tagErotic CouplingsA Bargain Ch. 04

A Bargain Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Sex Games


My legs were beginning to tremble after I walked down two flights, so I caught the elevator for the rest of the trip. I walked past the closed dining hall and entered the empty laundry room. I checked my watch, and I was surprised to see that I was five minutes early. I realized I was really eager for food - as well as for more sex with Dianne!

Dianne arrived on time, carrying her laundry bag. We dumped sheets, pillow cases, towels, and clothes into two washers and turned them on. We even threw in the laundry bags since they also smelled like sex. After the machines were running, we left everything to wash. I drove us to one of those restaurants that serves breakfast all day. We were famished, and we really stuffed ourselves.

It was after 10:00 when we returned to the laundry room, and we tossed everything into an oversized dryer. Since nobody was around, I had Dianne lean back against me as I leaned against the wall. I wrapped my arms around her, slid my hands under her sweatshirt, and gently fondled her braless breasts. Dianne reached back and used both her hands to rub my erection through my shorts. I kissed and nuzzled her neck behind her ears, and we silently enjoyed the touch of each other as we watched our combined pile of clothes slowly dry.

When the dryer buzzed, we sorted our clothing into our two bags. We decided that I would first go to my room and make my bed (in case we needed it later!), and then I'd join Dianne in her room for the night.

Back in my room I finally remembered to pour out the bucket full of piss and clean it. I also stole a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom in case we needed it, too. When I had everything done and I had gotten really cleaned up again, I called Dianne. She told me to wait about fifteen minutes, and then come over.

I arrived at her door at about 11:30. Nobody was around, and her hallway seemed deserted. I tapped gently on her door and she opened it but stood behind the door so that I couldn't see her. Her room was completely dark except for a small red bulb on the top of an electric candle. Dianne ordered me to go over to the bed, undress, and wait for her.

I was both amused and aroused. I'd had my time being the one in control, and I didn't mind Dianne taking another turn. I did as she asked. I piled my clothes on the chair she had left beside the bed. I felt the cool, fresh sheets against my bare behind as I sat down. My dork was sticking straight up from my lap.

Dianne moved out of the shadows and I could finally see what she had on. She was wearing a nearly transparent black outfit, similar to the one I had given Jenn, but of Dianne's size and much more revealing. She glided over to me, and my face was close enough to her crotch that I could clearly see that her pussy lips were spread apart, held that way by the material of the transparent black bikini panties.

In spite of the day's activities, I was overwhelmed, and my penis began to throb, bouncing up and down with my heartbeat. I stood up and pulled Dianne to me, and nearly shot my wad. The material was as smooth as silk, and it felt impossibly erotic as I moved my fingers over her body.

Dianne obviously had the same reaction, and her nipples were already hard as I gently caressed her breasts. She said, "Slide my panties off, leave the top on, and let's go to bed. I want to fuck your balls off! But first we're going to sixty-nine!" I removed her panties as she had asked, but I took a lot of time doing it, using my tongue and lips. Dianne giggled deep in her throat.

As soon as she stepped out of her panties, Dianne pulled the top sheet and blanket nearly off the bed, and told me to lie down with my head on her pillow. With me in position, she swung her leg over me so that she was facing away from me, climbed up onto the bed, and slowly backed up until her pussy was pressing against my face. With her legs straddling my chest, she was completely exposed, and I could reach down and caress her breasts through the silky negligee.

Dianne then gave me an incredible blow job. She must have gotten me to the point of ejaculation a dozen times, then stopped it by pressing against the base of my penis between my balls. She certainly knew how to do it! My balls began to swell, and she sucked on them, too. In the meantime I had my nose pressed as far into her as far as I could get it, and I was licking her clitoris with my tongue. I worked a finger into her anus, and she moaned her pleasure directly against my penis.

Dianne kept taking me to the brink and stopping me, and I kept stopping my actions just as she began to climax. Her clitoris remained fully erect and completely exposed, even when I didn't press my tongue against it. We were teasing each other and neither of us knew when it would end. We were still learning how to be lovers with each other, but we were already exceptionally well attuned to each other's responses.

I abruptly realized that the level of sexual compatibility and understanding that Dianne and I were experiencing was better than what Jenn and I had developed. I let that thought drop into the back of my mind as I concentrated on the woman whose pussy was rubbing against my face.

