tagNonHumanZombie Apocalypse Ch. 02

Zombie Apocalypse Ch. 02


Dear Readers: I hope you like the new type of story I'm starting. I plan to make it much longer. There isn't anything steamy in this chapter, but there will be soon. This isn't a quick read, so for those of you that take the time to read it. I do apologize if there are any typos or grammatical errors. As always, please comment and/or vote!!


I numbly walked back to our table and sunk into my chair. This was really happening? Maybe I was hallucinating. I looked to Jessie and Jason but they had the same look on their faces that I knew was on mine. Abruptly I realized there was still a hand wrapped around mine. I followed the arm to its owner and saw Finn. Where had he come from? My addled brain wondered. His touch was very comforting and I almost didn't remember the leggy blonde. Almost.

I yanked my hand back and cradled it as if I'd been burned. "What are you doing here?" I asked haughtily. His face was set in grim lines.

"Well right now, I'm wondering the same thing as you: How did this happen and what are we going to do? But I guess you might mean what am I doing near you after that day in the café."

"And what are you doing over here?" I prodded. A quick glance at my companions showed that they were very interested in the conversation.

"That girl, Carina, I didn't want her to kiss me Logan. I was waiting for you."

He seemed sincere, but I rationalized that maybe he was just a good liar. Just thinking back to that scene made me feel sick. "Sure you were, some gorgeous blonde just happened to fall on your lips."

Wow, way to go Lo, shouldn't we have kept the cards a little closer to our chest, hm?

"No. Listen, my brother set me up on a date with her last semester because he doesn't think I get out enough. I had never met her before that and it was a disaster. She's nuts, and a stalker. I swear I can't get rid of her. Believe me, I've tried."

"Then why didn't you just push her away?"

The look on his face turned pleading. "I did, you weren't around long enough to see."

I thought about it. Did I believe him? I looked to Jess to see if she would say something, but she didn't. Instead it was Jason that spoke up.

"Actually Logan, it's probably true. My friend Eric went on a date with her once, and he told me she was crazy. She stalked him for a few weeks until she found a new target."

Okay, so he probably was telling the truth. How was I supposed to know the other day in the café? I'm not a mind reader. Did it even change anything? Well, even if THAT did change anything, the pending apocalypse certainly did. Would we really stay long enough to finish the semester? It wasn't like the college was all that secure. If zombies were coming, I didn't want to be here.

"Okay Finn. I'll take your word for now. But we need to figure out what to do." The wheels in my head started turning. "I'm going to call my dad. He used to kind of work with the government. He'll know what to do. But first I think we should head back to the dorm, and we should have a car ready nearby. Finn what do you drive?"

"I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee."

"Okay, well that's not bad. How about you Jason?" I asked. Jessie and I both had small sedans, not the best vehicle for fleeing zombies or driving through a flesh-eating mob.

"Actually, I have an H2," he said proudly. "It was a gift from my parents." Jess and I were dumbstruck.

"What's that?" we asked. Jason let out a sigh.

"It's a hummer ladies."

"Perfect! You and Finn go grab your cars, and meet us by the girls' dorm next to the library. Room 213"

"I'm grabbing my brother too, he's cool don't worry," Finn replied.

"Okay, see you in twenty."

Jessie and I walked cautiously back to the dorm's, looking over our shoulder the entire time. It seemed almost normal except for the few students rushing around with packed suitcases or speeding through campus. When we made it back to the dorm we shut the door quickly behind us and locked it. We curled up together on the bed, and I quickly dialed my dad on my phone. He picked up on the first ring.

"Daddy?" My voice came out scared and quiet, like when I was little and afraid of the monsters under my bed. With that thought, I prayed there weren't any hidden zombies beneath my bed right now.

"Logan? Baby are you okay??" There was a sense of urgency in his voice.

"I'm fine Daddy, but what's going on?"

"We aren't exactly sure, but pretty soon everyone's going to go crazy. I need you to listen to me. Do you remember Mr. Mackey?"

"You mean Professor Mackey? I haven't met him, but I've heard of him. He teaches government and history."

"Yes Baby, but you did meet him when you were little. I'm going to tell him where to find you okay? He's going to come to your dorm in about an hour. Before then, back one suitcase full of your things. Tell Jessie to do the same. No frilly clothes, pack jeans and sweaters, boots if you have them. And in another bag, pack all of the food you have in your room. Still there Lo?"

