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Zoe's Tale


This is an original work by 49greg and is copyrighted by by U.S. and international copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and copying to any other site is not allowed. Copyright(c) 2018 49greg.

This is a frame story with a wife telling her husband a story she heard at work while she interacts with him. This story includes a story about cuckold husband, if this isn't the kind of thing you like, don't read it. Be warned.


This story starts as a typical afternoon at John and Zoe's home. Who knows where the evening will lead.

John got home from his job as an accountant before his wife, Zoe. As usual he got the mail and sorted it out beforehand, took a shower and got into his comfortable clothes - sweats and a tee shirt. He had their dinner started and when Zoe got home from her position as a lawyer with a small firm. She took a quick trip to the bathroom and then they sat down to dinner.

"What're we having tonight baby," Zoe said, kissing her husband on the cheek before sitting down.

"We'll start with salad, and the salmon patties will be ready in a minute. My 'bake fries' will be ready about the same time as the salmon."

"Did you get the cocktail sauce I like?" she asked.

"Yup, and I mixed a ramekin of it with a little Worcester sauce, just the way you like," John said grinning.

"You're the best honey," she said as she started on the salad.

John tended the salmon patties and munched salad between trips to the frying pan. After they were ready he served them and they ate, Zoe with her 'custom' sauce for the fries as well as for the salmon. John used ketchup.

The 'fries' were potatoes, with the skin still on, cut into wedges and mixed in a bowl with vegetable oil, then placed on a baking sheet and sprinkled with garlic salt before putting them in the oven. Once cooked through they were finished with a few minutes on the broiler setting to brown them on top.

"I love this meal, but twice in a week is too much, we need more variety," Zoe said.

"I know, I need to learn to do more," he said.

"Explore some of those cook books we have, if something doesn't turn out, we can order pizza," Zoe said.

"Yeah, I know, I just hate to disappoint you," John said.

"You never will honey, I adore you," Zoe said.

"Thanks baby," he said.

"I had an interesting case today," Zoe said.

"Remember your rule, no work talk at the table," he said pouring some more pinot grigio into her glass.

"Oh I know just like Nero Wolfe, but it'll make juicy listening after dinner. I hope you haven't been looking forward to any TV tonight," Zoe said.

"There's nothing worth watching on the great wasteland."

The meal continued, occasional silences followed by the idle chit chat that married couples fall into after ten years of marriage. They retired to the living room after cleaning up the kitchen.

"So honey, how was your day," said John.

"Oh, you know, same same, one legal thing after another," said Zoe.

"You mentioned something interesting, juicy?"

"Well, there is one, it's kind of sexy, in a way," Zoe said, kicking off her three inch heels and peeling the suit jacket off and draping it over a chair.

She had a quiet smile as she thought about the story she was about to tell her husband, but wasn't sure she would tell him how it turned her on.

"So come over and tell me," said John.

Zoe sat down next to him on the couch, she leaned in to him and pulled her legs up behind her, sitting on them. John noticed that she had a button undone on her blouse, and that her skirt had ridden up to mid thigh.

"So, spill baby, spill," said John.

Zoe leaned in, her lips nipped his ear and she spoke in a low sexy voice.

"There's a woman who sleeps around with her husband's permission, even his encouragement. There's a guy who claims paternity of that couple's one year old son, there's a secret rendezvous, heck, several, there's the husband eating the guy's cum out of his wife. Do you want the details?" She said.

"Oh god yes, that's ... hot stuff, disgusting but hot" he said.

Looking down her blouse with the corner of his eye he saw that there were now two buttons undone, and he could just see her pale pink bra, with the lace applied to the outside. He knew she didn't like lace on the edges or anywhere in contact with her skin because it itched. He had seen this one before. She had several others in the same pale pink, others in light pastel colors, he liked her really sexy satin ones best, and was glad when she didn't wear her usual plain and boring sets.

"Well, the married couple, we'll call them Mr. and Mrs. "Smith", came to our firm to ask what they could do about this Mr. "Jones" and his law suit to claim their son." she said.

John could hear the quotes around the names Smith and Jones from the way she said them.

"Details baby, details," said John with a grin.

"OK but never mention this, or talk about it, except to me. Understood?"