Time no longer mattered, and in the dim red light all we cared about was the sexual stimulation. We took turns getting aroused, then pulling back, as we learned exactly how to determine each other's state of readiness. My balls began to ache and her clitoris was becoming hypersensitive - and we were both aware of each other's wonderful, albeit uncomfortable, levels of arousal. Finally, without any spoken words, we stopped the teasing, and we deliberately climaxed together. We both screamed and yelled in our pleasure, probably waking the entire hall.

Dianne had been deep-throating me, and she managed to catch my entire ejaculation in her mouth. She hummed against my penis and licked and sucked everything out of it. I lapped up and swallowed an incredible amount of her juices which seemed to just keep flowing out of her. My nose remained buried in her open pussy, and I had to breathe through my mouth or I would have suffocated or drowned!

Long after my penis was limp, Dianne kept sucking and licking it. Her juices continued to flow. Finally she clambered around to face me, lowered herself onto me, and we kissed, sharing our juices. I moved to the side and she cuddled down my left side, her wet pussy against my left leg, with her negligee covering her from her waist up. We kissed and I gently rubbed her breasts through the silky cloth. Dianne's breathing became deep and regular, and we both fell asleep. My last thought was how well our bodies fit together, both during and after sex.

WEDNESDAY: EXPERIMENTING WITH DIANNE A buzzing woke us, and Dianne climbed off me to shut of the alarm. The clock said 3:00 a.m. She told me I had to go back to my own room, but that she was staying in her own bed. I held her and told her I wanted to continue sleeping with her and perhaps wake her with a fuck, but she said we weren't completely free to do everything we wanted. She reminded me that neither of us wanted Jenn to find out that we had been screwing. Dianne pointed out that, as far as we knew we had been lucky so far, and nobody had seen either of us in a compromising position.

I reluctantly agreed. Dianne turned down my request for another shower. "Let's not push our luck, shall we? That other girl could have reported us instead of telling us to take it back to the room. Some of these bitches are moralistic shitheads!" She used a towel to partially clean me off, then kissed me goodnight, and pushed me into the hall. I immediately knocked gently and Dianne opened the door again, a questioning look on her face. I stepped back in, kissed her hard while rubbing the silky fabric across her breasts until her nipples felt like little stones, then I left.

I took a shower, then collapsed into bed, and fell asleep thinking about Dianne's hard-tipped boobs. At 7:00 the alarm got me up, and I went down and had a big breakfast in the dining hall. At 7:45 I hit the sack again. I awoke again at Noon. I did the shit, shave, and shower routine, and went to lunch. Happily Dianne was there and sitting alone. I joined her, and we each tried to get the other embarrassed by making sexual comments and suggestions.

When we were finished eating, I offered to take her to the lab later, and after first telling me she really didn't need a ride today (and that got a chuckle out of me!), she said she'd be waiting on the first floor at 4:00.

I took another nap, and after the alarm woke me at 3:30, I dressed in an all-white tennis outfit, minus a jock. When I stepped out of the elevator, Dianne smiled, since I was carrying a tennis racquet and looked as if I were heading for the courts. Who would imagine that we were going to the same place? We got into my Bug and I drove to her research building. I left the racquet in the car, of course.

Once again we walked up to the fourth floor, only Dianne had anticipated feeling my hand in her crotch, and she was almost immediately wet. By the fourth floor, she was rubbing her clitoris through her shorts and snorting through her nose. Once we were in the lab, I slid her stretch-shorts and panties down to mid thigh, and used both hands to rub her. As she moved from instrument to instrument, the shorts around her thighs prevented her from moving very fast, and they also held my bare fingers against her labia. When she bent over to read the low-lying instruments, I ran a finger in and out of her vagina.

At the end of her circuit of the room, she rechecked everything and found that I had distracted her from getting two readings. She spent additional time moving around with my hands on her bare skin. We used the same table in much the same way, but this time we both stripped off all our clothes, allowing Dianne to move around much better. She was also much more highly stimulated than the day before, and she came quickly with a long, drawn-out yell. A few minutes later her body shook and she let out a wonderful shriek as my cum exploded into her.

