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You're the Boss


I'm a new writer, really enjoying writing, please vote and leave comments, it's what I post them up for! Thankyou and enjoy.


"You fucking shit for brains are not worth shit! Go out there, find a cute girl, fuck her and bring it back to me! What the fuck do you think I'm paying you for?"

The words stuck in the front of my mind, as our boss scolded my two buddies and me. The older white boss was the essence of power, but also the essence of prick. With our cameraman standing behind us, receiving less attention as he received less money, all four of us left his home feeling a mix of shame and anger.

The two-faced old fart switched to his "nice guy" attitude as soon as we left his office. He walked in front of us, four black men towering over the short white guy. It didn't seem natural, but we all felt that this was the way it was and was always going to be. He was paying us. We needed him, but we despised him.

As he moved to his expensive Mercedes, we filed into our black jeep. I was the driver, I always was. As we started our engines, he shouted from his window, "Hey fellas, find a young girl, ANY girl, I don't care if she's a porn star or not, and make me a video by the end of the day. For all you know, your jobs are on the line." He sped away down his long driveway, and I pulled in behind him.

By the time I reached his front gate, he had already disappeared from view. I pulled out onto the rich suburban street, admiring the houses. We all sat in silence, thinking about what we had to do. Don't get us wrong, our job was the best in the world. After all, who wouldn't want to gangbang white chicks with our big black cocks.

About a hundred metres down the road, I was stuck behind a slow bus. It stopped in the middle of the road, not able to pull over to the side where the bus stop was, and we were forced to stop behind it. The doors opened, and out jumped the girl of teenager's dreams, and older men too.

The navy blue plaid skirt of her rich catholic girls school uniform temporarily blew up in the breeze as she stepped down to the road. Beneath it, all four of us got a glimpse of her small white panties covering her petite derriere. In synchronisation, our faces dropped down her splendidly tanned legs, over her knee-high white socks to her white sneakers.

The small girl was heavenly, and we all knew without even speaking it, that she was going to be our first target of the afternoon. Very rarely did a girl this pretty, with her short, brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, ever get tempted into our plans, but it was worth a shot.

"Just one, we don't want to scare her," I said, without taking my eyes off her. The smooth skin of her arms and face were calling out to be held and caressed. As my man Tyrone in the passenger seat opened his door to go talk to her, I reminded him, "check her age man, she doesn't look legal." He rose from his seat as the bus pulled away. Our jeep stayed put, as all three men inside, and the one now outside, all aged over thirty, eyed the delectable piece of teen ass.

"She can't be over eighteen" said the cameraman, Jay. It didn't matter to us, as we undressed her in our heads, and fucked her small body. "She won't say yes even if she was," said Darante - "Dee" to us, the other man in the back seat.

From where we sat, we couldn't tell what was being said, but we knew the drill. Tyrone was the best at the persuasion, and right now was talking to the girl about his job as a 'student surveyor'. I knew the lines that we were to tell them: "For just half an hour of your time, we will run some questions by you about your student life, and for that you will earn $20."

The girl looked pleasant, her small nose and mouth balanced with her bright blue eyes. Not a thing looked out of place, besides the large black man standing beside her. As part of the charade, Tyrone, like the rest of us, wore suit pants and a shirt, and where they stood, the young girl only came up to the tall man's chest. It only made us want her more.

Then we were all surprised when the girl smiled, nodded and seemed to be in agreement with Tyrone. "That nigger got some tricks, aint he?" I said, and the two walked over to the car.

Another moment of conflict, as the girl saw inside the car, three other men. Tyrone opened the back door, and introduced the girl. "Bethany, meet my colleagues, they will be helping with the survey. Gentlemen, this is Bethany."

She was tentative, but maintained a girlish confidence, "you can call me Beth, that's what everyone calls me."

"Beth, here, has agreed to help us with our studies," said Tyrone.

I spoke up, "Oh that's so great, do you live around here?"

"Ahhh, yeah I do, but why do we have to go there?"

"Well, this is a serious survey, and we require an indoor setting. You could come back to our office."

