tagLesbian SexYour Little Secret: The Beginning

Your Little Secret: The Beginning


To all the readers of Your Little Secret. I thought that it would only be fitting if you were filled in on the building love story between the two main characters. This story introduces the two to each other and builds on the attraction. If you enjoyed Your Little Secret I hope the you enjoy this one. Thank You, Mistang.


I will never forget the day my eyes met hers. She was busy working and I was at a steady pace trying to get my new business off to a good start. We had only been open for 3 weeks when she was hired on, and it completely surprised me how quick she picked up on everything. As I watched her, my eyes were drawn to her hands. I watched as they steadily made the orders coming in. Her hands like magic made the food orders look as they did on the menus. I drifted off into thought about her hands and could only imagine how they handled other aspects of her life. I wondered how they felt on her lovers skin, I wondered how they would feel on my skin. As soon as that thought entered my head I snapped out of my trance. Why did that thought even cross my mind? Why would I even think of another woman that way? I love my husband very much, I would never do anything like that-never. I closed my eyes to clear my thoughts. It is only stress, I reassured myself. As I opened my eyes, I noticed that she was now talking to one of the many corporate people that came down from Cincinnati to help with the opening of the restaurant. Her eyes met mine and I could feel my face getting red, as I thought once again about her hands on my body. Before I could clear my thoughts she and Leslie, the corporate manager, headed my way.

"Debbie, I would like to introduce to you the newest member of the Skyline family, Shirley." Leslie smiled as Shirley extended her hand to me.

"Debbie, nice to finally meet you." Her voice was low and so smooth as I took her hand in mine. As she shook my hand my mind raced as I took pleasure in her touch. " I was beginning to think Leslie was the owner, but then you walk in and everybody scrambles." Her smile caught my eye, what a great smile she has, I thought to myself as she let go off my hand.

"Shirley, the pleasure is all mine. Yeah opening week can be killer. So while I am off running around trying not to go crazy, Leslie keeps the store in check." I smiled as I stared into Shirley's dark brown eyes. There is more to her then what meets the eye, I thought as she returned my stare. It seemed like an eternity before another word was spoke as we stared at each other. I wondered what she was thinking. Was she like me wondering what her kiss would taste like, or how her skin would feel without the constrictions of clothes?

"So, Leslie, do you mind if I smoke?" Her question broke my train of thought as I looked blankly at Leslie waiting for her to answer.

"No, go ahead." Leslie quickly answered.

"Pardon me, but I here the Marlboro man calling my name." Shirley smiled as she made her way to the back to join the rest of the smokers.

"So what do you think?" I heard Leslie ask as I watched Shirley walk away.

"Oh, I think she is great." I found my answer to be almost breathless as I turned and meet with Leslie eyes.

"Are you okay?" She asked as I felt my face turn a deeper shade of red.

"Yeah, just a little tired. So what do you know about her?" I focused every bit of my attention on Leslie, trying to shake Shirley out of my head.

"Well, she used to live in Cincinnati. She is not married, and does not have a boyfriend. She has been out of a job for about four months, and she caught onto things really quickly. I think she will be a good asset for your store." Leslie explained as my imagination went quickly with the knowledge that she's single. I thought instantly she is gay, she has to be. She is too pretty not to have a man in her life, so there has to be a woman.

"Well sounds like a winner to me." I smiled back at Leslie and continued on my with my business, but all the while Shirley stayed in the back of my mind.

Over the next two-years the business booms and my little dream of being a successful business owner becomes reality. All the while Shirley becomes the main staying point as many come and go. We became good friends, and not much longer after that we began 'girls night out'. We all would just get together and have a good time. Shirley became very open about her sexuality. She was neither straight nor gay. As she said " live life to the fullest," and that is what she did. She was also no stranger in hiding the way she felt about me. She always had a remark or comment to say whenever I would walk into the store, but she never crossed the line with me. I over heard her tell one of the servers and good friend the only reason she did so was because her fear of losing her job. And, she did not hide the fact that she despised my husband. He never really cared much for her either, but he did agree that she is one hell of a manager.

The night everything came to the surface all the girls and I decided to go out for a girls night out. Shirley showed late, and that was unusual for her. As soon as she walked in I could tell something was bothering her, but I tryed not to point it out to the rest of the group. Tiffani, Alicia, Amanda, and Ashlee all joined us that night and our table was full of chatter when Shirley passed a smile my way.

"What is on your mind?" I asked as I returned her smile with my own.

"I would like to buy you a beer." She answered as our eyes stayed with each others.

"Well, okay go ahead." I quickly answered as I looked away afraid that she would notice my face redinning.

"What is your poison?" She asked as she stood to make her way to the bar.

"Miller Lite." I answered as she brushed up against me as she made her way to the bar.

Once again I felt something within her touch. I could almost feel her passion raging inside her. I wondered if she felt mine? I could not help the way she makes me feel. I never, in my life, been attracted to another woman, but Shirley was different. She was my curiosity. She returned to the table with my beer and a small glass that looked like soda.

