tagIncest/Taboo24 Hours Ch. 04

24 Hours Ch. 04


Continuing the story of my Caribbean holiday in 2006. Previously, I had met up with a girl called Lesilia (Les) in London and offered her my spare travel ticket. On the beach we met another couple Sue and Tom having sex and, a few days later, we agreed to exchange partners for the night. The story continues a day later.

Part 4 -- Confessions on a cliff top.

Les and I awoke with a cuddle and kiss but she darted from the bed before I could make use of my morning woody. Somehow in the night I had avoided the temptation to seduce the naked body lying next to me. Possibly the thought of another night of sex with Sue contributed to my resistance. Even so, knowing how horny Les was in the mornings, I don't think she would have refused.

She kissed the head of my cock. "Save that for your new girlfriend, I think you're going to need it by the looks she was giving you on the beach!"

I shaved while she showered.

"Looking forward to your day with Richard?" I shouted through the screen.

She poked her head out around the curtain.

"I'm really excited. He's rented a sailboat, and I discovered the other night that he's ex Royal Navy, should be fun. You know what they say about sailors! What about you?"

"Sue seems really keen to come with me bird hunting, see if I can actually find the nest."

"Ha ha, I think I know the bird you want to have in your nest."

"Yeah, sure."

Sue and Richard were already at breakfast, looking fresh and alert form their early ferry crossing. They had spent the night with his uncle on a nearby island. Where on that previous night in the disco we were a little apprehensive, today the eagerness was bright in all our faces. We were all about to embark on a new romantic adventure, and hopefully a very sexual one.

"Twenty four hours then folks," confirmed Richard studying his watch. "That's 9.22 tomorrow morning right here, shall we say 10.00?"

Jumping off the ferry we all shared a taxi into Kingstown and, before dropping Les and Richard off at the harbour they suggested we might like to meet up for dinner at some remote fish restaurant which had been highly recommended by the hotel manager. After stopping again to purchase some sandwiches and beers to-go, we continued up into the hills to the island's nature reserve where I was assured I would find my whistling duck.

After dropping us at the gates of the reserve, the taxi reversed back down the hill leaving us with only the sounds of nature. We stood silently hand in hand absorbing the lush mountain scenery.

"Hello, my girlfriend for the day," I smiled, pulling her close to me.

"Hello new boyfriend." She turned into the shade and peered at her watch. "I wonder what we shall get up to in the next twenty three hours and ten minutes?"

"I don't mind as long as sex is included in each of them," I laughed.

We kissed hungrily, our passion rising instantly, only breaking apart when the park attendant politely coughed behind us. The gnarled old man had emerged from his little hut brandishing tickets and requesting twenty East Caribbean Dollars each.

The gardens were immaculately preserved and very quickly we latched unofficially on to the back of a guided tour consisting of a group from a visiting cruise ship, tipping the guide for the intrusion. We soon learned the history of virtually every tree and plant on the island, but in our eagerness to be alone we soon got bored with the animated conversation of the other tourists, and ventured off on our own, finding a little path disappearing into the undergrowth.

Hand in hand we wound our way upwards through a contrasting mixture of scrub and Hibiscus, eventually emerging out onto a little plateau presenting a stunning view of Young Island far below, and the hazy outline of the Grenadines further beyond. Finding a small grassy patch we leaned back together against a young Tamarind tree and admired the view.

"What are those rocks behind our island Tom?"

"Those are two of the Grenadines, the nearest one is Bequia where you were last night, and behind it is Mustique, where all the celebrities hang out. There are dozens of others, all shapes and sizes"

For a while we sat lost in our thoughts, just holding hands, enjoying the closeness of each other, until Sue suddenly blurted out, "If I'm not careful I could easily fall in love with you Tom," and promptly burst into tears.

In my experience women cry for the most unexpected reasons, but of course I sympathized by placing my arm around her shoulders and drawing her head close to my shoulder. With a little finger I traced the wetness on her cheek.

"Wow," I replied softly, "I think I could too, and I fancy you even more than yesterday."

She cuddled in closer as I voiced mild concern.

"But how can you be so sure? We have only known each other a few days, and slept together just once."

She looked up at me with watery eyes. "I just know Tom, it's happened before, and this has all the signs."

