tagNonHumanA Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 38

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 38


***You ever have one of those days? The kind where afterward you feel as though you were standing on one of the streetcorners of life and for one reason or another - which wasn't clear to you at the time, you just went the other way - the way that looked different - just to see. You might only realize afterward that the decision changed your life, though it didn't look that way then and you didn't think you were doing anything all that profound.

That's what I'm talking about here. 0_o


Book of the Dragon Part 13

Rachel looked over and Copper stood in front of her appearing very apologetic. "Look, uh, ..."

"Rachel," the demon reminded her helpfully.

"I haven't forgotten," Copper said, "I guess I just want to say that I'm sorry. I never thought about the one I hated so much having a family and well, ... I know this whole thing has had to be so embarrassing to you. I ... "

She sighed, "I don't even know what to say or how. I'm really sorry."

Rachel nodded, "I don't think that I can fault you for much. Your pictures nailed it, so I think I ought to be thanking you. With them out on the table, there was nothing that he could say, and though I think that you were being pretty reckless," she smiled, "there's a lot that I can admire in you. I know where it came from."

Rachel laughed a little bitterly, "I'd have thought that if I ever had a moment anything like all of that, I'd have called it a nightmare, but I can't help but smile at you, Copper. I can't say for sure, but I think you've got a pretty big heart to try something like that, though it was a little misguided."

"How do you mean?" Copper asked.

"You were out there, trying to get somebody to open up," Rachel said, "But I've got a pretty strong feeling that if you found the door open, then you'd have just marched right in and done all of that anyway. That's what I mean. If you'd have tried to get anyone to listen to you -- and they didn't because I wasn't here to drive it, it would have gone bad pretty quickly.

Most of the people in here can fry you and not even blink. Azrael was one. I'm another. They don't know about her yet, but Selena there is feared on one world as a destroyer. There are two combat mages in here, since my son is getting pretty good at what he's learned from the Drow. I just want you to know that you were outgunned here, so it was a bit of a bad idea, but that doesn't change how I see you. I like your balls."

"Aw," the dwarf grinned, "You're only saying that 'cause I don't have any."

"You're absolutely right," Rachel smiled back half-heartedly, "But you're a tough thing anyway in my book. They might be invisible, but you've got balls all the same. Now I've just got to deal with the wreckage. I can stand and look so betrayed or whatever the hell I'm supposed to be doing. But some of this is my own fault.

Since we've been here, I've been more of the homemaker type. I couldn't really find a role for myself and everybody here just knows what to do. They didn't much need me for anything, so I just fell into the same thing that I've been since Sariel was born."

"There's nothing wrong with that, Rachel." Copper said."

"No there isn't and yes there is," the demon said, "What if it's not what I wanted for myself? What if -- with everyone's needs seen to, I wanted a little of the thrill instead of hanging around here trying to decide what I was going to prepare for everyone? They all pitch in, and the girls are great, since all they need on their nights to cook is the word from me on what their choices are, but I really wanted to go along, and not be stuck here.

I should have insisted that I go along once in a while. I should have spent a bit of time with Azrael and not been ... "

She shook her head knowing where the thoughts would lead and not wanting to lose her control here, "I have a lot of friends here because of Azrael -- especially Cha'Khah, but what I really should have done was tell Azrael thanks for the help that he gave me and just kept my mouth shut. But then, he'd have buggered off and we'd still be stuck on that mountain."

"Hey," she said quietly, "Look over there."

Copper turned and saw that Nika and Simmit were standing together speaking. Ksyusha sat watching with a warm smile on her face.

"You see something there," Cha'Khah said, "What is it, Ksyusha?"

The warlock nodded, "They are not known to each other and come from different places, but I think that I can see that their kinds hold the same place on each world. One has claws and one has hooves. One wears her breasts much lower down as Nika is now, but they are both very similar in many ways."

They watched as the pair smiled and laughed and Nika grinned at the way that the twins took to her. She was standing with one on her back and the other squirming a little in her arms, but Simmit reached out with no thought and Amon was climbing up her arm and onto her back so that he could grin and make faces at his brother.