"Yes, just like any case you mention," he said. He knew she was being unprofessional telling him about cases, especially before they were resolved, but she knew he would never divulge anything and would maintain to anyone else that she never talked about her work.

"So, the Smiths come in, Mr Jones had slept with Mrs. Smith way back when. And she had slept, heck she had fucked, other men before, and since. It seems that the Smiths both get a thrill with her finding men, usually on the internet, who are in, or better yet, passing through the area. On some occasions they meet as far as Chicago, sometimes right here in town, or Cedar Rapids, or Des Moines.

"She finds them on-line in chat rooms, and also personal ads in a site called 'Literotica dot com'. Now, she demands proof of a recent, within the week, blood test that show no stds. She said she prefers married well off men. Jones came into the picture and said he was going to be traveling through town on his way back to Council Bluffs. He was going to be in town for a week," Zoe said.

"I've actually heard of Literotica dot com," said John. He didn't mention how many hours he spent on that site.

"So Have I," said Zoe, also not mentioning how much time she spent on that site.

"I've heard that some authors, from lesser story sites have copied and stolen stories from Literotica, that's the lowest of the low to do something like that." said John.

"Yes, this story is written by 49greg on Literotica dot com, and if any reader sees this story on any site other than Literotica, then it is stolen, and they should report it. Authors who steal stories are low life scum. Now, about this story, we were talking about how Mrs. Smith found men, and the precautions she took. Mr Jones was traveling through town on his way back to Council Bluffs, and was going to be in town for a week," said Zoe.

"Lots of time to fuck in a week," said John. Zoe ignored the interruption.

"So, she met him, in a nice restaurant, in this case it was Mary's, you know that nice place in Coralville. We've been there a lot, ever since The Green Bottle changed hands and went downhill and closed down. That's Mrs Smith's method. Meet them in a nice place, different places around town or wherever she is. Hubby is usually near by, often out in a car rather than in the place, in case someone recognizes him. As for her, if anyone asks, she's with a client.

"She insists that the men wear a suit and tie, and he pays the tab at the restaurant if she says she'll meet him, and she pays if she turns him down," Zoe said.

"That sounds reasonable," John said.

"Then they agree on the hotel, in this case he didn't want to use the room he was in, so she went ahead and got one at the Hampbleton, that big one on the interstate. He came in, she had condoms in case he didn't, and they had sex. Apparently he was quite the athlete. She always choses good looking men.

"So what does she look like,' John asked.

"Hmmm, about my height, just a little more busty, not much, maybe one cup bigger. A little bigger boned and she carries it all very well. You would stare at her butt and her legs as much as her boobs. Her skin is really nice, it looks like a very slight tan, and she wears expensive clothes with just a bit of slut to them. Like you want me to wear," Zoe said.

"Sounds like she's a dish that wouldn't have a problem picking a guy up."

She went into positions, how long, where. Oh yeah, she likes anal, your dream babe huh John," Zoe said.

She gently slugged his arm, he grinned.

"What's her favorite position?" John asked.

"She seemed to dwell on both doggie and with her riding him. She also really likes kneeling over his face when he eats her out."

"So what exactly did she say they did?" he asked. Zoe looked and noticed a little bulge in his sweats.

"OK, as best I remember, she said she went into the room, took off her clothes, completely off, and took a quick shower and brushed her teeth. She even talked about bringing one of those packaged enema kits and, as she said, 'rinsed out her back door,' because they had talked about anal sex. She put bottles of lube on the night stand and on the desk."

"She was prepared, and at this point she was still naked?" said John.

"Yes, and you'd like her figure, as I said before, kind of like mine, with a little more hips and probably a cup size larger, she must have been wearing a thong or nothing under her skirt, because when she left I could see a lot of free bouncing going on with her butt. And before you ask, she's a brunette, sort of a medium brown hair."

"OK, go on," John said.

"So then she gets into a sexy nightie. Short, see through, red, with matching bikini panties is the way her husband described the outfit."

"So he's seen her?"

"I gather he packs the overnight bag for her, all the condoms, lube etc. I'll bet he even puts candles in it, just in case she gets romantic, the poor guy," Zoe said.

"But you said he gets off on it," John said.

