A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 51


We choose our mates quickly -- it has always been our way. We live in small groups, family groups mostly, and for so long, our family has been only I and my brothers. We mated together out of our need and the want to mate with one who can be trusted. If this works, then I welcome you to our family."

She looked away a little, "Though I will lose the ones who mate with me, it is what is best."

"Can you not find another?" Siroc asked, and Sheel shook her head, "I have tried and there is no one. Most are already paired and the few single ones, ... All can only see that I am one of their leaders and it changes things for us all. Do not let it trouble you."

She moved away then, not wanting to be in the middle unless one of them asked as she saw that Amraish was toying with Ghibli's cleft gently already and she hung onto what she could of his neck. Siroc and Mirai finished eating and she reached to pet the bulge in his abdomen. Sheel knew that in only seconds, his male organs would emerge from the fold where they were held tightly at most times in males for protection.

She smiled to herself then, because as soon as she'd had the thought, it happened and Siroc had her hand on the hardening shaft of her brother as his long tongue also made an emergence to lick her nipples.

She saw such happiness in them all and she wished fervently that it grew into lifelong pairings for them as she stepped a little closer. "Mirai has had human females and even other demons kinds before," she said softly. "Allow him to love you in his way, and you will be well-pleased."

Siroc looked over as she found herself being lifted carefully into the air before him, and he began to make love to her with his tongue. She was awash in moments, but she was happy for it as that almost-hot and very wet organ teased her in places which surprised her. At one point he was dangling her by her ankle and licking her between her legs as she writhed and moaned.

"Just allow it," Sheel smiled up at her from the ground and they looked into each other's eyes. Siroc was not that far above the other one as her smile turned into an upside-down frown and her tail reached out to tickle Sheel's nose for a moment in a playful gesture.

They heard Ghibli's loud groan and as they both looked, they saw her on her hands and knees as Amraish's tongue was performing the same service for the other sister licking her with enough gentle force to lift her knees from the ground every so often.

Sheel reached for Mirai to pet his shaft out of a bit of habit as they watched, but her hand met Siroc's on the way. Sheel was about to apologize when she saw Siroc shift herself to be as she was and they looked at each other for a moment with the slow smiles beginning as they stepped away a little to circle each other.

"You know of this?" Sheel asked, and Siroc shrugged, "I have not seen this, but two females -- one male, I think we fight or -- "she looked over in a little confusion, "This is done among you, yes?"

Sheel grinned, "Yes, but we do not need to fight. I wish for you to have Mirai as I wish for your fine sister to have Amraish. It is just in us for two of the same kind to fight to see who has the last male. For me, it would be a little sport and I wish to learn of you."

Siroc nodded as they circled again, each of them dropping to a low stance and looking like a pair of angry iguanas in a way. Mirai watched as he stroked himself idly and Amraish stopped licking Ghibli to mount her slowly and gently as they both watched the pair.

There wasn't all that much fight to it, since other than with Ghibli, Siroc had never fought anyone in this way while Sheel was very proficient and well-known for her abilities. In little time at all, Siroc found herself on her back looking up as Sheel crawled over her to smile.

"If that was what you have to fight with, then I will need to teach you," she said, "if your pairing with Mirai goes well for you both, you might need to be able to fight now and then. Not all females are as generous with their males as I am. Hold still and keep your right eye closed for a moment. There is sand about to fall in."

Siroc lay motionless as Sheel reached and brushed the sand away gently and blew a little to dislodge the rest. Siroc felt a little odd to be lying under another female who was not the sister that she'd known for all of her life.

"Why do you do this - all of this to help my sister and I?" she asked in a whisper.

"I see two females for my brothers," Sheel answered, "and I am hopeful for them. We are the last of our family, us three, and though we mate between us, is it seldom because of who we are to each other. I would be happy with only one other, but with one for each of my brothers I almost tremble in my joy.

We would become a proper family once more," she said, "As we are now, it is only a matter of time before we are challenged over the right to lead. If the challenge comes from a much larger family ... it would be very difficult and sad to have to follow and no longer lead to me."

She leaned down and kissed Siroc's cheek lightly, "You should mate with Mirai now."

