you are the center of attention. You build. You moan. He moans. You can feel his cock doing a pre-come vibration strum.

You are gone.

You explode with wave upon wave of come, and he explodes with a muscular flood of sperm inside you. You feel every slow spurt deep inside. You want every bit of it, as deep as you can get it, right to the end, all of it. And you do.

You deeply and slowly exhale animal groans to the end. All of you, all four, are soaked in the juices of prolonged sex. Your husband is laughing. Your new friends are laughing. You feel like crying, but you laugh instead.

Later, on the way home, you thank your husband, and wonder aloud when you might do this again.

He smiles, with a wink.

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