tagTranssexuals & Crossdressers01, 01: A Big Celebration

01, 01: A Big Celebration


I'm reading my book when she enters. I hear a clatter of keys and I look up, to see framed in our little entry way the tall figure of my roommate. She's standing there as in triumph, legs planted apart, her face all smiles. I smile too. Geena never looks this happy, I've never seen this side of her.

"What's up, G?" I say, sitting up straight.

"I did it," she announces excitedly. "I got the job and I aced the final, I did it all!" Her voice has risen above its usual rich alto, and I can even hear a little tremble of excitement; this almost as much as her words brings me to my feet. I run over and hug her, squealing.


"Thank you so much for your help Tina," she says, hugging me back. We barely fit in the little entryway, which is really just a space between the open closet that's built into the wall and the tall bookshelf we placed there just for fun to make a little hallway into our dorm room. Annie down the hall has a little ramp you have to step onto and then walk down, it's cute.

I step back to let my roommate take off her shoes and her dark jacket. "What are we gonna do to celebrate?" She looks back at me from the closet and giggles.

"Oh I don't know. I don't mind just hanging around." Geena doesn't go out a lot. I think she is a little shy, even though she doesn't seem like it at first, with the way she always takes charge. She is so pretty too, in a way you would call unconventional I guess; her nose is too bumpy, her face too pale and broad, her black hair too messy for her to catch the eyes of dumb boys the way the deep-fried blond girls do, even though really she looks like some kind of exotic Italian starlet... or maybe a little like Ferris Bueller's girlfriend in that movie, with her generous, chocolate eyes, larger than life somehow. Plus she is taller than some of them, and she comes on strong, just looking straight at you and asking whatever question she has. I saw her making out with a guy once, at the one party I could get her to go to, but she wouldn't talk about it afterward and it didn't go anywhere.

I settle down on the couch to half-watch TV, and Geena putters around behind me, humming a little. She sounds so happy! I can her the familiar click of her bracelets coming off. I lean back over the armrest to look at her shadowed back.

"It's too bad there aren't any guys around to see you like this," I say in a sing-song voice, teasing her. She laughs, blushing.

"Oh don't make me go out again Tina." She sounds embarrassed but she's still smiling.

"It's okay, I'm too tired to go anyplace tonight anyway." I loll back on our pile of pillows, stretching my legs across the couch. "Although I might be pretty popular too if I went out like this." Geena looks at my clothes and purses her lips, showing her faint little dimples. I'm wearing my old nightshirt with the unicorn on it, and some cutoff sweatpants that leave my thighs almost all bare. She puts her hands on her hips and affects a theatrical pose.

"You are all mine tonight sweetheart," she declares. "After the help you gave me studying, I owe you a biiiig night of celebration." She strides confidently around the couch and plops down across my feet.

"So," she says with an air of nonchalance, "what's on TV?"

I burst out in laughter, and fold myself over to her end (my feet are trapped) so I can tickle her. She shrieks as my fingers dig into the dark fabric of her t-shirt.

"No you can't, ahhh nooo!" She wriggles and swats at me with her long arms. "I might be on the Dean's List now! In the name of the dean I command you to stop!" I collapse on her belly laughing, comfortably bent in two. Why can't she be this playful around other people? But my thoughts are broken when her own fingers dig into my sides, just as ticklish as hers.

"Oooh!" I jerk away and my head bonks into Geena's chin, making her jaw clack shut. She lets go of me right away. "Oh no honey I'm sorry!" I am right back with her, petting her forearms as she holds her hands over her mouth. "Are you okay honey?"

She pouts at me. "You made me bite my tongue!" Her face is so funny, I know she's okay now. I tousle her hair and try to look contrite (I do still feel a little badly).

"Oh and on your big night too!" Geena looks at me askance, rubbing her mouth. "Well, we are just going to have to--eeee!" I cry as she pounces on me, pushing me into the pillows. "No no no!" I kick and fight but she tickles me soundly until I finally yell through her hair that I give up. Then we lie there panting, Geena's head on my breast, until she shifts. I see her arm rise.

"I wonder if Law & Order is on," she says. The TV clicks on, and I catch my breath. Then I push her a little, so that I can turn and see the screen.

Law & Order is on. Twice in fact. We watch it all, and then there is some weird thriller on Cinemax and we are lazy college girls with no obligations for hours and hours so we watch that too. It's really dark out by now and the hall is mostly quiet. We two have sunk into the couch. I have to shift occasionally to keep Geena's cheekbone from poking my hip the wrong way, but mostly I am comfortable, snug even, with my bare legs running down her warm torso, half covered by the blanket she's pulled onto us. I don't know how she can stand hanging her bottom half over the far end of the couch like she's doing but she seems fine.

