tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou're Coworker's Secret Fantasy

You're Coworker's Secret Fantasy


Starting a new job is always an exciting time as things are new with lots of challenging things to learn. I've always been of the opinion that if you are not learning something then it's time to find a new challenge. Some individuals like the consistency of certain jobs. Minimal responsibilities. Steady. Consistent. No major changes. Admittedly sometimes I feel it would be easier to be complacent. But I suppose I'm not made that way. After a while the need for more of a challenge grows to a point that you cannot ignore.

So after about 7 years I felt this starting to creep up on me. I found that I was feeling stuck. Not that I was unable to help make a difference, quite the contrary. By all rights one could say there was a certain amount of influence in the position that I was in. I had developed close relationships with our engineering that allowed me to lean on them to influence changes when necessary. The same could be said for other departments like manufacturing and service techs. I had also developed good relationships with our vendors as well as customers. Some of whom skipped their normal chain of contact to speak to me directly. As with any company the personalities were diverse; sometimes good, think sugar and water, other times not as good, think oil and water! I had made many friends who would prove to be friends well beyond our days as coworkers. And of course there were a few hot female coworkers.

Now I should briefly note that I've never been one who's into himself. Just the opposite may be true. Though I come across as naturally confident and easily take the lead when necessary I have always been a little reserved at how I rate with the opposite sex. Having come from a conservative background I've learned to present myself well. At 6'5" 195lbs I have a very athletic body. Though some have accused me of just being skinny, the reality is that I pride myself in my cut frame. Not that I'm a body builder or a training nut but I try to keep myself very active and in a good form. I've also taken a secret pride in being above average in both length and girth. Not that anyone around me would know any of that being dressed in casual business attire day in and day out. They would also not know that I'm a secret exhibitionist at heart, and just wishing for an opportunity to express it!

I have an easy going personality and seem to make personal connections well with my female coworkers. Though sadly, I believe, it is mostly the "nice guy syndrome." They are comfortable around me because I'm respectful of them, don't make rude passes at them, and generally want to listen to them and if at all possible truly help in any way I can. Secretly though, I wish they knew. I wish they shared the secret that I'd love to share with them. Blood would flow to all the wrong places, at least for the workplace, when I would catch that glimpse of extra cleavage. Or when that natural beauty drops that "something" and shows the T of her sexy lace panties as she bends over to retrieve it from the floor. I know that because I'm the good guy it is probably accidental or maybe I'm truly a little naive in my observations. Either way, inside, the good guy was always fighting back that wish to react.

During a particularly frustrating time in my life I seemed to have as much stress outside of work as I did at work. Things just did not seem to be going well. It was one particularly frustrating day I was working on a difficult customer issue that required a co-effort with a particularly hot coworker who was, and still is, the center of many late night relief sessions. We had become pretty close as far as coworkers go. Over time she was confiding some of her work frustration in me and, seemingly, genuine in seeking my advice. I was likewise able to share some similar frustrations, well, at least the ones I could share. And over time we developed camaraderie of sorts.

This one particular day she wore grey, very form fitting, yoga pants with a long shirt that stopped about midway down her great ass. It was all I could do to not make a fool of myself by staring, but being the good guy that I was, I managed. She made a couple of trips to my office to work on this issue. The first time, as she sat across the desk from me, I couldn't help but notice her glances appeared to be at my slightly stiff member region. Nah It was just my wishful thinking. If only she knew how much I wanted to show her what she was imagining. The second time she came in she had to show me something on the database. So coming around the desk she leaned past me over to my computer giving me a wonderful (clothed) side view of her very inviting breasts and nicely shaped back side. If only she knew how much I wanted to reach up and massage those perfectly shaped breasts and that perfect ass.

At one point she finally called my desk asking for clarification on a particular part. Being late in the day the production floor was now empty. So I told her to meet me at the warehouse location and we could verify the part. Lo and behold the location was on a second row! Without a ladder or fork lift close by I jokingly offered to boost her up. OK she said! I stood like an idiot and apparently hesitated too long as she then walked past me and started to climb the rack in front of me. So now here I am with the best ass in the building seemingly barely covered by grey yoga pants that perfectly followed every curve of her gorgeous behind and all this mere inches in front of my face. As I'm struggling to not be caught staring, while keeping her from falling off the racks, I now also have to contend with a raging hard on!

