Your Sex Toy


It is Saturday morning and for once we have the house to ourselves. Both of the kids are gone for the weekend and we have nothing to do but enjoy each other all weekend. I wake to see your face next to mine and I cannot help but smile, as the sight of you arouses me more today than it did the first time I woke with you beside me. As I lie there watching you, your eyes open.

Once you see the look in my eyes, you say, "You, my little slut, are horny. Good! Because so am I. And this morning I want to play with my sex toy." You tell me to go grab a couple of bottles of water, as we will surely need them, and you will select the other items that we will need. When I return to the bedroom, I do not see anything other than a long scarf. You ask for my hands, and tie them together. Then you lead me to the bed, and lay me down on my back, tying my bound hands to the headboard of the bed. I ask what you intend to do, and you tell me that for this morning I am your sex toy and am not allowed to ask questions. These words excite me even more. I am unbelievably horny and my pussy is dripping wet.

As I lie there, you straddle my chest and present your hard cock to my lips. I am eager for the opportunity to suck your cock; I love the taste of your cock. So, I open my mouth and hungrily suck you cock into my mouth. Since I cannot use my hands, I try to use different movements of my head and tongue to give you the best blowjob that I can. I desperately want to taste your cum this morning. However, you have other plans and do not intend to cum in my mouth. As you pull your cock from my mouth, I complain. You remind me that I am not allowed to ask questions or complain as I am your sex toy entirely for your pleasure. While you are saying this, you are slapping my lips with your cock. I whimper again, trying to pull your cock into my mouth. Instead, you move your balls to my mouth. I lick and suck your balls with abandon. But you quickly remove your balls from my mouth. Again, I whimper in protest.

You tell me that I will pay for my protests, but do not explain what you intend to do. You move down my body and begin sucking and playing with my tits. I am so aroused that I am almost ready to cum. You can tell that I am about to cum and immediately let go of my tits. Next you place your cock between my tits, squeeze my tits tightly around your hard cock, and begin to fuck my tits. I have my tongue out licking the tip of your cock, eager for a taste and hoping that you will fill my mouth with cum. You chuckle at this and tell me that you have no intention of cumming in my mouth today.

You move further down my body and begin to lick my pussy. You are pleased that I am so wet and eager to be your sex toy. Being at your mercy, while you enjoy my body for your own pleasure, is a huge turn on for me and it is very obvious to you. As I am about to cum, you stop licking me, and roll me over onto my stomach.

Next you tell me to raise myself up onto my knees. I am trembling with excitement as you kneel behind me and slowly slide your hard cock into my pussy. Then you reach forward and grab my tits and fuck me hard. I am so tightly wound that I am instantly ready to cum. However, again, you stop before I can cum. I whimper in protest.

Then to my surprise, you bring out a riding crop. I had not realized that you had bought it. We had looked at them for so long, but you obviously did a little shopping while I was at work yesterday. The thought of this, and the wonder of what else you might have bought, excites me even more. You tell me that it is time to pay for my complaints and swat me on the ass with the end of the riding crop. The burn from the impact is amazing. You know just how hard to hit me to bring a little pain and a lot of pleasure. I love it when you spank me. After you have spanked me numerous times, my ass is burning. But I never complain.

You tell me that since I took my punishment like a good little slut that you have a reward for me. I want to ask what it is, but know that I am not allowed to ask questions and I want to be a great sex toy for you. The next thing that I notice is that you have a small tube of lube in your hand. You ask me if I know what this lube is for. I shake my head no, and you tell me that I will soon find out. You break the end off of the tube and insert the end of it into my ass and squeeze.

The lube quickly warms in my ass and my ass feels so hot. You take my vibrator out and show it to me. It is the one that has the attachment that stimulates my clit and the attachment that goes into my ass. You insert the vibe into my pussy and ass. If feels so good to have something in my ass. As you turn on the vibe, I can feel it vibrating on my clit, in my pussy, and in my ass. This is amazing. I am so ready to cum. You ask me if I want to cum. I tell you that I only want to cum if you desire for me cum. This is apparently the correct answer as you begin fucking me deep and hard with the vibe and tell me to cum. Immediately I am cumming, trembling and crying out in pleasure. You keep fucking me with the vibrator and reach for the riding crop. You tell me to keep cumming, and swat me on the ass with the crop. As you do this, I explode cumming harder than I ever have before. I cry out and collapse.

You roll me over, give me a drink of water and ask me if I want to continue. I tell you that of course I do. I am your sex toy and am here for your pleasure. You kiss me and tell me that you love me. Then you roll me back over and pull me up on my knees. Since my hands are still bound, I am on my knees and my face. I love this position; I am completely at your mercy, under your control.

Next you remove a rather large egg shaped object, and insert it into my pussy. Then you activate the remote control that you are holding, and the egg begins to vibrate, sending pleasure through my pussy. This feels marvelous. As I am enjoying this, you insert another tube of lube into my ass and squirt the lube deep inside my ass. Again, it is cool, then warm, then hot. You ask me if I know what you are about to do. Without waiting for my answer, you tell me that you are going to fuck your sex toy's ass. However, I do have a couple of choices that I must make. First I must decide if you wear a condom or not. I beg you not to wear a condom, to fill my ass with your cum. And if you will do this, then when we shower, I will thoroughly wash your cock and then give you the best blowjob ever. You are pleased with this answer.

You push the head of your cock into my ass. It feels so good. This is my favorite part as you first stretch my ass with your hard cock. You tell me how hot and tight my ass is and how much you enjoy fucking my ass. I am thrilled that you love fucking my ass. I love it that you enjoy my body. However, it is time for the next my next choice. Do I want you to fuck me slowly and easily? Or do I want you to plow my ass with your cock and fuck me fast and hard? You already know my answer before I tell you to plow my ass. I love it when you fuck me hard and fast.

As you tell me what a wonderful fuck toy I am, you plunge your cock deep into my lubed ass. Because you lubed me so well, all we both experience is intense pleasure. I squeeze my ass tight around your cock, to intensify the pleasure for you. I have managed to work myself up onto my elbows, and I am thrusting back against you. I am meeting your thrust for thrust and causing your to go deeper into my ass than you have ever been before. With each thrust you pull back as far as you can without leaving my ass. You tell me to hold still for a moment, and completely withdraw your cock from my ass and plunge it all the way inside with one motion. When you do this, I cry out in pleasure. That felt great, and apparently you enjoyed it also. You continue withdrawing and plunging all the way in over and over again. As you withdraw each time, I tighten my ass as if I am trying to hold you inside, then I relax as you reenter me. Soon you are ready to cum. You begin fucking me even harder, pulling me back so that I am again meeting you thrust for thrust. Between the feeling of your hard cock plunging into my ass and the vibrating egg deep in my pussy, when I feel your cock begin to swell and you begin to cum, I am rocketed to an unbelievable orgasm. We both cry out in pleasure. We are both completely spent after the orgasms and we collapse into a pile. I love this feeling. I am exhausted from cumming so hard, so much. Plus I can feel you on top of me, surrounding me. And you cock is still inside my ass. We lie there in this pile resting before we need to get out of bed to shower and enjoy the rest of our weekend alone.

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