On the screen, it looks like Angie Everheart is about to launch into another topless sex scene, as the slightly greasy male lead comes up behind her in this racy nightclub where he's led her and starts touching her through her dress. I think I am gonna laugh at this one like we did the others (it's not a very good movie) but I guess we're just used to it by now, ready to let the story run its course without further mockery. And wouldn't you know it but this shot is actually kinda working for me. Angie is supposed to be the innocent, upright woman who is actually trying to bring this sleazy (but somewhat hot) guy to justice for a bad thing he did earlier, only instead he is drawing her into his world and something about seeing his hands on her clothed breasts as she stands proud and helpless, pinned by her growing lust, just slips into me and makes me react. I lie still and quiet, just watching. Geena doesn't make any sound either; maybe she is asleep. So I don't really think of her. The scene gets a little hotter, and so do my legs and hips as the sex changes happen in my own body, although I don't feel like I need to do anything really, except lie there and float in this cheesy romantic fantasy a little while my panties steam up. Only I feel long fingers curling along my inner thigh.

This is strange. I guess Geena is watching after all? And she must like what she sees, because she is stroking me gently for what reason I do not know, and suddenly I notice her hot breath intruding between my rumpled nightshirt and the waistband of my shorts. Not that she is nuzzling me, you know, but she wasn't breathing quite like that a few minutes ago. I'm pretty sure.

It's uncomfortable but not too much so, so I let this drift for a moment, and then the next. Time passes like this when the lights are dim and you are relaxed. I ought to do something. Thoughts as to what haven't yet formed. Meanwhile those little fingernails lightly tickle my skin, inches from my crotch. It really feels quite nice. Something in that tickle is rising to my head and then out of nowhere I'm scared. Because my roommate is a lesbian. I mean I don't know that she is, but the idea that she could be has just become real, and I don't know what to do. I'm scared, and...

...and that's all. The second has passed and I'm still alive and this is college and I can do what I want. My heart speeds a little as something else opens in my mind: the idea that I can let this happen. In fact maybe I even want it. I am aroused, after all. As if to confirm this, my pussy suddenly throbs. I stare at the screen but all I see is naked puppets; they are just colored shadows now, pushed flat by the expanding possibility of what we are doing on this couch.

"Honey," I say softly, because I am afraid to just touch her hand even though I want to. I can't stop my voice from trembling but I need to say something flirty. "What are you doing?" No, that wasn't right. The fingers have stopped. I reach down and put my hand on hers. Okay, not so scary. But now we are frozen. The sex scene is ending in front of us. I swallow, my head thick, and a pool of lust spreads through my chest.

"I liked it," I hear myself purr, as my fingers strum over hers, enticing them to clasp the flesh of my hot thigh. Geena's hoarse breath spills out across my skin. It's the first sound I have heard from her. I stroke up around her wrist, where I can reach it, and her dangling hair tickles my hand. But still she is hugging my legs stiffly, her face turned away. I need her to cooperate if she is going to seduce me. "Sit up, G," I order her, tasting my old nickname for her in this strange new context. I start to pull away from her, and she opens just enough to let me go.

Then, slowly, she rolls over, swinging her feet to the floor, her face downcast all the while. She sits up. "Good girl," I say, but she won't smile with me, she doesn't even meet my eyes. Is she scared? Oh god am I doing something horrible? I fumble for what to say next and then my eyes light on Geena's chest, where her t-shirt, stretched because she is sitting on it, tents over her substantial breasts, each fronted by a very pointy nubbin of what is clearly a very erect nipple. I know my roommate and her boobs don't usually do this. And it is not cold in here. The girl wants me, just like I want her (I think), and we are going to hook up. I feel dizzy, unreal. It occurs to me that maybe this can be the present she owes me. I scootch in 'til my knees meet her thigh, and the little distance I move feels like a mile, because I am on my way to make a move on my friend. I see her head turn as my naked legs move so close. My hand slips under her chin, to turn it more. I duck my head to match her face to mine. Her big dark eyes are low under their gracefully arched lids, and then, suddenly, she's looking at me. Oh those eyes. My friend is hot. My heartbeat skips. I'm very very excited.

