80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 06


She was dressed in a pair of Daisy Dukes shorts with black pumps. She had on a white transparent blouse with a sheer white bra that accented her big tits and her big nipples. I had on a tight mini skirt with nude thigh high stockings, brown pumps and a sheer white blouse without a bra.

As soon as we got in my limo we were kissing like crazy and got into a hot 69 position on the ride from the airport to my mansion. We left the limo in just our high heel pumps and me in my stockings and heels. We fucked non-stop for a week and at the end of the week her grandfather came out to LA and the three of us spent every second fucking.

A month later I got a call from Dave Archer, the old friend of my late husbands who I had met at the resort of the private club of overly endowed men. Like my late husband was always in the company of sexy, young females from 18-20. Wanting to meet me after hearing Jack had passed away he flew me in his private jet to one of the hotels he owned in Las Vegas. As soon as I laid eyes on him I was instantly attracted to him, and I could see the hunger in his eyes for me.

We had dinner in his private penthouse and all though dinner I imagined fucking him. Knowing that he was a member of the exclusive club my late husband belonged to made me very curious about him and his size. When we sat on the sofa my eyes kept looking down at the enormous bulge that tented to his knee. I knew he had to be as enormous as Jack was, maybe a little bigger, and that made me so hot.

Toasting a glass of champagne he said in a deep voice as he kissed my neck," I know you must be special if Jack settled down and married you Sara.

He then added in a hot voice that caused me to groan," You must have an amazing pussy."

Suddenly we began kissing as I messaged his giant cock through his pants. Within seconds he stripped me out of my tight mini dress and thong, leaving me in my pumps and thigh high stockings. I was going wild from the same confidence he had as my late husband, and was also going crazy from the anticipation of seeing his huge cock.

Once his cock was exposed, I nearly died when I saw something even bigger than my late husband. Dave Archer was without a doubt, "the king of all cocks," measuring 15 inches and 11 inches around. From that night on we have been together as husband and wife.

I made one arrangement with Dave before we married and that was that I had to fuck my brother once a month for a week. I knew he would agree because of how bad he wanted me and that it would allow him and his 18 year old granddaughter to really enjoy each other. His granddaughter Tracy was 18 and they just started fucking a month before.

Tracy had a body similar to Brad's sister Clare. She stood 5'6" and weighed 105 pounds with measurements of 34DD-21-33. She was sinfully-hot and had a very high sex drive just like me. Dave would fly her to a resort he owned on a private island while my brother would come to Vegas. It was the perfect arrangement for the two of us. A few months later, my brother and Tracy started fucking. They met at a company party Dave had for my brother who he had given a very-high paid salary making him head of his security team. My brother was perfect for the job because of his muscular build and commanding presence. After that night they moved in with each other staying in her penthouse that Dave bought for his granddaughter.

A month later Dave was turning 75 and I threw him a surprise party on his yacht. I invited Tracy to help me a week before the party while Dave was out of the country with my brother. While on the yacht Tracy and I spent hours and hours fucking each other. We just couldn't get enough of each other, as we dressed in the sexiest lingerie and bikini's to heighten the lust-filled excitement the two of us shared.

When the party was over Dave and I fucked all night, as did my brother and Tracy. The next morning Dave and I shared an idea we had for an arrangement. The arrangement was that he would stay with his granddaughter for two weeks out of each month while my brother stayed with me. While my brother traveled with Dave for a week out of the month Tracy and I would have girl time together. As for the last week the four of us fucked under one roof, sharing the pleasures of each other. In the end we all got what we wanted, which was a lot of fucking! THE END.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/02/18

She's Ruthless

Damn she's heartless

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by dmarqt200010/31/17

Cold Blooded

WOW, her husband commits suicide and she doesn't even shed a tear or has no shame.

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