tagBDSM0258223 & the Purity Laws Ch. 07

0258223 & the Purity Laws Ch. 07


Chapter 7 – A Burning Ambition

"A word to the wise," Josie whispered, "Even think of commenting on last night and we'll do a thorough investigation which will show that you're covered in your own cum – again. That will carry the maximum penalty." She drew her finger across her throat and pointed to my newly re-caged genitalia. "What's more – I'll be the one to give you the unkindest cut of all."

"B..but, last night..."

"Last night was last night. Today I've got a job to do – it's the ordeal by fire," she sniggered, "You could say that last night you had an old flame and today your getting a much hotter one. Right, up you get."

She reached down for the chain attached to my Cage and pulled hard – I had no alternative but to scramble as best I could to my feet.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Out to the Ordeal By Fire," she smiled. "And you'll be able to think of my cooling mouth as the flames get nearer."

I was taken to the large room that had been where my balls had undergone the violent twisting.

The Sergeant was busy setting up some contraption near a table whilst Carver was bringing a large candle across.

"Is he ready?" the Sergeant asked.

"Yes," said Josie.

Carver looked up. "You're losing your way, Josie – he's still in the Cage. The heat won't get through that."

"Oh, sorry, I forgot," she knelt down in front of me and undid the ball strap before pulling off the Cage whilst the other two got on with what they were doing.

I couldn't help it, the memory of last night was too clear and her face too close to my cock. I thrust my hips forward and felt her face against my swelling member. Her mouth opened wide and for a moment I thought she was going to suck my dick again.

It was only for a moment – because, instead of the soft sensation of her lips and tongue I felt her teeth bite hard just behind the hood of my penis. I yelped as she drew back.

"Problems with the Cage catching on his prick," Josie said quickly. It was enough to soften my ardour.

Within moments she had produced the long nose pincers I'd seen before and the Tube. The Tube had now been taped to a flat board which was about three inches longer and two inches wider on each side. She deftly slipped the Tube over the pincers, grasped my foreskin with them and drew my cock into the Tube and out the other end.

"Over here," Carver ordered stepping away from the bench that she had been working at. I walked, with some difficulty over to her to see a metallic framework made up of a series of vices on the edge of the bench. Just beyond it was a platform, about eight inches high and above that a very large, unlit candle.

"Undo his hands," the Sergeant instructed Josie. She quickly unfastened them, but as quickly the Sergeant and Carver took one wrist each and had it attached to poles at each end of the bench at about shoulder level. I was standing, as if crucified, with my genitals up against the bench – I could not move back because my wrists were held out too far at each side of me.

The Tube (containing my cock) was rested on the small platform and clipped into place. Tape that I took to be the new Super tape (looks like old fashioned Sellotape but could hold a man's weight and is virtually indestructible) attached the Tube to the platform so that I could not move.

I could not see the purpose of this contraption – the candle was only a few inches above the Tube, and I could see that it would drip just beyond the end of the Tube. But in my present state (cold-water small) it would have no effect on my two inch penis safely ensconced in the Tube.

"Now," explained Carver. "The Ordeal by Fire works in two ways – it is a Psychological re-programming Punishment. This candle is no ordinary candle – it burns very slowly and melts at a much higher temperature than conventional candles – so the wax is about 98°C – touching it is the same as touching a boiling kettle. In the same way that mice are trained to react certain stimuli so too will you be. You will be shown your own collection of pornographic material. If you are aroused by it you will suffer the pain of red hot wax.

"If the first wax," she continued, "Does not cause you to shrink and take no further interest further waxing will cause permanent damage so that you genitalia will no longer be usable."

Josie chimed it, "So you'll never be able to wank or fuck again."

Carver looked irritated at the interruption. "Thank you. All you have to do is remain in control and you will suffer nothing."

The lights dimmed and two television screens lit up. One (about eye level) showed a close up of the candle and the Tube – the other (in line with the end of my dick) was, as yet, a white screen.

"Light it," instructed the Sergeant, "Let's here this boy squeal."

Carver leaned over and lit the candle – I could feel the heat on my stomach – it felt like standing next to a ring on a gas cooker. The first dollop of wax splatted onto the board, it landed about an inch in front of the end of the Tube.

'This is easy,' I thought, 'all I have to do is think about blue skies and green hills and this will be a breeze.'

Not for the first time since I'd been arrested, I was wrong.

The second screen lit up. It showed a schoolroom and a fresh-faced girl who could have been under 18. She was wearing a blazer, tie, white shirt, pleated skirt and long white socks – the shirt was clearly at least two sizes too small for her voluptuous breasts. They had done their homework – they knew exactly which of my buttons to press.

I could not take my eyes off the screen.

She moved towards the screen and said, "Gosh, it's hot in here." She took off her blazer – the outline of her frilly bra beneath her shirt was perfectly visible – as were her straining nipples. With her forefinger she absent-mindedly touched her collar bone and then gradually dragged her finger over the top of her left breast as far as the nipple. Her finger ran round the large lump in her shirt and she closed her eyes in ecstasy.

I was suddenly aware of a constriction in my penis. With horror I realised that it was growing within the Tube. I realised that if I continued to get excited the hot wax would scald me – but the pictures were still going on...

The schoolgirl had started to slowly unbuttoned the shirt revealing her lacy bra and its swelling load of tits. Within a few seconds she had the shirt open and was massaging her breasts within the bra.

"You want to see more?" she spoke directly to the camera and appeared to be looking into my eyes. I licked my lips and nodded soundlessly. A quick glance at the Tube showed that my prick had not appeared at the end near the dripping wax – there was a good half inch between the end of the Tube and the small pile of wax. I felt safe.