"Yes, but I feel for the guy, there must be a reason she does this sort of thing."

"Maybe he just likes to think of her screwing someone," John said.

"Maybe, would you ever do that? Want that?" Zoe asked.

John was silent, he had wondered before, when she talked about juicy cases or gossip she'd heard, if she was making it up, or embellishing something more normal. He had the idea that sometimes she wished that the two of them would do these outrageous things, but refused to believe she would want to do something like this. Then again? He finally answered.

"I don't think that I would be comfortable with that," he said.

Zoe laughed.

"So back to her description, and believe me I was surprised that she went into such intimate detail, but Smithers is lead on this case and just let her go on and on. Even prompting her. So anyway, the guy comes in, the lights are on, and she's in this sexy outfit. She has a drink ready and gives it to him, then sit on the couch to talk, she said he went right for her breasts, tits, boobs."

"A breast man then," said John.

"Apparently so," Zoe said.

"And she told you all this, the color of her gown, all that?" John asked.

"Yes, she was very explicit. I think even her hubby, Mr. Smith was getting turned on, I know I was, and I'm positive Smithers was."

"Wow, that must have been something, a big change from the cut and dried legal stuff you usually work on," John said.

"Yes. Here's an example. She, Mrs Smith talked about how her nipples were hard and sticking out long before Jones got there. She stood before the full length mirror on the wall in the hallway of the room, and got even more turned on. She touched up her lipstick, check her finger and toe nails, and then went and took off the panties. She said she was wet already and just dropped them on the floor for Jones to see when he came in.

"Then she said she pulled up her gown and ran her fingers over her pussy. Well she said it was her Cunt. That's what she said. She even commented that while she was in the room she was a Slut and had a Cunt. She made sure that there was no stubble around her cunt or armpits, and ran her hands down her legs to make sure they were smooth.

"After that she went to her bag and pulled on some stay up stockings, back at the mirror she turned and looked over her shoulder to make sure the seams were straight. She said that she even took some pics of herself, frontal, behind, bent over with gown flipped up above her butt, showing it all, and sent it to her hubby, who was waiting in the car. She told us that she wished he was closer so she could give him her soaked panties to jack off with." Zoe said.

"Wow, that's hot and a little cruel. The pictures and all, but I'll bet he'd use the panties all right, if he had them," John said. He knew he would. Then mentally shook his head, HE wouldn't wait in a car while Zoe met another man.

Would he?

"She said she got a vibrator out of the bag and, again in front of the mirror, lubed it up in her cunt, got it sloppy wet and bent over and used it in her ass, she said she was so turned on she nearly came then and there. Also took pics with her other hand and sent to hubby." Zoe said.

"So she really is turned on with anal," John said. He looked and noticed that his wife had two buttons undone and was fiddling with the next. More of her bra and insides of her boobs were on display.

"Yes, like I said, your dream babe, sorry honey, but I just don't think I could do it back there," she said to John.

Zoe ran her hand down over his sweats and felt his semi erection. She smiled and made a 'mmmmmm' sound.

"Yeah, wish you did, but I can understand, I imagine it hurts to get used to it," John said.

"Well, it just seems dirty to me. Anyway, we're talking about this case," she said.

"Then what. He used a condom, what did he say, it broke?" said John.

"I love it when you get erect from me talking, and letting you look down my blouse," Zoe said changing the subject, talking about her husband for a second.

John looked and saw that all but the last button had been undone on her blouse. He could see the inside of her breasts, even a hint of the edge of an aureola, where the position she was in had made the bra slip just that little bit.

"Me too baby," John said, pushing his hips up, trying to follow her hand as she lifted it off of him.

"So, back to the story. Now, after she nearly came, Mrs Smith put her vibrator away and waited for Jones. She said she was so wet that she didn't want to sit down and make a mess before he got there. Eventually he knocked on the door and she looked out the peep hole, then let him in. She said he had a hard on that was bulging his slacks already.

"As I said before, she had a drink ready, they sat on the couch and talked for just a few minutes. She said Jones wanted to do it both doggy and with her on top, then missionary to finish. He told her he took pills and thought he could come at least twice, maybe three times.

