tagNovels and Novellas14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 02

14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 02


Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 'parts' that should be read in order. Most of them will stand on their own, but certain nuances of the story will be better understood if each part is read in succession.

PART II (day 5)

The next day I had a hard time keeping quiet about what had happened between Kelly and me. I wanted to pull Tom and Dave off to the side and brag, yet I had promised Kelly that I wouldn't. And I sure as hell didn't want to piss her off, I wanted more of what I'd had the night before. So I was true to my word and kept my mouth shut, although the guys knew something was up. At one point Tom began interrogating me saying, "C'mon, we know you got laid."

I shrugged it off and just said, "Could be," and kept them in the dark. But they continued to dog me until I was finally forced to slip away from them in the early afternoon to get a little peace and quiet.

I found myself wandering along one of the many trails that wound through the trees and around the lake. It was very relaxing and peaceful. As I topped a small hill, I could see the lake come into view. I decided to head toward its shore so that I could get a feel for where I was in relation to where I thought the cabin should be. The last thing I wanted to do was to get lost out here in the middle of nowhere. And so I began to move through the trees and underbrush, not really on a path. The walking was a little rough, but I got through it all right.

When I reached the shoreline, I had to move around some large boulders protruding from the ground in order to get a clear view of where I was. As I rounded the rocks, I could see that the water was lapping up a sandy shore line, almost like a mini beach at the ocean. The view that I got as I continued on was clear all right; I nearly tripped over myself. There on that same blanket from yesterday was Tiffany, again totally nude. But this time, lying beside her and also nude, was her mom, Cheryl. They were both on their backs, apparently sunbathing.

I was beside myself. I didn't know whether to say something, or just try to make a quiet getaway. My decision was made for me when Tiffany raised up a little and squeaked, "Oh, Hi Mike!" Cheryl looked up at me and then just laid her head back down as if nothing had happened.

A bit flustered, I said, "Sorry ladies. I didn't mean to disturb your privacy."

"It's no problem," Cheryl responded. "We just didn't want to sunbathe nude at the cabin because we didn't want to upset anyone," she explained, still without any reservations concerning my being there.

"Are we upsetting you?" Tiffany playfully challenged with a teasing tone.

"Me? Hell no!" was my response.

"Then why don't you join us for a while?" Cheryl questioned.

"Well, I wouldn't want to impose any further than I have already," I said, trying to be polite.

"Nonsense," she returned with Tiffany chiming in to say "Get out of those clothes and let me rub some oil on you!"

How in the world could I turn down an invitation like that? I kicked off my shoes and pulled my tank top off, doing likewise with my shorts. I have to admit that I was a touch self conscious because my cock was already about half hard. What I really wanted was to get it fully hard and stick into one of these beauties, but I didn't necessarily want them to know that, at least not right at that moment. But then again, I thought, maybe they'd just take it as a compliment. As well they should have. This mother-daughter pair were simply gorgeous. Cheryl with her mature, still solid and well-built voluptuousness, and Tiffany's youthful sexiness; They were the things that fantasies are made from.

I moved toward the blanket and the duo made room for me to lie down. I stretched out, face down so as to hide my, shall we say, excitement. Almost immediately Tiffany had the oil and squirted some on my back. I closed my eyes as she began to rub it into my skin. I have to admit the warm afternoon sun and her oily hands felt great on me. Tiffany's young fingers slid up and down my back and over my shoulders dispersing the ample amount of oil that she had applied. Then I felt her hands move downward and over the flesh of my ass. I guess I should have expected it, but I was caught, once again, a little off my guard. I remained motionless, however, and just enjoyed the sensations as the girl moved beyond my butt and worked the oil into the backs of my legs as well.

After Tiffany had completed basting me, giving my ass a pat, she said, "Nice butt," and then giggled like a schoolgirl.

Cheryl reprimanded her saying, "Mind your manners, Missy," in a kind of tongue-in-cheek tone. Then a few moments later I felt another hand on my hind-end followed by Cheryl's voice agreeing, "You're right... Nice butt." And then the two of them giggled together.

