tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou're Getting Paid

You're Getting Paid


Caroline had been babysitting for several years before the Williams family moved into the area. She was friendly and trustworthy, popular with both parents and children. When the Williams' asked for local recommendations for a sitter, Caroline was high on the list.

Caroline sat for the Williams's several times, including one overnight stint, caused by the Williams' having no idea when they'd be home and it was decided it was preferable to have Caroline use the spare bedroom rather than having to go home at an unknown, but probably very late, hour.

Caroline quite enjoyed looking after the Williams' children. They were reasonably well behaved and controllable, unlike some she'd been stuck with. Also she got along well with Don and Helen, bar one little sticky point.

Helen was a great one for getting value for money and it was her belief that as Caroline was being paid to be there and look after the children she might as well do other things to earn her money once the children went to bed. Caroline on the other hand considered herself to be there to look after the children, and filling in time doing Helen's laundry and sundry other housework was just not on.

Another occasion arose when Caroline was required to stay overnight.

"We're going to a work do," explained Helen, "and we have no idea when it'll finish. It may finish early but there again, we may be stuck until three of four in the morning so we'll really need you to sleep over."

"That's no problem, Mrs. Williams," Caroline assured her. "That's what I'm here for."

The Williams' departed for their work do, the children were bathed and put to bed and eventually they stayed there. Caroline settled down to natter to friends on the phone and to watch TV.

Close to midnight Caroline yawned and checked the time, surprised to see how late it was. Deciding it was time for bed she checked to make sure the children were sleeping soundly and headed for the spare bedroom to retire.

It was a pleasant night, so Caroline didn't worry about night clothes. She just stripped down to panties and crawled under the doona, ready to go to sleep.

Caroline was just dozing off when she heard the front door open. Opening one eye to check the time she was surprised to note it was still just short of midnight. The Williams's were home a lot earlier than she'd expected.

It appeared that the Williams's were having a little tiff, as Caroline could hear them arguing. Well, she supposed it wasn't heated enough to be called an argument, but they were definitely having a debate about something. At one point she thought she heard her name mentioned, followed by further debate. Then she heard Mrs. Williams say, "Well go and see."

A few moments later there was a gentle rap on her door and, on hearing her mumbled reply, Mr. Williams stuck his head around the door.

"Excuse me, Caroline," he said "but how old are you? I was telling Helen you're only seventeen but she's insisting that you're eighteen. I could have sworn you told me seventeen."

"I did tell you seventeen," mumbled Caroline, "but that was several months ago. I turned eighteen a couple of weeks ago. You even sent me a card."

"Ah, right, thanks," said Mr. Willams, closing the door and leaving.

Moments later the debate started again, but this time it seemed that Mrs. Williams was on the winning side. Apart from what appeared to be a few formal protests, Don was conceding to whatever his wife wanted. Caroline grinned to herself and snuggled deeper into the bed.

Caroline was just dozing off again when the door opened, the light turned on and Mr. Williams was in the room, in his pyjamas, strolling towards the bed.

"No need to get up Caroline," he said. "Helen's got a headache and she suggested that I sleep with you tonight."

Before Caroline could fully interpret what he'd said, he'd flipped the doona to one side and was looking at her, lying there in her panties.

"You won't need those," he told her, and before a startled Caroline could wake properly and defend herself her panties were being quickly stripped from her.

"What do you think you're doing?" Caroline protested. "You can't just come in here like this."

Frantic attempts to pull the doona over her failing, Caroline hastily placed a pillow in front of her, staring at Mr. Williams in shock.

"Seeing we're spending the night together, you might as well call me Don," she was told.

"Go away," hissed Caroline. "If you don't leave my room immediately I'll call for help."

"Don't be silly," laughed Don. "You'll find that we'll do quite well together. You won't need help."

"Mrs. Williams, Helen," shouted Caroline. And called again when there was no immediate response.

Finally hearing footsteps in the hall, Caroline looked with relief at the door and an irate Mrs. Williams appeared.

"What on earth is the yelling about?" she snapped. "I'm tired and want my sleep."

Caroline waved her arm in Don's general direction. "He came barging into my room and he won't leave," she explained.

"So what?" snapped Mrs. Williams. "I'm tired and he's horny. You're here for the night so I told him to spend the night with you. You're old enough and you're getting paid so what's your gripe?"

