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Your Turn


We sat at the end of the day in our soft overstuffed chairs. They faced each other and so did we, semi-melting into the recesses of the cushions, tired but comfortable after the exertions of the day and the hot shower we had just shared. I had thrown a robe on, tied at the waist and draped over my chest, waist and legs in lazy folds. You had pulled on a pair of cotton lounging pants tied with a string at the waist and for some reason when you reached into the closet for a top you grabbed one of my work shirts which you only partially buttoned. We looked quite relaxed as we sat slouched in the chairs. We smiled as our eyes met, knowing the feeling of contentment and relaxation gently wafting through our bodies.

The shirt was arranged in an irregular V open from below with only the upper button fastened, your navel and stomach showing. Your breasts were strategically covered but I could see the gentle curve of each against the cotton of the shirt. My gaze was drawn downward toward your pants. Your legs were apart and straight, the material pulled up slightly as you had settled into the chair. I could see a fullness at your groin, your thighs covered by the soft restraints of the cloth. I felt my heart flutter a bit as I looked between your thighs and saw the soft curve of your pussy, cushioned gently by your soft hair against the cloth but pressing against it, outlining your features, hinting at the separation of your lips, their fullness. You smiled and almost as a tease wriggled deeper into the chair which pulled even more at the material, the outlines now even more vivid.

Your left leg rose and you lazily set it over the arm of the chair. There was a hassock up against your chair to your right and you set your right foot up at the edge of it as a support. Now the flutter in my chest quickened as I looked over at you, seemingly relaxed but with a devilish grin, your legs now spread wide, supported by the overstuffed furniture. Your pussy seemed full, rounded and pressed tightly now against the soft pants. Imagination ran hard as I thought of what was covered, hidden and yet flaunted. You rolled and rotated your hips as you settled still further into the chair and I felt an urge growing from deep inside me, drawn to you. My cock filled and grew as well, unhindered by clothes.

I fell to my knees before you, holding your legs in my hands, gently stroking the soft material of your pants. You smiled again and seemed to wriggle just a bit more. I squeezed lightly and massaged your lower thighs with both hands, kneading your firm muscles. My hands moved slowly down your inner thighs, caressing and rubbing gently in soft strokes. Finally my thumbs met and carefully grazed your pussy, feeling the heat, the sense of moisture underneath. I rubbed more firmly and felt you squirm against the cushions. You smiled and taking my hands in yours, you moved them away from your body and raised your legs up and together. In a simply quick motion you hooked your thumbs under the waistband of the pants and lifted and off they came, dangling briefly on your toes before falling at my knees. In a simple fluid motion you lowered your legs to where they had been and took my hands again and placed them back against your soft, warm flesh.

My fingertips played lightly on your soft skin, gently touching each curve and fold of your beautiful pussy. Your hips rocked slightly as my hands played nearer and nearer you lips. A faint glisten appeared between your lips as your passion began to rise. I smiled as I saw your interest rise. I glanced up and your face was turned to the ceiling, eyes closed and a slight curling smile on your lips. You looked a million miles away but at the same time you were there, deep in concentration with me, with my every move and caress.

I held you in my hands, thumbs down, fingers spread over your mound, the tips curled in your hair, playing, tugging, twirling. My thumbs pressed and kneaded gently over that sensitive area between your ass and pussy, you moaned faintly from your place far away and I could tell you were connected to every fiber in my fingers. My thumbs moved up a bit and massaged each lip of your pussy, caressing, pressing, separating. My fingers and thumbs now worked in concert and I pulled so gently, creating little tensions on the skin around your pussy. Your clit, my target now appeared from beneath the protective hood of your pussy. Swelling and firming your clit looked inviting, waiting. I took care not to touch it but pressed and separated the folds of your pussy, kneading, rolling. The swelling now more apparent and your moans more audible. Your hips began rolling slightly more now, pressing into my fingers. Your smile broadened and your hands moved gently over my arms as if to make sure the pleasuring would not stop.

I squeezed ever so slightly and your lips pressed together and pressed your clit. You exhaled heavily. I separated and saw the glistening grow to a sweet wetness between your lips. I leaned forward, taking in your scent, so sweet, so pleasant. My lips brushed your and your hair grazed my nose. I smiled and slowly exhaled, causing you to moan again to the new sensation touching you. Your clit is wonderful, seems to be beckoning me and pulls me to you with each slight roll of your hips. My tongue carefully touches it and I feel your breath catch. You taste like heaven as my senses take you in. My tongue now massages lightly around your lips and glides over your clit feeling it’s hardness. Your fingers curl around my hair and you pull me to you as your legs separate even wider to let me in.

My lips are wet now from you and I glide over yours, tasting and sucking and gently pulling as my tongue draws pointed designs against your lips and clit. I feel you harden even further under me and I press around your clit, drawing tight circles. Your breath leaves your mouth in faint short whispers as your tension grows. I feel your thighs tighten as my tongue and lips caress you. My tongue probes ever deeper as I lick until I fuck you deeply, sensing your sweet aroma. You taste wonderful. I work to hold your tense thighs apart, your passion continuing to rise as I thrust deeply into your pussy. Oh, what a sensation. I feel your climax approaching as your body tenses and begins to shudder. Your breath stops now and I press my face against you, touching deeper inside you. You whimper now, in short little cries as your climax rolls up your body. It starts at my tongue and flows over you and through you like deep thunder in a spring night’s rain. I hear a deep primal growl in your throat and know you are feeling a deep basic pleasure and bringing that out of you makes me smile.

I take your clit between my lips and gently suck as your climax begins to ebb. The renewed pressure on you causes an even greater groan and a huge roll of your hips as the pleasure swells again. I nibble and suck and lick all together and my tongue darts in and out between your full red lips. Finally, after several minutes your body relaxes, first just a bit, then completely as you sink deeply into the warm recess of the cushions. Your legs have found themselves wrapped around my neck, your ankles crossed. I relax, sitting on my feet, leaning against you and the chair. I smile again as I look up to your face, your eyes closed, a satisfied grin curling your lips. Your breathing is slow, regular, relaxed. I know you are still there in body, but in your mind you have passed into a warm comfortable place accessible only to us. I feel somehow at peace to know I have lead you there, provided you pleasure, security and comfort in a way special and unique to us. I lick your wetness from my lips, enjoy the sweetness and close my eyes with my head resting against your thigh. We slumber in peace.

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