"What did you get?" My question made me sound like a little school girl. Her eyes meet with mine once again. I seen something there in her eyes I had never seen before, I seen the lust for me burning deep within her brown eyes.

"My signature Jack and coke, easy on the coke, light on the ice." She smiled as she took her seat again.

As the night lingered on I noticed that Shirley was getting rather drunk. I know that she had five Jack and cokes to my three beers, but I liked drunk Shirley. She seemed more at ease then what she is sober. Finally, just as every conversation does, we all turned to the subject of sex. Shirley sat quiet making her comments only as she does while the rest of the group talked and giggled about their sex lives. Suddenly at the end of one statement Shirley smiled with a " Baby I could do it better and longer then any man."The whole table broke out in a unanimous laughter, as Shirley shot down the rest of her drink.

"Yeah, well we know she is all talk." I could not help it but I just had to get that statement out as she cocked an eyebrow and stared at me.

"Oh, really, all talk you think. Well, Ms. Debbie, do you want to fuck or do I owe you an apology???" She quickly stammered out as my mind went blank. The rest of the group laughed as I struggled for something to say. I found myself speechless as she turned and smiled at the rest of the group. " That is what I thought." She smirked out as she reached in her pocket and handed her keys to Alicia. " Drive me home." And with that sentence she was gone, and I cussed myself for not saying something. I was in disbelief with myself, she asked me point blank if I wanted her to fuck me and all I could do was laugh. I was never so ashamed of myself in my life.

The next couple of weeks, Shirley put distance between us and I wondered if she lost interest with me, because after all I did not answer her and I could kick myself in the ass for not doing so. Slowly though she started to warm back up to me and I became very comfortable with her being in my life. This time around Shirley let all the boundaries fall and her simple comments became flirts and suggestions. I drove myself crazy with the thought that she seen the passion in my eyes. She noticed the way I looked at her and she was feeding off of that. I love the way she would brush up against me or reach out to touch me when no one was watching. The simple little gestures she did everyday was enough for me to begin to fall in love with her, and I grew afraid of the way I felt for her. I did not want the way I longed for her to come in between me and husband so after one long night of desperate thinking I decided that it would be best if I kept my distance from her. My own decision broke my heart, but I had to do it. So for 5 long weeks I only visited the store when I knew that she would not be there. I kept my distance and she never asked why? She actually did not seem to notice my behavior, until a new update came to the store, something that required me to be at the store bright and early so it could be set up. My mind raced, she opened and I knew there was going to be no way around this. I even played with the notion that I would go in after the store closed, but my husband did not like that idea. So I found myself sitting in the office staring at the clock and front door waiting for her to show. Just like clock work at 7:45 she walked in the door and smiled at me through the window of the office.

I threw myself into my work, but the whole time my mind stayed with her. I imagined myself lying on the desk in the office with her between my thighs. I could feel her tongue on my clit, licking and sucking at me. Her breath on my pussy so hot and wet as she pushed her tongue inside of me gently fucking me at first then quickly picking up pace as I grew closer to orgasm. She pulls her face away long enough to quickly thrust her fingers into my wet pussy and she returns her face to my clit. The harder she fucks me the more I moan. I could feel my juices soaking my panties as I thought of her fingers inside me. I quickly pushed my fingers down to my pussy that longed to be touched. I moved my fingers against my body as the images of her tongue licking my clit filled my head. Faster I moved my fingers as I felt my opening begin to quiver. " Shirley " I quietly moaned as I felt my orgasm building. In my head her tongue moved at an incredible pace as my fingers tryed to keep up. I gripped against the edge of the desk my thighs tightened around my hand.

"Shirley, yes oh god yes." I moaned as I felt each delicious wave crash through my body. I collapsed into the chair as my body jerked in complete satisfaction. My breathing came in quick short intervals as I regained my focus back on my work. Just as I settled I heard Shirley gently knock on the office door. I panicked as I wondered if she heard me moan out her name, but as soon as the fear entered my head it left. If she did hear then she will know that I want her just as much as she wants me. Slowly she opened the door and smiled as our eyes meet.

"What are you doing tonight?" She asked quickly as I froze trying to find the words to answer her.

"I think Ed has a poker game tonight, so nothing more than likely. Why?" I smiled as I watched her eyes go over my body as I moved for her to get a good view of what she wanted.

"Well, the girls and I are going to Illusions and I was wondering if you would like to join us?" Her eyes meet with mine and I tryed hard not to show my enthusiasm for the girls night out.

"I would love to join you." I smiled at her as she smiled back.

"Great, 8:00 tonight." She answered as I turned back to my work and hurried on home.

I took pleasure in shaving what needed to be shaved, because after all I may get the apology question again tonight, and this time I will be ready for the right answer. I picked my outfit carefully and smiled as I noticed that my short brown shirt hugged my curves and plunged at my breast. I sat in front of the mirror and smiled. Tonight I plan on crossing the line, but I could not help but think about my life and why now does it decide to twist on me? Why now???

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