Ksyusha gasped quietly as the pair of females found themselves facing each other and looking a little surprised and pleased, they embraced for a moment. When they pulled apart, Nika said something to Simmit and took her hand, leading her to where the rest sat watching.

"I have made a friend," Nika grinned a little proudly.

Simmit nodded, "And I have found one my size who is foolish enough to want to carry my sons around with me. But I hope the friendship remains after Nika has grown tired of them."

"I do not think it is possible to grow tired of them," the spark laughed as she took the one from her shoulder and set him carefully on her hip where he hugged her.

Simmit introduced Copper a little better than was done before, making their relationship plain. Ksyusha had already guessed, but she smiled, "This is done where we are from as well," she said, "That is how I came to be stuck with Nika, so I understand."

Copper and Simmit drifted away a little later and Copper still looked uncertain. "What's going to happen now, Simmit?" she asked, "When your brother comes back, I mean? I don't know how to -- "

Simmit smiled and kissed Copper quickly, "Nothing has changed. All that is different is that I have my brother back, and he will understand us. This is nothing new to him, what we have. If you become jealous, Rohkanh will withdraw, so you must think before you speak, but if you are careful, you will certainly find a large friend and maybe a lover to share with me sometimes. I want him to stay if he can, and ... that means that I must help him, since this is a very different place to ones like he and I are. Things are done differently here and the meanings of spoken things are not always the same.

To get him to stay, he will need a reason. I seek to give him one at least and maybe a few if I can."

"How do you mean?" the dwarf asked.

Simmit smiled, "It is not the same as it was before. I have you now. I can please him, but I want for him to have someone, since he will need more than just the affections of his sister -- who now has someone else. He will feel badly and back away. He means much to me, Copper, but I cannot please two lovers at once."

Simmit grinned for a moment before she pointed a little," Do not make a large show of it, but see Luddy there with ... Dahlgren, I think he is called. She speaks with him and she admires the two young ones, Rachel's son and Selena's girl, but I know what is in her mind. You should know as well. She is your friend."

Copper nodded with a little smile beginning on her face.

Simmit watched with a smile, "This is good to see. All of the lost hopes which a lonely one like her has carried in her heart," Simmit said softly, "and she finds herself here with these people. None of them are afraid of her, and all of them are happy to meet her."

They watched as Arrax and Shaevre drifted over to where Luddy stood and Simmit smiled, "Luddy is happy, but she is like anyone else, isn't she? She looks at that pair and tries to see what it might be like when they are alone together, and you know the next thought even before it comes to her.

But we were speaking of my brother. If I can convince Rohkanh that there is a place for him with us, the next step will be to help him to bargain for that place with Yuan. He will understand your place between you and I, but his eyes are as my own and he will see you as such a fine one."

Simmit smiled as she looked down, remembering, "You are finer than the most lovely female in any group of my kind that I have ever seen. If this was that place, there would be males showering you with gifts, and fighting for the chance to speak to you."

"Cheeses," Copper laughed, "When do we leave? But are all the males like what I saw?"

Simmit shook her head, "No. Most are only a little larger than Rachel's son as he is there, and all but a few of them spend their days drinking the fermented juice of a plant to get drunk and stay that way. They lie and steal and try to cheat each other and everyone else. The few good ones are very hard to find. Many females do not even try; it is much easier to find another female.

My brother is a protector and they are different." She laughed a little, "There, you would eventually find that the crowd of males would thin out and disappear as soon as a protector saw you. The rest would slink away, and you would find that they at least try to win a female's heart in the same ways that it is done here, I am sure. But here, Rohkanh will be lost for a time, so I must help him as much as I can. Copper looked over Simmit's shoulder, "I'll help if I can, Simmit, thought I don't exactly have a clue how yet.

And I guess I'll have to figure that out and soon. He's back, walking this time."

"I know, "Simmit sighed as she let go of Copper and took her hand to lead her through the door. At a sound from her, the twins were on the floor in an instant and they scampered to where she stood with Copper. "We are a family too," she smiled, "I wish for him to see this and have the thoughts that I know will come."

