tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 02

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 02


Day Two – Preparation

Kelli woke with a start and then settled back into the pillow. Her sleep had been fitful, filled with disturbing images of Jack and other men touching, groping and penetrating her. Still a little confused, she looked over to see Jack sprawled out in the bed, his naked body only half covered by the twisted sheet. She quickly realized that she too wore no nightclothes. She'd slept nude for the first time in, well, in her whole life!

That brought her memories of the previous day flooding back. Jack's plan to get even with her for her infidelity. His ultimatum and contract. The change in his personality. The way he'd violated her, both mentally and physically. The fear, anxiety and yes, excitement, that she'd felt. And the way he'd taken her at the end of the night. The humiliation, the intense pleasure, and the shocking way she'd capitulated at the end.

The end? She whipped her head around to see the clock and then breathed a sigh of relief. She had a few minutes before she was to wake him up. Long enough to try and soothe the pain in her body and calm her racing mind. She could see that the whole thing was a way for him to punish her. Not only for her infidelity, but for her adamant belief that sex was wrong. She'd known for a while that he was unhappy with their sex life. He wanted to do things that people shouldn't be doing. And instead of compromising, she'd stonewalled him, keeping the two of them from enjoying any pleasure.

She wasn't so naïve as to think that no one else was doing these things. She watched TV, went to the movies, surfed the Internet. But for her whole life, she'd been raised a strict Baptist. If it wasn't in the Bible, you weren't supposed to do it. The fact that she and Jack had sex when they weren't trying to have children had been a real point of pride for her. Then, yesterday, every time he'd forced her to break one of her taboos, she'd seen a look of triumph in his eyes. She knew it was going to be a long two weeks. She had a lot of taboos.

Her attitudes were as much her parents' fault as anybody's. When they lived down South, the church had been the center of their lives. And when they'd taken Kelli and her sisters north to live, they'd brought along the 100-proof version of their religion as a defense against Northern liberals. Most of all, they'd instilled a definite fear of God in their daughters. When her mother had caught Kelli touching herself one day, she'd lectured her on the impurities of women and then admonished her, "God is watching."

That single phrase was at the center of so many of her inhibitions. That's why they always made love in the dark. That's why she kept her clothes simple and plain, even though Jack continually asked her to show more skin. That's why she never used dirty words. And that's why she didn't touch his penis, or put it in her mouth, or even touch his ejaculation. God was always watching, and the thought of Him watching her do that embarrassed her.

But now, well, God would just have to deal with it. Today was Sunday, and she thought that Jack would still want to go to church. She'd watch and listen carefully during the service, and see if God gave her a sign that what she was doing was wrong. She hoped not, because doing this for Jack seemed to be the only way of keeping him. And while it wasn't all fun, it was a little fun being bad.

She turned to the clock just as the number flipped over to 8:00. He'd given her explicit instructions last night about how he wanted to be awakened every morning. She was to get up before him, make sure the coffee was brewing, and then wake him by sucking on his penis...no, she had to learn to say it....by sucking on his 'cock' until he got hard. She'd put the coffee on the automatic timer, so that left only one thing to do.

Shifting around so her head faced the foot of the bed, she tried to disentangle his limbs from the sheets, but quickly gave up. He was too wrapped up. She didn't think that waking him up first would go over well, so instead she crawled up under the sheet and inched her way between his legs. In the enclosed space his muskiness and the lack of open air left her lightheaded. But finally she inched forward enough to be within striking distance of his manhood.

Seen limp and resting, it looked harmless. But when fully erect it was thick and long, over seven inches, and capable of tearing her apart. As her vagi...no, her cunt...could fully attest. Tentatively she took the head, and then the shaft into her mouth, rolling the folds of skin around with her tongue. In response Jack groaned and opened his legs a little wider. Encouraged, she began sucking at the soft skin, thrilled to feel it growing within her mouth. Every other time she'd ever taken him this way, he'd already been hard.

With a whoosh Jack pulled the covers from her body. She could imagine what she looked like, naked and suckling on his manhood. But she persisted, knowing that to stop would only anger him. She thought of her mother's pre-marital advice on how to keep a man happy. It hadn't mentioned this. Finally Kelli had Jack's cock stiff and quivering. "Should I keep going, Sir?" she asked, knowing that the question would please him.