Siroc nodded, "It is what I ache to do from almost my first look at him, but I do not know much about mating with males like him."

"Go to him and begin," Sheel said, "For any difficulty, you have me to help and guide you. Ghibli already has Amraish. See how they are careful and slow, since they do not know each other but seek to. My brothers are not cruel to females. I have taught them well."

Siroc nodded and reverted to her winged shape as they stood up and walked back to Mirai together. After some minutes of kissing him and listening to Sheel's whispered suggestions -- as well as Ghibli's quiet moans, Siroc asked for his tongue and he laid her down very gently.

Siroc was on her back with her feathered wings spread, looking hopeful. Mirai was in awe of her and he said so with no hesitation, "I have never seen anyone like you," he growled low in between the long wet strokes of his tongue over her body.

Siroc wanted to answer but found her thoughts slipping off before she could give voice to them. All that she could do was sigh as his tongue went everywhere on her, never stopping or staying long in any place. As the hot tip of it left one of her nipples, she had a passing thought and wish to complain a little, but it felt so good as his tongue slid over her throat and was gone in a long wet line down her front in such a way that she just had to splay her knees out widely in hopeful anticipation and she wasn't disappointed when it arrived.

Siroc heard Sheel's quiet instructions to her brother and she looked over for a moment. Sheel squatted there with her hand working her sex as she watched carefully. When she saw Siroc looking, she smiled, "Forgive me if you feel that I intrude, but I wish to make this good for you. I have told him to rub himself on you when you are wet enough. When he feels the need and it is plain that you do as well, he will move to his knees to mount you."

Siroc nodded and was about to say her thanks when the tip of Mirai's tongue left the bottom of her cleft to slip over her perineum and her hips rose involuntarily and she gasped as it entered her anus to remain at the entrance and widen. Siroc moaned loudly and almost cried out in pleasure from only that, but then it was removed to perform the same action in the passage above and she tried to fold herself in half so that she could coo to him and see his eyes as she touched his face.

"Mirai shows himself," Sheel said, meaning that his genitals now hung down and began their own preparations, "It will begin soon."

She looked over at Ghibli and walked there to watch as her other sibling picked up the pace of this in response to her begging cries. She stood next to the pair and kissed her brother's cheek softly. "You look so happy, brother," she said with a smile.

"I am happy," he replied, "I seek to win Ghibli for me. I wish to have her with us. I only do not know her ways or if I do anything wrong."

"Nothing ... wrong, "Ghibli groaned with a smile, "Fuck me, Amraish. Only fuck me and the rest can wait."

Sheel knelt beside the second half-Djinn, working her own slit with her fingers as she squatted. "You are both so fine to us," she said as they looked at each other for a long moment, Sheel smiling softly at Ghibli looking back through half-closed eyes. Sheel put her hand on Ghibli's back and leaned to squeeze her nipples, one after the other. Ghibli moaned loudly from the feeling as well as the thought when she realized that her nipples felt a little cool from Sheel's wetness.

Sheel leaned forward a little and she regarded Ghibli for a second. "Welcome to our family," she sighed as she kissed Ghibli's cheek. "If it is your wish, Amraish would keep you happy and I would be happy to call you sister."

She chuckled and pointed to where Mirai crouched on his knees before Siroc, gliding his shaft against her cleft as she held her knees up and her thighs together. She looked up smiling and then looked at what she held. Her mouth opened in surprise as he leaned his head lower and she felt his saliva flood her loins as it ran from his mouth to wet them again. The laughed a little and then he stopped a moment later.

Siroc couldn't take her eyes from him as he shifted himself and moved her knees. Each breath was a soft gasp as she noticed some detail on him that she'd somehow missed earlier. She looked from the massive chest as he moved forward a little and rose up, and as she felt the tip of him against her opening, she saw him reach for her with those large arms and was amazed at how gently he could hold her with his cruel-looking clawed hands.

Siroc groaned and moved her hips downward a little to welcome him as she felt him enter and she smiled up as that head and face began to loom over her.

