tagErotic Poetry'57 T-Bird

'57 T-Bird


In bed with a girl
whose name I forgot
I'm sure, in hell
my soul will rot,
We met last night
at a bar called A-1
I was just looking
for a bit of good fun,
Alone by myself
beer from a bottle
her standing there
a tall skinny model,
Wearing tight jeans
t-top that just barely
covered her breasts
each swinging merrily,
Some band playing
fast country swing
both of us wearing
a gold wedding ring,
I asked, with a smile
If she would like to dance
standing there with
my hands in my pants,
And dance we did
'till nearly midnight
drinking cold beers
in the hot neon light,
The band played fast
then slow, then slower
we held on tight
my hands wandered lower,
Down her backside
into her tight jeans
like a couple kids
just out of our teens,
We departed that bar
not so much as a word
she had a nineteen
fifty-seven T-Bird,
A convertible car
the stars oh-so bright
Drove down the route
to the vacancy light,
I paid cold cash
for room 108
we kissed at the door
like a high school date,
I opened the lock
the room smelled old
she fell on the bed
on her back she rolled,
I ran my big hands
up under her top
her breasts were cool
I just couldn't stop,
squeezing them like melons
mouth-watering swell
we kissing fast and faster
I liked her smell,
A bit of perfume
some bar-room tang
I savored the moment
then her cell phone rang,
She grimaced at me
with an shit-fuck smile
examined the number
on the caller ID dial,
Said with a snarl
'the fucker, the shit'
then pulled off her top
and I sucked on her tit,
pulled down her jeans
tossed them aside
her panties did little
or nothing to hid,
A tassel of hair
unruly, first-rate
my tongue tingled
I just couldn't wait,
I spread her long legs
wide as I might
buried my face
could have spent all night,
Licking her body
smelling her musk
tasting her juices
enjoying her lust,
After quite awhile
I pulled off my shirt
took off my Levi's
my penis alert,
She gave it a lick
a per functional suck
then fully re-defined
the definition of fuck,
More like a ride
in a glass elevator
to the very top floor
with a wild alligator,
She bucked and shook
bit both of my ears
long legs around me
she ran through the gears,
Cursed like a sailor
then meowed like a cat
when we finally finished
she was spread-eagle flat,
On the bed with arms
and legs spread wide
like a naked Madonna
at the end of her ride,
And here I am now
a few hours later
waiting for the knock
room-service waiter,
Keen for coffee
I ordered a pot
I wondered if
If we both got,
What we both wanted
what we both required
instead of refreshed
I'm exhausted and tired,
She's still on her back
in naked repose
I drink the acid coffee
put on my clothes,
Her cell phone rings
again with a sneer
I look at myself
in the motel mirror,
I wonder who she was
screwing last night
it wasn't me
in that alcohol light,
Someone she loved
or hated, or both
'till death do we part
that paper-thin oath,
She woke about an hour
about a hour later
my wild fucking women
in the glass elevator,
Pulled on her pants
no panties this time
not much more to say
in this rambling rhyme,
She ran her fingers through
wild disheveled hair
stood there for a moment
her breast still bare,
She asked if the coffee
was drinkable and hot
I poured her a cup
she drank the last drop,
She finished dressing
both breasts departed
we went outside
the T-Bird started,
Drove down to the bar
retrieved my pick-up truck
she said 'see you around'
and 'hey,... thanks for the fuck...'

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