"Yes, I'm listening..."

"Okay, once you're packed up, he's going to drive with you to his house. He's got some things to pick up there, but it isn't far away. He lives in Brandon. After you stop there, you're going to be stopping at a store, maybe a department store or a shopping center. By then people will probably breaking in. If they are, be careful, and take what you need. Mr. Mackey will keep you safe. If the store hasn't been broken into, use your emergency credit card I gave you. Honey?"

It took me a moment to realize he was asking a question. "Yes?"

"You remember how to shoot a gun right? All those days we went to the range, you didn't forget everything did you?"

"No daddy, I remember how to use a gun."

"Good, Mr. Mackey will give you one to use. Keep it on you at all times unless he tells you different. Okay, after shopping, it's going to be a little longer of a drive, but you're going to drive to the ship port in Tampa. I'm already here. I'll be on the boat. If you try to call me again, and it doesn't work, just do what I told you. I'll be right here, okay?"

"Okay. But Dad? It's not just me and Jessie, there are a few other people coming with us. Will there be room?"

"Yes Baby, that's fine, but try to keep it as small as you can okay? I've already got Jessie's parents here, you can tell her that."

"Okay. Daddy?"

"Yes Logan?"

"I love you."

"I love you too Baby Girl, try to stay safe."

"You too."

He chuckled, "I'll be safe. Just listen to Mr. Mackey. See you soon."

The click signaled that the call was over. I looked to Jess.

"Did you hear all that?" I asked. She nodded. She was right next to me after all.

"I'm glad my parents are there. Do you think we'll be safe on a boat?" she asked. I nodded.

"My dad always knows what to do. And since we're going to a larger port, my guess is that it will be a big ship. Big ships sail out into deep water, and I doubt zombies can swim under miles and miles of water."

"Good point. Well, let's pack."

A few minutes after we started packing there was a knock on the door. Both of us girls jumped, wondering what was on the other side of the door.

"It's Jason, open up!"

With a breath of relief we did what he asked. He came in with a duffel and set it down to close the door.

"Did you see Finn?" I asked.

"No, but he'll probably be here soon. Everyone's going crazy. They're all leaving, even the professors. No sign of zombies yet, but a few guys even broke into the school convenience store. It's chaos. When are we leaving?"

"In less than an hour. I'll give you the run-down when Finn gets here so I don't have to repeat myself," I replied. Jess and I continued to pack as I worried about Finn. How far away did he live? Where was he? Was he okay? And then I felt stupid. I barely knew the guy, why did I care so much? I calmed down a few minutes later when I heard another knock and his voice through the door.

"It's Finn."

I rushed over and opened the door, only to have the breath knocked out of me. There he was alright, with another handsome guy, and that stupid blonde!!

"Logan, I'm sorry. She was hanging with the same people my brother was and she refused to leave. And of course this is my brother Tristan." So that explained the other Greek God. Finn looked like he swallowed an egg, but I really didn't care. I didn't want that bitch coming with us.

"We couldn't leave her alone when the world is about to be overrun with zombies," Tristan said helpfully. He sent an apologetic look to his brother. The blonde was shooting daggers my way with her eyes, but I shot them right back.

"Fine, come in."

Only Tristan and Finn had bags with them. Blondie didn't, and I got a small amount of pleasure out of the fact.

"Okay, so what is the plan?" Jason asked again. I took a deep breath.

"I called my dad," Blondie rolled her eyes, "he used to work for the government." I added for Tristan's benefit. "Do any of you know Professor Mackey?"

Finn nodded. "I had him last semester. He's a good prof, but he can be strict."

That sounded like someone that would be friends with my father. "Okay, well he'll be here soon. He and my dad are friends. When he gets here, we're going to leave. We have to stop at his house for a few things, then a store, and then we'll be heading to the port in Tampa. My dad has a boat waiting there. We're going to get on the boat, and probably get out into the ocean."

"A boat? How are we supposed to live on a boat? What about food?" asked the blonde bimbo. I gave her a sharp look, reminding myself that it would probably look bad to Finn and his brother if I strangled her.

"Listen Blondie, it's probably more of a ship than a boat. My dad is an intelligent guy, he has a plan. But," I paused for emphasis, "you could just stay here. You don't have to come at all. So if you don't like the plan, leave."

"My name is Carina," she spat.

"Well then, Carina, are you staying or going?" I asked angrily. She didn't respond other than to cross her arms and stare me down, so I assumed she was staying.