"I have never wanted something such as this with anyone as much as I want it now with you," she said as she raised her arms above her head to allow him anything. His face was against hers and his mouth opened to invite her tongue in. The sight caused Ghibli to moan and buck herself back against Amraish and he began to drive her then.

Siroc came quickly, but she urged and begged Marai for more and he obliged, taking her shoulders in his huge hands to hold her captive as he opened his mouth to take her nipple in gently. She arched her back, and he placed his hands over her ribs to feel the way that her chest heaved while he licked her throat.

As strange as it seemed to her, mating with him this way came very naturally to her, as though she'd been made for him. He was so very much larger than she was, but they fit well in spite of it. The thought of the amount of saliva that he leaked onto her would have been a repugnant thought to her before she'd met him. Now she wanted it, feeling ever more lust as she watched it run from his incredible tongue and lips onto her.

Sheel was beside them a moment later, "He looks to be so good for you," she smiled, genuinely pleased at what she was watching, "It is my strong wish and hope that this becomes the pairing of a lifetime between you."

Siroc looked over for a moment and she smiled, "He is so good for me, but ... I ... I wonder about how I crave the ... water from his mouth so. It is not ... something that I have ever had the thought of nor ... the want."

Sheel shrugged, "I think that it shows that you have what we are inside you, Siroc. There is a purpose, since it can keep things wet. His is made to make this better for you and yours is to inflame him a little. It is not much of an effect either way. One either likes it or not, depending on what they are. The humans that he has lain with hated it. You love it, I see. Who can say beyond that?"

Siroc asked Mirai if he would stop for a moment and lie on his back for her. He looked amazed and so did Sheel, but Mirai smiled and he complied. As she climbed onto him, Siroc leaned forward to run her hands over his chest.

A moment later, she poured herself onto his ribcage with a sweet groan, "I could lie here forever," she sighed, "your fur feels so good to me. But," she grinned as she reached back for him, "I have a task for me. Mirai has a hope and Sheel has a hope as well. Me, I have what is becoming more than a need. If this might be mine to have, then I wish to belong."

Sheel's eyes widened and Mirai reached for her hips and smiled, "I would do anything for you if you say that you are my female."

As she pushed herself backward with a humming moan and a happy smile, Siroc said, "You already have your female. Mirai. We need to learn of each other and try to live together, but I want you."

Before Siroc could really begin, Sheel jumped to her feet and she stood beside her reaching to hug her, "I gain two sisters in a day after hundreds of years with no one for the hearts of my brothers. I cannot say my thanks," she almost sobbed and reached for Siroc. As she kissed her briefly, she felt Siroc's hand against her chest and she moved hers to hold the other one's breast for a moment.

"Is this right?" Siroc asked, "I feel that I should do this, but I do not know."

Sheel nodded and kissed her again, "For a new one to come to a family, this is correct between the females of the same generation. We become like sisters -- and I have two in a day. I am so happy now."

"Well this is good to see," Mirai smirked, "but can I have a little happiness as well?"

Siroc smiled and she began to ride him, "I am pleased that I can take it all for you this way."

Sheel smirked, "Another thing which shows me who your father was. The humans that he has lain with complained."

"Oh, I find nothing to complain about here," Siroc said as she caressed his ribs.

Sheel stepped away as they heard Amraish roar out quietly. Ghibli looked dazed, but happy as she quivered in his grasp. "So much he gives," she groaned.

Sheel looked and nodded, "He is still in you and you run with it," she smiled as she reached to catch a little on her fingers and she brought them to her own cleft to rub it in.

"Why do you do that?" Ghibli asked, having seen it.

"I want a little for me," Sheel grinned. She was about to explain, but their attention was drawn by the sounds which Marai was making as he stared up at Siroc.

Her face wore a look of pleased bliss as she leaned on his abdomen with her hands and pounded herself against him. She was only barely bringing herself down and not going for fullest penetration at all. She was just going at it as fast as she could at just the angle to allow this and there was no element of forward or rearward motion to this whatsoever.

They stared at the speed of her motions. Her feet were as tucked under him as she could manage so that she had control in both directions. Her hips were almost a blur and she fucked him in little strokes faster than any rabbit. She turned her head toward them all, though she wasn't looking at them as she bit her lower lip a little and worked him. Her breasts only wiggled a little and her hair hung almost still -- unless she tossed it if it got into her face.