"What thoughts?" Copper asked as they stepped through the door where Rohkanh stood silent out in the distance of the large place, looking a little uncertain.

"That it could be his family as well, if my girlfriend can manage not to show her fear of him," Simmit smirked.

"But, ... Yuan," Copper began.

"Has Yuan accepted us as her pets?" Simmit asked, "We stay there and we are there for them as they want us, but she always turns it away whenever we ask. I think that she sees us as her friends and does not wish that we are pets to her. I love her for her kindness and her friendship, but I do not think that we are her pets. You and I must ask better and with Rohkanh here, it is the time to know. She cannot bargain with what she does not possess.

I consider that we are her good friends and I like it whenever we are together," Simmit smiled, as she handed the twins over, "but that is not what was spoken of. Think about it, Copper."

Simmit turned then and watched as Rohkanh walked slowly closer, looking around as he came. His face turned toward the sound of his sister's voice as she called to him and he just had time to prepare as she came to throw herself against him. She gave him one tight hug and then she began to pull herself up to the level of his face as she hugged him with everything that she had -- hands, arms, legs and all.

She kissed him as his arms came up to hold her tightly, and then she pulled back and they looked at each other for a moment before her face was against his cheek and ear, as they spoke quietly in their language.

"Oh sister," Rohkanh groaned, "It is worth every step to touch you again, every moment when I searched."

"I thought that I would never see you again," Simmit sniffled, "I never doubted that you would try, but I did not think that anyone saw me taken away."

"I saw, and I searched ever afterward," he said.

She pulled herself tighter, "Rohkanh, my dreams have never ended so well. But, ... can you stay? Are there enough to take your place? There cannot be," she pulled back to shake her head, "Not if Rohkanh is gone."

He chuckled softly and kissed her again, "There are others who have taken my place. But I am here now and I cannot go back easily. It was just fortune and good luck that I noticed it twice when two planes came near to each other. They seldom touch, but they were close enough for me each time. I do not know when they might ever do this again. I could spend my life waiting and watching and not see it again."

Simmit hugged Rohkanh again, "It does not matter. You are here now. I ached and cried so often when I was alone, wanting only to be home with you, but the nightmare went on and on. Now, I have met and made friends, and I have someone for me. The one there with my sons, I love with her, and there are others here who like me. I live better here than I did at home. This is my home now. All that was missing was you -- and now you are here with me.

I am still your Simmit. Nothing has changed but this one thing. Come and meet Copper. See your young nephews, Rohkanh."

She eased herself down and took his hand to lead him, "There are many here who wish to meet my fine brother. I will help you here. I will help you find someone for you and for our family. I am so happy to see you again."

Rohkanh found himself looking down at the upturned faces of Copper and his nephews. She felt a little foolish, standing there in a bit of awe, so she gave herself a mental kick and told herself what Yuan had told her weeks before, not to hold back like a surly dwarf and give nothing. Yuan would have told her to put herself out there if she wanted to see a better return in her dealings with people.

"I'm Copper," she said a little too forcefully, but she caught herself and spoke a little more softly, "I'm with Simmit and ... well, if you're her brother, then I'm pleased to meet you."

They looked at each other for a moment, and he held out his hands to the children. They laughed and almost ran up his muscled arms to sit on his shoulders and hang from his mane. Copper wondered if he was snubbing her or something, as though a non-demon wasn't worth even his polite consideration. But she knew that she was wrong when he bent a little and picked her up and she found herself in his arms the next second.

He hugged her and she knew that it was heartfelt -- if a little tight. All the same, she felt that he was genuine when he kissed her cheek and she felt his warm breath against her ear.

"Shokt tsih, nemel chanh Copper," he said so softly in his deep voice, "Berren sheynu, Rohknanh. Jshohna mekkelth, zhu-ahn Simmit."

His voice was so deep and Copper found the quiet way that he spoke to be a little hypnotic and strongly attractive to her. She groaned a little and she fought off the effect that it was having on her by using her cold intelligence to guide her as she hung in the powerful arms of a male like she'd never seen in her life. It came out as "Uhh ..."

