tagBDSM11:48 - Chapter 01

11:48 - Chapter 01


Six years had been invested in her, and she had definitely become a model slave. The rebellious college student had certainly learned discipline, and from that point, everything else began to fall into place.

"I am very, very proud of you," I praised her as I gave her a crushing hug; her soft groan was laced with a tangible happiness. "I know that it's been a long six years for you, but look at just how far you've come in that time. While you still have occasional moments of rebellion in you, you are definitely a wonderful slave. Life isn't about you anyone, it's about someone else's happiness and well-being. Without a doubt, you've taken quite well now to your role, and you definitely deserve to be rewarded for all your effort over these past six years."

The way she beamed when I finally released her from My grasp warmed My heart. Yes, I was quite sadistic, and tended to joke that I have "a heart of coal," but I definitely had a soft spot for her beaming eyes full of love and happiness and a desire to serve.

she was already naked, save for the ever-present thin ring of metal surrounding her neck. That was good, for her reward would be easier to achieve while she was naked.

"If I remember correctly," I said, gazing into her violet eyes as I gently caressed a bare breast, "you were both at 2:48PM, right?"

"Yes, Master, i was," she replied softly, trying not to close her eyes to better focus on My caressing hand.

"Good." I dipped My head to kiss her cheek, then took her hand in Mine and guided My dutiful slave to the Master bedroom. That was when she knew that something special was definitely about to happen, for the only time she was ever allowed in the Master bedroom was when I had specifically invited her to cross the threshold. This time, I did not insist that she crawl into the Master bedroom - instead, I stopped, picked her up in My arms, and carried her across the threshold, just as I had done on the day of O/our wedding.

Carefully, I deposited her at the center of the bed. she was such a short and thin person that she seemed incredibly tiny at the center of the king-size bed. As I stepped away from the bed, I kept My eyes trained on her, admiring her, once again studying her graceful curves, warmed by the smile upon her lips and in her eyes. The Asian beauty watched Me in return, shameless in her nudity while undressing Me with her eyes.

At last, I sat in the recliner in the corner, pulling back on the handle to stretch My legs. Already My arousal was evident as a slight and growing bump at the front of My jeans, and My position in the recliner probably made it even more evident.

"Touch yourself," I commanded her, and My slave obeyed, repositioning herself so that I could see directly between her spread legs and watch intently as she complied. As her arousal increased as signaled by the glistening of her sex, My arousal increased as evidenced by the prominent bulge at the front of My jeans.

It did not take very long for My slave's scent to fill My nostrils. Each inhalation further filled My heart, further warming Me. her scent carried with it her devotion and her dedication, and it further enhanced her external and internal beauty. Not long afterward, the first whimpers of passion reached My attentive ears.

As My slave had learned very early in her training, there are many, many ways one can suffer. While I craved her physical pain and the accompanying struggles and screams and tears, I also found a special joy in her suffering from pleasure, and that was one particular form of suffering which she had endured almost daily for a full year, for her previous orgasm was on her birthday one year earlier.

...and the moment of her annual orgasm was nearly at hand.

I had not told her that she would only be permitted on orgasm per year. But after so much time had passed since her last orgasm, I believe she instinctively knew. she most likely hoped that if I only gave her a single present for her birthday, it would be an orgasm.

"Look at the clock," I instructed My slave, and she turned her head to the digital clock atop the dresser. "Only at 11:48 may you finally succumb to an orgasm, and you have only that minute to enjoy it. By 11:49, that's at. One orgasm for up to one minute... and no longer. Is that clear, slave?"

"Y-yes, Master." her voice was breathy already, and her pleasurable suffering had only just begun.

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