tagBDSMYour Story Ch. 04

Your Story Ch. 04


Part 4 – the meeting...

...Leaning forward you kiss me gently on the lips, slowly sucking my bottom lip between your lips, I feel your top teeth caress my lip gently at first, nipping as you pull away, "Take me Master, I need to be punished for coming before you! Take me now, please My Master!' – mmmmm!

Your usual wicked grin appears even more wicked, if that was at all possible, you look down between us, down towards your cunt, "May I play with myself Master?" I nod my consent, watching enthralled as you reach between your thighs with your right hand, you slip your fingers into your sopping cunt. Sudden movement! you throw your head back as you finger yourself, your eyes closed, your mouth slightly open as a slow animal-like mewl issues forth from deep inside you. I look back down, watching your hand as you rub yourself. After a few moments you pull your hand from between your legs.

My eyes widen as I see how much of your own cum you have managed to collect, all four fingers thickly coated with your cream. I look back up; back up into eyes wide with lust and mischievousness, the tip of your tongue pokes out between your lips, travelling left-to-right as you wet them. You sniff your own juice-covered fingers; I can smell your intoxicating odour from where I am.

You lean forward, I imagine that you're about to lick your fingers, however I stop you in your tracks, placing the fingers of my left hand against your lips, "No! I didn't give you permission to lick your fingers, did I slut?"

You shake your head in agreement, "No! But you did say that you wanted to suckle my tit didn't you My Master?"

I nod my head once in agreement, "Well! I'd like you to suck my tit please Master! Chew on my nipple! Hurt me just a little bit, please Master!"

I nod my head again, once; in agreement "Yes slave!" is my response to your last question.

You smile, whispering "Thank you My Master!" as you move your left hand to cup the underside of your left breast, raising it slightly, pushing the nipple upwards and outwards towards me. Your right hand drops away from your face, heading in the direction of your cupped tit, fingers reaching for your nipple.

"Would it add to My Masters pleasure if I coat my nipple with his slaves cum?"

I nod, "Yes slave, do it now!"

I watch excitedly as you start to play with your nipple, wiping your own cum over the erect bud, smearing your own cream over your exposed flesh. However, this time as you fondle yourself, your eyes remain open, watching my reactions, again your mouth opens and that familiar animal-like mewl issues slowly forth from you, it's obvious that you are enjoying yourself – mmmmm!

"Sorry Master, I have made a mess, I know I have no right to ask, but I would be ever so grateful if you'd clean my tit up for me Master?"

Looking into your eyes I respond with a simple "Yes!" I kneel lower, leaning close, I place my hands on the top of your bent legs for support. Letting go of your tit you reach behind my head with your left hand stroking my thinning hair, encouraging me to suckle you, the right hand suspended by your side, fingers still coated with the remnants of your own cum.

My tongue flicks out like some spastic snake, lapping across your erect bud, you flinch, ffffffffffwwwwwww! A sharp intake of breath at the first contact "Mmmmm! Harder please My Master, harder please!" you beg "Suck me hard! Hurt me please Master!"

I clamp my mouth over your breast, sucking, drawing your nipple in deeper. You begin to moan "Mmmmm! Yes! That's it My Master, suck, Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" you can feel the roughness of my tongue as it rasps over your flesh; I can taste your cunt juice, a strong aphrodisiac – mmmmm!

Suddenly you squeal as I bite down on your nipple, gently at first, softly grinding your teat between my teeth, "Oh Yes! Fuck that's good Master – Harder please, hurt me more, I deserve to be hurt!" I bite harder, my teeth clamping on your bud, tugging! "Oooooo! That is sooooooo good My Master – ooooooooooooooooo!" You shudder as a mild orgasm passes through your body "Ooooooooooooooooo! Enough Master, please stop! I'm so sensitive there!"

I release you, a slight anger awaking inside at you asking me, your Master to stop. I have hardly started my ministrations of your tits, but I bite my tongue, this is our first real meeting, I do not want to risk ruining our blossoming relationship, but you will be punished, I make a mental note to do so!

Returning to my kneeling position; I watch as again you cup your breast with your left hand, raising it so that we can examine my handiwork. A red ring against the whiteness of your skin an indication of how hard I was sucking, the nipple reddish-brown and tender from the attention I had given it. Both clean of your own cream, I loved your taste and I still savoured your bodily essence – mmmmm!

I look into your eyes and smile, "You are one horny bitch! And such a fucking tease! I think it's time you were punished properly slut!" I say.

"You haven't seen anything yet My Master, for you my depravity knows no bounds!" is your reply.

"I hope you're telling the truth slave, I will be very disappointed if you're lying! Now clean your fingers slut whilst I remove my shorts! They've become a little uncomfortable?"

I climb to my feet, and begin to fumble with my belt buckle, fingers all a jumble with excitement, whilst trying not to show how much I want you! I finally manage to release the clasp.

Standing before you I look down at your face, you look up towards me and smile, slowly you raise the fingers of your right hand, the remnants of your own cum still visible. Without looking away from me you insert each finger, one at a time into your mouth, cleaning each as it's slowly withdrawn through your puckered red lips. I shudder uncontrollably as you sigh, I know what your experiencing, I know what you are tasting – mmmmm!

As you continue to suck your fingers clean, all the time your eyes fixed on me, watching me coyly like some naughty schoolgirl I continue to remove my shorts. Dropping them to my feet I raise my left leg, lifting it clear and placing it back down, and then with a quick flick of my right foot I launch my grounded shorts towards two pairs of discarded shoes, yours and mine. I stand before you dressed in only my t-shirt, you lower your gaze, and your head is level with my crotch...

To be continued...I hope?

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