tagBDSMA Bad Seed

A Bad Seed


The two women sat comfortably in the shade of the sun umbrella, sipping iced tea.

In the distance, on the far corner of the long back yard, Becky's husband was walking with some difficulty, pulling a small two-wheeled cart over the lawn. He was naked in the hot sun, and was walking bent forward with his hands on his thighs. The cart was attached to him by a thin rope wrapped around his testicles.

"What's George pulling?" Sheila asked.

"It's called a seeder," Becky replied. "You put lawn seed into it, and roll it around and it drops seeds into the grass. Keeps new grass growing."

"How appropriate."

"Yes, isn't it? I told him that since men seem to be driven by the concept of spreading their seed far and wide, this would be a good project for him."

"You don't let George touch you anymore, do you?"

"Well, not really. I let him drink my piss sometimes, or lick my asshole clean after I shit, if he's been real good. But he has to wear a blindfold. He doesn't need to see my private parts."

"I know what you mean. There's no point in spoiling them. Sometimes when I'm having a session with the vibrator, I'll let Jeffrey in the back door. He's only allowed to fuck with his balls, though."

"With just his balls?"

"Yeah, I make him wear a six-inch stretcher, so his nuts are pulled tight. He has to force his balls into my behind to fuck me. Then when I tell him to pull out, I clench down real hard and he has to squeeze his nuts out through a very tight little hole. It hurts like hell and he hates doing it, but I tell him I like the idea of shitting on his testicles."

They both laughed.

"I let him jerk off about every other day, though. He eats it, of course. The only spreading of his seed that goes on anymore is his spreading it down his own throat."

Becky chuckled. "Yes, George eats his, when I let him come. Once I had him jerk off on a mirror and then snort it up through a straw."

They both laughed again.

"We'll have to get boys together some time. I'm sure they'd enjoy licking each other's assholes. That's what dogs do, isn't it?"

"We should have them suck each other off, too. We could videotape that and sell the tape at our fund-raiser."

"Jeffrey might enjoy that part. After his punishment session at that sauna, I'm not too sure about his orientation. Not that I care."

"Oh, you never told me about that. What happened?"

"Well, I put on his collar and dragged him down to that gay sauna downtown. I had to bribe the owner, and even then he made Jeffrey sign an injury waiver form. I didn't let him read it first, though.

"I took Jeffrey downstairs into an anteroom between the showers and the sauna and strapped him over a short bench, on his hands and knees. I greased up his asshole and hung a sign around his neck that read "Sperm Depository - Please kick my nuts if I forget to swallow! - Thank You."


"Let me tell you, he was a real mess when I went back for him. He was completely covered in semen from head to toe, and his nut sack was swollen. He'd probably been kicked a few times, I'm guessing. When I unstrapped him and he stood up, he bent over and puked right away, and he must have puked out about two quarts of sperm. His stomach had been full of it."

"That's an excellent punishment."

"I'm not sure. He probably liked it too much. He's such a pig."

"They all are."

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