tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne with Vanessa Day 3.2

Yvonne with Vanessa Day 3.2


Day 3.2

About 7:30 Jerry woke me up and told me to take a shower. I guess I was a bit of a mess. My ass was still a little greasy; my hair was wild. In the shower, I reviewed my afternoon. I'd shown my pussy to and been groped by Jen, the hostess at Applebee's. The clerk at the regular (non-adult) book store had seen most of my body and watched me come. The clerk at the gas station had listened to me masturbate through the vent grill. Then there was Trudy and EVERYTHING that happened at the Lion's Den. Wow, what and afternoon!

Jerry stuck his head in the bathroom when I turned the shower off. "Dry your hair and put some make up on. I want you to look your best." I realized he hadn't gotten off today. I guessed he wanted me to look nice for fucking. That was sweet. I soon found out he had other ideas.

On the kitchen table was the bag from the Lion's Den. I found out what the other 'little things' were; the straps and cuffs from the bondage frame. Jerry attached the cuffs to my wrists and ankles and led me out on the front porch. He tied me to the posts at the front step, naked and spread eagled again. He left me there alone and went back inside. What the hell was going on?

I stood out there enjoying the evening breeze on my skin, all my skin, with no idea what to expect. After about 10 or 15 minutes (Yvonne was right. It's hard to judge time when you're naked) I heard a car on the road. It sounded like it was getting closer. It was getting closer! I heard it turn off the farm road into the lane coming back to the cabins. I struggled with the restraints, no luck; I was securely tied! I yelled to Jerry that someone was coming, no answer.

Now I could see the car coming down the lane getting closer. Maybe it'd turn to go to one of the other cabins. NO! It turned into the driveway for Fern Glen. I could see the car clearly but with the headlights were on; I couldn't tell who was in the car. Oh my god! What was happening?

The car stopped with its lights shining right in my eyes. The engine stopped and the headlights turned off. I still couldn't see who it was. My eyes were dazzled from the bright lights. Both car doors opened and out stepped Jen and Trudy. I almost collapsed. The two girls walked up to the cabin eyeing me up and down.

"Damn!" said Jen. "I got to touch her a little this afternoon, but I didn't get to see very much. You look wonderful naked, Vanessa."

"I got to see her plenty at the store." answered Trudy. "But I barely got to touch her. You feel wonderful too." Trudy gently caressed one breast and cupped my pussy, gently slipping a finger into me.

Jen started nibbling on my nipples while Trudy stroked my clit. Both girls worked me over getting me hot but not letting me come. They kept this up until Jerry opened the front door. "I thought you'd enjoy having some guests tonight, Vanessa. I'm not sure if I'm secure enough to share you with another man. You always seemed to enjoy the girl on girl stories and movies, dear. Do you want to try it now?"

"Hell yes, I want to try it! Just let me loose and let me at 'em!" Jerry told the girls to release me and bring me inside. As soon as we got in the cabin Jerry asked Jen and Trudy if he could take their things for them.

What things was he talking about? Neither had a purse or jacket. Both girls kicked off their shoes and pulled their dresses off over their heads. They were as naked as me, totally naked. Trudy had enormous jugs, just like I imagined. They stood up and swung as she moved. She also had a full blonde bush. Jen had tits a little bigger than mine with small pert nipples, narrow hips, and beautiful shaved snatch. I'd never seen a naked girl up close before. Now I had two, right next to me.

I cupped Trudy's tits in both hands. They were soft, smooth, and very heavy. Her nipples stood up on huge dark areolas. I bent down and nibbled on each one causing her to shutter. "You seemed to know a lot about the nipple clips today. Do you like using them?" I asked. She said she loved them and asked me to put them on her. I quickly complied, tightening them until her nips were crushed.

"Make them tighter." Jen instructed. "She loves to have her nipples abused while she masturbates." Taking the cue, I twisted the screws until Trudy stopped breathing for a moment. I pulled the chain leading her to a big arm chair by the fireplace. She sat down and threw her legs over the arms, spreading her beautiful pussy wide open.

"Let's see how much you enjoy it." I said placing the chain in her mouth, pulling her tits higher. Trudy moaned as she gently stroked the hair on her outer lips. With her left hand she stroked around the outside while her right hand played up and down her slit. She kept this up a short while then headed for her clit with the right hand. Two fingers of her left hand plunged deep into her vagina, squirming around. "Let me taste them, Trudy."

