2008 Ch. 06


"Anything I can do to help?" I asked. She turned her head from the stove, looked at me and said, "Yes, Master. Put that thing away before I go crazy! Please!"

I stepped up behind her and spread her ass with my hands tucking my cock between her ass cheeks. "There, all hidden. Glad I could help."

"Thank you, Master."

Making dinner required her to move so I withdrew myself from the kitchen and set the table. Liz walked through the back door carrying bags of groceries and took one look at Beth and asked, "What's wrong, Sweetheart?"

"I want to cum so badly I may cry."

Liz took a step and Beth recoiled. "Don't! If you even touch me I'll cum and Pete said I couldn't." Liz turned and put the bags on the counter. She called out, "Pete, the groceries are here."

I followed her out to her car. As I passed Beth I slapped her ass and said, "Keep cooking. I want to fuck you!"

At the car Liz asked, "How long have you been torturing her?"

"All day. Intensively since we got home." I saw that I could handle all the bags left so I said, "Strip down and take your clothes to the laundry. Meet us in the kitchen, please." I took the bags and went inside.

Liz and I got everything put away just as Beth declared dinner done. She declared it by bending over and putting her back against a wall. I saw her and said, "Liz, please suck me hard." She dropped to her knees and administered magic. When I was hard I thanked her and stepped to Beth. "Beth, cum whenever you can."

My hands held her ass against the wall and as slowly as I could I pushed into Beth's pussy. My thumbs could reach the ball at the end of her butt plug so I thumped it as I pushed my cock inside her pussy.

When I was half-way in I lifted both hands and slapped her ass. She screamed, shuddered and came, squirting her juices over both of us. I pushed the rest of the way in and kept fucking her, faster and faster until I was close. Liz was standing nearby watching and holding her breasts in her hands.

"Liz, lie on the floor and put your head between Beth's ankles."

I looked down and their heads were close together, both looking up at me. Three or four more strokes and I started shooting my load into Beth. She went over the edge again and dripped her juices down on both of them. Her juices joined with mine and big gobs of it dropped to them from Beth's cunt. The first big gob landed on Liz's cheek. Beth turned her head and sucked it off her cheek. The second gob landed in Liz's mouth. The next was captured by Beth. I pulled out and let another gob fall to them. I straddled Liz's chest and gave her my cock to clean.

As I got up I said, "Maybe we should eat before it's playroom time."

Liz wiped up the floor where we played while Beth and I got dinner on the table. When I had tasted dinner I said, "Eat. I'll be right back."

In the playroom I got a medium sized butt plug and lubed it. I went back to dinner and said, "Liz, you know that yoga pose called the Big Toe pose?"

"Yes, Master. Beth was doing it when you fucked her."

"Can you do it?"

"Yes, of course Master."

"Please." She stood and assumed the pose. As she did it I faced her back and her toes pointed at me. I pressed my legs against her back and reached to her anus with the plug. "Do not resist. Allow it in as you would my cock, my fingers or my tongue." She relaxed and it seated easily. I used a napkin and cleaned off the excess lube. I told her she should sit and finish eating.

When I sat I asked Beth, "Has it been a good Friday, so far?"

"Incredible. I've cum at least six times today and we haven't been in the playroom yet!"

"Oh, I have a contractor coming over tomorrow. Wear leotards while he's here. Keep your nipples hard. His bid will be incredible if he's hard when he leaves here. He will want to come back and be around both of you."

"Master, if we are doing yoga when he arrives and happen to be undressing for a shower before he leaves, would that help?"

"I think it would. You don't mind?"

"If it pleases you, we would even let him see us doing yoga nude."

"Too much! Seeing either of you in Big Toe or bridge would have the man have a heart attack. An exposed breast would be just fine."

"What is he going to build, if I may ask." Liz asked.

"Our shower is too small. It's on an exterior wall so I want a bid on creating an external shower there so in good weather we can bathe outside. I also want a bid on a covered patio across the back of the house. Any other things you'd like considered?"

After a long silence Beth said, "In our home in Seattle we had a room with a drain in the floor. It had a sink and sometimes our Master liked to play with water. The sink and drain made clean up easier."