"No, no, I live just down the road," she pointed back down the road, and the short sleeves of her white blouse left a slightly open view into it. While she looked down the road, all four of us took a glimpse at her small B-cup breasts, her pink bra visible through the thin material covering it. We snapped our heads up quickly; it was too risky to lose this catch now.

"Well why don't you come in, we'll take you there," offered Dee, taking her hand and guiding her between the two men in the spacious back seat. As she climbed over, her luscious butt cheeks brushed against the big man's knees, sending shivers to his cock.

She planted herself on the seat, a little squashed between the two men, and Tyrone took his seat up front.

I put the car into drive and chucked a U-turn. I then eased down the suburban street, "how far down are you?"

"Keep going," she prompted, before pointing out her house, "That one just there, the one with the gates."

I almost crashed to a stop as she pointed to the house we had left no longer than ten minutes ago. The other guys seemed shocked as well, but Dee, who sat with his thigh against hers, urged me on, "C'mon, man, what are you waiting for."

I continued on, and drove up the long driveway. As we pulled to a stop and got out of the car, Tyrone asked, "So you said your parents aren't home, Beth?" He was sure to continue using her name to make her feel more comfortable.

"I don't think so, my mum always comes home late, and daddy is sometimes home for work. So he could be home."

"What does Daddy do?" I asked.

"Some business thing, he always has meetings and stuff on, but he doesn't talk about his work much. Come on let's go inside."

A few minutes later, we were walking down the upstairs hallway of our Boss's mansion, past his office, and down the end to his daughter's bedroom. This was upon the advice that we may need to quiz her about her schooling records.

When inside, Jay asked "so Beth, do you mind if we film you? As part of the survey of course."

"Don't feel pressured to do so, but if you let us film you, you will get paid $25 instead of twenty," Tyrone assured her.

Jay was already unpacking his camera gear when she said, "Uhhhm sure, I suppose what's the harm? We're on camera anyway," pointing up to the surveillance camera in the corner of the room.

We got her to sit on the edge of her queen-sized bed, and Jay started the video. He first filmed around the room, taking in the pink and purple furniture and decorations. There was a poster of Miley Cyrus on the wall and a few Barbie dolls in one corner, which Jay zoomed in on. He then came to rest on Beth.

I took charge, and asked her name and age, asking if she had identification, as she needed to be 18 to be filmed. She told the camera she was 18 just last week, and showed me her student ID card. We wished her happy birthday. She seemed so excited to even be filmed, nervous with each answer she gave.

We urged her to relax as we got out our regular quizzing booklets and other random papers. Tyrone and Dee sat on either side of her, and I held a clipboard, standing in front of her. We started with the questioning, "Which school do you go to?" "Do you enjoy it there?" "What would you rate the friendships you have there?" and so on. They were boring questions and none of us could take our minds of the little girl's body, begging to be fucked.

Tyrone had his hand on her knee, helping her to relax on the camera. After about ten or so questions, we moved onto the uniform inspection.

Beth was asked to stand up, and the camera moved up and down the front of her body. She was a little suspicious when Jay tilted the lens up her skirt when returning from the shot of her shoes. She then turned around, and Tyrone asked her to look at him, facing forward. This time, the camera did not even pretend to go over the uniform, going straight for her cute little bubble butt.

"What's next?"

"Well, as part of the series, we like to inspect the kind of underwear and regulations the schools have over underwear, so if you could please just unbutton the first few buttons of your blouse, Beth," I smiled to give her confidence.

This was where many backed out, but Beth, after a little hesitation seemed to not want to appear foolish or nervous on the camera, and put on a confident face, unbuttoning the first few from the top of her blouse.

Dee reached over and said, "I don't think that's enough, please, let us inspect, yes?"

She feebly nodded, and Dee and Tyrone reached out and undid the rest of the buttons. She looked a little uncomfortable, but when they moved away, she felt there was no danger.

The camera zoomed in on her pink bra, and Beth felt uncomfortable, covering it up quickly. "I'm sorry, I didn't think this was part of the survey, is it alright if I don't do this part?"

"Well, to earn the $25, we need to complete the underwear inspection, and then we can give you the money," Dee brought the money from his bag.

Beth was growing in suspicion, and decided to make it clear what was happening. "Okay, so if I allow you to inspect my underwear, you will give me the $25 and that is all? Completely?"

