tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne with Vanessa Day 3.3

Yvonne with Vanessa Day 3.3


NOTE: This section should probably be under the BDSM story section but I want to keep everything together under Ex-Voyeur. If you don't like this kind of story, don't read it.


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I'd been left at the side of a road; naked, blindfolded, with my hands cuffed behind me. I was tied to something by a leash attached to the handcuffs and run between my legs. I had no idea where I was or what was going to happen. I could hear footsteps coming toward me. I hoped it was Trudy or Jen but I couldn't be sure. I was totally helpless and so very excited.

With nothing else in mind I whispered, "Please help me. I really need to come!" A hand grasped the leash and pulled it tight against my pussy, almost to the point of pain. Another hand slapped my ass with enough force to stagger me. I couldn't pull away or do much of anything with the leash holding me tightly in position. Another slap on the ass and more pressure on my pussy; my breath caught in my throat. I was going to come on the side of a road someplace.

I quickly orgasmed and everything stopped. I felt the leash being untied and a tug led me down the road. I was led straight for 100 yards. We turned onto what felt like a brick sidewalk. After 50 yards of sidewalk a hand took my arm and led me up four steps onto a porch or deck. A door opened leading me into a room with carpet or a rug. A voice, Trudy's, said, "I'm taking the blindfold off. Close your eyes. Then open them slowly."

I did as ordered and found it was Jen holding my leash. She was as naked as me, minus the handcuffs and leash. But Trudy was all decked out; high heeled boots, stockings, gloves, and leather corset. The corset pushed her huge breasts up and out, cinched her waist in, while exposing her ass and pussy. Trudy ordered me to kneel and shoved her beautiful bush into my face. Needing no directions, I licked her eagerly while Jen held my head in place.

I basically repeated what I'd done to Jen earlier; licking, slurping and fluttering until she came. Trudy pulled away and knelt beside me, kissing me. "Damn, you are a natural, girl. Let's get you up and show you what Jen likes best. You can try some too, if you'd like." They helped me up and took the leash and handcuffs off.

Jen and I followed Trudy into another room admiring Trudy's ass, accentuated by the stockings and corset. It was their playroom. The first thing I saw looked like a doctor's exam table with cuffs attached. There was a bookcase full of assorted dildos and plugs. One wall was covered with a selection of whips, hoods, and god only knows what else. A bar with two cuffs hung from a pulley in the middle of the ceiling. Directly below two more cuffs were attached to the floor. "This is Jen's favorite spot. Isn't it, dear?"

Jen dropped her head. "Yes, mistress. I love it! Can we show it to Vanessa now, please?" Trudy said that was exactly what she had in mind. She said I could just watch or help if I wanted. And I could try it next if I cared to.

"Position!" Trudy ordered gruffly. Jen almost ran to the middle of the room and raised her arms toward the cuffs hanging above her. Trudy lowered the bar and attached the cuffs to Jen's wrists. She secured Jen's ankles to the cuffs on the floor. Finally she pulled the rope stretching Jen until her feet barely touched the floor. "Doesn't she look beautiful like this, Vanessa? It's her favorite position. The bondage frame you used today is nice but the rope and pulley make this nice and tight. Isn't that right, dear?" Jen's moan sounded affirmative as Trudy pulled the rope tighter. "Let's leave her here to cook a little, Vanessa. I need a drink."

She slipped an egg into Jen's snatch, handed me the remote, led me into the kitchen, and poured big glasses of ice water for both of us. "Turn that on and off occasionally." she said pointing to the remote. "I'll explain how things work around here.

"I was never into dominance until I met Jen, but she's really into submission! Jen never wears any clothes here at home. In fact she had to strip as soon as we dropped you off tonight. By the way, you were never in any real danger by the road tonight. This is a private road. There's only one other house back here. That belongs to an old farmer who's in bed by nine every night.

"But back to Jen and her kinks. Oh, turn her egg on again and leave it until she starts to moan. Jen loves to be tied up and whipped. She has a safe word but she's never used it with me. I never whip her hard enough to leave a lasting mark. But I'm not sure if she'd even stop me then. Listen, she's starting to breath hard. Here comes the moan. Turn the egg off, please. Drink all your water up."

I did as asked. Trudy poured me more ice water and continued. "Like I said, Jen never wears any clothing here, indoors or out. She does all of the house and yard work naked. I do make her wear shoes when she mows. That's just basic safety. Other than that she's totally naked 24/7. At work or in town, she wears dresses or skirts but she never wears underwear. She likes it that way. It makes her feel more vulnerable. Turn the egg back on and switch it to high. She's almost ready for the next step. Let's go."