With that she turned and barged back out of the room, leaving a stunned Caroline looking at the door in disbelief.

Don gently closed the door and turned back towards the bed.

"Now let's get better acquainted," he murmured, stripping off his pyjamas as he came.

Caroline cringed back against the corner of the bed, staring wide-eyed as Don approached, desperately trying not to look at the erection rearing up in front of him.

Don grabbed Caroline's ankles and pulled them, forcing her onto her back. Grabbing the pillow she was clutching he tossed it to one side. Catching her arms he pulled them above her head and held them there, while one hand on her knee kept Caroline lying on the bed, all her charms exposed to his pleased gaze.

"You can't do this," Caroline whispered, knowing only too well he could, and apparently would. She gasped as he bent over her and sucked lightly on a nipple.

"You can't do this," she repeated, louder, knowing that he would just ignore her again but feeling compelled to protest.

The hand on her knee gently pulled and Caroline felt her legs being separated. She tried to hold them together but seemed unable to keep them closed. She couldn't understand it. Other boys had tried to coax her legs apart so they could slip their hands into her panties and it had seemed easy then to hold firm. Why then, were her legs being parted so easily, despite her fervent wish that it was otherwise?

A hand closed over her, neatly covering her tender flesh and Caroline have an involuntary squeal. Again, she'd experienced some touching and groping of her pussy before, but that had always been tentative, boys not sure what they were doing yet. Don's hand had just closed on her as though he owned her, and now he was stirring her up.

Gasping a little and trying to ease away from that invasive touch, Caroline felt Don intruding deeper into her, parting her lips and exploring inside her. Little squeaks and protests came bubbling up from her lips, barely heard by herself and totally ignored by Don.

Heat was rising in her, being stirred into life by Don's insistent fingering of her sensitive inner self, his stroking and gentle massaging expertly awakening her body to its primal needs.

Soon Caroline found herself lying there waiting, still protesting feebly, but expectant now that something more was going to happen. It was almost a relief when Don settled between her legs, preparing to show her what came next.

Her eyes fastened on his erection, watching as it moved towards where Don was holding her lips apart with one hand.

"Oh my god, no," she mumbled. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my GOD" she finished with a squeal as she felt Don pushing into her, tearing her and penetrating her.

She lay there, watching in shock as Don's cock continued to descend, easing apart her passage and filling her. Never in her life, she decided, had she ever been so acutely aware of anything as she was of that cock moving into her.

Caroline lay there, eyeing the place where Don had penetrated her, waiting to see what happened next. She saw him, felt him, slowly withdraw and descend. And again, moving slowly, letting her feel him, adjust to him, get the taste of him moving inside her.

Next time he pushed down into her, Caroline felt herself pushing up to meet him, slowly, gently, opening for him. Soon they were moving in unison, no hurry, just a gentle coming together followed by an equal gentle parting and then together again.

Caroline's eyes closed, shutting out everything but the feeling of this man inside her, taking her to places she'd never been but had been anticipating all her life without even knowing it.

Slowly they moved, slowly the tension mounted. Small fires were being stirred to become larger fires, and the larger fires were being fanned to become a blaze that would eventually consume them.

On and on it went, a gentle rocking, each coming together leaving here a little hotter, a little more eager. Her breath was coming in short gasps. She was burning up and wanted, needed, more. She needed those flames fanned harder to help lift the fires within.

Caroline could hear herself pleading for more, faster, she was demanding, harder, she was demanding, make it happen, she was pleading.

Don was now surging more strongly into her, his thrusting becoming harder and hotter, forcing squeals and pleas for even more from her, while she bucked beneath him, matching his drive with a drive all her own.

His mouth covered hers, stopping her screams as he plundered her body, forcing her to a climax and flooding her with a climax of his own.

Gently holding her, stroking her, easing her back to reality, until at last she lay on the bed, breathing heavily and wondering what had happened, and why hadn't it happen long ago?

"Tell me, Caroline," said Don, speaking quietly. "Would you be available to babysit next Saturday night, all night?"

"I'd need to check my diary," she mumbled, knowing something about the request was wrong. "Um, didn't I hear that Helen was taking the children to their grandmothers for the weekend?"

"You could be right," said Don, "but I wouldn't worry about that. I'm sure we'll be able to keep you occupied."

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