"No, come up here instead," he replied, giving her head a slight tug. When they were eye-to-eye, he pulled her to him and kissed her long and hard, his tongue dancing with hers. Kissing was one of the few sexual pleasures she'd felt comfortable with, and she'd developed quite a talent for it. But just when it felt like she might melt into his arms, he flipped her on her back, mounted her, and slipped his cock in the folds between her legs. To her surprise she was already very wet, and she automatically raised her legs to let him farther in.

He fucked her silently for several minutes, his blank stare a sign that his thoughts were far away. Kelli, though, took in every sight and sensation of this new experience of making love in the daytime. She watched as his wet cock slid smoothly in and out of her. She noticed how her breasts quivered with every stroke, and how good it felt when Jack's muscled chest rubbed against her nipples. She took in every play of his muscles. She memorized every sensation of his manhood spearing inside her. She felt a sudden thrill when she noticed that the drapes were open. And she smiled when she felt the familiar warmness of an oncoming orgasm.

But just as it was starting to feel good, Jack pulled out and rolled off her. For a moment they just lay side by side, their breathing slowing to normal. "Sit up and give me your hand," he finally said to her, taking it in his. "There are a couple of things I want you to do for me for the next two weeks." Whoa, back to reality, Kelli thought. "The first thing I want you to do today is to shave your muff when you shave your legs. I want all the hair from between your legs removed, except for a strip two fingers wide." He placed her fingers just above her slit to demonstrate. "And from now on, when you're with me but not serving me, I want you kneeling on the floor in your base position. That way I can keep an eye on you.

"Now as far as today is concerned, I've decided that we should still go to the 10:30 service. You can wear any appropriate dress, but you must wear one of the three panties in your slave wardrobe. The same goes for your bra. After the service, we won't be joining your parents for brunch as we have a bunch of errands to do. Now, get on your hands and knees for a little fun before your shower."

As Kelli flipped over she noticed that he was still hard. He was going to take her doggy-style, right before church? "Yeep!" she squeaked as she felt his hand sting her butt. She was getting spanked? But she hadn't done anything wrong! Before she could protest, another swat stung her buttocks. Then another and another. This time she kept count, trying to focus on the numbers rather than the pain. But Jack never asked how many, stopping at twenty-three. Looking back over her shoulder, she saw the excitement and lust in his eyes. She could tell then that the spanking would be a daily thing.

In the car after the service, Kelli sat silently next to Jack. Almost immediately after leaving the parking lot, he'd ordered her to raise her skirt high enough to see her panties. Now, at the light, he idly stroked her inner thighs, making her feel exposed and vulnerable. On the other hand, the wetness staining her panties revealed her body's appreciation of his stimulation.

The service had gone well, though she was continuously reminded of the morning's activities. First by the uncomfortable stinging of her butt. And second by the itchy, bare feeling between her legs. Both caused her to fidget in her seat. Then, after the service, she thought she might die of embarrassment when they stopped to tell her parents to go on without them. Looking at the two of them, her father had commented, "Jack, you got yourself a good little girl here." And Jack had answered, "Yes, I'm only just now finding out how good," while giving Kelli an open wink. Kelli was sure that she saw her mother giggle at that. On the good side, God hadn't given her any overt sign that she was doing the wrong thing. She wasn't sure if she was relieved or disappointed by that conclusion.

The two of them reached the shopping center just as Jack's probings were beginning to get obscene. Not surprisingly, he led her directly to "Fantasy Nights," a store he'd always wanted her to visit. As they entered, Kelli felt like every eye in the parking lot was on her. Inside, it took her eyes a while to adjust to the dark. And when they did, she saw that the store was packed with every manner of adult clothing and toys. Lingerie of all sorts hung from the racks. One counter was given over solely to condoms, while another held nothing but massage oils. And along the walls she saw all kinds of vibrators, fake penises and other gizmos too complex to understand. She was so dumbfounded it took several seconds for Jack's voice to cut through the haze, and even then she didn't immediately notice what he called her.