"Geena," I say, wanting, asking. Her eyes are dull, her sculpted lips apart. I feel her palm land on my thigh. Yes, I think, wanting her to take more. But I can't say it, I'm nervous again, what am I doing? even as I cup her breast in my shaking fingers. So yielding, so warm. My lips are dry, they are leading me forward, and then she's scrambling, pushing off my thigh as she tries to stand, so fast that I nearly fall openmouthed into her shoulder.

"I--can't," she cries, strangled. And then she's fumbling at the door and slipping around it and with a click of the latch I am alone.

Oh no oh no. I rise unsteadily from the couch, but Geena is gone. Is she angry? Should I be? I look in the mirror above our bureau, and see myself flushed and glowing, my wavy golden hair a mess, a cloud. A minute ago I felt the way I look, but now I am blinking back tears. I think she wouldn't just go tell somebody. She can't! I worry about that a little but then right away my fear for myself slips into the hole she left when she pulled away from me. I feel sick because I groped my roommate and it wasn't okay. And dimly, I wonder how I can face her again. But more than that I just ache because we were so deep into this thing and then she stopped it and my body needs to keep moving into her but instead I am straightening up the couch.

There is nothing more to do in here except get ready for bed. I take my toothbrush and my bruised self to the bathroom to do the bare minimum; I can shower in the morning. I feel forlorn but the faint sounds of the hall, and then the cool tiles on my feet, help to ease me out of my horny fugue, pull the blood away from the surface. I know things will work out. Maybe I will even masturbate once I am in bed.

I take care of my toiletry mechanically, not thinking. It occurs to me as I am leaving the bathroom that Geena might have been in one of the stalls... and a moment later I see her back, turning the corner, as she walks toward our room. She passed right by me while I was peeing maybe. I don't know. But now I must face her.

When I open the door she is pulling on her boxers, and I feel relieved that she is doing something so ordinary as getting ready for bed too. She looks up at me and before I can speak she says "I'm so sorry." Her voice is tight somehow, but she looks basically calm. Her hands are at her hips, her soft dark eyebrows gracefully knit.

"Oh," I say, as some of the weight suddenly lifts from me. I'm not sure whether I should apologize too. Geena opens her mouth to say something else but no sound emerges. Then she starts toward me, one arm partly raised. She looks stuck. I feel a rush of empathy and almost leap in to hug her. I clasp her tightly, and she quickly responds in kind.

I still don't know what to say so I just keep on squeezing her. Eventually we disengage and step apart.

"Pretty weird way to end your big night, huh?" I try to joke. In this moment the whole incident feels like a familiar thing, something we've endured together.

To my relief Geena chuckles, albeit weakly. "Yeah," she replies, a catch in her throat. We stand awkwardly for a beat.

"Well, I guess I'm going to bed," I say. On some level I know we need to talk this through. But I feel inept. It's easier just to move away, toward the ladder to my bunk. I'm aware of Geena standing behind me. But she was going to bed too, and we can talk in the morning. I start to climb and her hands fall on my shoulders, stopping me at the first rung even though I hadn't heard her move. I turn my head and hers is right there and she pushes and steers me, easily controlling my precarious mass, until I am captured, somewhat stably, between her and the ladder and the adjacent wall. For a split second she hasn't yet kissed me but she's closing in, I see my fate clearly in her yearning eyes, hear it in our quickened breaths, but it's all I can do to keep my balance on the rung and watch my life change. This moment is light and scent and warm pressing girl, no room is left for minds but to know about it. Now her lips reach mine and knowing and watching both die away. Oh throb, says my clit.

My eyes flicker, wanting to close and leave out the whole world except for this warm female face pressing close to mine, these delicious lips. I tense my calf as Geena's advance tilts me away from my foothold, and I almost fall but then her arm is behind me, she's got me.

"Unh," I gasp in a high-pitched tone, torquing my head to track Geena's sideways motion, to continue thrusting at her lips. My arm is in the way, still stretching across her big squashed breasts to rest on the ladder's further post, and I struggle for a moment to lift it up high and then around to her other side without disengaging our lips any longer than necessary. Then my foot slips and for a moment she is half carrying me as I step-swing to the floor and then thump back against the wall. Her arms are both encircling me, and I submit hungrily, clawing my fingertips down her t-shirt-clad back.

Geena has to bend a little to meet my face, and her hips are held back from mine. She mouths me again and again, so fiercely that I think I might cry out. My pelvis pushes by instinct for hers, but I can't press it into her, leaning back as I am. I can only meet her hot full kisses, surrender to them.