We cleaned up the table, the lab floor, and ourselves with damp lab towels, and we got dressed and headed back to the dorm. I dropped her off in front, and she agreed to come to my room at 8:00. I parked the car, got cleaned up, and went to dinner. I didn't see Dianne, and I ate with some guys I knew. I got back to my room in plenty of time to do the shit, shave, and shower routine again, and I got ready for Dianne's arrival.

I hung a towel over a light, creating a warm but still relatively dark room. I put on some quiet music, opened a bottle of chilled red wine, and set out two glasses. I was completely naked. I heard Dianne's gentle knock, and I opened the door the same way that she had done. I told her not to turn around and to close her eyes. I told her she should follow my commands. She nodded, and I stepped up to her and tied a blindfold over her eyes.

"This is kinky!" Dianne exclaimed with a grin. "I guess it's your turn to run things, huh?" What a woman! She knew we were playing a control game, and she was completely relaxed and trusting. I'd never enjoyed sex so much. For a moment I wondered if Jenn and I could establish this kind of sexual relationship, but once again I pushed Jenn out of my thoughts. After all, I might never get a chance to find out.

I had tested the blindfold, and I knew that Dianne would be unable to see anything. I told her to remove her shoes and place them on the floor. I picked them up and put them behind the door. Next I told her to slowly strip off her T-shirt and hold it straight out in front of her. I took it from her hands and quietly put it in the bottom of a drawer under some underpants. She was wearing a light-blue bra which barely contained her breasts.

I had her put her hands over her head and turn slowly while I looked at her. Next I had her slip off her shorts and hold them out. I took them and hid them in yet another drawer under my socks. Dianne was now wearing the blue bra and matching panties. I had her stand with her legs apart and turn slowly until I told her stop (when the light was in the correct place), and I leaned in close and looked at her panties. There was a moist spot beginning to form -and I hadn't touched her yet! I inhaled deeply and I could smell her aroused scent.

I had Dianne remove her bra, and I took it and hid it inside the pocket of a jacket in my closet. It was a 36C, so she really was a bit larger than Jenn! Once again I ordered her to put her hands over her head and turn slowly around. Her breasts lifted up, and her nipples got darker and darker. As I leaned in close, I could see little bumps on her areolae as they became engorged.

I leaned in and checked the crotch of Dianne's panties. The wet spot was now about two inches across - and growing! I told her to remove her panties, and smell them. She smiled and licked them! These, too, I took from her. I put them in a plastic bag which I hid in the refrigerator. I poured two glasses of wine, handed one to Dianne, and we drank them slowly while I explored every inch of her body. I took the glass from her and put both glasses on my desk.

I had Dianne do another slow rotation, hands over her head again, and even in the poor light it was obvious that she was getting really excited. I told her to stop moving, and stand still with her feet spread as far apart as she could manage, with her arms out to the sides for balance. Then I slipped between her legs, propped myself up on my elbows, and looked directly at her pussy.

I talked softly to Dianne from there, and I described what I could see her body doing. Her outer labia were thick and full, and they got darker as I talked to her. When I told her I could just see the head of her clitoris peeking out, it popped completely out, eliciting a gasp from Dianne. I watched and described the darkening colors I could see slowing spreading all over the front of her body, from her thighs to her abdomen to her breasts to her throat to her face.

I told her that her pussy was getting ready to drip, and as it did, I caught the drop in my mouth - and told her so. Her clitoris came out again, and in a few seconds, there was a constant dripping into my mouth. I blew gently on her pussy, and Dianne trembled, letting out a brief cascade of pussy juice. Dianne's legs were getting tired, and she began to tremble. I slipped out from between them, and I told her to stand normally.

I told her to keep the blindfold on, but that she could now decide what position we would use. Without touching her I had her move over and stand just against the bed. If she wanted to be on the bottom, she was to lie on the bed and direct how I was to enter her. If I was to be on the bottom, I would lie on the bed and she would tell me what she wanted and I would talk her into position.

"This time I'll take the bottom," Dianne said quickly, and she got onto the bed. She raised her legs high. "I want to put my legs over your shoulders. That angle really works for me."

