tagNovels and Novellas14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 03

14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 03


Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 'parts' that should be read in order. Most of them will stand on their own, but certain nuances of the story will be better understood if each part is read in succession.

PART III (days 6 -7)

The next day I spent mostly just laying around the cabin. The previous couple of days had proven to be very fruitful and I was content to take in a little 'R & R'. It was funny though, watching Tom and Dave falling all over themselves chasing after Cheryl and Tiffany. From what I could tell, the girls just teased them all day. I'm sure that they knew I had informed the guys about our little romp, and they were playing it up for all it was worth. I guess it could have just been that the ladies were enjoying all of the attention they were receiving. For me it was comforting to know that I didn't have to put out that kind of effort; at least not the first time around.

The following morning I was back to my old horny self again and was hoping to get it on with any one of the females. I thought it would be nice to get my dick inside Tiffany, since I hadn't yet, but I wasn't going to be picky. My hopes were set back a little when Dave and Paul came out on the deck where I was contemplating my day. They explained that they were going boating and wanted me to come along. I asked why they hadn't gotten Tom to go with them and they told me that he wasn't feeling too good. 'Poor bastard' I thought. At the rate he was going, he was gonna spend half his vacation in bed...alone. Little did I know that he and Kelly had cooked up a rendevous that day. From what Tom told us later, it was quite the experience for him.

I decided to go along with the guys. I hadn't spent much time getting to know Paul and I figured we would be back in time for me to take a stab at Tiffany anyway. We loaded a cooler with some grub and a bunch of beer and headed for the dock. Just as we were about to load the boat, Tiffany came running down the dock and asked, "Are you guys going boating?"

Silly question, but then again she is blonde. We told her that we were and she wanted to know if it would be all right if she and her mom went along. All three of us readily affirmed that it would be just fine, and she disappeared back along the dock to fetch Cheryl.

"Maybe they'll do some more nude sunbathing," Tom whispered.

"Do what?" Paul choked out, and I quickly filled him in on my catching the pair in the buff. But I left out the fact that they had sexed me up, giving Dave a quick gesture to keep him from spilling the beans.

The girls arrived and we set off across the lake, which was pretty fair sized. Still, it only took about 15 minutes to arrive at the far reaches of its banks. We found a nice looking area that had a clear shore line where we could picnic. Then we spent the rest of the morning swimming, skiing and horsing around. The girls never stripped, to our chagrin, but we still got an eyeful of their sweetness since their bikinis were both tiny little things. We did everything except blatantly ask them to strip, dropping all kinds of hints and innuendos. Dave even went so far as to 'moon' us all at one point. I think he was hoping that the girls would return the favor. Even without the females getting naked, it was a fun morning.

Around 11:30 I said that I was getting hungry and was going to the bank to get a sandwich. The rest of the crew agreed that it was time for lunch and in a few minutes we were all sprawled around the bank wolfing down sandwiches and beverages. After that we just sat around shooting the breeze for about half an hour. Then Tiffany and Cheryl got up and waded into the lake where they began to rough house with each other. I took this as an opportunity to get my hands on them, so I jumped up and headed into the lake. It wasn't long before Dave and Paul had joined us and we were all pushing and splashing one another. Then it happened.

I was facing Tiffany and had my hands on her wrists, trying to force her to topple over into the water. I felt hands on my hips and before I realized what was going on, my swimming trunks were jerked downward, exposing everything. Reacting, I let go of Tiffany and grabbed for my trunks, while twisting to see who the culprit was. It was Cheryl standing behind me and laughing out loud at my dismay.

"You shit-head!" I spouted as I continued to struggle with my swimsuit.

"Hey! Don't call my mom names," Tiffany chastised before giving me a shove, sending my unbalanced body splashing into the water. Then she and Cheryl descended on me and, working together, wrenched my trunks the rest of the way off, leaving me totally naked.

Tiffany gave my trunks a fling in the direction of Paul and Dave, who were laughing hysterically by this time and offered me no assistance at all. I got to my feet and made a dive at Tiffany just as she tossed my swim wear, hoping to grab them from her. I was too late but just then an idea popped into my head; turnabout was fair play right?

So instead of pursuing my clothing, I grabbed for the strings that were tied on either side of her hips, holding her bikini bottoms together. She began to grab at the strands but I was too quick for her and in a flash I had them both untied. She was clutching the material of the suit and hollered "MOM!" in desperation. But before Cheryl could come to the rescue, I had managed to wrestle the tiny bit of fabric from between the teens clinched thighs.