She smiled as I softly kissed away the tears.

"I am so happy, and I'm horny too, what more could a woman want?"

As my mouth reached out for hers, her hand strayed down to my crotch which had already come to life with the closeness of her warm body against mine.

"I was married once Tom, to a soldier, but Jim got shot in Afghanistan two years ago, just after he had been promoted to major."

"I'm sorry. Any children?"

"Luckily no, and we weren't getting on. All because I had a miscarriage soon after we were married, he blamed that on my smoking at the time."

"So what's this I need to know about Richard?" I asked as my hand wandered toward her breast. "I think you know my situation with Les."

"This is about us Tom, there is something I will tell you about Rich, but right now I just want to enjoy the moment. I want to show you how much I want you."

She continued, gazing deeply into my eyes, "Do you believe a couple like us should be willing to do anything the other asks of them?"

As she spoke her hand glided under the waistband of my shorts and wrapped around my hardening cock. I suspected the question was sexual.

"Yes of course. What do you have in mind young lady?"

"Well, I want to do something with you I only ever did with Jim."

I stared at her, fascinated, my cock eager to be involved. My hand slid slowly inside her bra.

"Tell me then."

She gave me another tight squeeze with her slender fingers.

"You have to guess."

Sue grinned at me while I wondered what it could be that was so personal only to her and her husband. I tentatively suggested it could be sex of the anal variety.

"Nope, not that, never been there." She looked at me dreamily. "But maybe one day ..."

She licked her lips very provocatively, and suddenly I knew. "You want me to cum in your mouth!"

She laughed as I teased a stiffened nipple.

"Everyone came in my mouth darling! What I really really want is to swallow yours, that's what will be very special for me."

I looked at her in amazement. "Wow, you only did that with your husband?"

"Uh huh. It's a big deal for me. Jim was once very special. I want you to be that second special person."

She leaned toward my lap and looked up into my eyes and started to unzip my shorts.

"I want to swallow your cum Tom."

"Fuck. What, right here and now?"

She cast her eyes around the landscape.

"Why not? No one can see us."

"Apart from everyone with binoculars."

"Who cares? Enjoy."

Carefully she extracted my rampant cock, already dribbling with excitement.

"This is for you darling, I want to taste you. Last night you tasted my love, now I want to taste yours, and then keep it inside me."

Now at the stage where I had become too horny to care who might be watching, I lifted myself up so she could slide down my shorts and boxers, fully exposing my engorged thick manhood. The grass was very prickly so I stuffed my shorts back underneath me and laid back to enjoy the experience. As her soft lips slipped over the head of my cock I asked her what she had in mind in exchange.

"Tell you later, shut up and enjoy."

I wont go into blow-by-blow detail, forgive the pun, but it was by far and away the most exquisite oral sex I think I had ever experienced. She fondled and licked and tasted, she lapped and teased, and she sucked like no other, and despite my girth she managed to take me all in. Sue sucked on my cock with love and passion. On two occasions when I got close to orgasm she paid attention to my balls with her tongue instead. Once my desire for release had subsided a little she teased open my pee slit with her fingers and, squeezing my shaft, released some pre cum, lewdly licking it up with her tongue.

"God, he's thick," she gasped, gripping me tightly in her little hand. "Think you would be better off with Julia Roberts," she joked.

"Nah," I laughed in reply. "Great mouth, but she was a lousy fuck. Give me Zeta Jones any day!"

Sue replied by baring her teeth and non too gently biting the tip of my cock. Then she smiled up at me and dribbled some spit onto the head, swallowing my whole length once again. Eventually I had to beg her to let me cum.

And cum I did when, without warning she explored my ass with a single finger, triggering the most staggering orgasm, my whole load jetting into her warm mouth in what felt to be one huge blast. She nearly choked as my spunk hit the back of her throat. After sucking me dry, she drew away and, staring intently into my eyes, made a deliberate show of gulping, swallowing down my sperm.


Sue grinned, opened her mouth and poked out her clear pink tongue.

"All gone, yum-yum."

She stroked my sticky member, squeezing out a further dribble, grinning into my eyes as she hungrily licked her fingers clean. I kissed her softly, tasting my issue on her tongue. I was so lost in the moment that all I could say was, "Thank you."