"Earth to slut. Come in slut..." he crooned at her, finally going back to pull her forward. She looked around in horror to see if anyone had heard him call her that, but if anyone had they were being exceptionally circumspect. Still, to call her that in public! She thought of complaining to him, but suddenly realized that he wanted her to get riled up. It'd be just another excuse to punish her.

Jack led her like a child from rack to rack, holding up outfits against her before discarding them or adding them to the growing pile in her arms. Finally, he led her back to the changing rooms. "All right if I help her pick out the best ones?" he asked the clerk, who nodded and gave them both a knowing smile before adding, "It's against store policy to try on any panties, you know." After assuring her that Kelli wouldn't, Jack led the way back to the room farthest from the doorway. Kelli's mortification grew when she saw that the room was not only equipped with a three-way mirror, but also with a security camera labeled, "Monitoring provided for your protection."

For nearly 20 minutes she tried on the outfits Jack had selected, usually over her underwear, though for some he ordered her to remove her bra so he could see the full effect. The lingerie he selected gave new meaning to the word "skimpy," leaving almost nothing to the imagination. As Jack paid for their purchases, he ordered her to re-stock the rest of the items. The saleswomen didn't seem at all phased by her submissive compliance.

Over the next few hours they made trips to the hardware store, the shoe store, a candle store, an Army surplus store, the drugstore, a liquor store and the grocery store. She couldn't tell what he had in mind from the stuff he was buying, though she suspected he bought much of it just to confuse her. By the time they got home, Kelli was exhausted from running around. Even if she did have to prepare dinner, she'd have a chance to rest while it was cooking.

Her plans were dashed, however, when Jack stopped her in the garage. "Take all this stuff into the kitchen. Then, head upstairs, wash up, and change into the white camisole and high heels we just bought. Then go to the dining room, take your position on the floor in the corner and wait for me." With that, he disappeared into the house.

Kelli had waited in the dining room for over 30 minutes before Jack appeared, a small sports bag in his hand. By then her legs were cramped and sore, despite the fact that she'd walked around a few times just to get the pins and needles out. Motioning her to stand and come to him, he waited until she was close before grabbing her arm and dragging her nearer. His eyes were predatory as he squeezed her painfully, "Didn't I tell you to take your position and wait? Then why could I hear your footsteps while I was in the basement? And who told you to draw the curtains in here? I make the decisions of what you will and will not do! And you just earned yourself a special punishment for tonight. Don't add to it."

Kelli cringed, silently berating herself. She'd automatically closed the curtains when she entered the room so the neighbors couldn't see her. And she hadn't even realized she was disobeying him by walking around. She wondered what the "special punishment" would be. And promised herself that she'd pay more attention to his instructions.

Kelli tried to look chastened while Jack stared at her before continuing, "I've decided to see how you measure up as a slave, to see if you meet my personal standards. We'll start with your body. Strip off all your clothes and stand up straight." Pulling a cloth tape measure from his bag, he measured her head, neck, bust, waist and hips, then her height, the length of her arms and her inseam. He marked all the measurements down in a little book. Then, with her bending over at the waist, he measured the distance from the floor to the top of her pussy. Next, he stood her against the wall and noted how far out her breasts, stomach and legs protruded.

"On your back on the table facing the window," he ordered, turning back to his sports bag. She did as she was told, wondering where this was leading. When Jack turned back to her, he held four lengths of rope in his hands that Kelli recognized from the hardware store. Working methodically, Jack centered her body on the table and proceeded to bind her wrists and ankles to the table legs, trussing her tight enough to keep her limbs in place. Unexpectedly, Jack reached out and tickled her stomach. Despite her best efforts to get away, she could move only her torso, and only a few inches either way.

Taking the tape measure, he then proceeded to measure the length of her pussy slit, the height of her nipples when erect. Then, like an insane gynecologist, he used a school ruler and two salad spoons from the kitchen to spread her wide and measure the diameter of her open pussy and how deep he could shove the ruler into her. These too were transferred to his record book. Kelli suffered the humiliation with only a few tears, taking small comfort in the fact that he probably would do this only once.