And she kept right on working him as he groaned. He made a few feeble attempts at raising his arms to touch her, but he never did manage it, his hands falling to his chest. Mirai's breath flew in and out of him in great gulps, but Siroc fucked on in her joy like lightning, her own breaths shallow and quick.

She stopped abruptly and smiled down at him as she began a few long and languid strokes, "Do I please you, Mirai?"

He looked up at her and laughed, "Yes! Your feet hurt my waist, but I think that it must be for you to do this. I do not mind. You please me so much. Can you do that again?"

Siroc beamed at him and nodded before she looked over to either side to make sure that her feet were placed to anchor herself well, and with a playful grin to him, she began to bop like a wild bunny again.

"I have never seen something like this," Sheel said in amazement.

"I have," Ghibli said as she looked up, "I can do this as well," she said with a little grin as she looked straight up into Amraish's startled face, "Do you wish for that from me, Amraish?"

He looked upside down to her, but she saw his slow smile, "Yes," he said quietly with a nod, "I wish to try that."

She groaned when he eased himself out of her and Sheel knelt beside Ghibli, rubbing the semen over Ghibli's skin, "How is it done?" she asked as her fingers worked Ghibli's sodden mound for her, "How did you learn to do that?"


The differences for them as a people were obvious in many respects, though Sheel and her brothers explained some of them, knowing that the twins knew little of it, other than the way that they seemed to be driven from inside themselves in some ways.

"We choose ones to mate with in seconds," Mirai said, "it is only after when we try to make more of a love out of what we have found. That can be very hard to do, but, ... "he shrugged.

"It is our way," Sheel smiled, "and it is the way that we became legion in the first place, I suppose."

Siroc glanced at her sister for a moment and then indicated Sheel with her eyes, as Sheel lay on her back in the weak sunshine. Ghibli nodded and cleared her throat, "Sister," she began, "Siroc and I wish to ask something and we are afraid to offend."

"Speak then and see," Sheel sighed, happy to hear the way that she'd been addressed, "I do not think that I could take offense."

"We are a family, you have said," Ghibli began quietly, "Two males, two females as pairs, and the eldest sister. We are all of a very close age, and you have said that you and your brothers have mated before. You seek to make us welcome among you. My sister and I have a wish to please you, but we do not know if this would be welcome from us."

Sheel groaned and stretched as she looked up, "If it brings us all closer and love is shared among us all, nothing can go amiss."

Several minutes later, Sheel was in bliss as her brothers took her together, front and back very gently while their new females helped in any way that they could.

As they lay spent, the twin sisters held Sheel between them and kissed her slowly for a time afterwards, and then they looked at each other and allowed the wind to fall to stillness as the five of them stepped into the pool to bathe.

Twenty minutes later, a motion caught Mahkhad's eye and he looked across the pool from where he stood. A moment after that, the rest looked as well as a human woman in a torn desert-toned combat shirt and very worn khaki shorts waded toward them slowly and carefully with an old rifle in her hands. He thought that, as humans go, she was lovely though it was as though she carried her very own flavor for that and she certainly didn't care what the observer saw.

She was not lithe, though there was little in the way of fat to her. Oddly enough, she didn't appear to be muscled either, at least not what might be visible. Rather, she appeared to be a little above the median height for a human female -- and yet she seemed to be a little heavier while still well-proportioned, as though she was one-quarter to one-third more girl in the same package, with long slightly curly almost copper-colored hair and even at the distance that he was from her, he noticed her light blue eyes. Behind her, there were perhaps thirty others standing warily on the sand behind her and another hundred or so standing along the rocks above.

Mirai thought for a moment about the language which she might likely attempt when she spoke in halting Lebanese Arabic as Ghibli lifted her face from Sheel's breast to see who it was who interrupted them.

Mirai sensed that this woman didn't have the background for that and he shook his head, seeing the nature of the badges sewn onto the woman's clothing. She tried a northern Syrian dialect and saw that he shook his head again.

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