"Then he went right for her boobs, she pulled open her gown and he nursed at her for a long time, pulled on one while sucking and biting the other. He had her jiggle her breasts for him, pulled them out. Smithers asked what she meant by pulling them.

"She said that he would take the nipple in his hand, well his thumb and forefinger, and pull it away from her body, extending it and her boob itself way out. Pinching it the whole time. She wanted to demonstrate, but Smithers got red faced and said it wasn't necessary. At that point I wondered if she was just playing a game, trying to expose herself in the business office.

"So after the breast stuff he felt her cunt, slid a couple of fingers in. She said he had big hands, thick fingers, but she was so slick that they went right in. He curved them upward, and hit the right spot and she came right there, all at once. While she was coming, he pulled out his phone with his other hand and took a quick picture. Later on he sent it to her and she sent it to hubby."

"That's something, like telling hubby that she was this guy's property for the night," Said John.

"I know, I was really getting excited by then, I knew if I were to toss my panties at the ceiling they would stick for bit before they fell."

"I'm really turned on now," John said.

"If you get down between my legs I might see my way to pulling my skirt up, and let you play with my pussy through my panties, for a while," Zoe said.

John was quickly between her spread legs, her skirt bunched up around her waist. She slouched down so her pussy was at the edge of the cushion. He leaned his head against her inner thigh and gently slid a finger along the gusset of her panties, over her pussy. His wife gave a slight shiver.

"What happened then?" he whispered.

John loved to look at her pussy, even through her panties.

"So, remember that Jones was in town all week? Well he did her again, no dinner, just meet at another motel, go at it for a few hours, the guy must use pills, and she leaves. Hubby waiting in the car each time. When she gets home, every time, I mean every time, Mr. and Mrs. Smith always have wild sex. They claim the best sex of their marriage is when she's just come from fucking another man, even when the other guy wasn't that good in the sack.

"Wow, that's a strange way to spice up a marriage, I can't imagine that being a turn on, at least for him," he said.

"Well, different strokes for different folks, and you just need to open your mind to different things to see how they would both find it exciting," she said.

"OK, maybe it could be a fantasy, but ... well go on with the story, um case."

John leaned in and kissed the gusset of her panties as he listened. He gave a fain 'mmmm'. His tongue lingered. He was hard. Zoe rested a hand gently on his head.

"Now, the next day, Jones sends a text message asking her to call him back. She gave him her phone number you see. She likes the sex with him. He's a tall guy, late forties, early fifties, a little filled out, but not fat really. He knows his way around a woman. A real Alpha type guy. Lucky girl."

"Lucky girl?" John whispered.

Zoe grinned at him. He thought it was a somewhat lecherous grin. Or perhaps condescending. She continued with the story as he kissed her pussy, then his tongue tried to slip past the edge of the gusset. He groaned.

"So she calls him back," she said.

"Doesn't she have a job?" John interrupts his wife again, pulling his head back and looking up at her. He notices that she has one hand inside her blouse, a finger rubbing gently over her nipple. He inhaled her musky scent. He loved it.

"No, Mr. Smith supports them, she's the housewife just like the old days," Zoe said.

"That's a rare thing these days," John said.

John was stroking his cock now, slowly and over the sweats, still, he was fully erect. His hips flexed ivoluntarily.

"So, she calls him, and he wants to do it without the condom, says he wants to bareback her. She isn't sure. He tells her he's had a vasectomy, emails a copy of the medical bill and whatever other papers he has that prove it, including a test of his semen that shows no sperm. She exchanges texts with hubby all afternoon, then convinces him at dinner, at Mary's, in the same booth she sat with Jones in, She says.

"That's harsh, what was she doing, rubbing it in?" John says.

"I don't know, remember he fully supports her, and he has great sex afterward, every time, maybe he likes to imagine what she looks like, naked, being fucked by another man, perhaps a better lover than he is," Zoe said.

"And maybe he got off, assuming she told him that it was the same booth," John said. He let go of his cock and slid a finger in under her gusset, gently pulling it aside. His wife pretended to be unaffected by it.

"Well, one tidbit that she let out was, that she had her hand in Jones' fly for much of that first meal, jacking him off as they talked. She said she did the same with her hubby, Mr. Smith, and told him then about what she had done with Jones," Zoe said.

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