"OK," he said brightly, as if he performed these actions everyday, "now it's time for me to have a little fun." Dropping his boxers to the ground, he positioned his cock over her mouth and made her kiss it as he slowly rubbed it back and forth against her lips. Kelli could both smell and taste the pre-cum on the head; he'd obviously been very turned on by the way he'd humiliated her. That, she realized, didn't bode well for the next two weeks. It looked like he was capable of far harsher acts of revenge than she'd first imagined. Was he getting even with her for more than her affair? She could only hope that her submissive compliance was softening the harder edges. But she doubted it.

Once Jack's cock was stiff and wet, he pulled himself onto the table and plunged between her legs. It was a tight and uncomfortable fit, thanks to the ropes binding her legs to the table. Despite her discomfort, Jack settled into a strong and quick tempo, pounding his cock into her cunt with a vengeance. Even when her lubrication kicked in the pain continued, as Jack dropped his entire weight onto her with every stroke. It wasn't fucking for pleasure, she realized. He was fucking to dominate her.

Finally, his body gleaming with sweat, he pulled out of her and crawled up her body until he was straddling her chest. Obediently she opened her mouth to take his cock, expecting a repeat performance of the previous day. Instead, he pushed her mouth closed with one hand while stroking himself with the other. Then, before she even knew what was happening, his cock, looking huge to her eyes, ejected a long, creamy white stream of cum right onto her face! Instinctively she closed her eyes, only to open them again when she felt another glob of the sticky stuff squirt onto her face. As she watched in amazement, a smaller glob peeked out from the hole and dripped down onto her chin and neck.

Even as she lay there, she could feel his sperm, his cum, dripping down her face and neck and into her hair. Already some of it was drying, leaving her feeling sticky and gross. Jack, though, was evidently pleased with his efforts, grinning like mad as he swayed above her. "Clean me off," he ordered, placing his cock on the tip of her lips. She did her best, even though the cum that had pooled on her lips would sometimes leak into her mouth. This time she really noticed the taste of his cum, the musky saltiness. It actually wasn't too unpleasant, unless she really thought about where it had come from.

The next sound she heard nearly shocked Kelli out of her skin. The doorbell! "Don't go away, love," Jack said to her with an evil grin. Hopping off her, he donned a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and made his way to the foyer, leaving her totally exposed, with gobs of cum streaming down her face. Kelli strained to hear what was going on, but the dining room walls blocked everything but some indistinct mumbling.

A few minutes later, Jack sauntered into the room wearing a mischievous grin. "That was your Mom and Dad," he told her, tweaking her nipples and pawing her body. "They wanted to come in for a visit, but I told them you were tied to the dining room table and I was teaching you to be a good wife." Kelli felt her face flush even as doubt and confusion swept through her. He hadn't really said that, had he?

Jack left her no time to wonder as he produced a new toy from his bag of tricks. About eight inches long and about as thick as a banana, Kelli recognized it as one of the vibrators they'd seen at the store today. "This, my dear, is going to be your new best friend," he said to her, running the phallic shape up and down between her breasts. While she'd never actually used one, she knew several women at church who had, usually when their husbands were on extended road trips. With the memory of that conversation came a wave of guilt. That conversation had taken place one New Years Eve when they had all had a little too much champagne. It certainly wasn't an intimacy they normally shared.

Jack carefully showed her how to turn the device on and select one of the five speed settings. As he caressed her breasts with it, her nipples became painfully erect. Her pleasure was mixed with trepidation at the thought of what it might feel like between her legs. She didn't have to wait long, as Jack moved to the other end of the table and teased her pussy lips with the buzzing end. Seemingly of their own volition, Kelli's hips began humping toward the magic wand, literally begging for complete stimulation. She clenched her eyes shut and her total awareness became focused on the hot spot between her legs. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, Jack pushed the vibrator into her pussy. It felt so good, so hot. At random intervals, he would cant the stick to touch her magic spot, the one who's name she still couldn't bring herself to say. But when he touched her there, it seemed a fire was exploding up her hips, even her heavily flowing juices not enough to quench it.

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