A Birthday Gift for Jim


I pulled off the negligee and panties. I wanted to be naked with him. I lay with my head on his chest. His arm around me; he was stroking me. We talked of our lives. We both asked and answered one another's questions. I thought he was the most remarkable man I'd ever met. I felt a pang of regret when I remembered he was married to someone else.

I absentmindedly caressed his penis as we talked. When I felt it begin to respond to my touches, I kneeled between his legs. I held his sac and kissed his balls. The aroma filled me with lust. I licked his balls. I tried putting both of them in my mouth at the same time but they were too big. He chuckled. I sucked his balls one at a time. I sucked his balls and lathered them with my saliva.

I pushed his thighs backward. He knew what I wanted and pulled his legs back to give me access to his asshole. I kissed and licked his asshole and perineum. I curled my tongue and pushed it into his anus. I slid my tongue in-and-out of his anus; I tongue-fucked his asshole. He was moaning and his cock was hard again.

I took his cock in my mouth and proceeded to give him a long, leisurely blow-job. Unhurried; I wanted it to last a long time. I loved the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth. I wanted his cock in my mouth forever. I was happy I found this out about myself. I'd learned a great deal about myself so far, and the night was still young. I learned that I was definitely gay; and most assuredly a 'bottom'; and I loved sucking cock. And it was most definitely going to be easier finding a guy who wanted his cock sucked than it was finding a woman who would suck mine.

Jimmy was groaning and rolling his head back and forth on the pillow. I doubled my efforts and sucked and stroked him faster-and-faster. I tasted his pre-cum and swooned with delight. I felt his balls move forward, and his hips jerk wildly and he pumped jet-after-jet of cum into my mouth. I swallowed every drop.

Afterwards, we lay there and he asked, "Are you hungry? Sue has a roast in the crock pot."

"Yeah", I said, "man can't live on jism alone -- although I wouldn't mind trying."

He laughed. He pulled on his robe and gave me Sue's pink robe to wear.

We drank red wine and feasted on roast beef, new red potatoes, carrots, onions and whatever else was in the crock pot. It was fabulous, and yes, we were very hungry.

When we finished the dishes we sat on the couch. His arm around my shoulders and I held his balls for him. We kissed; I caressed his penis into an erection.

I whispered in his ear, "I want to feel you inside me, Jimmy. I want you to fuck me in the ass." His cock twitched in my hand.

The smile on his face warmed my heart as he led me into the bedroom. We took off our robes and embraced. We kissed and I stroked his hard cock. A tube of lubricant was on the bed stand, Sue thought of everything. Without Jimmy saying a word, I bent over and placed my head on the bed, I spread my legs wide, and reached back and pulled apart my bottom-cheeks for him.

"Ohhhh, Johnny..." he swooned.

I felt the cool cream on my anus. He worked around my hole; he applied more cream and his finger pushed through my entrance. "Ooooo..." I gasped. More cream, and his finger slid all the way inside me. "OOOHHHHH..." I groaned, and wiggled my fanny. I grabbed the pillow and buried my face in it.

I reached back and took hold of his throbbing member. I rubbed his cockhead against my hole. I felt a sudden panic -- how in the world was this monster going to fit inside me? I pushed my hips backwards. His cockhead was half inside me. I grunted and pushed back harder. His cockhead pushed past my sphincter and his shaft began to enter me.


Jimmy grasped my hips and ever-so-slowly pushed his entire cock inside me. I screamed into the pillow. Stars danced before my eyes. I had to fight my instincts to keep my sphincter loose for him. He stayed still and let me get used to the sensation. Then he slowly backed his cock out to the head then pushed it into me again. My face was sweating on the pillow. I babbled incoherently as he fucked me harder-and-harder.

We settled into a steady rhythm. I felt every nuance of his cock inside me. On one stroke, he pushed his cock all the way in and bumped my prostate.


The pain was gone. Waves of pleasure engulfed me. I threw my hips back at him like a bitch in heat. We fucked furiously. Gone was any sign of tenderness; he fucked me hard like a mad man. He reached around and grabbed my cock. He stroked it fast.

"OOOOOooooooooooooooooooo...." I swooned with ecstasy.

He held me tight to his thrusting cock. His hand giving me incredible pleasure. I pushed my hips at him with wild abandon; I loved his cock inside me. I loved being fucked in the ass. I loved being his bitch.

Faster-and-faster we fucked. His turgid cock sliding in-and-out---in-and-out---in-and-out of my clutching asshole. I felt his cock expand inside me; he screamed as he pumped his scalding cum inside me. I felt my balls tighten, and my cock exploded spraying cum all over the bedsheet. The odor of semen filled the air. We collapsed on the bed. It took our breathing a long time to return to normal.

When I left there that night, I had the feeling that the secrets of the universe had been revealed to me.

Friday nights are now 'Our Night'. I spend every Friday with Sue and Jim at their house. Jimmy is simply amazing. He fucks Sue into multiple orgasms and has enough left over to fuck me silly. We absolutely love that man.

You know, his birthday is coming up again next week, I wonder what Sue has planned for him this year?

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by Anonymous

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by cdCindy102/15/18

my 3rd comment

After reading this story again (one of the best on Literotica) I wanted to tell you that I recently had a similar experience. As you know from my previous comments, I'm not a virgin or new at gay sex (I'vemore...

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by cdCindy101/02/18

my 2nd comment

This part of the story perfectly describes me:

" I wanted his cock in my mouth forever. I was happy I found this out about myself. I'd learned a great deal about myself so far, and the night was stillmore...

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by Anonymous08/31/17


Your story was fantastic! Like the other poster said, I want to be Johnny....

I have always dreamed of being the bottom to a very masculine man who fucks me silly. And I would very much love to see himmore...

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by cdCindy108/08/17

I want to be Johnny

I'm a sissy crossdressing husband who is still in the closet. I want to be like Johnny and get dressed for my male lover. I want him to kiss me, feed me his cock, and then fuck my man-pussy deep and hardmore...

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