The girl on screen had slid her hands inside the cups of her bra and was removing her breasts. They were milky white with a light pink aureoles the size of an old English penny. Her hand movements caused the tops of her breasts to shudder as she massaged herself – the tension in the Tube became greater, but, I thought, was still well within the bounds of safety.

Leaving her left breast out of her bra she slipped off the blazer and loosened her tie – once the knot was down to her third button she left it and then shrugged off her shirt and bra leaving only her tie dangling between her tits. Her hand then moved down to her blue pleated skirt and slowly lifted the hem so that it revealed her creamy thighs. As she reached her waist I saw her frilly white knickers – a thumb in each side and they were pulled down – but her skirt came with them. I could only hope that she would raise it again so that I could feast my eyes on her secret garden – would it be closely manicured or a tangle of thick pubic hair?

Her hands returned and lifter her skirt once more – now the end of her tie was all that hid her privates from view. She slowly rubbed her forefinger on the end of her tie as it lay over her cunt – she moved it up and down rhythmically and I found myself moving in the same way.

The camera closed up on her crotch, I could see that the end of her tie was getting damp and that she was au naturelle when it came to hirsuteness. Springs of black hair sprouted to either side of the tie – I found myself moving to one side to see around the tie when she began to slowly lift it revealing her shiny pink lips.

"Arggghh!" I screamed as the hot wax hit the end of my prick. It was like someone sticking a knife right in the helmet of my dick.

"Who's a naughty boy?" Josie admonished. "Remember the effects of one splash will only last a few days – two splashes will last weeks – and either three or four splashes will result in permanent damage."

That was enough – my interest in the girl on screen vanished immediately. I thought, 'There's nothing they can do to make that happen again.'

It took a few minutes for my eyes to stop watering and for me to regain my composure. My prick's retreat into the Tube had offered some relief from the immediate pain – but it still stung like hell.

As my eyes cleared I became aware of a warm feeling around my balls – a glance down showed that the Sergeant was standing behind me and had put his hand between my legs from where he was gently massaging my balls. Now, I'm not homophobic, but neither am I a great lover of homosexuals – but the feeling was pleasant. At the same time Carver stood on my right and was whispering in my ear:

"Just imagine sliding your long dick into my wet cunt. Think of burying your face between my tits and then sucking each of my nipples in turn. As they get hard you'd feel my warm juices surrounding your cock as it throbs deep inside my cunt..."

I didn't hear all of what she said because Josie had started in my left ear, "Did you enjoy last night? I did – I haven't brushed my teeth this morning and I can still taste your cum in my mouth. It was so warm and tangy – like thick seawater. Can you remember what my pussy tasted like as it engulfed your face? Remember the taste of my cunt's lips as you bit them..."

On the screen was a constantly changing array of photographs of breasts, nipples, penises, balls, and couples in varying degrees of copulation.

The effect of the hand, the voices and pictures was enough to set me off to wards the biggest hard-on I'd had it years. It was like swimming in sex. I could feel that I was about to cum as I'd never cum before when the voices stopped; the pictures disappeared; the hand was withdrawn; and, too late, I saw the giant globule of wax hit the end of my dick. If I hadn't cum at that moment I think I'd have been permanently damaged – luckily the creamy liquid doused the heat of the wax – but the point had been made and I withered once more.

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear," said carver shaking her head. "have you seen what he's done?"

"Oh, tut, tut," said the Sergeant.

"We have been a naughty boy, haven't we?" asked Josie.

All three were looking at the puddle of cum amongst the hot wax.

"And at the last minute too," Carver shook her head.

"Well we all know what happens now, don't we?" enquired the Sergeant.

"What?" I demanded. "What are you going to do?"

"We're going to release you," explained Josie.

"Thank God," I let out an enormous sigh.

"But only after you've had that thing sorted out," Carver nodded towards my privates as the Sergeant put out the candle.

"S..sorted out?"

"We've got to make sure that there is no repetition of today's mess."

"We can't just let you go and have you wanking all over the place again," explained Josie.

"I..I won't. I promise."

"You won't be able to," Josie explained. "You'll have it in the Trap."


"Like the Cage – but different in two major respects," explained the Sergeant.

"One," said Carver, "Is that there is no room for an erection – it's designed to prevent it."

"And two," Josie chimed in, "is that it is permanent. And I mean permanent."

The Sergeant walked to the corner of the room and brought out the Trap – carrying it like a cup containing the Holy sacrament. It was about three inches long and appeared to be made of chain and wire. With a black and green inner to it.

I was quickly unstrapped from the vice and my prick was pulled into the tube of the Trap. My balls were then belted into place and a chain from the end of the Trap was wrapped around the top of my left thigh pulling the contraption tight and effectively tying my prick to the top of my leg.

"This will prevent it from growing and there is no way that you will be able to masturbate whilst wearing it," explained carver.

"Nor will anyone else be able to provide it with any kind of stimulation," Josie explained. "And if you try to undo this ball clamp, or any other part of the Trap, it sends message through to us."

"And next time, "Carver added, "It's.." she drew her finger across her throat, "...for the lot."

"You'll have to learn how to piss round corners," the Sergeant explained, "You've made you last use of an urinal."

"Youwon't even be able to sit like the rest of us," Carver added.

"It doesn't matter how much you fiddle with this – it won't come off."

"Right" said the Sergeant undoing my hands and offering me my shirt. "Unfortunately you left your trousers at home so you'll have to manage without them. Off you go."

With an unceremonious shove I found myself, once more, in the bright car park – this time wearing only a shirt which did not properly cover my heavily chained privates.

As I walked back to my flat, amidst the stares of passers-by, I couldn't help wondering how I was going to get out of this latter-day chastity belt.

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