Jess and I finished packing in a room that was now filled with awkward silence. Before too much longer the door opened to a face that took me a few minutes to recognize. I was sure Jess would recognize him too once she thought about it. My dad was right, I just always knew Mr. Mackey by his first name, and he wasn't really that old. Well, older than us, but not quite my dad's age. I think he was about 30.

"Ricky?" I asked.

"Logan?" he asked.

I probably looked different than I had the last time he saw me. Eight years ago I had been only 12, an innocent little girl with a crush on someone almost twice my age. He had been just as good looking then as he was now. During the summers that my dad took him under his wing I would follow him as often as I could, Jessie too. He would take us to the beach sometimes, or watch us if my dad was called out of town. He had let me snuggle up and watch movies with him. To me, I was excited to snuggle such a handsome boy, while he was probably just being nice to his mentor's little girl. Nothing more had ever happened, but he was my first crush.

Rick walked into the room and swept me into a big bear hug. Who would've thought that we would somehow end up at the same college? It felt good to have someone I trusted hold me close for a minute. He drew back a little but still kept me in the circle of his arms.

"It's good to see you kid. Though it's hard to recognize you without the pigtails," he said with a smile. I blushed a little and smiled back.

"Well, you're kinda old now, but I can still recognize you too," was my cheeky response. He chuckled before his eyes finally drifted to the other five people in the room. I followed his gaze and realized Finn was watching Rick like a hawk.

"Hello everyone, I'm Rick Mackey. Hey Jess," he said, smiling at my friend. Jess blushed under his gaze as I had.

"Rick, this is Jason, Finn, Tristan, and" and I paused unhappily, "Carina."

Rick looked at me during the pause, and I could tell he wanted to ask about Carina. I was sure he would, probably later.

"Are you all ready to go?" he asked. We nodded. "If you want to call your parents and have them meet us at the dock, you can try. Tell them to mention the name Roan Hartley when we get there."

"I brought my Hummer, and Finn has a Grand Cherokee," Jason added helpfully.

"Okay, we can take those. Jason, if you don't mind I'll drive the Hummer. You, Jess and Lo can ride with me. Finn, you can drive your SUV with Tristan and Carina. Let's go."

Finn didn't look happy with the riding assignments, but he didn't complain. Those of us that had bags grabbed them, and we headed back down to the cars. Jason had been right: it was chaos out here. There was running and screaming, but thankfully, no zombies. Yet.

We loaded the bags into the back of the vehicles, but before we piled in and drove off, Rick pulled Finn aside. "Here's the address to my house, this is where we're going next." He handed him a black walkie-talkie. "They're already set to the same channel. If you get lost or something happens, use it."

On that note, we got into the cars. Rick got in the driver's seat and me the passenger seat with Jason and Jess behind us. I heard Jason on the phone with his parents.

"My parents are going to make it there! My little sister too."

"That's nice Jason, hopefully we'll be there soon" Jessica said.

Rick took the back way out, but there were still a lot of cars. Eventually we ended up in a traffic jam. When it came to a standstill, Rick got on the walkie-talkie.

"Finn?" Click.

"I'm listening."Click.

The sound of his voice made my stomach flip over.

"We're going to take a different route. Just follow me, alright?"

"Sure thing Rick."

As soon as the car in front of us gave us enough room to move, Rick drove the hummer off the road into the field beside it. Finn's Jeep sat there a moment before he realized what was going on. Soon, however, he was right behind us again. We continued like that, riding beside the road until we turned off onto an empty road. The houses on it already looked deserted. I wondered where everyone else was going. Finally, we stopped in front of a white house. Rick turned to us.

"This is my house. I've got to go in and get a few things. Logan, you can come with me. We won't be long. Jason, can you get on the walkie-talkie and tell Finn and the others?"

Jason nodded and grabbed the walkie-talkie, but Rick and I were already off.

Once inside the house, I was tossed a large bag.

"What are we grabbing Rick?"

"Right now, follow me to the kitchen and grab food, and then we have to pack something else."

I followed him and did as I was told. I packed all of the non perishables and he grabbed a cooler for the colder food like the meat and the milk. Once it was packed he looked up.

"Let's carry these out so they can load them up, and then we'll come back in for the rest."

We dropped them outside the door and Rick ran over to the Jeep to have Finn pack them up in his car. Then he jogged back over.