"I may need to rethink the whole project. This could really be something."

I finished dinner and got a tape measure, a pad of paper and a pencil. I sketched the existing areas of the house and used a colored pencil to sketch changes. While I did that the ladies cleaned up dinner and the kitchen. When I had a pretty good idea what I wanted I put the pad and things on my desk and went to the kitchen.

"Ladies. Please come with me." They followed quietly. At the door to the playroom I asked them each what their safe words were. They told me and entered the room. They had told me weeks ago about their code with Jerry about needing some rough treatment. We had established our code. I don't like red clothes on either of them. They bought a pair of red panties. Not little sexy bikini panties or a thong but the big cover-everything-below-the-waist red panties. They would leave those panties in the bathroom.

Someone had left them in the bathroom, draped over the edge of the sink, on Wednesday. It didn't matter who.

I took a nylon webbed belt three inches wide and had them stand belly to belly as I wrapped the belt around them both. I asked them to lean their heads back and I put a pole from inside a closet right at their collarbone level between them.

"Hands extended along the pole and fingers holding the pole." I wrapped a cotton cord around their arms and the pole. I put an identical pole on the floor between them and parallel to the one holding their arms. A foot in from each end I had drilled a hole an inch in diameter. I wrapped a cord around Liz's ankle, through the hole and told her to move her foot so her toes were on top of the pole and near the hole. She moved. I helped Beth move her foot near Liz's. Their toes touched. I bound Beth's foot with the other end of the same cord. We repeated the process with their other feet.

I put a sawhorse behind each woman and a special 2X4 on top of the sawhorses. Mounted to the 2X4 were two dildos. Wires to the vibrators inside the dildos ran to one end of the 2X4. I had to position the dildos inside them before I could get both sawhorses in position. As best they could, they watched me make all these preparations.

I put a control in Beth's hand. The control had one button. "Every time you press the button Liz gets ten seconds of vibration in her cunt. Test it." She pressed the button and Liz moaned softly. I repeated the process with Liz and Beth said, "It works" when Liz pressed the button. I dimmed the lights a little and picked up the two tools they had not noticed; a spray bottle and a wide flogger.

I sprayed both women from their shoulder blades to thighs.

I said, "When I hit you, you press your button sending pleasure to her. You count and you thank me. First one to cum gets fucked tonight."

Inside I counted to ten and slapped the flogger on Beth's ass. She pressed the button and said, "One, Thank you Master." I heard the vibrator stop. Liz didn't say anything.

I slapped Liz's ass hard. She pressed the button and said, "Two, Thank you, Master." A few seconds later the vibrator stopped and Beth said, "Thank you, Master."

"I apologize, sluts. I wasn't clear. When I hit you, you count and Thank me. I also want you to thank the source of the pleasure. You count the hits you get. Liz counted her hit as number two, but I had only hit her once."

The flogger slapped Liz on the upper thigh, just below her ass. She yelped, pressed the button and said, "One, Thank you, Master." Seconds later Beth said, "Thank you both for my pleasure." I smiled and hit Liz again, but on the other leg. Before they had finished saying thank you I slapped Beth across her back where her bra strap would have been. I was random with the hits and placement. By fifteen they were both pretty in pink.

I kissed each and played with their tongues as we kissed. As I kissed Liz I pinched Beth's areola and nipple. They both thanked me. I adjusted their controls so they got fifteen seconds for each button push.

I slapped Liz hard on her ass and quickly backhanded Beth's ass. They pressed their buttons and felt the slaps at almost the same instant. I sprayed often so the slap would be louder and sting a bit more.

I stepped close and pulled Beth's tit to her side so my mouth could suck on her areola and nipple. I slapped Liz's ass, sucked hard, slapped Liz again and sucked harder, slapped Liz a third time and sucked as hard as I could. Beth screamed and came. I kept sucking. When I released her nipple I did it by backing away until it popped from my mouth.

Beth's eyes were closed. She was recovering from her orgasm. I wet her lower back and ass. I counted to ten and slapped her ass hard. She yelped, pushed Liz's button and said, "Eighteen! Thank you, Thank you, thank you."

