Your Work Wife

You called me your work wife. Let's get conjugal!
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Today you jokingly called me your 'work wife'...and I overheard you talking to the new guy, agreeing with him that I'm 'hot'...

So does that mean...?

Because if it does, let me tell you...I'm pretty happy being your work wife. I'd like to start working on some of those conjugal rights...

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d0br0d0br015 minutes ago

Brilliant as always. No one does this better.

ColdJohnsonColdJohnson1 day ago

I love your voice on these types of audios. So sweet and sexy.

mseg14mseg144 days ago

Adorable, adorable, adorable.

Wiz1002Wiz10026 days ago

Your narration of these hot stories is so good and such a turn on. I became so aroused whilst you described the oral sex that this lucky guy received. TY Eve

demure101demure1016 days ago

Very enjoyable and loving!

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