(5) Superheroes in Trouble!


That was it. Leasa's tight ass hole and pussy gripped the monstrous shafts as they unloaded hot gooey cum deep inside her body. They pumped her for all she was worth and them some, plastering her completely with black cum.

Leasa passed out between the two black men.


Back at (5) Headquarters:

Tiffany watched intently through the looking glass as Ax trained hard. She found solace with Ax because he was never critical of her. She held the file in her hand, waiting after his training to give to him.

Rachel went to see how Selina was doing and David started making dinner.

Ax finished his training and was helping himself to a sandwich and milk when Tiffany entered.

"Here is your file, as promised." Tiffany gave Ax a warm smile.

"Thanks." Ax smiled back.

"I should be the one thanking you. You saved our butts on more than one occasion. And thanks for not getting on my case."

Ax took a bite out of his sandwich.

"The folder contains your entire profile, and the best part is, is it is a hard copy. You're safe from those who don't want you to be safe."

Ax took a swig from the glass of milk.

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have you here."

"I know, you told me once before." Ax smiled.

Tiffany smiled back. She leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, I have to get back to work."


Tiffany had gotten a call from the Department of International Trade and Affairs; it was an urgent message needing her to go to China immediately. Tiffany didn't want to alarm the team because she had screwed up once already. She decided to just go quietly and hopefully return without too much fuss.

Even though everyone on the team spent most of their time at the base, they all had a home of their own. David lived above his restaurant and had returned to cook for his beloved customers. Ax had recently acquired a cozy apartment and he too left for the day. Rachel decided to stay with Selina overnight.

Tiffany packed light and hurriedly went to the airport where a private jet was waiting for her there. She was to be briefed onboard.

The team worked effectively together, but each of them found solitude in their own home. David loved cooking and cooking for his customers. Everyone was a local, and everyone treated him like a person. No one cared about the color of his skin.

Ax was much of a loner and he liked it. His apartment provided security for him, and he had his high-tech gadgets to play with. When he wasn't training he would be fiddling with his collection of trinkets.

Tiffany arrived at the airport shortly. She was hurried onto the jet by security guards. Tiffany wore a traditional business skirt and blouse which she straightened as she sat down. Two old men in suits were sitting waiting.

One of them handed her a folder. "This assignment is urgent and top secret. It's black ops. You're utmost attention and care is critical to the success of this mission."

"The last one you gave me didn't turn out very well."

"You're in no position to comment, Tiffany. Just do your job."

Tiffany was hesitant but she didn't say anything.

"China has some files on the Super Soldier project that we need. You need to get those files."

"Why are they so important?"

"Because it's our project."

Tiffany was confused but she didn't ask.

"Your job is to get those files. All you need to know is in that folder. This assignment is very dangerous. We have reason to believe that others are interested in taking the files as well."


"We don't know the targets, but we know they'll be waiting. You need to get in and get out. Your ID card is all you need to get clearance. They won't be expecting you to steal anything. This jet will leave in two hours. Once we land we will take another jet back, so you'll be flying alone."


The jet they flew in was a special class super sonic jet that could avoid sonar detection. Unfortunately they couldn't detect any incoming either. Unbeknownst to them another sonic jet flew above and behind them.

Steel held the bandage at his eye was staring at the monitor. Leroy and Elroy piloted the jet.

"Moss and Smith better had something important to do, I'm sick of this errand shit."

"Fuck you, nigga, we doin' as much shit as you be doin'."

"Shit, I'm in it for the white bitch pussy. Moss tells me she can suck a mean cock."

"Fuck off both you niggas, you niggas best shut the fuck up or I bust a cap in yo asses!"

Steel's eye was still gushing blood from the bullet wound. The eye patch was soaked in blood.


The jet landed in an unmarked landing pad a few miles out of the city. Black militia landed their jet farther out.

"Sorry, Tiffany, this is as far as we can go."

The jet flew off, leaving Tiffany standing alone. She realized she was still wearing her business suit. The weather was hot so she reached under her skirt and took off her thong. Not too far from where she was standing Tiffany could see a truck among the fields. A couple sinewy Mongolians were working. They had no shirts on and their lean physiques showed off wiry muscles.

Tiffany approached them asking if she could get a ride to the city. The tanned Mongolians looked at each other and then eyed her greedily, their seedy eyes beaming with lust. Tiffany didn't want to do this but she had no other means of transportation. She unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her big firm breasts as she pushed them together and up so she could lick her nipples. Tiffany felt dirty and naughty when she acted like a slut, but she had it in her, so she used it.

She quickly saw the bulge in their pants and walked over to their crotch. She led them to the truck and climbed in the trailer. Inside were three more sinewy Mongolians who were taking a break from the job.

"Oh shit..."

Tiffany stood there with her tits out over her bra and five horny Mongolians waiting to fuck her in the truck. She looked down and shook her head, hesitated, then climbed in the truck. The five Mongolians already had their pants off and sported their engorged organs. Tiffany saw their thick shafts and large balls; she could tell they housed a lot of cum. Tiffany decided to be their slut.

"Have you guys ever fucked a blonde? Well men, you can fuck me all you want."

Staring at her luscious body, the men didn't say a word but the look on their faces said it all. Tiffany bent over pulling up her skirt, then reached for one of their cocks and put it in her mouth. The man immediately began fucking her mouth. In fact, they all jumped on her. They were rough and showed her no mercy, but Tiffany knew what had to be done.

Another man got behind her and aimed his cock at her cunt. He rubbed his bulbous cock head over her wet pussy lips before pounding into her. He had his hands full of her ass while the other man had a handful of blonde hair. The other men had their hands full of everything else, tits, ass...etc.

She had to get everyone to cum inside her pussy in order for her to control them. That was the most difficult part next to getting ravaged by five dominating Mongols.

One by one they took turns pummeling Tiffany while she sucked off one of them. He had incredible stamina and Tiffany was amazed. Her pussy was soaked with cum and she could feel their life force inside her. The four men stood there like robots waiting to for their orders. The last man fucking her face really powered into her, grabbing her hair and not letting go. Tiffany tried to pull away but he was too strong. He bucked and unloaded all his cum. He shot wave and wave of semen down her throat; Tiffany could only swallow.

After he pulled out he looked at his fellow Mongols and realized something was wrong. Quickly Tiffany hit him were it hurt and again over the head as he keeled over in pain.


She threw the man out the truck and commanded the others to drive her to the city.


Vicious and Pummel carried Leasa to an undisclosed location, where they met with BBC, Moss the Boss.

"Here she is, now what are we going to do?"

Moss pulls out a wad of cash. "You are to take this and spent it on anything you want. As for Chastity, I will take her completely... and break her."

"What? She's ours!"

"She's mine now. Leave me. You will be summoned when you are needed."

BBC stared them down. Vicious and Pummel left Leasa on a cold slab on concrete.

Even though they were angry they knew better than to cross BBC. They felt the betrayal from Moss just like Leasa felt hers.

"Their anger will grow and only then will they be useful." BBC said to himself.

Moss walked over to Leasa, "As for you, Chastity, I will make you mine..."

Next Chapter: Tiffany finds trouble in China and Leasa meets BBC!

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