She removed her sticky fingers and held them out to me for my first taste of pussy, other than my own. I licked up one side of her index finger savoring the sweet salty juice. As I licked both fingers clean, I reached down to replace her fingers with mine. She was so tight! I tickled her G-spot while she stroked her clit faster and faster.

When she was getting close to coming, I took the chain out of her mouth. I tugged it up and down stretching her nipple to the max. When her breath caught in her throat, I pulled hard on the chain pulling the clip off one nipple then the other. Then, just like I did earlier, she screamed and came. I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers like a vice.

Jen reached in pulling my fingers out of Trudy and putting one in her mouth. She leaned toward me directing the other finger into my mouth. We both licked around my fingers until she turned it into a big wet kiss. "How about it, Vanessa?" she said between kisses. "Would you like a taste of my pussy too?"

She led me to the other arm chair and sat down pushing me to my knees in front of her. I moved her legs apart opening her bald slit for my inspection. I stroked her slit and circled a finger around her clit twice. She shivered as I slipped a finger into her while I gently rubbed her clit with my thumb.

After a minute of this, Jen cupped my chin. "Come on, Vanessa. You know what you want, don't you? And I want it too!" She moved her hand to the back of my head and pulled me toward her waiting cunt. I paused just a moment to inhale her rich scent before plunging in, tongue first. She tasted wonderful! She was just as sweet as Trudy's with more of a spicy finish.

I licked up and down before sticking my tongue as far as I could into her vagina. I couldn't believe how soft and wet she was inside. I sucked all the girl juice I could out of her, rubbing her clit with my nose. Her smell and taste were intoxicating! I pulled my tongue out of her and slurped my way up to her clit with my lips.

Jen's clit grew larger and harder with each suck. I stuck my tongue out and circled it before giving it the flutter I love so much. She shuttered and gasped at that move. She loved it as much as I did. I quickly thought back to what Jerry does when he eats me. I licked the underside of Jen's clit back and forth, then slurped on it like a melting popsicle. Finally, I stuck two fingers in to tickle her G-spot. I love that and so did she. Jen clamped down on my fingers and exploded.

I kept my fingers in place and gently licked her inner lips and clit. She shuttered but made no move to stop my licking. Trudy knelt next to me and pulled my head away kissing me and licking the juice off my face. Jen pulled my fingers out of her pussy and joined us in a three way kiss. "That was great!" Jen told me. "You're a natural. How about we do you now?"

The two beautiful naked girls helped me up off the floor and led me to the bed. We laid down with me in the middle and they started stroking my entire body. Four hands and breasts, two mouths and pussies were all over me. Jen was kissing me deeply, getting the last of her juices when I felt warm breath on my thighs. Trudy slid up between my legs. Jen moved down to suck on my nipples, still tender from the earlier abuse at the Lion's Den. Trudy gently licked up the length of my closed pussy. She locked her lips on my pubes and tugged gently before slipping her tongue between my lips.

I'd never been so turned on in my life. Jerry is a GREAT cunt lapper, but Trudy knew just where to go. She started by circling my clit with her tongue then slid down to my vagina. She slurped at my hole for a moment and stuck he tongue into me. I felt two strong hands, Jerry's, grab my ankles and my legs were lifted high in the air. "This should give you better access, Trudy." he said.

Jen was kissing me deeply and nibbling my neck and ears. That really gets me going. I felt Trudy's weight shift on the bed as she pulled back from my cunt. She knelt between my open legs and slid two fingers deep inside me. Both fingers pulled out but came right back; one in my pussy, one in my ass. As Trudy's fingers worked their magic, Jen straddled my chest and started licking my clit.

Jen's ass was right in front of my face; I decided to have a taste of that. I kissed and licked both of her cheeks then up and down the crack of her ass. She wiggled her hips a little as I circled around her ass hole. I shifted back to the top of the crack and licked down to her waiting hole. As soon as I licked it directly, I felt her shutter.

As I licked, her hand slid between her legs rubbing her clit. When she rubbed faster I could feel her breathing heavily on my pussy. We kept this up; Trudy fingers in my ass and pussy, Jen licking my clit and rubbing her own, and me licking her ass until Jen and I came. Jerry released my legs and they dropped back on the bad. Trudy still had her fingers inside me and Jerry was grinning from ear to ear. "Having fun dear?" he asked; foolish question!