I had to chuckle as well and added, "From what I've seen, the same could be said for you two."

This was followed by Tiffany, in a counterfeit voice 'tattling' on me. "Mom, he's been looking at my butt!" she whined.

In response Cheryl consoled her daughter, "That's okay honey... Apparently he's been looking at mine too!" To which we all had a good laugh.

After that the three of us just laid there quietly for the next 10 or 15 minutes. I had nearly dozed off when I felt Cheryl nudging me. "You better turn over or you're going to burn," she stated.

I lazily rolled onto my side and then came to rest on my back. Propping myself on my elbows and squinting my eyes against the bright sunlight, I could see Tiffany now wading in the edge of the lake. Her tender young body was tan and firm. She splashed some water up on her abdomen and I watched as the cool water made her nipples stand erect. I remember thinking 'What a way to spend an afternoon'. My thoughts were interrupted by the feel of more oil being squirted onto my chest. Cheryl had the bottle this time and she just smiled when I looked over at her.

Once she was confident that she had applied enough of the viscous liquid, she snapped the bottle closed and tossed it aside. Then she began to massage it into my skin. There was a definite difference in the feeling that came from her hands as compared to Tiffany's. You could almost feel the experience and confidence that I was sure she had.

Her touch was firm but not overbearing, and her movements were much more graceful than those of her daughter. My heart and other parts of my anatomy stirred as she continued working the oil into my chest. This did not go unnoticed and within moments her slippery fingers were on my stomach and then dipped below that and into my groin. My cock continued to stiffen as she coated it with the slimy oil and I just closed my eyes, loving the feeling.

When I felt her hands move away from my now raging hard-on and set to work on my thighs, I again opened my eyes. What I saw was a magnificent ass pointing directly at me. Cheryl had turned with her back to me and was balancing herself on her knees while she rubbed the oil into my legs. I couldn't resist, so I reached out, placing the palm of my right hand squarely on her right buttock. "Nice butt," I quipped, mocking the girls' earlier exchange.

"That's right, and don't you ever forget it!" she replied.

"Not a chance," I said, now running my hand over the whole of her firm round bottom. I couldn't believe my good fortune. Last night with Kelly, and now this. I considered myself one lucky S.O.B.

Cheryl moved to reach my left leg and when she did her legs parted somewhat, affording me the slightest glimpse of her pubic hair and snatch nestled between her thighs. I was still playing with her ample ass and wondered if I should press my luck or stick with what I had been allowed so far. I decided to go for it. ('No guts, No glory' right?)

I let my hand slip lower and lower until my fingertips were poised at the base of her ass cleavage. Then I pushed lightly forward, into the warmth of her crotch. I could feel the tight curls of her love nest and then the outline of her pussy. To my surprise she didn't even flinch, and when I was met with no resistance I pushed forward a bit more, parting the lips of her vagina ever so slightly.

Still there was no indication from Cheryl that I should stop, so I continued to press into her. My fingertips were met with dampness within her folds and I knew that she was enjoying my attention. With that knowledge, I was a little more bold and wiggled my index finger into her inviting hole an inch or so. I heard a quiet, throaty "Mmmm..." escape from her and I was sure, then, that all was well. So I pushed a little deeper while searching for her love button with my middle finger. As I worked my index finger inside of her, I kept steady pressure on her clit, almost grinding it against her body.

By now it was obvious that I was having an effect on her. Cheryl's hands were no longer rubbing the oil into my skin, but were now planted firmly on the blanket to hold herself up on all fours. Her legs had parted further to allow me greater access and she was becoming more and more audible. She even began to press back against my hand in an effort to increase her own pleasure.

I retracted my hand just enough to let my middle finger join the index, and then pushed them both back into her now very wet hole. I sank them as deep as I could and pressed my thumb against her now exposed asshole. I didn't push into her anus, but kept a steady pressure against it as I had done to her clit only moments before. "Ohhh...Mmmm," she cooed.

I had nearly forgotten about Tiffany until I heard her nearing the blanket. "Mom! What are you doing?" she squealed accusingly.

