She had been in a daze for a week.

A wife, a mother and a teacher she was the living example of the American Suburban Dream.

She was "terminally cute" as they say. Her sex life was good although her husband traveled way too often so she was often sexually frustrated. He made a good living.

So there she was, naked with the phone in her hand. Her equally naked best friend Sonia was standing behind her with one hand on Zoe's tit, the other over her pussy, kissing and nibbling on her neck. A beautiful blonde naked girl dozed on her sofa, her legs splayed, her pussy shining from two saliva donors and her own juices.

The Saturday before she had attended a ladies lingerie and toys party with her best friend Sonia at a mutual friends house. Most of the guests were teachers who had started to get bored with summer vacation. All were between twenty-five and forty-five. All had reasonable figures and a few had very desirable bodies, including Zoe and Sonia. Most were married, a few divorced, a few single not including the lesbian couple.

Most of this group of about fifteen had partied together over the years.

As the lingerie party progressed things had gotten out of hand.

In retrospect too much wine had been consumed before Wanda (the saleswoman) arrived. Too many salacious stories had been shared. Most telling was that for all of her friends and for her in particular too much time had elapsed between real honest to goodness fucks.

The saleswoman had found no shortage of volunteers to model the nightwear. Zoe and three of her friends were chosen and ushered into a bedroom by Wanda's assistant, a beautiful girl called Sandi. As she distributed the sets of lingerie to be modeled she had asked Zoe if she shaved her pussy.

Seeing the surprised look on her face Sandi added that she had the perfect thing for her to wear but stray pubic hair would ruin the look. Zoe did not answer but smiled and took the garment from Sandi's hand.

Her gown was a sheer see-through that came to just bellow her ass, and pussy. It had small triangles of fabric on strings for her pussy and her nipples. Zoe had a moment of reluctance until she saw the others joyfully don their garments.

Her neighbor Joyce had perhaps the best body of all even though she had just celebrated her fortieth birthday. She was putting on a long gown that flared dramatically. There were no panties or bra to the outfit.

It was a very modest nightgown until she moved. When she did glimpses of tits and a clean-shaven pussy could be seen.

Rita was the hostess. She was the most outgoing of all the ladies and most get togethers were at her house. She was married with twin sons that were now with their father for a weeklong camping trip. She had quipped that her husband, Rusty, wanted pictures of all the women while modeling . Zoe tried not to worry about that.

Rita's gown did not show anything except exceptional cleavage. It seemed right since Rita herself had exceptional cleavage. Zoe recalled that Rita's tits had been just a bit bigger than average before she got pregnant with the twins. They had exploded in size with the pregnancy and subsequent nursing and had never returned to close to their original size. Her twins were now eight years old.

Teri was a tall dark haired beauty with the best tits of all the friends. Even Rita had conceded that and consoled herself with the fact that hers were bigger. Teri was single and in her late twenties. She was beautiful from every angle. Her outfit was just panties and bra, both nearly transparent. The bra barely contained her breasts and the shadow of her pubic hairs could be seen through the bikini panties. She had shaped her pussy hair into a V that seemingly pointed at her clit.

Both pieces were an attention grabbing aqua color with an intricate lace pattern. Zoe had already decided that would be her lone purchase but she was a bit flustered at her level of interest to the body inside the outfit. She wanted it.

Sandi had the women line up by the bedroom door as she waited for a cue from her boss Wanda, whom they later learned was her mother. As they waited Sandi would go up to each woman and adjust their outfit. Zoe saw Sandi's hand settle on one of Rita's large tits to smooth a fabric that was already smooth. She saw Rita present her other tit for adjustment too. Her nipples were very prominent under the now very smooth fabric. Rita kissed Sandi's cheek.

Sandi caressed Joyce's outfit at the breast until her nipples had also become prominent.

Sandi told Teri that her tits were not showing up well enough and lifted the bra away. She kissed and nipped each nipple then returned the bra to its position. None of us expected any protest from Teri, as the prevailing rumor was that she was very bisexual. Teri gave Sandi a quick kiss on the lips. Teri's nipples seemed to glow and Sandi said; "There, that looks hot."

"Yes it certainly does," thought Zoe. She felt a rush at her pussy and began to get wet. Sandi noticed and quickly moved to get tissue. Without hesitating she plunged her hand into Zoe's panties and dabbed her pussy. Zoe was not sure if she had moaned.

Sandi got more tissue, folded it and placed it against Zoe's cunt while whispering "We will keep this one here until you go out." Sandi kissed her on the cheek as Zoe felt the tip of one of Sandi's finger caress her pussy lips. Her whole body flushed. Her already erect nipples tried to push her microscopic bra off. Her mind told her she should object to something but her body was awash with expectations. She was now sure she had moaned.

