tagFetishYours to Hold, Fuck, and Fill

Yours to Hold, Fuck, and Fill


Author's note: This story is based very closely on an actual event in my sexual escapades. Enjoy!


I threw myself against the dresser and peered into the mirror. "I'm so cute! Don't you think I'm cute?" My boyfriend Scott laughed and leaned against the wall. I looked at my new hair cut and color. I had just taken 8 inches off and had choppy layers and curls put in, with a red-rust color applied. Combined with my pale skin and blue eyes, I felt absolutely sexy.

His arms circled around my stomach and he wrestled me onto his bed, still laughing. "Yes, you're gorgeous. And fuckable. Very fuckable." He trapped my arms to my sides with his thighs and stroked my chest with his hands. "And mine." I shivered when he said that because I loved feeling like his possession. I wanted the feeling like he had the freedom to do anything without recourse.

"Yours," I whispered and looked up at him without a trace of a smile. I didn't need much more foreplay than his words and he knew it. When he sat back and let me sit up, I lifted my black tank top up over my head. Fingers, both his and mine, were quick to pinch nipples to painful peaks. The rest of our clothing flew to the floor and without any further foreplay, he entered me quickly. I bit his shoulder and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders as his body engaged mine in sexual frenzy.

But before he came, Scott pulled out of me and pulled me roughly to my knees. I wasn't quite sure what he was intending at first, but when he took my place on the bed I had the general idea. As he reclined on the bed, his brown eyes grinned up at me and his soft hands enclosed mine gently as he pulled me forward from my kneeling position.

I rocked forward until I was face to face with his cock. I smelled my pre-cum and licked my lips. This was a treat! I began by licking just the tip and immediately after, started my real work. As my head descended down, I swirled my mouth and my tongue around his shaft in different directions. I could hear his approval as he gasped loudly. Dirty words flew out of his mouth in a fluid stream, barely muttered. My hands reached up and pinched his nipples during the final moments before ejaculation. It was difficult to keep my mouth on his penis as his hips bucked and his legs spasmmed quite uncontrollably.

As I continued sucking on his penis, the semen slippery and warm on my tongue, I felt his hands rest lightly on my head. His fingers curled in my short red tangles as he whispered, "Jen, I have a present for you." I swallowed the cum and tried to sit up. "No, just stay there." With my face pressed into his crotch, I couldn't see his face, but his voice was soft, shy and awkward. For long moments we lay together, and I began to enter a peaceful state of acceptance. I loved the smell of his skin. The musky aroma of his thighs. His penis took some time to soften and I savored the new texture that it became. It was velvet and delicate and I found that I took great pleasure in keeping it warm and safe, after our aggressive sex.

All at once my mouth was filled with another salty fluid and his grip on my hair tightened. I knew what it was but was unsure as to how I felt about this new situation. I tried to stay calm. This was the present? We had bantered back and forth about what we were interested in, but water sports had been only lightly touched upon. The stream in my mouth continued to flow and I felt it dribble out of the corner of my mouth.

"Swallow it." It was a command. I tried to obey, but I gagged a bit. However, once I had the first mouthful down, it was easier to keep up with his flow. I closed my eyes and let myself be engaged in this power play. He knew that I wanted to be submissive and humiliated sexually. He wanted to explore new ways to play and enjoy our bodies. I knew that he had even darker interests that we hadn't yet ventured into.

My body started to react, growing moist and hot, especially when he pushed more forcefully on my head when I began to struggle. I imagined what he must be seeing. My body curled up alongside his, most of my face hidden by my hair, my mouth pressed against his body. I did everything I could to trap every last drop of urine in my mouth, but some trickled out of my lips. He didn't let me lick it up and I felt the sticky residue settle around my cheeks.

Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. One hand rushed to my clit and the other played with the slick juices coming out of me. I easily slipped three fingers in and started fucking myself. Because of our earlier activities, I quickly felt my orgasm mounting. It was quick and easy, just the way I liked it.

He was done with my mouth and pulled out, keeping my head in his lap. I loved how he stroked my hair, curling his fingers in the new rust-colored tangles. I could see his eyes. They were gentle and warm. He loved me. He laughed quickly. "I want to do this again."


After that first taste, I could tell that both of us wanted to go further. We waited a few nights, teasing, but abstaining from any actual sexual activities. Finally one night, after running around town to some truly fantastic gallery openings, we returned home to a quiet house. It's traditional at art gallery openings to have wine aplenty, and so we giggled and stumbled a bit around the kitchen, fixing a quick snack of fruit and water.

After a little while, I noticed that Scott was glancing at me, checking me out in that overly-subtle way that told me he wanted a piece of me. Realizing this, I stood up and wandered into the master bedroom to kick off my heels and toss my sweater on the bed. I expected him to follow me and when I looked towards the door, he didn't disappoint me.