I pulled at Liz's breast and freed it to the side just far enough that I could suck on it. I wrapped my mouth around it and slapped Beth. I waited and slapped her again. After the second hit I bit Liz's breast. Not to break the skin, but plenty hard enough to hurt.

I slapped Beth again and as the vibrator buzzed I reached in and found Liz's lower lips. I slapped Beth again and pinched Liz's lip hard. She yelped and came. I took the controls from them, adjusted the controls for one minute and hit the buttons.

I got them untied while they felt the buzz in their cunts. I helped them into the shower and got all three of us clean. I massaged lotion into all the skin I had abused and got them into bed. I went into the living room and watched a little TV.

About an hour later two naked women came to me. One shut off the TV while the other pulled me towards the bedroom.

When I was on my back in bed they massaged me, caressed me and kissed me until I amazed myself by getting hard, again. They gang sucked me. They both kissed my mouth with tongue at the same time! I fucked Liz as she ate Beth. Then we both ate Liz. In all that we eventually fell asleep.

In the morning I put a piece of paper on the fridge that said, "5". I made French toast. Eggs and coffee. My ladies came into the kitchen and each poured coffee. Near the end of the first cup Beth asked, "Five what?"

"Five days till Thanksgiving."

"Master, we have a table that is perfect when it's just us eating. I cannot imagine seven people around our table, with a big bird, two kinds of potatoes, two kinds of veggies and bread, drinks and ..."

"I get the picture. We need a table for Thanksgiving." I sent Liz shopping for a big tablecloth. I went to the nearest Home center and brought home a sheet of good-on-both-sides plywood. When Liz brought in the tablecloth I read the measurements and trimmed the plywood to the proper size. In the living room I put our playroom sawhorses and put the plywood on top. It was now a table that would easily seat nine.

On Sunday we stopped at a yard sale of a family that was moving. They had six matching wooden chairs, that we agreed would work for us, so I made an offer and brought them home.

I stayed away from the kitchen every day that week, except for first thing in the morning when I changed the sign on the fridge and started the coffee. I took us out for dinner Monday and Tuesday nights. Wednesday I had dinner delivered at home. When it arrived I brought it in and they took theirs into the kitchen. I ate mine watching football on TV. A replay of an old USC-Notre Dame game was shown. The first Thanksgiving game would start at 10:00am. I called Phil and Mike and conferred about their arrival times. They conferred with their ladies and I with mine. All four would arrive at 9:55. We men were informed that from 9:55am until 4:00 we were to stay out of the kitchen and dining room. We were also informed that there would be an ice chest filled with beverages and a supply of "Don't-you-dare-ruin-this-dinner" snacks.

Even from the living room I heard Elizabeth (My combined name, meaning both of them) say more than once how worried they were that an eighteen pound bird wouldn't be enough. I thought that considering everything else that would be served we might have turkey sandwiches for a week! We were both wrong.

When I got into bed at 10:00 Wednesday night I was alone. I realized Thanksgiving dinner was maybe not such a great idea. The last time I'd cum in Elizabeth had been Saturday night, five nights ago. The longest celibacy since our first date!

I was asleep when they came to bed. I only know that because they woke me in the act of getting up! Liz asked me to make sure they got dressed before our guests arrived. They brought me a sample of the dressing with an egg scrambled into it and a cup of coffee a few minutes later.

After eating I showered, shaved and otherwise prepared for a day of football, snacks and finally Thanksgiving Day Dinner. I dressed in Dockers and a reyn spooner Hawaiian shirt. When I went to the living room everything was ready for us. Next to the couch was a big trashcan, with liner. In front of the couch the ice chest and a coffee table filled with snacks, napkins and plastic glasses sat, ready for three men to enjoy the day.

I set a timer to remind me to remind Elizabeth to dress at 9:45am, fifteen minutes before anyone was scheduled to arrive. I was about to sit down and turn on the TV when I heard the sound of two car doors closing. I looked at the clock, 9:36am. A glance out the window confirmed my fear.

I yelled, "Phil and Veronica are here!"

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