Zoe had gone from reserved to explosively horny in a flash. Soon Sandi needed to replace the tissues. On her next adjustment a finger penetrated Zoe's pussy twice. By then the panty was soaked with her secretions and Sandi decided that she would go out pantyless and helped Zoe step out of them. As she knelt in front of her Sandi kissed Zoe's pussy. Zoe moaned again and her pussy tried to extend the contact between its lips and Sandi's. The young girl continued to act as if everything was perfectly normal.

It wasn't of course. The other three had been watching and had been affected by what they saw. Joyce had her hands on Rita's tits inside her gown. Teri had a hand inside the lower folds of Joyce's gown.

Sandi made one more round of her "models" and re-inserted Rita's tits inside her gown since Joyce had pulled them out. Teri and Joyce had each kissed a nipple before Sandi tucked them in.

Sandi checked the center junction of Joyce's outfit and Zoe watched as Sandi's hand disappeared between the folds where Teri's hand had been. Joyce moaned. Rita kissed Joyce's lips until Sandi removed her hand several moments later. Joyce was short of breath.

Sandi took off Teri's panties and asked her to keep them off until just before she was called. Zoe saw two of Sandi's fingers slide into Teri's pussy. Teri kissed Sandi's lips as she was gently but briefly fingerfucked.

When Sandi returned to her Zoe was masturbating while pretending to be patting her pussy with the tissue. Her pretense had not fooled anybody. She continued masturbating as Sandi decided the outfit did not look right with a bra and no panties and stepped up to Zoe to untie it. Instead of stepping behind her Sandy pressed herself to Zoe and slid her hands around to Zoe's ass. She caressed her way up Zoe's back and began to fumble with the bra catch. Her lips rained kisses on Zoe's neck.

Zoe had not stopped masturbating and now her knuckles were making contact with Sandi's crotch. Sandi adjusted her position in the guise of fighting the bra strap and her mini skirt rose above her pussy. Immediately the back of Zoe's hand felt soft wet flesh. Zoe moaned in a small cum and promptly took her fingers out of her own pussy and plunged them into Sandi's.

Her bra was suddenly off and Sandi's hands had rushed to Zoe's tits. They kissed passionately exchanging tongues. Zoe gently fingerfucked the first woman in her life and enjoyed the first female hand on her bare tit.

They were interrupted by Wanda who told Sandi; "It's show time."

Wanda had filled in the time before the lingerie show by bringing out a large sample of dildos and the rest of the ladies were in a raunchy mood. When Zoe and the others moved to the end of the hall they saw many of their friends had exposed tits. Several panties were piled on a corner of the floor. Many dildos had a slick shine to them. Zoe heard the muffled sounds of vibrators. The ladies appeared to have paired off.

Rita was first to model and while Wanda was pointing out the features of the gown she ran her hands softly over Rita's tits and ass.

She then said with a flourish "All of our gowns provide easy access," and slid her hand inside Rita's gown and pulled out a tit. "Please check it out for yourself ladies, Rita walk around and show the girls."

Rita made it as far as the second woman before a hand grabbed her exposed tit. The third woman sucked in her nipple and every woman after followed suit. Soon both tits were out and hands traveled between her legs. Rita's good friend Marcie jumped to her and kissed her lips hungrily. They rushed down the hallway to applause.

Teri was next and was just barely under control. Just before it was her turn to go out Sandi slid up the bikini bottoms of her outfit up Teri's body. As she did her tongue licked Teri's pussy.

Teri quickly claimed that the panties were not fitting right and pulled them back down. Sandi then took her time bringing them back up as her tongue pierced Teri's pussy. A few flicks of the tongue on an engorged clit later Teri had the cum she desperately needed.

Sandi eventually pushed Teri into the living room. All noticed that her bikini panties were soaked and her nipples were about to pierce through her bra. They could smell her.

Wanda pointed out some features then after repeating the phrase "easy access," with one swift touch of a finger and thumb Teri's gorgeous tits spilled out. Teri paraded around the room offering her tits to all and they all squeezed, kissed and licked her tits. By the time she made it to the back of the living room her panties had vanished. She and the lesbian couple ended up behind a sofa and did not reappear.

Joyce came out and before Wanda had finished her spiel she unhooked the front of her gown and displayed her totally nude body for them. The reaction was swift. Four women pinned her against a wall and took turns on her mouth, pussy, and tits. Joyce started on a long string of orgasms.

All across the room the women that were not already naked rushed to be so. A lesbian orgy was soon in full swing.

Zoe never had the chance to parade her outfit. Sandi had seen that things were progressing much faster than usual and as she saw Joyce disappear behind a horde of ravenous women had pulled Zoe back to the bedroom. After dropping her mini skirt and her polo shirt to the floor she slid onto a bed. She was nude,those had been her only two garments. Zoe looked hungrily at the girl's naked body and followed.

This was Rita's boys' bedroom. It had twin beds and on one bed Marcie was undressing while her mouth covered Rita's pussy.