The girls and I untangled ourselves while Jerry stood back and enjoyed. "You three put on quite a show!" He reached over Jen and tickled my well used pussy. Jen cupped the bulge in his shorts and said he looked like he was ready to join the action.

"No." I said, pulling her hand away. "If he's not ready to share me with another man, I'm not about to share him with another women, let alone two of them. I'm going to fuck him right now. But you're welcome to watch. Strip! Now!" I ordered. Jerry looked a little embarrassed with the two younger girls watching him. "Don't be shy" I told him." I've had a dozen or more people, both sexes, see me naked today. Now it's your turn."

Jerry quickly took off his shorts and shirt leaving his bulging briefs on. Jen got up, pulled a chair up next to the bed, and sat down to watch. Trudy was spooned up behind be on the bed when I jerked Jerry's briefs to his knees. Both girls oohed and aahed at Jerry's stiff dick. He seemed even more embarrassed now and his dick began to wilt.

Trudy stuck a finger in me and said, "You're nice and ready, Vanessa. But it looks like Jerry needs a little help. Could we lick him, just a little, please?" Trudy's 'please' was more of a "Ple-e-e-e-ase' so I relented and told them to go ahead and get him up. They shifted around so one was on each side of his dick. They worked up and down each side, more like them kissing with his dick between them.

Jerry quickly came to life and said he was more than ready. Jen sat back down in the chair. Trudy said she wanted a ring side seat. She laid down on the bed pulling me on top of her in a sixty-nine position, my cunt right over her face. Jerry got on his knees behind me straddling Trudy's head. She grabbed his dick and ran the head up and down my slit before guiding it into me. God that felt good!

Jerry pumped slowly in and out of me while I nuzzled the beautiful snatch in front of me. I felt Trudy's tongue circle my clit twice then Jerry stopped dead. She was sucking his balls. I felt her move and the slow pumping resumed. Trudy's hand slipped between Jerry and me. She pulled his dick out and gave it a quick lick. She repeated this pattern; licking me, sucking Jerry's balls, then his dick over and over until Jerry's whole body stiffened, filling me up.

Jen got on the bed next to Jerry and pulled him back from me. He fell backwards as she attacked his cock with her mouth. The instant the cock pulled out of me, Trudy went for my pussy. She licked and slurped until I was clean as a whistle. She kept it up as I returned the favor. I glanced back to see Jerry admiring our show while Jen gently mouthed his softening dick. He enjoyed our show almost as much as Trudy and I did.

We untangled ourselves and I took over playing with my husband's beautiful cock. Jerry and I snuggled together while the girls did the same. "It looks like Jerry needs a little rest." Jen said looking at his limp member. "Would you like to explore a little more?" I said yes I very much would. What did she have in mind?

"How about we take you back to our place?" Trudy asked. "We have some more toys and games to play. How about it, Jerry; can we borrow your plaything for tonight?" The plaything in question being me! The idea was they'd take me back to their house as their naked toy. They described the playroom at their house; farther out of town. There'd be no need for my dress, shoes, or anything else. All they wanted was my body!

I told them I wanted to be blindfolded and handcuffed. I wanted to be as naked and helpless as Nikki ever was in her stories. Jerry said he was OK with the idea if I was. "Bring her back by noon, please. We have to head home tomorrow." he said. Jen said they promised to bring me back nice and clean in time for our return home.

Jerry put our handcuffs on me, gave the keys to Trudy, and looked for something to blindfold me. While the girls got dressed I knelt in front of the fireplace, naked with my hands locked behind me, looking forward to this adventure.

While Jerry was rummaging around Trudy and Jen sat down in front of me. "It's time we told you how this all came about. Jerry came to the store this morning while you were sleeping in, I guess. He didn't have the egg with him. I told him to bring it in later for batteries. Jerry explained a little of what you were doing here, a naked week etc. He said you'd go out to lunch later and asked about bringing you into the store naked. I put the kibosh on that idea, the prudish neighbors. But I told him about Jen working at Applebee's."

"She called me," added Jen, "and got me in on the plot. Trudy and Jerry outlined the ideas of showing the egg off to me and getting you naked in the store. A lot was just played by ear, but I suggested tying you up in the store. They planned tonight while you were you were trussed up in the bondage frame. Did you enjoy that, by the way? It's one of my favorites!"