I turned and gave the bottoms a pitch in the general direction of Dave and Paul. I figured if they were just going to stand there, they could be the keepers of the clothes. Both of them were now slack jawed as they watched the bottomless Tiffany floundering to cover herself. I expected to be waylaid by Cheryl at any moment, but to my surprise she just moved past me to where Tiffany was struggling to cover herself.

In a consoling tone she asked her daughter, "Would you feel better if I took mine off too?" Tiffany nodded 'yes' and Cheryl nonchalantly wiggled her bottoms off and tossed them at me with a wink. I smiled back at her, knowing that the pair was preparing for another good romp.

"Hey, I'm topless too," I complained.

"So what?" Tiffany shot back.

"Well, I kinda feel like the Lone Ranger," I told her.

Cheryl looked at her and said, "He's right Honey." And with that both of them stripped off the tops of their suits as well.

They flung them at me and Tiffany questioned, "Happy now?"

"Gettin' happier," I replied and then turned to Dave and Paul. "What about you guys?" I asked, "Happy now?"

They must have been because both of their swim suits were tented from obvious hard-ons. I just laughed and threw the bikinis at them saying, "Better put these on the bank," then I turned my attention back to the women.

I moved toward the pair and put my arms around both of their waists, drawing their naked bodies close to mine. I tilted my head down and began french kissing Tiffany's young mouth. My hands were roaming over the soft flesh of each woman's ass, and the feel of their breasts mashing against me had my meat growing rapidly. I finished my kiss with Tiffany and then turned toward Cheryl. As I began kissing her, I felt Tiffany slide down my body and then her sweet lips encircled the head of my stiffening dick. With the teen licking and sucking my cock, I gave Cheryl a deep and passionate french kiss, our tongues winding around one another.

Our kiss was broken when we heard Dave and Paul splashing up toward us. I craned my neck to see them, both now nude and boners bouncing in front of them, almost running in our direction. "You're in for it now," I quietly told Cheryl.

"I hope so," was all that she said before stepping away from me and sidling up to Dave. Immediately one of her hands found his 7" peter and began a slow steady stroking.

Paul stepped up next to me and asked "Mind if I cut in?"

I wasn't exactly high on the idea but Tiffany slurped off of me and pulled Paul's member into her eager mouth. Paul's cock was about the same length as mine, but a bit thinner. He groaned as Tiffany slid her lips over the head and began sucking. Meanwhile, she continued to stroke my hard-on with her hand. Not quite the same thing, but still enjoyable.

I watched as the young woman worked up and down Paul's pole several times. Then she switched back to me, licking and sucking the entire length of my rod. This continued for several minutes, Tiffany alternating between sucking and stroking each of our cocks. It seemed to me that she was quite experienced but at times she almost seemed too exuberant, bordering on the rough side as she shoved her face down on my prick. All in all, though, she was a pretty good cock sucker and had both Paul and myself moaning and groaning in pleasure.

As much as I was enjoying the little blonde's blow-job, what I really wanted was to get my dick into her tender young pussy. So when she released my manhood to give Paul more attention I moved around behind her. I reached down and tugged at her torso with her responding in a knowing fashion. She raised her ass out of the water where she had been kneeling and quickly assumed a standing but bent over at the waist position. She spread her feet apart a bit further and I had perfect access to her honey pot. I kneeled down behind her and spread her ass wide apart in order to give her slit a few quick licks. Then I resumed my upright stance and positioned my cock at her entrance.

I pushed into her easily, the water and her own juices giving plenty of lubrication. About half way in I was met with a little resistance and backed out just a bit. I then pressed into her again and a little deeper. Her box was tight around my manhood and I didn't want to make her uncomfortable so I once more withdrew. Over the next few minutes I repeated this process until she was readily accepting my whole cock into her depths. The feeling was fantastic as I grabbed her hips and began a slow and steady fucking of this young beauty. At the same time, Paul seemed to be as happy as I was, now that Tiffany was solely focused on blowing him.

I glanced up to find Cheryl and Dave to see what they were doing. Dave was now nearly submerged in the knee-deep water with Cheryl straddling his head. He was busily licking her cunt while she was playing with her heavy tits, pinching at pulling at her own nipples. This gave me an idea so I pushed my length completely into Tiffany and, bending over her, I reached down and around to find her suspended breasts. I mocked her mother's actions, pinching and tugging at her nipples until she was cooing approval through her dick filled lips. I know that most women like their nipples played with, but they must've been Tiffany's 'hot button', or at least one of them, because it didn't take long before she was convulsing in orgasmic delight.