"Okay Doll, follow me," he led me through the house and into the basement. The door had a keypad lock on it. Rick carefully punched in the code and the door opened to reveal a nice collection of weaponry. Most of it was composed of firearms, but there were some bows and swords as well. He grabbed two more bags and started putting the more conventional weapons in, like semi-automatic pistols, some rifles, a couple shotguns, and a few shorter swords and daggers.

"Logan? See that stack of bullet boxes over there? Grab them and fit as many as you can into that bag. If you can't fit it all, try to pack a variety."

"Okay Rick." I started setting the boxes into the bag, careful to grab different calibers. All but a few boxes fit. Rick was finished too. He looked so much more serious than the Ricky I knew as a little girl. I was definitely glad he had come to my rescue.

"Ricky?" I asked tentatively. The tone of my voice had him looking up slowly.

"Yes Logan?" he responded carefully.

"I'm glad you came, that you're here. I know my dad probably asked, but thank you." I walked over and hugged him really quick. He felt stiff for a moment, and I was about to pack off when he hugged me back.

"I still would have come for you Brat. Though I guess I can't still call you that, you've grown up a lot. I'm happy not to be alone too." He planted a soft kiss on the top of my head, and then slowly pulled away.

He tucked a .45 pistol into the back of his jeans and handed me a smaller Beretta. "Your dad said he taught you how to shoot, you know how to use this right?"

I felt the weight of the fun in my hand. Gripping it with my right, I slid the magazine out with my left. Full. I pulled the slide back a little to peek in the chamber, no round in there. Then I raised the gun in a modified Weaver, pointing it toward an empty concrete wall. It felt pretty good, and all of the lessons my dad gave me came flooding back. I flipped the safety on, and following Rick's example, wedged it into the back of my tighter jeans. He had a grin on his face.

"I'll take that as a yes. My guess is that Jessie doesn't know how to shoot a gun and I'm not giving anyone else one until I get to know them better."

I smiled back and agreed. I struggled to carry the heavy bag of ammunition, so Rick took it from me and he carried both. Back outside he quickly loaded those bags into our vehicle. He got behind the wheel once more and waiting for Finn to back out behind him. Now on our way he asked Jason for the walkie-talkie.



"Time to do some shopping. We need to bring supplies with us. There's a large store about 2 miles ahead. We're going to go there, then I'm going to go in with you and Jason." He navigated easily while talking. "We need food, things that don't need to be refrigerated. We also need first aid supplies. Any useful tools, things like matches or lanterns, grab it. And if you see soil, dirt or seeds for fruits and vegetables, grab those too. Some clothing if it's there and we have the time."

Soon we were at the store. The windows were broken and people were running in and out, most carrying armfuls of merchandise. It appeared that the cashiers and management had fled. I was glad now for the pistol that Rick had, and for the one that he had given me. Finn hurried over to the Hummer to meet up with Finn and Jason. Rick handed me his walkie-talkie.

"Logan, take this one. I have another on me, and Finn's is in the other car. If something happens, you call for me, okay Doll?"

"I will. Be careful," I said, looking between him and Finn.

They went in, and I sat in the silence biting my nails. I looked back at Jess. "I can't believe this is happening."

"What that good ole Ricky came to rescue you? And that he still happens to be really handsome? And that he's looking at you like he never has before?" she asked with a smile.

"That's not what I was talking about," I laughed, but I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. I thought back to Finn and groaned. Two gorgeous men that I had crushes on when the end of the world was coming, just my luck.


Finn followed the directions he'd been given. People were acting like crazy animals, though still no zombies. He tried to just put one foot in front of the other for now. Tristan had tried calling their mother and aunt in Miami, but hadn't managed to get an answer. They were starting to wonder something had happened to her. He had to keep a tight rein on himself or he would lose it.

Carina was being especially annoying. He was unhappily stuck with her for the remainder of the drive. She was whiney and clingy, and she just wouldn't shut up. On top of that, Professor Mackey seemed awfully close to Logan, and he didn't like the way he looked at her. Rick, ugh. When he'd referred to Logan as "Doll" Finn had the irrational urge to punch the guy. After all, he should be grateful. Thanks to Rick and Mr. Hartley, he was better off than most people right now. Their plan was a decent one. Zombies couldn't swim too well, and they sure as Hell wouldn't be able to swim in the ocean. Hell, what a good term. Life was turning into Hell on Earth.

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