Zuzie Beams Me Up


Zuzie lay back down on her bed because she liked the idea of multiple grocking like an Earth woman would like the idea of multiple orgasms but she didn't expect them like some of the Earth women I have been with. Once again I started licking, then sucking on her lovely breasts, paying special attention to her nipples. After a few minutes her nipples started to harden and I could see her pussies stirring and smell the delectable juices. To me, there was no problem in eating Zuzie's lower pussy some more. My cock had been in there a little earlier but I hadn't cum so the only juices were the ones Zuzie had produced and they were delicious. Not as delicious as the juices produced by her upper pussy, but plenty tasty. After spending a lot of time sucking and licking her breasts, I started eating her lower pussy. This time I remembered to fondle her breasts at thr same time. Almost as soon as I started eating Zuzie's lower pussy, it started humping into my face.

The longer I ate her delectable pussy and fondled her lovely titties, the harder her pussy fucked into my face. Her upper pussy also fucking into the air, and I could see and smell juices running from it but I would wait a while before going there. "This is amazing'", Zuzie told me. "I'm still a long way from grocking but I have never been this close to grocking a second time. That feels really, George. Keep doing it. I might grock again. I hope I do."

That was my hope too and, of course, I wanted to cum also but that would be later, while I would be eating her upper pussy and fucking her lower one. So far, on Zuzie's lower pussy, I had licked the single lip and the equivalent of the clit hood, and all around the love hole where I would be putting my cock soon. It was time to start licking and sucking what appeared to be Zuzie's clit, and I remembered what the reaction had been previously, and I was ready.

First, I curled my tongue under her clit hood and gently caressed the precious love button that was hiding there. I could again hear Zuzie making the moaning sound and her pussies were fucking more strenuously, one into my face and one into the air. My tongue caressed her clit for for only about half a minute then I licked the marvelous juices from Zuzie's love hole and started sucking on her clit. Although I knew she would not cum from this, it would bring her closer so I sucked on her clit and massaged it with my tongue.

Zuzie's limbs were thrashing about, and her pleasurable moans were louder. Both of her pussies were fucking up so hard, they were bouncing off the bed. "George, you are incredible", I heard her say. "I can feel I am close to grocking a second time."

Being close was good, for now so I removed my mouth from her lower pussy and moved up on her body, maneuvering my cock to penetrate where my mouth had just been. Her lower pussy was tight but there was plenty of lubricant so my cock slipped in easily and I moved forward so it was rubbing against Zuzie's clit. I fucked in and out a few strokes and felt Zuzie lubricating even more around my cock and her lower pussy fucking up to meet my strokes. I knew that Zuzie was ready, especially when her lower limbs squeezed my legs, and I was ready to resume eating the most delicious pussy in my experience.

Because her upper pussy was bouncing around so much, I had to start licking just below it, then move my mouth up to her wet, pink hole, so I could feast on the plentiful and delicious juices. When I reached the source of her juices, I felt like I was in Paradise. My cock was fucking Zuzie's hot, tight, wet lower pussy, and it was fucking back in perfect unison; my hands were fondling two of the nicest, biggest and firmest titties I had ever felt, with big, erect nipples and my mouth was feasting on the most delicious pussy juices I have ever eaten, while the pussy that produced those juices was fucking wildly into my face, and promising to deliver cum juices that would be even more delicious. And to top it off, the owner of those titties and pussies was telling me how wonderful I was and how much she loved what I was doing. I assume that's what she was doing but mostly it was in her native language, so I couldn't understand, but I could easily understand her tone of voice and her actions.

I loved what she was doing also, but my mouth was too busy eating her upper pussy to tell her. After I thoroughly licked what I have been calling her pussy lips, I was ready to start sucking on her clit, and Zuzie was ready for me to suck there. I clamped my lips onto that delightful love button, and started sucking on it, while my tongue caressed the engorged sides and top. When eating a human pussy, I can usually hold on to her legs to keep contact but my hands were otherwise busy so I had to press my face as firmly as I could into Zuzie's pussy in order to keep my mouth on her clit. Keeping it there wasn't easy, the way it was trying to bounce around, but I managed, and I sucked and licked on her clit until she started cumming.

"George! Fuck me! I'm grocking! I'm grocking! Penetrate me! It's wonderful. You're wonderful. I'm grocking!", and the rest of what she said was unintelligible, at least to me. What I did understand was the way her upper limbs wrapped themselves around my head and back and held my face against her upper pussy, which was where I wanted it to be. Because I wanted to cum also, right after Zuzie climaxed, I started fucking her lower pussy faster, and she responded by fucking back just as fast to meet me, while her lower limbs held my legs tightly.

Zuzie rocked back and forth and from side to side, ecstatically proclaiming what a wonderful feeling it was, and how wonderful I was, and I had to agree that I was a bit of allright. "Oh, George, fuck me good. I'm grocking! I'm grocking!" was the last thing Zuzie said, and then she climaxed with a great spasm, even bigger than the first one. A few strokes of my cock later, and I also climaxed, ejaculating into her lower pussy. Zuzie's limbs released me, and her body totally relaxed on the bed, and she sighed in total peace and contentment. The cum juices in her upper pussy were even more delicious that the juices had been before and I sucked them all out and then licked her dry, but the rest of my body was tired and satisfied to relax on top of Zuzie.

Both Zuzie and I lay contentedly until she spoke. "George, you are wonderful and amazing. The people on Zoop will never believe me so I won't tell them. They will never believe that I could grock twice, especially with a penetrator who wasn't from Zoop. Now I will easily be able to finish my tour as an observer, and I owe you a lot. Do you want me to put you back in the place where I picked you up?"

I had to think about that for a while. It had been late at night when I was beamed up here so it would be daylight now and I didn't want people to see me coming out of the clouds and onto the Earth. My life is quiet and I did not want to cause a sensation so I told Zuzie my reservations. "No sweat", she said, using an idiom she had recently learned. "I can connect an invisibility beam to the tractor beam so nobody will see you till I turn off both the beams when you arrive on Earth."

That seemed like a good idea so I agreed, and that is what was done. I did get a few double-takes when I seemed to appear from nowhere but nobody that I knew saw me and nobody who did see me wanted to admit that they had seen me appear from nowhere. I finished walking home, and I have told nobody what happened until now.

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