"Mmm," she muttered, "You sexy beast, you came well."

I told her that was the best ever blowjob.

"I bet you say that to all the girls."

"I do," I joked, "And each one is better than the last!"

"Better than Les?"

"No comparison," I lied, although it was a pretty close run thing. Les was somehow, how can I put it? Dirtier, a whole lot kinkier. She would blow Rich's mind!

"I'm so glad I did that for you Tom"

She read my thoughts, looking out to sea.

"I wonder if she's done it to Rich yet, out somewhere in that little boat. He really deserves someone nice and kind and sexy"

I pointed to the flotilla of little boats going about their business in the channel between the islands.

"Yeah, I wonder which one it is?"

"Talking of binoculars, I wish you hadn't forgotten yours, we might have spotted them doing something naughty!"

I cursed myself for leaving them behind.

"Does that idea turn you on?" I asked, my fingers tracing a pattern over the wet crease in her knickers.

"You know it does, it blew my mind seeing you two on the beach. It made me so horny for Rich, he didn't know what hit him!"

She giggled and removed my hand from her pants, my fingers had been exploring a distinct moistness within.

"Later Tom, later. I want to fuck you properly, but it's too uncomfortable up here, and we do have all night."

We unpacked our picnic lunch and ate together in silence, both intensely enjoying the close company of each other.

"Tom? Can I ask you a personal question?"

I mumbled, with a mouthful of salad, "Sure."

"What's the sexiest thing you've ever done? No, I'll correct that. What's the rudest?"

"I think just now comes pretty close."

"Apart from that?"

"Umm. There's been a few, not sure which would qualify. Perhaps screwing my ex-wife's sister in the kitchen while she was upstairs asleep? But then we were both breaking up from our respective marriages, so it wasn't all that risqué."

Sue screwed up her face. "Nah, definitely doesn't count. What else?"

I scratched my head, then suddenly remembered that drunken night, one of many in my teens, in Barcelona.

"I went to Spain with a mate to see a big football match, and afterwards we pulled two local girls. Liverpool didn't score, but we did! All on the same bed too!"

"Now that's cool, I never did that. Tell me, did you swap over?"

"No, we wanted to, but we were too drunk to repeat the performance." I laughed at the memory. "By the time the morning came Martin and I were up for it again, but the girls had sobered and didn't want to know."

During this conversation I was eating with one hand and caressing my hardening cock through my pants with the other. Sue's fingers weren't exactly unemployed either.

"So Sue, your turn. What's the sexiest thing you ever did? Apart from screwing me of course!"

She put down her sandwich and looked pensive. "Well, you know about my public display in that garden, that was pretty adventurous for me."

"You mean with the holes in the clothing? I would love to have been in that audience. Even better, the bloke with you!" Sue was referring to a spontaneous shag in the rain at some party.

"Yep, like you I was pretty drunk. It was real cool though. The applause when we came in somehow made it special, although it was bloody embarrassing at the time."

"Anything else? Something you haven't already told me."

She looked at me seriously, as if suddenly making up her mind.

"Alright, but this is secret, just you and me, okay? No one knows except me and Richard."

"Cross my heart."

She paused, looking out to sea, and dropped her bombshell.

"I slept with my brother."

I choked on my drink.

"He was my step-brother to be exact."

I stared at her, my mouth half open in surprise, a sprig of lettuce suspended on my tongue.

"You're joking?"

"No, really. Anyway it's not as though we were really related, that would be silly. He's my step-dad's son. I warned you I am weird."


"You want to hear about it?"

I nodded eagerly. "You bet!"

She settled back against the tree.

"As kids we were always very close, it was only since his fiancée went off with someone else that things changed, he seemed so devastated and lost."

"What happened?"

As we finished our sandwiches she told me that he had arrived on her doorstep after his girlfriend had recently dumped him for someone else. Sue had taken him to a pub to console him and they had got a little drunk and, both at the time being quite horny, had ended up spending the night in bed together.

"I guess I always fancied him so it was bound to happen sometime. Next morning he was obviously feeling very guilty, so I told him not to be so silly, we were both consenting adults and not true brother and sister. He was worried that it would spoil our friendship, but if anything it cemented it."

She opened a third beer for us to share.

"This hasn't turned you off me has it Tom?"

