Yvette and Kristen


Yvette's door was closed as I tiptoed to the bathroom. However there was a lingering unpleasant smell in the bathroom that most folks make in the morning so I knew she had been up. In fact, she opened the door when I was in mid stream which caused me to stop. An open bathroom had not been part of our relationship until now. She was wearing my favorite short silky black nighty and I could still smell her perfume from the previous night. "I always wanted to try this" she said as she moved behind me and grabbed my penis. I tried to explain the physical impossibility of peeing with an erection and after a few minutes she sat on the bathtub and asked how it had gone with Kristen. A little embarrassed, I told her that it was very pleasant and refused to provide details. When I finally was able to pee again, she gently held by dick and directed the stream into the bowl.

After shaking every droplet from me, she gently washed just the head and went down on me. I knew that she wanted to enjoy her daughters scent as well as pleasure me. After I brushed my teeth, she led me by my cock back to our bedroom. I tried to explain that I had promised to go back to Kristen's room for sloppy seconds but she would have none of it. "The deal was just one night with her, and in case you haven't noticed, it is now broad daylight." She was clearly in control and I couldn't argue. And either way, I was going to win. Once in the bed, she pointed at her pussy. When she does that, I know that she wants me to go down on her. I saw the Hitachi on her bed and confirmed by her scent that she must have made heavy use of it overnight. After just a few minutes, I had three fingers in her and she was on the verge of a very hard orgasm, when we were interrupted.

"MOM, he was supposed to come back to my bed. I don't believe that you stole him like this." We both were startled and I pulled my fingers from that soft wet place and tried to cover up. I just couldn't believe what happened next. Kristen got on the bed and swung her leg over her mom's face. Since Kristen was facing away from me and Yvette's face was obviously buried, I couldn't see either of their expressions. The body language, however, told the tale. Kristen was on all fours as her mom lapped away. There was significant sloppy seconds on Yvette's chin. I resumed my duties going back down on Mom. Yvette very quickly exploded in an enormous orgasm, the likes I have never seen from her. She shook initially followed by intense writhing followed by at least three minutes of vaginal contractions during which she wouldn't let me touch her clit. Kristen lifted off her mom slightly and we both watched her complete pleasure. Once Yvette came down, Kristen again planted her pussy on Yvette's face. I just sat there lightly stroking myself and watched. Soon Kristen started breathing very heavily and started screaming repeatedly "Oh Shit, oh shit, Mom, oh god, oh just like that, oh, oh ah shiiiit" and simply exploded like I have never seen anyone do before. Kristen clearly won the noise contest!

The three of us lay in bed with me in the middle talking and laughing. I don't think that any of us ever dreamed something like this would occur. But spontaneity is often best. We knew that Kristen had a 5:00 flight and we all started to get up when Kristen suddenly looked at me and said "You never got your sloppy seconds did you?" Mom agreed and said "I don't think that this will take much time" as she went down on me. Kristen held me and watched as her mother did her thing. Eventually I motioned Yvette for a 69 as I love to come when I have my face buried in her snatch. Kristen then surprised us again and slid a finger up her mom's snatch and once lubricated, tucked it in to her mom's ass. Mom suddenly lost all interest in me and again had a huge orgasm. Anal sex was not something that we had experienced in any form.

Yvette had to relax again but Kristen took pity on me and gently stroked me. Yvette looked at her daughter and said "Wow, no one, not even your dad ever did that to me." Kristen responded "Mom, you mean you have never had a dick up your ass? That's going to change" With that she positioned her mom on all fours, got some lube and dumped half of the bottle in her hand. While certainly some lube ended up on the bed, Kristen very clinically inserted first one finger, then two and finally three along with the lube up Mom's ass all the while gently rubbing her clit. When she was satisfied that Yvette was not going to experience any pain, she slid a condom on me and dumped perhaps a quarter of the lube on her hand and started on my dick and then to my surprise my own ass. Ultimately she helped insert my cock in her mom's ass. The tightness was extremely pleasurable. Yvette and I soon developed a rhythm as Kristen's very slippery hands massaged us in different places all the while telling us how sexy we were and how much she loved us both. After awhile, Kristen got out the Hitachi and applied it to mom's clit and then slipped another vibrator up my ass and all hell broke loose. Neither of us had ever experienced anything like this before and we both came as we never had before. It must have been ten minutes before we could begin breathing normally with wise ass Kristen just grinning like a Cheshire cat the whole time.

Eventually Kristen removed the somewhat disgusting condom from my still hard dick. She gave me a quick wash with a facecloth and sat on me. I think that her mom was somewhat oblivious to what was going on. It was clear that Kristen was extremely turned on and just wanted to come. So I turned the tide and applied the Hitachi to her clit as she rode me. Somehow, I take a great deal of pleasure in watching a woman have an orgasm, watching her facial expressions, feeling her body movements. While I again came simultaneously with her, it was secondary to Kristen and how beautiful she looked while in the midst of coming. Afterwards, she stretched out on top of me with my still hard dick still slowly moving inside of her "Not exactly sloppy seconds but I'll take it. That was really, really wonderful"

At that moment, we both remembered Yvette who was still recovering beside us. She reached out and the three of us all held hands.

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