Then she slows, lowering her torso so she can reach more of me, my temple, my neck. Wherever she kisses me, I burn. Behind her my arms feel light, unneeded. Geena is the hands, the mouth. She can do whatever she wants with me.

I feel her fingers hitching up my shirt, encircling my naked belly, and my eyes widen. "Yes, oh yes, oh yes," I chant, gazing toward the far corner of the ceiling above Geena's picture of racehorses. Her mouth finds my shoulder and I wriggle there. Now she's kissing down my collarbone, now her hands are up under my armpits, they're sliding behind me, they're unhooking my bra.

"Haaaah," I sigh airily, feeling my breasts sag slightly. I raise my arms and let her slide the old unicorn shirt off me. It falls to the floor and only for a moment do I meet Geena's smouldering eyes before she dives back to my chest.

"Oh baby, I need you," I pant, clasping my hands in her hair. I don't have to push her, I just knead and moan, letting her big open kisses deform my tits, jiggle them, wet my cleavage. I am not as big as Geena but I have plenty for her long fingers to grab. And she is dizzying me, kissing my beating heart, brushing my nipples. I am fevered. My hands run up and down her spine, playing her. Now her mouth closes around my right nipple with a rich, measured suckle that lasts for seconds, years, and I'm carried over the edge. My palms spread on her warm back, pushing. I gasp sharply, once, again, jerking my hips. My chin meets her scalp as I shudder in place. She licks my titty once more, and ooohhh I groan low. Quakes of pleasure roll through my belly, through my head; I breathe them onto her hair. My pussy fucks at the air, hungry, untouched except by the teasing pressure from my short shorts.

"Oh god yes G do me I want you," I coo, petting my roommate wherever my hands can find her. She is losing control too. Her mouth no longer kisses but just nibbles everywhere on my belly, washing me with quick hot breaths and random tasting tongue-strokes. I have forgotten how to be ticklish. Her hands grope under my butt, she pants at me louder and louder, and now she's rising, hugging, kissing, wrestling me, I don't know what's happening but we fall and there's a bed under us and I'm hitching back so she can mount me or whatever she thinks she will do. I'm scared again but I want it, whatever it is, whatever is about to happen.

Geena is half on me already and she doesn't stop, she climbs up and turns partway to fit me, her kneeling closed thighs driving mine wide apart. My hips tremble with want; I wrap my legs behind her waist, tugging her downward, but she resists. Her forehead meets mine, her full cheek touches mine. She is taut with heat but her motion is curiously tender. My arms encircle her, I kiss her ear, but she only hovers. The moment stretches.

My hips push upward once more; I lift my ass from the bed briefly, so hungry for that bared narrow midriff under my calves to crush me down and hump me silly. But she is still, though her breath seems nigh to flaming.

"Geena," I beg. "Geena." I love her for holding me, for letting time pass so I can feel this wild hurting need. I kiss my love into her firm shoulder. Her face sinks further into the hollow of my neck. She is resting partly on it--I can feel her arms relax a little.

"Yes baby yes, come to me," I tell her arched neck. She's strong but I am coaxing her into me. "Baby this is right, I need this, you can have me." I'll say anything to make her move into me more, and everything I can say is true. I feel her knees slip a few inches. I wrap my legs all the way around her, I can reach now, and my cunt brushes something, she's almost here to me where she belongs. "Don't stop G," I plead, "I'm yours, I'm all yours."

Whether it's from my touch or from my words I do not know, but something is released in Geena. I feel her moan, almost see it the sound is so human, has such shape, such pain. I don't know if she's horny or sobbing or what but I feel for her even in my sudden frightened silence. But her hand is gliding down, then the other too, and as they tickle along my ribs I think yes, because this is where the girls finger each other finally. I cross my own arms through hers, finding and grasping her soft relaxed buttocks while she probes at my waistband, and sliding down her shorts as she fumblingly unfastens mine. I have to pull my thighs in so she can take my shorts down, down, and off one foot with my panties along for the ride. Oh god maybe we are going to rub pussies together. But still she perversely holds herself arched. I won't wait any more. I spread my legs wide again, I run my hands around her beautiful hips, reaching for her surely sopping crotch. And her arms are suddenly there between us--they push mine back. I struggle with her, growling in sudden frustration and lust, driven beyond understanding of why she would try to stop me. My hands twist and push, fingers questing toward her sex, but I only manage to graze her sweaty wrist--yet her hands are both on me, higher up my arms, so how--

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