Pulling away from my hand, Cheryl spun around counter clockwise, stretching her right leg over my body. "I'm getting ready to screw," she answered, now facing me and poised over my throbbing dick.

"Ooo...let me help!" Tiffany exclaimed as she dropped to her knees on my left side, reaching out to grasp my stiff rod. Giving it a couple of strokes, she coaxed out a fair amount of pre-cum and then proceeded to smear it all over my cock-head and the upper part of the shaft.

I watched as the young woman opened her mother's labia with one hand and guided my dick into the opening with the other. The pure eroticism of the situation made mind swim and I had to force myself to focus on not losing control too quickly. I thought that the teen would sit back and just watch after I was firmly lodged in her mother's cunt, but she didn't. Tiffany kept her right hand between Cheryl and me, diddling her mom's clit as the woman slowly rode up and down my shaft.

At this point I figured that there couldn't be too much that was off limits, so I reached out with my left hand to find Tiffany's tight little ass. I then proceeded to give her much the same treatment that I had performed on her mother a few minutes ago. Her pussy was soft and warm and even wetter that Cheryl's had been when I first explored her opening.

I was nearly blown away when the younger woman leaned forward and began licking and sucking at the heaving breasts above me. I hadn't been too surprised to see these two in the nude together, but I never expected this incestuous behavior. But before I had time to dwell on it much, Tiffany popped up and pitched her right leg over top of me. She settled down, facing Cheryl, with her little blonde pussy only a few inches from my face. I immediately reached up and grabbed her hips to aid in her stability, then drew her down onto my eager mouth. -- (Over the course of time I came to find out that the pair were not, in fact, biological relatives. Cheryl had married Tiffany's father when she was only two years old. The girl's birth mother had been killed in a car accident and to Tiffany, Cheryl had always been "Mom".) --

From that point on things are kind of a blur. My mind was filled with so many sensations that I couldn't keep up with them all. Tiffany's sweet tasting juices were smearing my face and I could hear a continual series of moans and gasps coming from Cheryl. My balls were tightening and I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold off too much longer. Just then, Tiffany's ass began to gyrate and buck and I knew that she was cumming. I lapped harder than ever trying to give her the most satisfaction that I could.

When her spasms subsided, she slumped forward and off of me. I knew that I was about to blow, but sensed that Cheryl wasn't quite there yet. I think Tiffany knew as well because she once again slipped her dainty hand into her mom's crotch and began toying with her clitoris. I couldn't hold back any longer and yelled out "I'm gonna cummm!"

Cheryl drove down onto me and held my cock buried deep within her as I began shooting my jism into her pussy. Tiffany continued stimulating the older woman and just as I was finishing off, Cheryl's back arched and her mouth opened in a silent scream. Her orgasm caused her cunt muscles to squeeze my still hard dick, milking the remaining cum from the shaft.

Cheryl's pussy released its grip on me a few moments later and she leaned forward, my dick still deep inside her, placing a hand on either side of my head. Panting, she said, "Nice cock too," and then gave me a sly smile.

Tiffany, who was now slipping on her bikini bottoms said, "I wouldn't know about that... But he's got a nice tongue!"

Cheryl winked at me and said, "Well maybe if you're a good girl you'll get the chance to find out."

Now feeling more brazen and since I'm kind of a smart-ass anyway, I said, "I think she'd have a better chance of finding out if she's a bad girl. A really bad girl."

All three of us laughed and then Cheryl smirked, "She's pretty good at being bad," before pulling off of my softening schlong.

Cheryl and I headed into the lake to clean up a bit before dressing. Then the three of us packed up their belongings and we started back to the cabin. As late as it was getting, it was going to be nearly supper time by the time we got back. I wondered if I was going to get a similar speech from Cheryl as I had from Kelly about not saying anything to anyone, but I never did.

Now all I had to do was decide if I wanted to let Tom and Dave in on it or not. It was a tough decision. Should I tell them and let them try to get some action, or keep it to myself and improve my chances of getting it again. I decided I would be a good friend and filled them in later that evening.

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