"The money's right here, baby." He regretted the last word, but it wouldn't matter, as Beth had decided just to get it done with. "What now?" She asked.

"We will need to see the complete brassiere," I continued, gesturing for her to remove her blouse. This time she didn't hesitate, rather going about her business, and pulled the blouse off her small frame. Even her B-cup tits looked large on her small body, and all of us were stunned for a minute.

The silence brought us back to life, and Tyrone said, "Ahh, well that seems all fine, doesn't it, do you mind if I inspect it?" Before she could answer, he reached out and gentle felt the bra, but his serious face and doctor-like approach kept her calm. Dee brought his hands to the back, feeling over the straps: "Yes like most of the other ones, just take note of the very attractive upper underwear thanks Kolo" (me). I scribbled something.

"Ok, now you don't mind if we go ahead and inspect the rest of your underwear now?" said Dee, and crouched by her side. Tyrone stayed upright, feeling her bra around her nipples, seeming to inspect it, but rather admiring the outline of nipples visible through the cushiony material.

Dee slowly lifted the skirt up to her waist, summoning Jay over with the camera. He was behind Beth, with Tyrone in front, and while one hand held the skirt up, his other rubbed over the material of her white panties. "Bend over," he said a bit too much like an order. She did as she was told, however, as she just wished for the inspection to be over.

As she bent, the thin material stretched over her fleshy buns, and the three of us now behind her allowed our mouths to drop open, feeling the saliva gathering in our mouths. It looked delicious. How far I would go to get into that ass!

Dee adopted the examiner tone, pointing out to the camera, "notice the thinness of the material, and the clear visibility of the buttocks crack," he slid his finger between her cheeks. I dropped to my knees beside him. "My concern is that the sides do not cover the whole rear," dragging my finger along the outer seams, "and the top of the panty is too low," pulling it up higher. In doing this, the material wedged between her cheeks, and revealed the cutest little cunt imprint I had ever seen.

Dee picked up, "Now, the thinness of this material means that if there were any leaks here," pressing his big black finger onto the pure white cameltoe "then they would clearly not be fully absorbed, and could become uncomfortable and visible. It could spread all around this area," he slid his finger around her pussy lips and up over the clit.

Beth stood up sharply, smiling a little embarrassed, and asked if we were finished. We didn't want to push it, so we said yes, but only if she wanted to be. Her puzzled look was replied by Tyrone, who had the twenty five dollars now in his hand.

"Well, you could take this $25 right now, orrrr, you could make double that for one little thing extra."

Beth thought the proceedings so far were fairly professional, despite a little awkwardness, and decided to listen to the offer.

I said, "All you have to do, is take the rest of your clothes off." It was a big leap, and often our videos ended with this. Beth looked a little shocked, looking for some explanation from someone, but we all stood calmly waiting for her answer.

It wasn't going to work, so we glanced at each other and I said, well, think of it this way, you can get $25 right now for all the time you've already spent, or get $50 for a simple little act.

"I don't think so, thankyou, I think I will take the 25," she said reaching for the money Tyrone had. As she took it, she once again bent over; reminding us three behind her what was at stake here. The little girl had the money in her hands when Tyrone said, "How about for $100?"

She looked up straight away, and it was clear the cause was not lost. "Look at the money in your hands. Think about all the time it took to get that, and now think of the little time it would take to have four times that amount."

She couldn't help but think about it, but again declined. It was her father's money after all, and I thought, what better way to invest his money than to have his daughter strip for a porno. "$150?"

She looked at me as if to say "why?" and then said, "Okay, let's do this quickly, and do not tell my parents about this." She then looked at the camera and asked, "Is this still necessary?"

We looked at her and knocked the question away as though not significant, "For documenting purposes it could be good. It won't leave our work purposes." Only the truth.

Satisfied, and looking at the $150 that Dee pulled from his bag, she thought this was easy money. Her job on the weekend would take four hours to earn this much.