As I am thinking my day just reached its peak we somehow discover the issue and have to retrieve a fork lift after all. As we pull the skid down to inspect the parts I squat down to inspect the parts. I do this mainly to allow myself a moment to secretly adjust my now hard dick. As she lowers herself beside me, my hard member only gets harder. There in front of me is her grey spandex perfectly outlining her luscious camel toe. Her outer and inner lips are now clearly defined as she squats there right in front of me. Being the nice guy that I am, I get up slightly and move over... to gain a better vantage point!

Secretly I wish she knew. I wish she knew how badly I wanted to take her then and there. How badly I wanted to find a secret corner of the warehouse, lay her back, and slowly reveal those two wonderful breasts that she teases me with. Slowly peel off those nearly painted on yoga pants to reveal her warm, smooth, shaved sex. I wish she knew how I wanted to slowly kiss her all over slowly working my way up one leg, across her nice flat tummy, and back down the other. How I wanted to smell her sensuous aroma and slowly work my way towards her most private of places. How I wanted to taste her sweet juices and slowly work her to the edge of a climax with my tongue only to hold her there begging for release. Oh I wished she knew how badly I wanted to explore every curve and crevice with my tongue bringing her to wave after wave of climactic pleasure. How I wanted to massage and kiss every inch of her from her neck to her breasts to her ass to her ankles. I wish she knew how much I wanted to bring her to climax after orgasmic climax. I wish she knew how much that beautifully shaped body had an effect on me. But secretly I think she knew!

Being the good guy that I am, my inner angel fought off that inner devil, almost. While putting the product away she could tell that I was bothered by something. When she asked I told her something that I had honestly never said to a girl before. "Your camel toe is showing." Smooth, what a dork! Now I'm sure I had just ruined our building relationship, ruining my chance to further enlighten her of my wish. Instead I watched her turn all sorts of shades of red. Cute as can be, "did you like?" she asked. Oh yes I replied. After a discussion about her awesome choice of pants that day and maybe a bit of flirting we reluctantly returned to our offices.

The flirting was there, sometimes passively, sometimes a little more actively. The unspoken desires were still there. While not able to act on the desires due to our situation, they were there none the less. As the days went on the unresolved career issues still bugged me. Slowly I came to the determination that this was not my lifelong position or passion. I needed to make the next step in my career. A short time later I was approached with an opportunity that was made to order. Though we are no longer coworkers we still remain in contact, sort of. As the time goes by so does the time between contacts. What used to be regular visits to say "hi" at my new office has now become more infrequent texts. Maybe I'm the only one. Maybe it was always a one way wish.

I still wished. I wish every evening that I'd hear the office door open and hear her voice. I wish I could see her pretty face more often. I wish I could get that infamous hug of hers, the kind that makes all your blood rush south. I wish that I could slowly massage her back while she hugs me. Slowly massaging; slowly working my way down to the top of her shapely ass. I wish she knew how much I want to clear off my desk and gently lay her back, slowly undress her glorious body, then use my tongue to bring her to the best climax of her year. I wish I could tell her how much I'd love to have her take me in her mouth and bring me to the edge of a climax then tease me all over with her tongue and kisses. That I'd like her to mount me and ride sensuously up and down on my full, hard 7+ inches. How I'd like to watch her wonderful breasts sensuously bouncing in rhythm to her thrusts. I wish I could tell her how much I'd like to be her secret guilty pleasure, her private stress relief. How much I'd like to give her pleasure.

Maybe someday the opportunity will come that I can share with her those secret exhibition desires I hold inside having told no one else. Like sharing erotic phone sex; or getting each other off via cam chat. Or to take her riding the muddy ATV trails in the nude, and to give her first skinny dipping experience. To try out a nudist resort or a nude sensual massage. Or to simply see her writhing from the wave of orgasms, while using my tongue to push her over the edge. Maybe someday... I'll write about an experience rather than a wish.

But, because I'm "the good guy" it all remains a wish. Unless she "happens" to read it here, this will remain the best kept secret, hidden in plain sight.

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