He backed me into the bathroom, kissing my forehead, my cheeks, and my lips. I nibbled on his earlobe, as I pressed my body tightly against his. The tiles of the bathroom floor were cold against my bare feet and I whimpered a bit when he stepped back away from me.

"Jen, I want you to take off your clothes." He calmly stood in the door, but with the tone in his voice and his arms crossed so casually, I could tell that he was in proper form tonight. He was ready to push us both again and was happy to do as he asked.

"You want a strip show?" I grinned as I unzipped my little black dress and started doing a slow strip tease. First I showed him my right shoulder, the red spiral tattoo flowing around and around on my pale skin. I heard him chuckle. Then I twisted around so that my back was to him, and let the left strap fall. My hands held the soft fabric to my breasts and seeing this, he sauntered over towards me. I felt the scruff of his chin against my neck while his fingers undid the clasps of my bra. I felt myself grow moist and wanted to turn around and fuck him right then and there.

"Continue," he said, taking his post again in the doorway. I shivered and turned around slowly, swiveling my hips as I had learned in my belly dancing classes, letting the black fabric sway with my body. It caught and twirled around my legs as I let it drop to the floor. My hands brushed back my red curls briefly before cupping my breasts through the black lace bra. I looked over my shoulder as I pinched my nipples and watched his face flush.

I danced slowly, removing the straps of the bra, and then again turning around in the classic belly dancing movements. I felt my own flesh flushing as I bent over to slip the thong down my hips, stepping out and tossing them aside. Still dancing, I peered at Scott through half-closed eyes.

"When are you going to fuck me?"

"Soon. But first, pick up the rugs." His voice was husky, but tinged with humor.

"Excuse me?" My mood momentarily killed, I looked at him quizzically. But when he didn't move or speak, I rushed to obey. I flipped the two rugs past him into the bedroom, my naked body brushing up against his pants and soft dress shirt.

He grabbed me by my arm as I straightened up. "Now, undress me." Mmmm...my libido was right back in gear again! I unbuttoned his shirt, kissing and nibbling on his lips. He murmured appreciatively against my mouth, shrugging the shirt off when I was done with the buttons. When he grinned and glanced down at his pants, I wasn't surprised to find his hands curling into my hair and pushing me firmly to my knees. Kneeling on the cold floor was uncomfortable, but I put my mind to the task of his belt and pant zipper, inching the materials down his thighs. I made sure his boxers went along with the pants, because, once his groin was exposed my mouth immediately took in his cock. It was partially hard and I knew it wouldn't take much more to get him ready for the sexual explosion we had worked ourselves up to all week.

But to my surprise, Scott slapped my cheek and reprimanded me. "Not yet slut." At the word "slut", I trembled with eagerness and instantly forgave the stinging cheek. I bowed my head and silently knelt at his feet, helping him step out of his pants. Now I was reminded of our tentative plans and waited for his next orders. I had been expecting a fuck first and the experimentation second. But he was being very clear that he was once again setting the agenda for tonight.

When he stepped away from me, into the bathroom, I realized that I missed the musky aroma of his crotch near my face. Of all of the things to miss! The lights in the room were switched on so that the room was glaringly bright, and he returned to the door opening.

"Now, listen closely. Lay back on the floor." He helped guide me so that my head was settled on a folded blue towel, but the rest of my body was left exposed to the cold tiles. I felt lewd and exposed. All of the light of the bathroom flowed over my body, exposing all of my peaks and valleys. My nervousness increased and my chest began to rise and fall rapidly as I looked up at him from the uncomfortable angle.

"Jennifer, I don't want you to move unless I direct you. And when I tell you to do something, I want you to do exactly what I say." He didn't wait for me to agree. Nudging my right leg a bit, he said, "Spread your legs." I did, feeling my blood rush, my fingers and toes tingle. "Wider, little whore." I whimpered and tried to move only my legs as I spread them as wide as I could on the now slightly warm tile. It was considerably more difficult to do now than when the tile was cold and slippery.

For long moments I looked up at him and he looked down at me. His lovely brown eyes focused directly on mine. I couldn't see over my breasts very well, and though he was tall, all I could see was his arms folded over his chest. This stance was to show me that he was in complete control. He wanted me to feel shame. And it was working. I had, willingly, put myself into a very vulnerable position. Just for him.

After staring at me what seemed like forever, he finally spoke. "We've talked before about domination and submission, and I think we've had some good sessions so far. But what we did the other night made me realize there was another way for me to exert my control over you. To make you my bitch. When we fuck, I take my pleasure and give you yours. You trust me to take care of you. And you love it when I'm forceful and strong. Well, tonight is the next step. I am going to mark you, to make you feel like a beast. An animal. My Pet."

Suddenly, I felt his spray of urine splash over my thighs and I gasped! Remembering that he had told me to not move, I whimpered and kept my eyes locked in his direction. He had moved during his speech, leaning closer so that I could see his hand directing his penis to spray my stomach. The sickly-sour smell filled the room and again I was surprised that this turned me on so much.