Again I followed Trudy's instructions and trailed her back into the playroom, still admiring that beautiful ass. Jen was sweating and starting to moan. Trudy told me to turn the egg to slow and selected a long riding crop from the wall. She held it up to Jen's mouth and had her kiss it. She stroked Jen's body with the tip of the crop paying special attention to her tits and pussy. We moved around behind Jen and Trudy slapped her pussy lightly from behind.

Without speaking, Trudy had me turn the egg on and off several times. I could see Jen's ass tighten each time I switched the egg on. The last time I turned the egg off, Trudy brought the riding crop up swiftly slapping Jen's pussy with a sharp snap. Trudy gestured to me and we tip-toed back into the living room. "The longer I make her wait, the harder she comes.

"Like I said before, I wasn't into dominance before but now it really turns me on. How do you feel about it, Vanessa? You asked to be handcuffed and blindfolded earlier, didn't you? Would you like to try some more submission now?" I silently nodded. Trudy took the remote for Jen's egg from me and recuffed my hands behind me. She put me on my knees and sat in the chair before me, legs spread wide. "You know what to do now, slave. I'm going to whip you while you eat me. You're new at this so I won't be too rough and I'll never leave a mark. Your safe word is 'banana'. Do you understand everything, slave?"

I was excited and played along. "Yes, Mistress, I understand and I'll try to please you, Mistress." I leaned forward into her pussy and started kissing her outer lips. I felt her stroke the riding crop across my back and ass as I moved deeper into her pussy. She leaned forward a little reaching over me to stroke my pussy with the tip of the crop. Enjoying the feeling, I spread my knees farther apart. Suddenly she slapped my ass with the crop, not too hard but enough to sting, a good sting. Three more slaps followed quickly, each harder than the one before.

I was enjoying this so I played along some more. "Oh please, Mistress. Please don't punish me. I'll try harder." I dove back into her licking for all I was worth. The slaps continued, not as hard, moving all over my ass. A few hit my pussy causing a mixture of pain and pleasure. I felt Trudy's clit grow between my lips then it pulled back inside her. I kept licking at the remaining tip until she stiffened and came.

"That was very good, slave. You are a natural." She took my head and rubbed my face all over her cunt smearing me with her juice. "Get up and let's see how the other slave is doing." She helped me stand up, grabbed one nipple, and led me back into the play room. Jen was still trussed up, of course and starting to moan. Trudy had been working the remote egg while I ate her.

Trudy lowered me to my knees between Jen's legs and told me to take the egg out of Jen. "Do it slowly." she directed. I stretched up to reach her pussy and ran my tongue between her bald lips. I felt the egg's antenna wire and grasped it with my teeth pulling gently. As I pulled, I felt the egg and Jen's pussy vibrate. I pulled slowly as the egg shifted to higher speeds. Jen's moans got louder as the egg emerged from her vagina. Catching the egg in my lips, I rubbed it up and down her slit.

Trudy turned the egg off, took it from me, and pulled me back. "She's not allowed to come yet, slave. I have to punish her first." As I knelt in front of Jen, Trudy gently whipped her breasts, ass, and pussy with the riding crop. Slowly the blows became harder and harder, mainly on Jen's pussy. Trudy stepped behind Jen and started whipping her ass cruelly. "Lick her pussy, slave!" she ordered me.

I moved back up and nuzzled Jen's slit before licking her clit. While I worked in the front, Trudy continued to abuse Jen's ass with the riding crop. Each blow sounded louder and stronger. My god, how much could this girl takes? Quite a bit, it seemed. Trudy kept whipping while I kept licking until Jen started to beg. "More please more, Mistress! Bite me please, Vanessa!" Trudy gave me a quick nod while she kept whipping Jen's ass.

I did as requested biting Jen's outer lips just a little. "Harder please, harder!" Jen begged. I wasn't sure if she was talking to me or Trudy, but I bit down a little tighter. "More, Vanessa please!" Rather than just biting down with more force, I started to chew, gently at first then more firmly. That seemed to do the trick. Jen thrust he hips forward into my face, screamed, and came.