Her already tight quim clamped down on me even more and it felt like someone was literally squeezing my dick in their hand with each spasm that raced through her. She released Paul's cock from her mouth and moaned, "Ohhh...fuck yeah!" then slid him right back in, sucking for all she was worth.

That was enough to set me off and I began pumping my wad deep into her grasping tunnel. At nearly the same time Paul reached his pinnacle and grabbed Tiffany's head, unceremoniously blowing right into her mouth. Reacting quickly, Tiffany pulled off of him and stroked the rest of his cum out with her hand, some of it arching over her shoulder to land on her back and my arm. Apparently she wasn't as eager to swallow cum as Kelly had been a few nights ago.

When we were finished, we just stood there in that same position for a couple of minutes, all three of us trying to catch our breath. I again looked over at Dave and Cheryl to find them now fully engaged in a fuck-fest of their own. Cheryl was standing and bent over, much the same as her daughter, with Dave pounding away from behind. I extracted my cum-covered cock from the warmth of Tiffany's box and she stood up, watching her mom and Dave going at it for a few seconds. Paul dropped back into the water and closed his eyes, still catching his breath.

Tiffany then turned to me and smiled, a big dollop of Paul's cum still clinging to the corner of her mouth. She wiped it away with her hand and then washed the slime off in the water. She put her arms around my neck and pressed her tight young body against me saying, "Mom was right. Nice cock."

"Thanks," I said. "Nice..er...everything," I added with a grin, returning her compliment. She giggled in that schoolgirl tone and put her head on my chest. "Do you think Dave will need any help getting your mom off?" I wondered out loud.

"Well I don't know if he will need any, but helping sure would be fun," the girl replied with yet another giggle. And, with that, the two of us moved over to where Dave was still stabbing in and out of Cheryl's steamy box. I could tell that he was about ready to bust a nut so Tiffany and I got right to work to help Cheryl get off.

I began by grabbing Cheryl's big swaying tits and Tiffany headed for her mom's lower regions. She slid her hand under and up into the older woman's crotch where, I'm sure, she found a swollen clit to tweak. I knelt down and pulled Cheryl's D-cup breasts to my mouth and started sucking and gently biting her extended nipples. She didn't react immensely to the new treatment that she was receiving but it was still visible that we were having an effect on her. We continued our work for a few more minutes and then, with a loud groan, Dave pulled out and shot his load of cum all over Cheryl's back and ass. As he stepped back slightly, Tiffany scrambled further under her mom's body and leaned her head back, pushing between Cheryl's thighs.

Cheryl spread her legs to accommodate the welcome invasion and the teen began lapping hungrily at the older woman's cunt. It was only a matter of moments before Cheryl went off with her own exploding orgasm, rocking back on Tiffany's face. She shook and shuddered, running her hands over the blonde's body. It was a dick stiffening sight and even though I had just popped my load, I found myself getting hard again. When Cheryl's body ceased its spasmodic dance above Tiffany, she straightened up and opened her eyes. Seeing my nearly completely hard dick, she barked mockingly, "Whoa, there! Down Boy," and then chuckled a bit.

As she moved away from Tiffany, I could see that a goodly portion of Dave's jism had slid down Cheryl's butt and made a considerable mess on the girl's forehead and in her hair. She ran her fingers through the gooey substance and chided humorously, "Thanks a lot Mom!" before dipping her head into the water to wash away the sexual residue. After she was confident that she was thoroughly cleansed, the five of us moved back to the shore where our belongings were. We all stretched out on blankets and towels, not bothering with any clothes, to rejuvenate our spent libidos.

After slumbering for an hour or so we began gathering our things preparing to head back to the cabin. I found my trunks and pulled them on, as did Dave and Paul. The two women, however, remained in the nude, much to our delight. They stayed that way the whole boat ride back up the lake, basking in the warm afternoon sun. When we arrived at the dock, they finally decided they should put something on. They had each brought a long T-shirt with them and after climbing out of the boat, slipped them over their heads with nothing underneath. I really didn't see the point, but I guess they didn't want to take any chances of making anyone unhappy by parading around in the buff.

Personally I would have been happier if they'd left well enough alone.

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