With that we directed her to face the bed, away from us and lower her panties. As she did this, four black cocks swelled to full length. The bubble of flesh, so small yet beautiful, circled the small pink cunt lips of the teen girl. A little bit of hair covered the lips, and the ass of this girl was so fleshy that her rosebud was completely hidden. It was a sight to behold, and the way she kept her legs firmly together, in an effort to keep some modesty, only highlighted the tightness of her bum and pushed her pussy outwards.

We were all too shocked to say anything; the bulges in the front of our pants now clear for all to see. I myself couldn't take it and grabbed my schlong through my pants. Next, she turned to us, Jay moving the camera over her tight teen cunt, and up to her bra. Matter of factly, she reached behind, unclipped the bra, and let it fall off her shoulders.

The two lumps of teenage breast were irresistible, topped with a pink nipple that called out to be sucked. By now the others had followed suit and were gripping and stoking their tools through their pants. This was beyond control, and Beth knew it.

"Happy now?" but as she reached for her clothes again, Dee took hold of them, putting them behind his back. She was going to reach for them but knew it would only expose her more.

"We need to see you naked before you get your money, so why don't you show us your body?" he said.

Beth was confused, asking, "what do I do?"

"For a start, don't cover yourself, and then, show us how you can move it while we watch. Remember, $100 is a lot of money."

She got onto the bed, her feet still clad in her knee-high white socks. "Improvise, baby!" I called out.

She sauntered around the bed, taunting us with the wobble of her tits on her skinny frame. She was so small that even standing on the bed, she was only just taller than most of us. She then fell to her knees, facing away from us, and fell onto her elbows. Jay took the camera up to the ass of his boss's daughter, who posed in doggy style for four older black men.

I moved to the side of the bed, reached to her back, and pushed it down so that it arched lower. My hand covered most of her lower back, as I seemed to be so huge compared to her. "Are we almost done?" she asked, realising she should have specified what she had to do. "Almost baby girl," I said as I reached up to grab her ponytail. With this, I pushed her head down to the bed, her face towards me and in line with my throbbing erection. I was tempted just to pull it out and put it in that cute little face.

With my body blocking her view of the rest of the room, I gave a signal to two other guys, who immediately pulled off their business shirts and trousers. Beth pushed my hand away, and said, "that's enough, give me my hundred and fifty dollars."

She then turned to the other two men, who by now were completely naked, huge black masses against the pink and whites of the teen girl's room.

Beth's face turned red, her mouth open and gasping for air. Not only was she surprised that the men had stripped inside her bedroom, but was shocked at the bodies they owned.

The two men were massive. While Tyrone was tall, with big muscles all over his body in particular in his abs and v-cut, Dee was shorter, and was immensely muscled in his shoulders and chest. They were dense, and glancing lower, so were their cocks.

Beth had seen two cocks in her lifetime. Her fathers when she was younger, which she remembered as a shrivelled little nob surrounded by a mass of wiry hair, and her boyfriends, with whom she had had sex with three times now. His dick was larger than her fathers', but still only average at around 6 inches. As I too stripped, revealing an equally toned and sculpted body that got me into the industry, Beth was met with three lumps of black meat, hanging almost to our knees. They had to be at least ten inches, probably more, and as thick as her whole arm.

She tried to speak, but couldn't believe what she was seeing. We all smiled. We got the same reaction from young and old, hot and ugly, horny or virgins. It was our biggest playing card. "So you want your money, girl? Come and get it!" Said Tyrone, who had used an elastic band to fix $50 to his monster cock.

Dee had done the same, and gave me $50 to follow suit. Beth would have left right then, but couldn't without getting the money that she had stripped for. So she got off the bed, walked over, completely forgetting that she too was naked. She rolled her hips unintentionally, making her lithe body even more fuckable. Jay filmed the whole scene from the other side of the bed. This was going to be a big hit.

The 18-year-old knelt in front of Tyrone, nervous about touching the pulsing black log, but knowing she had to. "This isn't fair!" she said.

"Nobody said this was going to be fair. Now do you want the money or not?"

With that, she reached forward, grabbing the rubber band at the base of the cock. It was applied in such a way that she had to roll the rubber band down his cock in order to release the cash. Her small hand could not even fit around the whole member, as Tyrone groaned with the image of her pink nail polished fingernails and small white fingers around his manhood.

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