Trudy reached between Jen's legs and pushed me back a little. She fingered Jen's pussy for a few moments then whipped it softly with the tip of the crop. Trudy kept this up for another minute until Jen came again pouring juice down her thighs. Trudy brought the riding crop up to Jen's mouth where she kissed it again and licked it clean. "Thank you, Mistress. That was wonderful! Thank you, Vanessa. I've never been eaten and bitten while my Mistress whipped me. I'd love to do the same for you."

"I don't think Vanessa's ready for all of that yet. But a light whipping and licking could be enjoyable. Would you like to try, Vanessa? There are several levels to submission, you know. You've already tried a few.

"You were denied satisfaction today for a long time at Applebee's while you ate. Then you were forced to orgasm at the bookstore later. Yes, Jerry told me all about that this afternoon. You were displayed and forced to orgasm in front of strangers at the Lion's Den, several times. It looked like you really enjoyed that. You even asked to be handcuffed and blindfolded. And you were whipped lightly while you ate me earlier, still handcuffed. Those are all very submissive behaviors, you know.

"Do you think you're ready to try this now, slave"? My head reeled thinking about what she said. I had done all those things and really enjoyed them. Was I really a submissive? But I'd done some of the same things to Jerry, tying him down and using him as my sex toy. That was more dominant. Sensing my dilemma, Trudy asked, "Maybe you'd like to try some dominance first. Would you like to try whipping Jen before you decide?"

Could I inflict pain on someone? I knew she enjoyed it. But would I enjoy giving pain? I'd enjoyed the spankings I'd gotten from Jerry and the light whipping from Trudy earlier. This was a whole new ball game. But I knew that now was my chance to explore. It was now or never. "Yes, Mistress, I'd like to whip the slave. Then would you please whip me?" There, I'd said it.

Trudy helped me to my feet and took the handcuffs off. Handing me the whip, she said, "Work on her ass, thighs, and pussy. That's what she likes best. On her tits, use a glancing blow. Here, let me show you." She stood in front of Jen and swung the crop from right to left barely touching one nipple. Jen pulled back away from the blow. "Blindfold her!" Trudy ordered me. "Then she won't know when it's coming."

I found the towel used on me earlier and tied it over her eyes. "Thank you, Vanessa. Would you whip me now please?" Trudy signaled me to watch for a moment. She struck each nipple twice evoking a loud scream then handed me the riding crop. I hesitated, still not sure about inflicting pain.

"Don't be shy. She really loves it! Don't you, slave?" Jen moaned and Trudy pressed my hand into Jen's pussy. She was drenched! Like I said, now or never. I reached behind with the crop and struck a light blow across Jen's thighs. She moaned and smiled. I released her pussy, stepped back and struck between her legs with a rising blow. I took two or three swipes across her tits just clipping her nipples. They stiffened with each strike.

I stepped behind Jen and laid a series of light blows across her ass. Trudy said to hit her harder and pinched Jen's pussy lips harshly. I continued to whip Jen's ass and thighs with an occasional blow across the small of her back. Trudy pinched and fingered Jen's pussy while biting her nipples.

Trudy slid the egg back into Jen's vagina and directed me to whip her pussy. At first I barely made contact but Trudy urged me to use more force. I moved in front of Jen and added more and more strength to my blows. Trudy turned the egg on high and told me to bite Jen's nipples. That put her over the top. Jen screamed and came, juice running down both thighs.

Trudy took the riding crop from my hand and kissed me deeply. She led me back into the kitchen and gave me another big glass of water. "Did you enjoy whipping her, slave? Your nipples look like you did." I admitted that I was very turned on. My hand had dropped to my pussy of its own accord. "Would like a turn in the shackles now?" My head was reeling with mixed emotions. I'd enjoyed many spankings before. I had asked to be handcuffed and blindfolded. Was I ready to be shackled and whipped? "Have a big drink of water and think about it, slave. I'll even add a little extra thrill."

She poured me a big glass of water and went to release Jen leaving me alone with my thoughts. When the two of them came back Jen looked drained but very happy. "Mistress said you weren't sure about being whipped, Vanessa. The pain adds so much to the intensity of the orgasm. I really think you should try it! Mistress will never harm you and she said you have a safe word." I slowly nodded my head but said I needed to use the bathroom first.

"No!" said Trudy. "That's the little extra trill I mentioned. My slave will eat you while you're being whipped. You'll pee on her when you come." My heart was pounding. I was afraid I'd come and pee right there.