Zoe's tongue was soon buried deep into Sandi's cunt before the fact that she had never eaten pussy in her life popped into her mind. Yet her mouth loved Sandi's pussy. She resolved to enjoy the act to its fullest.

After several minutes filled with moans and endearments Sandi started her plunge into a cum. Zoe felt powerful, in control, proud.

Sandi's pussy gushed fluids and Zoe lapped them up. She thought of them as her reward.

She softly kissed Sandi's pussy until the she felt herself being pulled upward. She discarded her gown and kissed her way up Sandi's body, stopping to pay special tribute to the girl's small tits. After long deep kisses while they were tit-to-tit, pussy-to-pussy Sandi kissed her way down Zoe's body.

The first contact between Sandi's tongue and Zoe's pussy was electric. She heard her moans bounce off the wall of the small room. The intensity of her sensations was overwhelming. Sandi was playing her pussy like a grand master. Zoe hoped the girl would not drown from her fluids.

It is true Zoe thought. A woman knows how to eat pussy much better than a man. She gave up her mind and body to her pussy since it now controlled her universe.

Sandi controlled her pussy.

Through lidded eyes she saw a naked Sonia approach. Zoe held her arms out to her. After a deep and powerful, (and long overdue), kiss Zoe maneuvered Sonia until her best friends beautiful pussy was above her lips. Sonia lowered her body and her pussy lips kissed Zoe.

Zoe kissed back with ardor.

"Two pussies in my mouth today. Apparently I like this," thought Zoe.

Sandi had been making love to Zoe's pussy at first but now that Zoe's mouth was full of pussy she was devouring her. Soon Zoe was in the midst of the most intense cum of her life. Sandi pressed her face into Zoe's pussy as the spasms raged and the fluids gushed.

While in her orgasmic throes Zoe grabbed Sonia's hips and forced her down harder onto her face. Sonia felt the intensity of Zoe's cum on her own pussy and was soon bathing her with her own secretions.

Out of breath they began to untangle, Sonia slid down Zoe's body, Sandi slid up. Each ended level to Zoe's beautiful tits and each kissed and licked the closest nipple to them before exchanging kisses. Sonia and Sandi were caressing each other's ass while Zoe ran her fingers through their hair.

They listened while the sounds of the orgy slowly ebbed.

"I guess I better go help Mom," Sandi said as she got up and looked for her clothes. After she was dressed she returned to the bed and gave Sonia a deep kiss that held many promises. The kiss she gave Zoe was full of all that and something else. Passion perhaps. She whispered to Zoe, "You are special."

After Sandi left the bedroom Sonia licked her way to Zoe's pussy and gently kissed and licked until Zoe wanted more. Sonia placed two fingers into her best friends pussy and fingerfucked her while licking her clit. She was soon rewarded with an orgasmic moan.

As Sonia kissed and nibbled her way up her body Zoe was amazed by the thought that two women had eaten her pussy to wonderful orgasms and she had eaten two pussies to orgasms herself. She was giggling to herself when Sonia arrivef at her lips. They spent some time exchanging kisses while pressing tit against tit, pussy against pussy. It was the second such experience for Zoe in under an hour and Zoe placed it as a top five favorite thing to do.

Sonia and Zoe pressed their pussies together in slow rhythm. She felt Sonia's fluids bathe her before hearing her moans. Zoe held Sonia's ass down hard and as the cum coursed through her friends body. Suddenly Sonia rubbed Zoe's cunt hard on hers and Zoe had her own orgasm. They held each other until they recaptured their breath.

Finally Sonia kissed Zoe deeply and said, "Yes, you are special."

She left the bed in search of her own clothes.

Zoe stayed in the bed a bit longer enjoying the glow that enveloped her. "I think I just broke my entire honeymoon record for cums in just one day," she mused.

As Rita and Marcie left the room they each stopped by and kissed both sets of Zoe's lips. Rita's kiss to her pussy featured a penetrating tongue, which brought a shudder to Zoe. "I have become insatiable," she thought.

By the time she dressed and returned to the living room there were only five people left, Sonia, Sandi, Wanda, their hostess Rita and Marcie. Marcie and Rita had not dressed.

Zoe kissed Wanda on the cheek. Wanda handed her a card and a form.

Zoe kissed Rita on the lips while pinching a nipple. Rita ran her hand up Zoe's leg and up her sundress and was pleased to encounter a bare ass. Zoe had not found her panties.

Sandi flung her arms around the taller Zoe who in turn slipped her hands under the mini skirt and cupped Sandi's bare ass. Sandi's kiss was that of a hopeful lover. It was deep, lingering, sweet. As they broke their kiss Sandi whispered in her ear, "You can have me any time you want. Call me."

Her kiss with Sonia was that of two people that had accepted the other as a lover. It was a soft kiss, their lips gently caressing, knowing that there were many more to come.

As she drove home late that afternoon the enormity of what had happened sank into Zoe's brain.

She was in a daze for a week.

And she had just volunteered to host the next party.

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