"There's my answer."

I placed her hand on my cock, which had become aroused again at her revelation.

"Does it turn you on then to think I fucked my big brother?"

I hesitated. "I'm not sure, a little I guess."

She laughed, "I can see it does."

My cock had stiffened once again to a pole while she idly stroked it.

"Would it turn you on even more if I told you we did naughty things together as kids?"

"And just what would those naughty things be?" I teased, pinching the outline of the nearest nipple.

A little sparrow landed on the grass, head cocked to one side as if also interested.

"Ouch! That hurt, you sod." She pushed my hand away, and settled back to tell me her story.

"We used to masturbate together. One day, he was about 18 I guess, so I would have been 16 and a bit, I came home early from school feeling extremely horny and caught him masturbating on the sofa. It turned me on no end, his cock looked so huge."

"I bet!"

"I had only been with a couple of small ones up 'til then, at least I thought they were little compared with him."

"What did you do?"

"We were both very embarrassed and I fled to my room. I remember I was very excited though."

"I think I would have been embarrassed if my sister had caught me wanking!"

Sue giggled. "A bit later he came to my room and we talked about it."

Needless to say I was getting very turned on again. "Go on."

"He was as nervous as hell, but when I told him my ex-boyfriend and I used to watch each other do it, he grinned and we shut the door. I could see he was obviously up for it doing it with me, but he had doubts because he was my brother. Only when I began to talk dirty to him did he start to stroke himself. Just like you're doing now." She grinned.

"Did you do it as well"?

"What do you think? Of course I did! In fact I was halfway there, I'd been frigging myself before he came into my room!"

Sue's fingers had unconsciously wandered inside her shorts and were clearly working on her pussy while she talked.

"Did you cum together?"

"Yes we did. I held mine back, not that I had to wait long! He shot it up high in the air, some of it landing on me. I never saw so much cum!"

We were both now masturbating gently as she continued. "We did it lots after that, I would tell him the things I used to get up to with my boyfriends while he wanked furiously, I so enjoyed turning him on."

"You're turning me on too," I breathed, a little pre-cum glistening in the bright sunlight. Sue spotted it and, with her little finger, lifted it off my cock and placed it on her lips.

"God, you're a bloody sexy bitch!"

"Thank you darling, I do my best!"

"So, did you ever touch his cock?"

"Yes, just the once. That's when it all came to an end."

"Oh? What happened?"

"Me and my mates saw one of the boys at school get a blowjob and I ran home so horny and wanting to play with myself, and hoping that Rich was there too."

"And he was?"

"Oh yes! And I got him so horny too, telling him what I had seen, that he let me hold his cock for the first time."

"Did you suck him?"

"You bet I did! His was the only cock I had seen and not given a blowjob."

I laughed, imagining a variety of boy's cocks in her sweet mouth.

"Did you make him cum?"

"Of course I did, silly! All over my tits! He didn't think it right to spunk into his sister's mouth."

"Do you like it on your tits then?"

"Yes I love it! I had taken off my bra for him. He hadn't seen them naked before and he totally lost control, shooting spunk everywhere, with a great big dollop on my mouth."

Sue had unbuttoned her shorts by now and I could just make out her fingers working inside her pants, and clearly enjoying relating her juvenile adventures to me.

"Go on."

"Well, he went all embarrassed and apologetic, but stood mesmerized when he saw me bring myself off with one finger and rubbing his cum into my breasts with the other."

"Fuck, that's cool, I would like to do that with you."

I continued wanking while with my spare hand I stroked her tanned thigh.

"I told him that when my boyfriend did that he would kiss me after he came on my mouth, inviting him to do the same. That totally freaked him out and he stormed out of the room calling me amongst other things a filthy perv. We hardly talked for ages after that, and certainly never played together again."

"What a shame," was all I could mutter, my hand straying under the hem of her shorts, her own fingers at work close by, my cock enjoying the attention.

"It was for the good really because soon after that I found the guy I wanted to marry and my brother went back to college. That's where he met his fiancée."

"Did you see much of him after that?"

"Not a lot, I had my own life with my husband. I never dreamed in a million years I would end up sleeping with him!"

"So that was a one-off then?"

"Not exactly. We did it once more. You should know, you saw us."

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