Jerry popped out of the bathroom with a torn towel. "Will this do for a blindfold?" he asked looking me over. Trudy agreed on the towel and asked Jerry to get dressed. I hadn't even realized he was still naked. "Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone." he said.

"Oh, nobody is offended, Jerry. I just have an idea for a little more fun before we leave. I think Vanessa will enjoy it more if she's the only one naked. I know Jen really loves it when she's naked and everybody else is dressed." Jen agreed and pinched my nipple to emphasize the point.

Jerry quickly got his clothes back on. The girls sat him on the couch between them and pulled his half limp cock out of his pants. Trudy said, "I think Jerry could use some thanks for all his hard work and planning. Get over here and suck this before we take you home." I shuffled over to the couch on my knees eyeing Jerry's beautiful cock.

I sucked the entire thing into my mouth and felt it growing, creeping down my throat. I slurped and swallowed until the increasing length started to gag me. Sorry, I've never been able to deep-throat. Pulling back I started to stroke quickly with my mouth. "Slow down. Take it slow and easy." Trudy told me. "Work just the head with your lips and tongue, Vanessa." I followed her instructions carefully. "That looks great! Now nibble the underside gently with your teeth. Now lick his balls."

I pulled away from Jerry's cock and slid down. Jen grasped his cock and rubbed it on my face as I worked both balls. "OK, now go back to sucking him deeply" Jen said. I took in as much of the length as I could and paused to swallow. Jen pushed gently on the back of my head forcing Jerry deeper into my throat. I started to gag a little and Jen pulled me back. "Just relax and swallow, dear." She pushed me slowly back down and told me to keep swallowing. We went through this two more times until my lips finally made it all the way down to Jerry's pubes. "That's GREAT, Vanessa! Now just work up and down. Stop and play with the head a little. Then take him all the way in."

I followed the directions sucking slow then fast. Near the end I was able to fully engulf Jerry's cock with almost no gagging. This would take a little more practice, but I didn't think Jerry would mind in the least. I took a deep breath through my nose and tried to swallow as much meat as possible. When Jerry tensed and finally came, I had to pull back a little to avoid chocking but I took the whole load with pleasure.

The girls both applauded as Jerry collapsed on the couch. I knelt back smiling broadly letting the come roll around in my mouth. First Trudy then Jen kissed me sharing the juice I'd collected. "He does taste good!" Trudy said. "I hope you both get secure enough to fully share each other someday. I want to be first in line for your wonderful man, Vanessa. Now let's get moving!"

They helped me to my feet while Jerry sat watching, his cock still dangling from his pants. Trudy tied the towel over my eyes while Jen ran out to the car to get something. I stood in the middle of the living room, naked and now blind, waiting for whatever happened next. The front door opened and closed, Jen coming back from the car. I felt someone grab my handcuffs and attach something to the links of the chain. A hand reached between my legs and I felt a pull on the cuffs.

They had attached a leash to my handcuffs and run it forward between my legs. The leash pressed against my ass and pussy as I was led out the door. Someone took my arm as I walked down the steps from the porch. I thought I'd be put directly into the car but I was led passed it down the driveway.

"Go on ahead. I'll catch up." I heard Jen sounding like she was still on the porch. I had no idea what was going on and I was thrilled about it! I guessed it was Trudy leading me down the road naked, blindfolded, and handcuffed but I couldn't be sure. I followed along slowing down enough that the leash rode up my slit rubbing my clit.

We walked for at least 15 minutes (again, hard to judge naked). I knew we must be close to the farm road when I heard a car. The blindfold covered my ears enough that I couldn't tell if the car was behind me (Jen catching up) or ahead (a stranger about to get a great view of me). I was nervous and excited at the same time. I had surrendered control, even asked to be cuffed and blindfolded. I had no control over my situation. I came, BIG TIME!!

It was Jen catching up with us. Trudy finally spoke so I knew it was her leading me into temptation. The girls settled me into the back seat and belted me in. One of them, Trudy I think, sat beside me, pulled my legs apart, and put the leash in my mouth keeping the pressure on my pussy and ass. We drove in silence for almost a half hour before we stopped.

From the quiet I guessed we were out in the country someplace. At least we weren't in the middle of town, not that I could do anything about it if we were. Trudy released my seatbelt and helped me out of the car. She led me to the side of the road and tied the leash still between my legs to something: tree, fence post, or mailbox; I have no idea what. "Wait here. Someone will come back for you." Trudy ordered. I heard her get in the car and close the door.

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