I slowly moved into position and reminded her to keep the blindfold on. I told her that she was free to move around and touch anything she wanted once I entered her. Then I sat for nearly a minute with the head of my penis throbbing against her vaginal opening, now fully exposed and ready. A trickle of juice came out of her vagina and ran down toward her anus. Dianne felt it and giggled. This was really fun!

When I felt we both couldn't take any more, I slipped completely into her in one steady push and, leaning on my elbows, began rubbing a breast in each hand. Dianne wrapped her legs around my head and began to arch and flex her hips against me.

This was an easy position for straight, effective fucking, so I began to slide in and out slowly, gradually increasing the tempo then slowing down, pushing hard and up toward her head at the bottom to stimulate her clitoris, occasionally teasing her by staying almost all of the way out of her.

Dianne's first orgasm came quickly and caught me by surprise. Clearly I still had things to learn about her sexual responses, but wouldn't it be fun to attend those classes? As her yell diminished, I resumed my slow in-and-out, and when I felt the tremors in her vagina, I again picked up the pace until I was really pounding her pussy. Once again she came fast and loudly.

Dianne was covered with sweat that glistened in the glow of the lamp. Her breathing was mostly gasps, punctuated with light moans and grunts. During the fucking she would first spread her legs as far apart as she could, but as orgasm approached she would bring her knees closer together, cross her ankles, and clamp down on my head. I found it was easy to tell her level of arousal, but I lost count of her orgasms. I just kept pumping in and out, accompanied by an ever louder slurping sound and a wet slapping as I slammed into her pussy. I knew that I could only keep this up as long as I held myself back, but I managed to keep from ejaculating. The afternoon experience certainly helped!

Dianne finally complained that her pussy was getting sore and her legs were cramping so we should stop. I slowly pulled out of her, and I let her lower her feet to the bed. I studied her pussy, and her labia were so dark they were almost black. Dianne's vagina was still partially open, but as I watched her it slowly closed. What a sight!

Now that we were no longer "exercising," all of the sweat on our bodies felt chilly. I turned Dianne over onto her left side, and she pulled her legs up toward her chest. I slipped into a spooning position against her back, and pulled up the other sheet and blanket. My left arm was pinned beneath Dianne, and I cupped her left breast with that hand. I used my right hand to lift her right leg, and my slippery penis slid up against her pussy. I lowered her leg, moved my right arm up to her right breast, and told her to go to sleep. In a matter of a few minutes, her breathing indicated that she had.

Dianne's heart was still beating pretty fast, but it was gradually slowing down. Her skin no longer felt hot, and I drifted off too, even though my balls ached. I couldn't remember ever fucking a woman who climaxed when I didn't. She might be just a recreational fuck, but Dianne was one hell of a woman! I fell asleep wondering why I had been worried far more about her pleasure than my own. Nice guys finish last, but I hadn't finished! What the heck did that mean?


The alarm woke me at 3:00, and I reset it for 4:30. Dianne was awake too, so I told her that it was my turn to get off. I reached down Dianne's body and began to rub her now sticky and matted pubic hair. My penis quickly stiffened, and I again put it between her legs from behind. I moved lower in the bed to get a better angle, and I put the head of my penis at the entrance to her vagina. I gently rubbed around her clitoris, and she quickly became wet. I could feel her body temperature coming up, and her breathing got faster.

I began to slowly move about an inch in and out. After several minutes, Dianne's hips began flexing to my motion. I gradually went a little deeper, then went in and out slowly. Then deeper again. All at once Dianne let out a gasp, and she grabbed her breasts. I had located her G-spot with my penis, and at the angle I was using, I could rub it by moving my penis in and out of her. That's exactly what I did, very slowly. Dianne began to wiggle her legs and she was rubbing her nipples hard. Her skin felt hot. We both began to sweat and I threw the blanket off, leaving us covered with just the sheet.

Dianne was now gasping with each caress of her G-spot by my penis. Her vagina was clamping and releasing my penis in time with my slow thrusts. Dianne finally screamed, "For God's sake! Finish me off! I can't stand much more of this!" I slowly but steadily increased the tempo of my thrusts, and I reached around Dianne and rubbed her clitoris whenever my penis was not touching her G-spot. This meant that there was a constant sexual pressure on her, alternating between her clitoris and her G-spot, and I kept increasing the tempo.

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