He was right. He was marking me. That musky smell of his crotch that had allured me earlier was now coating my body. At first the streams were red-hot, almost burning my flesh. Then it cooled and formed a puddle underneath my hips and lower back.

"Touch yourself. I want you to cum, you fucking bitch." His voice was harsh and I could tell that he was fighting off an erection to in order to continue.

Not needing any more encouragement, my fingers flew to my cunt and I rubbed my clit furiously with one hand while the other pulled aside my labia and slipped around my vulva. His urine splashed down on my chest and though my eyes were nearly closed due to my impending orgasm, I could see him standing over me, legs straddling me. I looked up and saw him place one hand on his back as he leaned back slightly and pressed out the last of his bladder. It flowed around my neck like a beautiful aromatic collar. If I hadn't been his before, it was official now. No other could excite me as he was doing right now.

I came as the hot urine ran into my ears and my hair. As my orgasm lifted my hips off of the floor, my shoulder blades slipped a just bit and my throat was exposed. He knelt down and quickly held my head so my throat remained exposed and as I orgasmed, he bit the side of my neck, making sure to apply enough pressure to bruise the skin.

"Mine." He whispered, hand still holding the back of my neck. My fingers reached up to touch his face and tangle in his short brown hair.



I was still lying on the floor, and the urine spilled around me was a mixture of both cold, clammy, and hot when against my flesh. His hand still held my neck and his gaze was fixed on my lips. He bent to kiss them and I felt my head spin. I gasped for breath when he was through and wrapped my arms around his shoulders in an attempt to sit up.

"Oh, no. I'm not done yet, little kitten." He licked his lips and grinned wickedly and thrust his thigh against mine. I could feel his cock completely rock hard. Pleased that my master was going to fuck me after all, I grinned back and biting my lip, I played the good bitch and waited for his orders.

Scott retrieved the blue towel and again tucked it under my head, brushing the hair out of my eyes. Then, in a surprising move, he gently turned my head so that my cheek was against the towel. I could only see him out of the corner of my eye. This strange bit of control had me quickly shivering again, ready to go again in an instant.

"You've been marked, but now you've got to be taken." I felt his hands slide down my body, fingering the sticky residue of his urine. Did I see him lick his fingers? My thighs were still stretched wide on the floor and the wetness beneath them made me feel slightly embarrassed again, though I wasn't sure why. Again the feeling of being exposed and humiliated overwhelmed my arousal briefly.

He positioned his body between my thighs, his hands placed on either side of my shoulders. I found myself staring at his dark hand, nails short and neat, hair curling slightly up from the top of his hand and traveling up to that alluring forearm. His hips thrust slightly and I felt his cock nudge against my vulva not bothering to spread it, as I would have if my hands had been free. Rather, he pressed in forcefully, past my engorged labia, which was initially inhibiting his entry.

When I gasped in discomfort and arousal, he growled and bit down on my shoulder. It was easier for him, with my head turned to the side. I felt his tongue trace the circle of red ink, which made up my spiral tattoo. He rode me roughly for a few minutes, quickly and harshly. The aroma of his scent still clung to my body and to the floor, reminding both of us of my humble position.

His mouth moved down to my breasts, where he licked the sticky-slick areolas. I had to whimper at that. They were so sensitive. His mouth moved to take the nibble in his mouth, but with his fast fucking, he only succeeded in pulling the nipple roughly in rhythm. I cried out in pain, but couldn't see the expression on his face. His mouth stayed fastened to my nipple for a while before switching to the other. Finally he released it and murmured against my neck, "You do realize that one day I am going to get them pierced. Then they'll really hurt." And I knew I was going to love it!

Eventually he slowed down and removed himself from my cunt. He turned me over and had me kneel on the towel, hands and head down on the floor. "Now, this is my favorite position. Doggy-style. Or more appropriate, bitch-style. Are you in heat, kitten?" Entering me again, his hands traced my spine lightly and tickled as he rocked his hips up against my ass. The tickling produced a mixture of emotions and sensations inside of me. I gasped with the fucking, whimpered in frustration as I tried feebly to pull away from the unwanted tickling, and trembled with the whole production.

He started to get faster, pushing harder and harder into me, fingers gripping my shoulders first, then my hips. I fought to keep my balance on the slippery floor. Then as his orgasm erupted inside of me, I felt a sudden urge inside of me. It wasn't an orgasm, but it was so erotic that I held back a bit, enjoying the sensation. Finally, as I felt his cock starting to soften, but before he could slip out, I felt a stream of urine flow out of me, surprising both us as it hit the floor. It splashed against the blue tiles and flowed around our hands. We knelt on the tiles for a few minutes, catching our breath.

Finally he leaned back on his heels and supported my body. "Well, we're going to have to work on your control, now aren't we?"


I want to thank my editor, Lokeman, for his creative and intellectual assistance in getting this story prepared. I encourage everyone to leave comments to help me improve my writing. Thanks!

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