Trudy pulled me to my feet and led me to the playroom. She attached the shackles to my wrists while Jen secured my ankles. Trudy pulled the rope tight while Jen put the blindfold on me. She kissed me deeply and trailed her tongue down my neck to tease my nipples. I felt the riding crop stroke my back and ass. It trailed between my legs to lightly tease my pubes. A tongue, Jen's I assumed, licked down my thighs to the backs of my knees.

The first blow struck my pussy, not too hard, but very firm. Two more followed, each harder. My pussy was getting very warm. I felt Jen's tongue sweep up my right thigh and caress my pubes. She licked my outer lips and blew a cooling breath across them. With no warning, the crop struck my right nipple then the left. I let out a scream and almost used the safe word.

The breath on my pussy became warmer as Jen moved closer to me. I could feel her pressed against my legs. A series of blows fell across my ass as Jen mouthed me. Her tongue slid up my slit coming to rest on my clit. The pressure in my bladder built as Jen lapped. She suddenly pulled away and three blows struck my now exposed clit. Before I could catch my breath, Jen was softly licking my abused pussy.

This happened two more times; firm tonguing, blows to my pussy, then gentle licks. Jen's mouth covered my entire pussy, her tongue swirling around my clit, while Trudy whipped my ass and thighs. The pain added to the pleasure, just like Jen had promised. The pressure in my clit and bladder built until everything let go.

I felt Jen slurping my cunt while Trudy kissed and licked my burning ass. Jen pulled herself up my sagging body and kissed me with a mouth full of warm salty pee. I returned the kiss taking most of it in my mouth while the rest ran down my neck and chest. Sagging in the shackles I hung there, wasted.

Jen wrapped her arms around me, under my arms as the rope loosened releasing me. Trudy removed the cuffs and the blindfold while Jen kept me from collapsing. "You two are a mess! Take her to the shower." Trudy said. Jen had to almost carry me into the bathroom. Thank god the shower was huge with a seat/shelf in the corner. I slumped there while Jen turned the water on and used the hand held shower to revive me.

She washed my hair and stood me up to gently soap my back and ass, still smarting but not too bad. I carefully washed my pussy and tits. I could see some red marks on my breasts but they were fading. I washed Jen's back and ass; they were quite red in places! She washed her hair and produced two toothbrushes. As we were drying off Trudy stuck her head in the door. "Would you like some wine, a beer, or anything else, Vanessa?" I guessed we were done with 'slave' and 'Mistress' for the night.

I said I'd take a beer and Jen asked for the same. She led me out the back door to the deck and a beautiful hot tub under the stars. Trudy, now naked again, came out with drinks and joined us in the water. "Well, did you enjoy yourself tonight? Anything you'd like to try again someday or never again?"

I sipped my beer and thought over the evening. "I think the most exciting was being bound at the side of the road. I had no idea where I was or what would happen. I had no control so I had no inhibitions, I couldn't; I had to let myself go. When I heard someone coming I hoped it was one of you two, but I couldn't be sure. And there was nothing I could do about it."

"And you begged me to help you come." Jen said. "That turned me on. When you're naked and someone else is in control, all you can do is surrender totally. How about whipping me and being whipped; how was that?"

I told them I wasn't sure about inflicting serious pain. Teasing and denying or forcing pleasure was fun, but I wasn't really turned on when I whipped Jen. "I did enjoy being stretched out and whipped. I've always enjoyed being spanked. It may be more of what Jen said about surrender. I'm definitely going to have Jerry spank my pussy. We may even get one of those riding crops."

"The pussy spanking feels best if you're shaved." Jen suggested. "Would you like to have Trudy shave you? She's very good. She should be. She's had lots of practice. Haven't you, dear?" I'd never tried shaving before. I'd seen a lot of bald pussies in videos, but I guess I was never brave enough to try on my own; afraid I'd hurt myself.

"That sounds like fun. Can we do it now?" I asked. Trudy threw me a towel and said to follow her. We dried off and went back in the play room. She positioned me on the exam table with my feet in the stirrups. Jen brought in a bowel of water, razor, and towel. Trudy buzzed my pubes with a small clipper and Jen lathered me up.

Trudy carefully removed all the hair above my slit then moved lower. Jen pulled the skin on my lips tight and Trudy took little strokes on each side. "It looks like you're getting wetter, Vanessa." Trudy commented. I admitted all the pulling and tugging was a bit of a turn on. "That's good. It makes the next part easier." She slid two fingers into me and pulled on my outer lips. I almost jumped off the table.

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