tagAnalYour Surprise Becomes Mine

Your Surprise Becomes Mine


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I've been waiting for you all day...imagining the things I'll do to you. How your cock will feel in my throat...and my pussy. You've been working so hard lately, and I just want to reward you. But, your reward will not come without its perks for me, so I guess my actions are not completely selfless...

You walk in the door, and your mouth immediately drops open. I am sitting in a chair directly in front of the entryway...completely naked except for some thigh-high stockings and black stilettos. My legs and arms are crossed, obscuring your view of my goods, but as soon as you quickly close the door (without turning your gaze away from me, of course), I uncross my limbs and spread myself out in the chair, now completely exposed to you. I smirk at you, and you smile back in that devilish way of yours. "How was your day, baby?" I ask.

"It just got a whole hell of a lot better," you reply before moving towards me. You begin to bend down, as though you're going to kiss me, but you bypass my lips and drop to your knees. Before I even have time to react, you slide your hands under my ass, roughly pull me forward, and throw my legs over the arms of the chair. You gaze at my spread-out pussy and softly run a finger down my slit. I breathe in sharply. "Already soaking wet, aren't you, my little slut?"

"Of course, sir...I've been thinking about you all day."

You grin in approval before leaning forward and running your tongue from my clit to my ass. I moan and push my cunt closer to your face. I hadn't expected it to be me receiving the oral attention right now. I had pictured throwing you down into the chair, sucking your cock, and doing all the work as I rode you until you came in my pussy, my tits bouncing in your face. Instead, you give my clit a sharp little tap with your fingertips before spreading my pussy lips with both hands and lightly sucking my clit into your mouth. You slide a hand over my wet lips and press a fingertip against my hole. I squirm, begging you to push your finger into me. You continue to slide your tongue over my clit, rubbing your lips against it. "Please, sir..."

"Please, what?" You slap my clit again.

"Please...please finger my cunt, sir."

You quickly slide a finger in up to the second knuckle, causing me to throw my head back against the chair. Your finger slides out slowly, until you remove it completely, to my whimper of disappointment. Quickly, you shove two fingers up my pussy and move your mouth back over my clit. I hump my pussy into your face; my breathing has turned erratic. A third finger invades my pussy as you jab your tongue over my clit. "Fuck, sir...I'm going to cum soon."

Suddenly, you extract your fingers from my pussy, replace them with three fingers from your other hand, and slide a wet finger up my ass, your mouth never leaving my clit. I immediately begin to cum, thrusting my hips at your hands and mouth as you continue to finger my cunt and ass. "Fuck...uughh...so good." You slip another finger into my ass and pump furiously as cum runs out of my pussy and down your hand.

You slip your fingers out of me and give me a cum-covered kiss as I rub your hardening cock through your pants. I grab your arms as I stand up, pulling you to your feet with me before dropping to my knees in front of you. Even if my plans have been altered a bit, I was still determined to give you the cocksucking of a lifetime! I quickly release your cock, pulling your pants and boxers down your legs. I lean forward, lightly rubbing your cock with both hands. I swirl my tongue over the head of your cock and rub your balls between my hands. My mouth slides down the length of your dick as your hands run through my hair. When my lips reach the base of your cock, you grip my hair and begin to roughly fuck my face. I moan loudly and continue to rub your balls with my hands. I stare up at you as you force my mouth up and down your cock, enjoying the taste of your precum. Still holding my hair, you push me off of your cock so forcefully that I fall back onto my ass. You slap both sides of my face with your cock before very suddenly pulling me to my feet by my hair.

I let out an angry scream as you drag me around to the back of the chair and force me to bend over it. You spread my legs and rub my pussy for a second before slamming your cock into my cunt, all the way to the base. You hold it there for a few seconds, reaching around to pinch my nipples as I thrust my hips back at you. "What do you want, my naughty bitch?"

"You know what I want...I want you to fuck my tight pussy with your big cock, sir."


"Because...because I'm your slut, your cockwhore...because no one fucks me the way you do, sir."

I am confused and disappointed as I feel your cock completely exit my pussy. Before I have time to wonder what I did or said wrong, your wet cock roughly pushes into my ass. I scream and my body tenses up, my nails digging into the chair as pain and heat course through me. Giving me no time to adjust, you begin pounding into me, your balls slapping against my wet slit. I scream, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" over and over again. Just as I am about to begin pushing back against you, you pull out of my ass and enter my pussy again. As I sigh in relief, you pull out of me and enter my ass again, this time with much less resistance. Pussy, ass, pussy, ass...I moan each time you enter me and grunt in frustration each time you slide out again. "Where do you want it, whore?" I feel so empty as you rub the head of your cock against my clit.

"I don't care! Just fuck me!" I try to hide the anger in my voice, but you can read me like a book.

You calmly reply, "If you don't choose, I won't fuck you at all. Is that what you want, bitch?"

"No! No...my ass."

Giving it a hard smack, you ask, "What about it?"

"God damn it! Fuck my ass, sir! Please...I need it...I need your cock in my ass, sir."

You slowly slide your cock back into my ass. I don't even flinch this time, feeling only pleasure as you gradually increase the pace of our fucking. You pull my body away from the chair as your cock exits me, then smash me against it as you bury yourself to the balls. You begin to spank me, one cheek and then the other, the strength of each slap increasing exponentially. I arch my back, sweat rolling down it, as you admire the growing patch of bright red flesh on my ass. You grip both of my tits in your hands and flick at my nipples before sliding a hand down my stomach and over my cunt. You toy with my clit, circling a finger around it and rhythmically applying pressure. "Fuck...I'm gonna cum again!" I scream.

My ass pulses around your cock as another orgasm rips through me, this one even more powerful than the first. I slump forward, unable to hold my body upright as I grow dizzy from the pleasure. You grip my waist tightly and slide two fingers up my pussy, deliberately stroking my g spot. The walls of my cunt grip your fingers desperately, trying to pull them in deeper, and to my surprise, I orgasm again, my cum coating your balls and thighs. Your fingers stroke your cock through the thin layer of flesh separating my cunt and my ass, and with a groan, you pull out of my ass, give your cock a few quick jerks, and explode over my inflamed flesh. You rub your cum into my ass, still holding me up as my legs shake violently. Giving each cheek a final smack, you kiss the back of my neck and walk away to get in the shower. Without you to hold me up, I fall to the ground, still trembling, and wince at the feel of the hard floor against my bruised, cum-covered ass.

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