Simmit laughed a little, "My brother says that you are very beautiful. He says he is Rohkanh, and he is pleased and honored to meet the mate of Simmit."

Copper nodded as she leaned back to look into his face and into the light gray eyes which regarded her so warmly. She felt herself smile and thought that she'd better come up with some sort of reply in the face of such friendliness, and she said, "Uhh ..."

Copper Kettlebottom wanted to shake off whatever cat seemed to have gotten her tongue, so she gave it one last try and finally, something did come out.

" ... Oh sweet mother of pearl," she grinned, "he's gorgeous!" She dove forward and kissed his cheek, listening to his soft laughter as Simmit translated.

"I need for him to see a reason to stay and not feel as though the does not belong. He and I know each other well and we have always listened to each other and he will listen to me. Even so, I think that I may need your help to make him stay -- if you would give it."

Copper nodded, listening as she smiled at Rohkanh, "Whatever you need, Simmit, anything, just say it. Do you think that he can learn English as fast as you did, or, ... will you teach me your language? I'd really like to be able to talk to him.

Just tell me that we can keep him," she laughed, "I'll do anything."

What Simmit heard was music to her -- almost carte blanche. She smiled to herself. Copper had said 'anything'. She supposed that one day, she'd have to teach Copper something so simple and basic that she wondered why Copper hadn't figured it out for herself already.

You never say 'anything' to a demon, not even one who loves you with all of her heart.

"He is not a dull brute," she smiled, "My brother grew up a little differently from most protectors. He was intelligent long before he was large," she chuckled as she remembered. "He can learn -- and so can you. I will help you both. As far as what is needed, it is only a reason."

Copper looked at Simmit. They stood outside of the bar and no one had noticed their absence yet, but that would change in only moments likely, so Simmit spoke quietly and fairly quickly.

"There are many things that I know that Rohkanh will like about you because they are the same things that I like. Listen now, if you would help us all."

Copper nodded to Simmit while Rohkanh looked at her hair and the bit of her skin that he could see near the collar of her coveralls. Copper heard Summit's tone and she took it to mean that this was important to Simmit. "Go on."

The look in Simmit's face was a little urgent and very hopeful. There was no mistaking it, so Copper listened intently as Simmit spoke, "There are other demon females here, but most are only half and I do not think their kinds are very much like us. Only the one who calls herself a spark is a little close, but she is too small and she is smitten with the male she shares. Of them all, you know how to love as we do."

Simmit said it in her hushed tones, "Do as I taught you now. Show my brother a reason why he should stay."

Copper's eyes widened, "Huh?"

Simmit hissed at her, "I will speak to him, but he must see with his eyes and feel with his heart that there is a family right here for him with us. This is what all protectors want, but few ever find for themselves. It is why he chose me out of all of the females that he could have claimed. I have always been his family before I was taken. He must know that he would have a place in our family here. It would make him wish to stay. I need him to stay, and you need to trust me, because you need him to stay too. You joked about keeping him. You are close to your wish if it was true.

I need you to show him that both of us welcome him in the way of our people, and he will see that you are the same as me. If you think that you like him, then we can have him for only ourselves for a time, and when he takes another, then she will have to be welcomed. This is how we make this family. We can have the little ones that we want with him if you want them. Kiss him if you would know my brother. Kiss him in the way that he knows, right here.

Kiss him as you kiss me, hurry!"

Copper looked at Rohkanh and in the next second, she thrilled to hear his deep groan as her tongue slid between his lips, seeking his tongue hungrily.

"Bayett shorrgh, Copper, tzihkh eh, Rokhanh," she smiled as she laid her hand on his hip to make certain that he was listening as she continued in their mother tongue, "I did not take just anyone as mine, brother. Look into her eyes -- if you can. You will see what I have taught the one that I share my life with."

Rohkanh broke the kiss to look and try to get a breath. He stared at what he saw. In only the few seconds that they'd kissed each other, Copper had responded in the proper way, and as he looked, he saw such beauty -- and the very definite beginnings of lust as he watched her eyes begin to turn black.

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